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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Racial Discrimination in Benton Harbor, MI

from the desk of Rev. Pinkney
President of Black Autonomy Network Community Organization: BANCO
Subject: Racism is out-of-control in Benton Harbor, Michigan

Kim Hunt is the apartment building manager of Cogic Village Apts., a large complex in Benton Harbor.  She fired all Black employees and has hired her family and friends to work there.  She happens to be white.
Kim hunt calls the Black ladies "Niggers" and "Black bitches."  If someone stands up to her, she evicts them. She has evicted several Black residents, and threatened many more.

I have received over twenty-five complaints against Kim Hunt. Her racist activity is so long-standing and vicious, it has now gotten me involved in the Cogic Village community.
Eugene Branch, owner of Handy Branch Service

Mr. Branch has been a contractor at Cogic Village Apts. since 2005.  He has performed many jobs with no complaints.  Kim Hunt told the maintenance manager to fire Branch.  But the boss said Branch does a great job and refused.  So, Kim Hunt fired both Branch and the maintenance manager.
We had a protest today against Kim Hunt, Cogic, and Eagle Point Companies.  (Cogic is a church in Benton Harbor which owns the apartment complex;  Eagle Point is a nation-wide company which Cogic hired to manage the complex.)  Cogic pastor Nate Wells simply claims there are no problems with Kim Hunt.
Please call and protest the on-going treatment of the residents of Benton Harbor:
Kim Hunt 
Rod Littlepage, President, Eagle Point Management

Karen Manley, Kim's boss, Eagle Point regional manager
Community Church of God in Christ (COGIC)
Pastor Nate Wells  
Rev. Edward Pinkney
Pinkney to Pinkney
Every Sunday, 5pm
Call in number: 347-994-3644

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  1. Subject, which stalkers put in small print: Racism is out-of-control in Benton Harbor, Michigan