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Sunday, March 11, 2012

AL: Damn Thomas Arthur's DNA Tests - Let's Have Fun!


Capital Punishment and Lynchings are Fun
for Bible Belt Noose People

(Seven(7) paragraphs, four(4) links, two(2) photos, one(1) embedded film)   THOMAS ARTHUR FINALLY GOT A DNA TEST early in 2009, and the results came back INNOCENT that July. Alabama will not let a little thing like that stand in its way. No sir ree! Judge Pulliam sealed the DNA test results, and the fun continues! The 1% will have a grand time on March 29, 2012, proving to the 99% once again that we are "immaterial" and have no right to life. There seems to be a DP Race happening between capital punishment states, and innocent inmates and the mentally ill may count for double points! I learned Americans are immaterial to officials after a federal judge told me so. See the next article in this MaryLovesJustice blog to find out about that: "Mary Neal to Ramapough People re Cochran Firm Fraud" http://marylovesjustice.blogspot.com/2012/03/maryneal-to-ramapough-people-re-cochran.html - The gentry always did enjoy killing working class people. They had gladiator sports in Ancient Rome. Now it is Thomas Arthur's turn to entertain Alabamians and boost the state's rating in the DP race! Heck, right now Alabama is not even in the top five on the DP score card. See your state's scores at "DP - The Unholy Race" in this MaryLovesJustice blog at http://marylovesjustice.blogspot.com/2011/10/dp-unholy-race.html . Thomas Arthur's execution will help heaps, especially since his DNA proved he's innocent nearly three years ago. I wrote about Thomas Arthur and the anti-DP people trying to hold up the fun at an article in NowPublic.com several years ago. Now Alabama is just going to ignore all those objections and get its score up! See an excerpt below.

THE TROUBLE WITH DEATH PENALTY OPPONENTS is that they miss the point - executions are just plain fun! Capital punishment is very stimulating and has long been used as entertainment for folks. The sport goes back centuries! Questions of guilt and innocence must often be put aside because all of that DNA testing and court appeals seriously delay the day when crowds of people can legally take pleasure in seeing another head roll! Why, heck! There was a time when all folks had to do when they got a little blood-thirsty was go out and capture a black man and have a lynching. Nowadays the lives of black folks are actually protected in America (except for death by police), so capital punishment is more important than ever to relieve tension and congratulate oneself for living a good, law-abiding, Christian life. Besides, most folks live in urban areas now and don't even get to kill their own hogs any longer.

Continue reading at NowPublic.com: Thomas Arthur Doesn't Get It! Executions Are Fun for Folks - No Offense Intended, by Mary Neal | NowPublic News Coverage http://www.nowpublic.com/world/thomas-arthur-doesnt-get-it-executions-are-fun-folks-no-offense-intended-mary-neal#ixzz1ooZiRT2O

Thomas Arthur, 70,  facing execution for 30 years
despite DNA tests indicating innocence

This anti-DP Christian activist published 174 articles at NowPublic.com, and many of them deal with capital punishment. Check out more "duo" articles while you are there. God is against capital punishment, if that matters to anyone in the Bible Belt Noose states (Psalm 102:19-20, Heb. 13:3, Prov. 31:8-9). And He hates hands that shed innocent blood. I will get the chapter and verse for you later on that. Right now, the cyber censorship team is giving me trouble like they always do whenever I write about Thomas Arthur. In 2009 when Alabama was about to execute him despite his DNA test results, they took down part of Gmail and attacked Care2 eCards to prevent my reporting Thomas Arthur's DNA test results on September 1. Now that Americans' protests count less than ever with the 1%, they don't care that you know Arthur will be a human sacrifice regardless of his innocence. We the People do not have enough clout for our objections to matter. The Troy Davis execution proved that in September 2011. And if it did not, Congress passing NDAA did. Human and civil rights just don't seem to matter much any longer. At least Thomas went to court several times, and the State of Alabama reportedly paid his defense attorneys $1,000 each time but continued to deny him a DNA test until he had been interned 25 years. Then when the results came from the forensics lab with the "wrong" result (he is innocent), the judge sealed the test results. Can you beat that?

If you are sorry capital punishment is not a spectator sport any longer, enjoy people suffering in a video embedded below re Indefinite Detention Under Military Arrests without trials or any opportunity for defense by MTV. People arrested under NDAA Section 1021 will not get even the cheap trial that Thomas Author got. People are tired of everyone screaming "wrongful conviction." They decided to stop saying what people did wrong. Isn't that amazing for a"democracy"? The Martial Law video embedded below is also at YouTube at http://youtu.be/P2ZhQrWQj7k . Americans should be careful about what injustices we allow or participate in that ignore human rights. Your day may be coming soon. To cancel what elitists may plan for you, please support H.R.3785, Ron Paul's congressional bill to repeal NDAA. Say no to concentration camps, and please say no to Arthur's execution. Do unto others as you would have THEM . . .

Note: Whenever I write an article about several subjects like this one, I notice which paragraphs the cyber censorship force interferes with most. If "NDAA" is in my article, that part of the article is attacked most. Americans should be able to write about and discuss any law that congress used taxpayers' pencils and paper and computers to draft, accepted taxpayers' salaries to meet about and hold a vote, and the president used taxpayers' ink to sign. NDAA affects all Americans to some degree regardless of whether we are interned. Everyone in this country now lives with this threat. When/if some president decides to use kingly NDAA powers, we will all have to live in a country where people are detained indefinitely for no defensible reason and/or a military battle zone. The video cyberstalkers were obviously told to attack is below (maybe).

MTV Think Martial Law Commercials - National Defense Authorization Act

Sunday, March 4, 2012

MaryNeal To Ramapough People re Cochran Firm Fraud

Dear Ramapough People of New Jersey:

This blog is to explain how The Ramapough People of New Jersey came to be defrauded by The (Johnnie) Cochan Firm and cheated of around $3 billion in the case Mann v. Ford. The Ramapough People were defrauded to save Ford Motor Corporation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), both of which were/are culpable for deaths and sickness among the Ramapough and contamination of your land. If you see this letter, call me and read it aloud to me word for word. I was assigned a team of cyberstalkers to interfere with this information going out to the world. They work in teams of four(4) and are on the job 24/7. My computer security system captured their IP addresses, but police refuse to address my cyberstalking and apply Georgia and federal law.

My phone is also bugged 678.531.0262. When a police officer tested my phone number using her cell phone, she got three short beeps and a hangup. Some people reach a recording falsely stating my phone is out of service. Some are told the circuits are busy, or they are allowed to leave a message that is deleted without my receipt. I am a virtual prisoner because of an elaborate program to defraud minorities through The Cochran Firm. See more information at the ten(10) links to articles that should be at the bottom of this letter. Also, please visit my three blogs, MaryLovesJustice, Exposed-FreespeakBlog, and JusticeGagged. Please TRY to email me at MaryLovesJustice@gmail.com.

Other defrauded clients and I are going after The Cochran Firm for racketeering, collusion to deny clients due process of law, conspiracies to cover-up crimes, including at least one murder, and other offenses. Your own victimization is so recent that you are probably within the statute of limitations to sue The Cochran Firm for malpractice and recover the rest of the $3 billion they caused you not to recover from Ford and whatever amount you should have received from the Environmental Protection Agency for abandoning its responsibility to enforce its order regarding Ford's toxic waste dumping on your land.

An article by Ernest McBride regarding Mann v. Ford states, "the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) forced Ford to admit to dumping 'millions of gallons of paint sludge and other industrial waste in this mountain community,' on tribal lands and in the depleted iron mines of nearby Upper Ringwood, New Jersey, from its plant in Mahwah, N. J. EPA designated the 500-acre area a Superfund Site in 1983. Ford agreed to clean it up within 10 years, but only scraped away the surface toxins before leaving it in 2004."

The EPA is an agency of the federal government of the United States that began operating in December 1970. The EPA is charged with protecting human health and the environment by writing and enforcing regulations based on laws passed by Congress. The EPA issued an order to Ford in 1983 to clean the Ramapough People's land, and Ford ignored its responsibility to clean the land by at least 1993. The EPA had a responsibility to enforce its order, but it did not. The land was still contaminated in 2006, thirteen years after Ford's deadline. Therefore, the EPA shares a responsibility with Ford for sickness, deaths and land contamination after 1993 because the EPA neglected to enforce its ten-year deadline for cleanup. I am confident that The Cochran Firm never told the Ramapough People that they also could make a case against the EPA.

I believe The Cochran Firm is an undercover pseudo-government agency. After Johnnie Cochran partnered with people with low ethics and died soon after, The Cochran Firm assumed its current responsibilities to protect government entities and certain corporations from lawsuits by The Firm's clients, who are overwhelmingly minority people: African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans. Many people are being hurt because the Cochran Firm reduces or eliminates payouts to its own clients in order to protect government and corporate interests. I call this program "The Cochran Firm Fraud."

In 2006, the Ramapough People contracted with The Cochran Firm to recover damages for environmental racism that caused wrongful deaths, catastrophic injuries, and land contamination resulting from Ford's abuse and EPA's negligence of duty. Auto manufacturing is a government-protected industry. You will recall the large government bailouts to auto manufacturing companies in 2009. I assert that The Cochran Firm worked for Ford and the EPA behind your backs and cheated the Ramapough People of roughly $3 billion, according to The Cochran Firm's valuation of your claim when Vickie Gilliam was your assigned attorney.

I spoke with Vickie Gilliam's new law office a few months ago, hoping to make contact with the Ramapough People. She is the only associate attorney I ever heard about who was assigned to handle a case valued as highly as yours was - between $2 billion and $3 billion dollars. Ordinarily a partner would lead such a case. I believe The Cochran Firm hoped that Ms. Gilliam would make blunders to excuse The Ramapough People recovering little to nothing on your lawsuit, but she did not. Ms. Gilliam obviously worked diligently on behalf of her clients. Her integrity and industry were evidenced by the fact that when it was time for Ford to either settle the case or go before a jury, the devious partners at The Cochran Firm's home office in Dothan, Alabama removed her from the case. They then settled your case for a mere $12.5 million dollars. You have lost many tribe members through cancer and other ailments, and some members have cancer now because of toxic waste dumping. The amount of your recovery would probably not be sufficient to pay current and future medical costs, and it is certainly insufficient to recompense the People for wrongful deaths that happened.

My family became victims of The Cochran Firm Fraud in 2003 after the police murder of my mentally, physically handicapped brother, Larry Neal. He expired after 18 days of secret arrest in Memphis, Shelby County Jail. Memphis Police were tired of Larry, who was a harmless, lifelong schizophrenic heart patient. Larry lived roughly 20 years as a mental hospital inpatient before the U.S. Government stopped funding such hospitalization through the Medicaid program in the 1970s, especially for patients who were not deemed to be immediate threats to themselves and others. After eviction from the hospital, Larry was arrested numerous times over the next 25 years for misdemeanors that resulted from his mental disability, such as disturbing the peace with loud singing and panhandling. Apparently, police decided to kill the nuisance mental patient by depriving him of his vital heart medications, and Larry was secretly arrested - a kidnapping.

While Larry was "missing," his family and social worker searched for him everywhere, but police lied repeatedly. Police ignored Larry's missing person report and denied having Larry incarcerated until he died under circumstances which Shelby County Jail and the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) still refuse to disclose to his family. Freedom of Information Act requests and federal subpoenas demanding records and information about Larry's fatal incarceration are ignored in the government's resolve to keep Larry's murder covered-up and his family deprived of due process of law.


In 2008, information surfaced that may explain why the USDOJ protected Shelby County Jail after Larry's murder. Former Vice President Dick Chaney and Attorney General Gonzales were indicted by a grand jury in Willacy County, Texas. The charges alleged that that they misused their positions in order to withhold federal investigations after inmate abuse in return for kickbacks and/or because they were prison investors. The allegations in that indictment may explain why it was hard to find an attorney and why the USDOJ under Attorney General Eric Holder continues Larry's murder cover up to this day, eight years after Larry's murder. The Texas indictment offers a possible reason why local law enforcement and the federal government's FBI cybercrime division still refuse to address my ongoing Internet censorship and in-person stalking. DeKalb County Police Detective Miller even told me in 2011 that stealing my emails and data off my hard drive and sending worms and viruses to destroy my computers were not crimes.

My elderly mother and I contracted with The Johnnie Cochran Firm to sue Shelby County Jail for Larry's wrongful death immediately after he expired. For the next 10.5 months, The Cochran Firm pretended (through U.S. Mail fraud) to act on the Neal family's behalf while it secretly withheld doing any legal work whatsoever on Larry's case. Meanwhile, USDOJ officials allowed Shelby County Jail to file fraudulent reports to the federal government that omitted reporting Larry's secret arrest and death in that facility (a lynching). The USDOJ reported to me twice that Larry's name did not appear on any arrest records or other reports the jail made during the period of his fatal incarceration, although the jail was bound by the terms of its Agreement with the USA to make routine reports that should have included Larry's arrest and inmate fatality reports if inmates die. Larry had been arrested in Shelby County Jail for brief periods numerous times until his social worker or family would retrieve him and admit him into Tennessee Psychiatric Hospital for evaluation and crisis intervention. Larry's fingerprints were on file, and police had contact information for his family and social worker from previous arrests and from Larry's missing person report.

WHO IS LYING - THE JAIL OR THE USDOJ?  As an acute mental patient, Larry made quite an impression, especially when deprived of his psychiatric meds. The fact that Larry had numerous prior misdemeanor arrests, fingerprints on file, contact information on record, and left the jail as a naked corpse negate the idea that Larry's arrest and death could have escaped the notice of Shelby County officials. Therefore, the jail's failure to admit Larry was incarcerated and its failure report his arrest and death to the USDOJ had to be an intentional breach of its Agreement with the USA, and any reports officials did issue to the USDOJ omitting Larry's demise were a fraud on the government. The Shelby County Attorney claims the mandatory fatality report to the USDOJ was made regarding Larry's death. If that is true, the USDOJ lied when it denied receipt of the jail's report in order to cover-up the federal agency's knowledge of and acquiescence to Larry's murder. The Shelby County Attorney failed to back up his claim by forwarding a copy of any report that he claims the jail made to the USDOJ. Since any report authorities give regarding Larry's murder would expose and contradict another government agency, officials apparently decided to issue no further responses whatsoever to the Neals' inquiries about Larry's death.

Another problem is that the USDOJ communicated directly with me about Larry's death after I learned The Cochran Firm never sought reports, and that communication happened before the USDOJ allowed Shelby County Jail to omit reporting Larry's death in its Release hearings regarding federal overview. My own written communication with USDOJ officials that happened before the Release hearings proves USDOJ officials knew about Larry's death and that they joined Shelby County officials in denial of due process of law for our family. It also indicates that USDOJ officials joined the county's fraud on the USA if Larry's death was omitted in the county's subsequent Release hearings and reports like the USDOJ claimed. It required collusion between both Shelby County officials and USDOJ officials to cover-up the murder of a harmless, middle-aged, black, schizophrenic heart patient, Larry Neal. The Neals seek open disclosure and justice. But to avoid investigating and prosecuting criminal behavior in county and federal government officials and The Cochran Firm frauds, I am stalked, persecuted, censored, and threatened for continuing to seek open disclosure and justice. In fact, it appears that citizens police have been moved in the foreclosed homes around ours in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and we fear attack.

The Neal's case was like the Ramapough People's case in that Memphis Shelby County Jail was already under federal overview through the USDOJ after a lawsuit was filed against the jail in 2000 by the USA. Similarly, Ford was under EPA overview to decontaminate the Ramapough People's land. The USA's lawsuit against Shelby County Jail was filed after the jail established a pattern of inmate abuse. USDOJ officials were to provide federal oversight for "the jail from hell." The USDOJ is the federal agency that is charged with protecting the rights of institutionalized persons, and the agency's oversight required regular reports from the jail about every area of its operation for each reporting period. Both the jail and the USDOJ were liable for Larry's murder and/or the cover-up that continues now, eight years later.

When Larry was killed, officials over the USDOJ, Shelby County Government and The Cochran Firm entered a conspiracy to cover-up Larry's police murder by defrauding his family to make sure our wrongful death lawsuit was never actually filed and that Larry's murder never became public knowledge. The conspirators expected the police kidnapping and murder and elaborate cover-up that followed Larry's death to remain secret because (a) mainstream media is government-controlled; (b) the USDOJ is the agency that is over police and court processes in this country, and (c) The Cochran Firm works on behalf of the government behind its clients' backs. They believed they had the situation contained. But Larry's relatives are literate, and computers are plentiful. We believed that exposing the crimes would bring justice, but that has not happened yet because those who head the justice system are themselves unethical.

My elderly mother and I discovered The Cochran Firm defrauded us to protect Shelby County Jail from our wrongful death lawsuit and protect the State of Tennessee from our negligence lawsuit. The wrongful death of Larry Neal file was empty at The Cochran Firm at the end of the statute of limitations despite the firm having written to us (through U.S. Mail fraud) about a vigorous discovery process that never really got underway and was not ever intended to start. We sued The Cochran Firm twice. Both times, judges prevented our lawsuits from proceeding to the jury where we would have been awarded millions for Larry's secret arrest and murder and the ensuing cover up between the jail and USDOJ officials.

In 2006, Georgia Superior Court lied in favor of The Cochran Firm and dismissed our lawsuit by falsely disclaiming the existence of an Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm. If you look at the list of Cochran Firm offices, you will see its Atlanta office leads its alphabetical lists. It may have been a strategic move on The Cochran Firm's part to close its Jackson office immediately after defrauding the Ramapough People. After doing a major fraud, The Cochran Firm likes to claim nonexistence in the offices responsible for the double cross.

My mother and I then sued The Cochran Firm and David McLaughlin, our appointed attorney, in federal court in 2007. First, the court first wrongly dismissed our lawsuits by ruling that plaintiffs failed to meet a deadline that had time remaining. Judge Batten reversed that ruling when plaintiffs pointed out the error. Secondly, federal court set a date to end discovery before it got underway. The court gave the full discovery period after plaintiffs pointed out that error.

If I had not been a legal assistant for over 15 years, I could not have made it to the end of that court process as a pro se litigant.  Attorneys who we approached to sue The Cochran Firm gave different reasons why they could not handle the case. One attorney did a preliminary investigation for Neals v. The Cochran Firm, but she could not continue. After a couple of weeks, she told me that her firm had a conflict of interest suing the United States. At the time, I did not know what she meant since The Cochran Firm and David McLaughlin were our only defendants. It was another year before I understood her statement. So many people, agencies, and law firms are connected to this case that it is easy for attorneys to find they have a conflict of interest in representing the Neals. One problem is that The Cochran Firm farms out many of its cases to other law firms. Former Cochran Firm attorney Shawn Chapman Holley revealed that when clients take cases to The Cochran Firm, the work may be done by attorneys in another state who do not even know the laws of the state governing the clients' cases. She was disgusted by that. Listen to her interview at NPR. Whereas I understand law firms having conflicts of interest, no civil and human rights organizations should have a conflict of interest helping minority people eliminate a CoIntelPro-like program to deny justice in America.

During the entire federal case, Plaintiff Mary Neal was being stalked online and in person, and court pleadings were stolen and sabotaged on my computer. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, a pdf file, disappeared from my desktop, and I could not load it again. I got error messages saying I did not have permission from my administrator to download the Adobe program.

The cybercrimes I endure are bad, but in-person stalking is worse. During our lawsuit in federal court, it seemed dangerous to drive anyplace other than to work and home at rush hour when many people were on the roads. Then my work hours changed, and I exited work around 9:30p.m. The stalkers grew bolder. At one point, I notified my entire mailing list at Yahoo (thousands of people through Yahoo groups) that I was followed home from work every night by from one to four vehicles. If I slowed down to 25 mph on the expressway, so did they. Guards in the building where I worked were nervous about walking me to my car at night because cars lined West Peachtree Street to harass me and follow me home. Yes, I have affidavits and a security report from the building evidencing one particularly harrowing experience. I always collect witness statements, make videos, and share the evidence with trustworthy individuals and/or online with my readers.

A Google report at my online advocacy group, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI), records over 167,000 visitors to date. I started AIMI in August 2008 to help other families with mentally ill inmates to decriminalize mental illness, and many people care about that issue. Homelessness, prison and death must cease being America's response to mental illness. Roughly 1.25 mentally ill people are now prisoners, primarily because incarceration replaced hospitals and community care in the 1970s, and mental hospitals continue to close. Millions of families are negatively impacted. Despite my censorship, hundreds of them joined AIMI. Perhaps that is why stalkers now prevent my ability to publish new information at the site. When I input my password, I get an IE-8 message saying windows must close. That has been happening for two weeks.

Cochran Firm attorney Angela Mason wrote a pleading in response to my Yahoo email alert and disclaimed that a certain Cochran Firm attorney hired a Caucasian man in a white vehicle to stalk me. I responded to the court that it was interesting that Atty. Mason knew details about my stalker that I never revealed in my email regarding the harassment and terrorism. I had not told anyone the color of the vehicle that followed me most often. After that, Mason withdrew from the case. Judge Batten did nothing to censure The Cochran Firm for my terrorism, although it is the government's responsibility to protect citizens' rights to engage in federally protected activities, including lawsuits in federal court. Terrorism and computer crimes continued against me as I pursued justice regarding Larry's wrongful death, and terrorists never stopped to this day. Federal, state and local officials refuse to address the online and in-person stalking, censorship, and persecution I continue to experience despite abundant proof in videos and verification by witness affidavits. These are attacks against my First Amendment rights in order to prevent people, particularly minorities and people of all races who are impacted by mental illness, from communicating with me.

I called 911 on September 27, 2008, when my six-year-old grandson and I were followed by a USDOT truck leading four other vehicles. I turned into the lot of a neighborhood Chevron station and parked, hoping that being in a busy shopping center would induce the stalkers to leave. Instead, they also parked and kept me waylaid at the Chevron station for an hour while I waited for 911 emergency police responders who never came. My family rescued me in two cars they used to sandwich my car between theirs and escape the stalkers. That happened a few weeks before Duanna Johnson was murdered. She was another person who planned to sue Shelby County Jail. She was executed one night as she walked down a Memphis street, and the perpetrators were never caught. Julian Bolton, Esq., former managing partner of The Cochran Firm's Memphis office, happened to work in the law office with Johnson's attorneys with whom she contracted to sue Shelby County Jail after her brutal beating in the jail's intake area (because she was a transsexual person) went viral on the Internet in the spring of 2008.

REPEATED PARAGRAPH - I decided to move this paragraph up in the article, but stalkers changed the font. That may mean it was coded for removal, so I decided to leave it here, also. information surfaced that may explain why the USDOJ protected Shelby County Jail after Larry's murder. Former Vice President Dick Chaney and Attorney General Gonzales were indicted by a grand jury in Willacy County, Texas. The charges alleged that that they misused their positions in order to withhold federal investigations after inmate abuse in return for kickbacks and/or because they were prison investors. The allegations in that indictment may explain why it was hard to find an attorney and why the USDOJ and why the USDOJ under Attorney General Eric Holder continues Larry's murder cover up to this day. The Texas indictment might also explain why local law enforcement and the federal government's FBI cybercrime division still refuse to address my ongoing Internet censorship and in-person stalking. DeKalb County Police Detective Miller even told me in 2011 that stealing my emails and data off my hard drive and sending worms and viruses to destroy my computers were not crimes.

United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia ruled in January 2009 that whatever The Cochran Firm did to defraud the Neal family was "immaterial," and the racist court dismissed our lawsuit. I felt so bad for Troy Davis' family after that ruling, knowing that the condemned black man depended on Georgia courts where justice for my family was so ruled. The Neal's federal court order may be the only U.S. document issued during the 21st century that clearly states the government's position on minorities seeking justice: Justice for us is "immaterial." A judge who had recused himself from the Neals v. Cochran Firm case rejoined the case to help tell us how immaterial we are. I think that must be very unusual, also.

When the federal court took that position, I set out to find other minorities who were also defrauded by The Cochran Firm to save government agencies and certain corporations from their plaintiffs' civil actions. I found Mann v. Ford and numerous other cases that evidence The Cochran Firm's deliberate malpractice. Several of the cases are summarized at numbered paragraphs 1 through 5 in the FreeSpeakBlog article entitled, "COCHRAN FIRM DEFRAUDS NATIVE AMERICAN CLIENTS TO SAVE FORD." Other cases are throughout my blogs. They have started interfering with this article. I will add the links I promised to the bottom of this article later.

I sent warnings to the Ramapough People about The Cochran Firm fraud in numerous articles, but be aware that stalkers sometimes remove my taglines. I made announcements at Facebook where I am MaryLovesJustice, Twitter where I am @koffietime, and other social media sites. I announced your impending fraud on the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Show, where I usually join social and political discussions on Sundays at 5:00p.m. EST. Taped shows are online. I did not know how to contact your tribe directly and warn you about the law firm. Unfortunately, I could not contact Duanna Johnson about Julian Bolton, Esq., the former Cochran Firm managing partner in the Memphis office, either. I commented at many articles about her beating, including Internet sites for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons. I tried hard to reach Duanna Johnson and warn her, but not like I would have had I thought she would be killed. (Her murder may not be connected to her lawsuit against Shelby County Jail, but the timing is alarming.)

Three billion dollars is quite a shortfall. I hope the Ramapough People will fight for justice regarding your fraud by The Cochran Firm. You have around a thousand members, too many to intimidate by gangstalking and cyberterror. If they take over your computers and phones, you probably have resources to purchase more immediately. I changed phone carriers and phone numbers and purchased new computer equipment until it became unaffordable for me. The stalkers curtail my income by preventing my communication with potential employers and also preventing ads from running on my popular blogs. Nevertheless, I persist because it may be possible to help victimized clients like the Ramapough People. I know you need your full award in order to take care of your members who are sick.

We persist despite persecution in order to help others. Hopefully, we can save Sgt. Loggins' family in Orange County, California from The Cochran Firm Fraud. The Marine was shot by police in January 2012 on a school parking lot with his two daughters present, and the media reported that his survivors signed a contract with The Cochran Firm frauds. They have been through enough. The Ramapough People have endured enough over the last 200 years and did not deserve to be mistreated, especially in Johnnie Cochran's name. Kathryn Johnston's family had suffered when the 92-year-old Atlanta woman was killed by police, but The Cochran Firm reduced their award by over two-thirds in 2010. Hezekiah Sistrunk claimed to have filed an $18 million lawsuit for Johnston's murder on November 21, 2007, but settled the case for merely $4.9million without taking it before a jury. Furthermore, Georgia State Court confirmed my fears about that case after it settled. State Court had absolutely no lawsuit on record for Kathryn Johnston's wrongful death. I tried hard to warn Ms. Johnston's family that they would be defrauded to save the City of Atlanta, but stalkers destroyed my computers numerous times. When I went downtown Atlanta to stand outside The Cochran Firm office and ask people to help Ms. Johnston's family in person, police arrived in response to someone's 911 call and told me I have no First Amendment rights in Atlanta. They demanded that I leave under threat of Tasering and arrest.

Minorities still do not use the Internet as much as others. African Americans are behind the technology curve, and the media refuses to make reports about this program so far. Consumer protection agencies "don't care about us" like MJJ sang in his hit record. The Atlanta BBB refused to take a negative report about The Cochran Firm. The FTC took a report and issued a case number, but that was the end of it as far as I know. I hope the Ramapough People and others will help to notify Sgt. Loggins' family and other people who are in danger of falling victim to The Cochran Firm fraud. Naturally, The Firm does not defraud every client, but no clients are notified that their cases will get the "special treatment."  I pray that the Ramapough people  will finally have justice and join in the quest for justice for the Neal family. Remember your sister's persecution for asking "What Happened to Larry Neal?" and advocating for other acute mental patients of all races to be treated with compassion and respect for their civil and human rights.

I believe that most police officers and justice personnel feel disgusted by the wrongs my reports reveal. They care about justice. A former Shelby County Jail officer informed me about another mentally ill patient who suffered wrongful death there. He said he lost his job before Larry's fatal arrest and was set up on false criminal charges because he refused to go along with a planned cover-up regarding that inmate's demise. Yes, God has planted some of His people throughout the justice system, and I pray for them to have more courage to do what is right.

Please see the articles at the links below and feel free to TRY to contact me at any time about this matter.

The Cochran Firm Defrauds Native American Clients to Save Ford


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Friday, March 2, 2012

Open Letter to Hezekiah Sistrunk, Esq from Mary Neal

Mr. Ssssssistrunk:
I think I smell a goose. Is yours cooked yet? If not, hold on . . .

JUSTICE DENIED, a 21st Century Slave Song
by Mary Neal (all rights reserved)

One day Larry went missing
We looked for him high and low
For 18 days while he died in jail
“Have you got him?” The Jail said “NO!”

On August 1, police came
A dreaded knock on the door
“We have Larry’s body. He died in jail
Sorry. We won’t tell you more.”

“Well, tell it to our lawyers!
The Johnnie Cochran Firm!
Lynching is illegal!
You might get prison terms!”

“Over that sick coon? We doubt it!
But give it your best shot
We told him to stop singing loud; move on
But he would not!”

Mama cried silently as she signed her name
On the Cochran Firm’s contract
“Don’t let them kill other sick sons
Nothing can bring mine back.”

Lawyers gave us their assurance
And lots of tissues, too
Saying, “Dry your eyes, old Mama
We’ll get justice for you.”

But The Cochran Firm tricked us
Their promises were only lies
They held Larry’s case inactive
And never asked how he died

The letters David McLaughlin sent
Were false, every one!
The Cochran Firm worked for the jail
Nothing was being done

Too late to hire other attorneys
When we discovered the fraud
Larry’s case file was empty
How could they do this? Oh, Lord!

“We’ll sue you for defrauding us
You can’t treat clients like this
Larry Neal was a person
The life he had was his!

We’ll tell the Bar about your fraud
The jury will make you pay
You deserve to lose your license
New clients won’t come your way!”

“Over that sick coon? We doubt it
But give it your best shot!
Police told him, ‘Stop singing loud; move on!’
But he would not!”

Tennessee Bar said, “No biggie”
Georgia Bar ignored our complaint
Judge Shoob said, “What Cochran Firm?
There is none in this state”

“But judge, look out your window
The Cochran Firm’s right there!
On TV every few minutes
Your Honor, please be fair!”

“Get out of this courtroom!
Johnnie Cochran’s dead
We’ve got his firm and got his name
Now don’t you make us mad!”

“We’ll take you back to court again
You have a poor defense!
Your office is just blocks away
You can’t say you don’t exist!”

“We said it; judge signed it
Now get out of our face
Plead for justice all you want
You are the wrong damn race!”

“Look Media - A court order!
No Cochran Firm in Georgia!
Please tell the people to watch out
I’ll send some copies to ya!”

“Don’t bother; not interested.
Their clients are mostly blacks
Who cares if lawyers trick those folks?
It’s time you learn the facts!”

“But Larry was a human being!
He had a right to live!
The Cochran Firm worked for the jail
His death’s a secret still

We’ll write letters to Congress
And report you on the Web!
Jails and lawyers are not allowed
To conspire to hide the dead!

Georgia courts can’t protect you!
Nor the media or BBB!
We’ll tell the public what you did
And civil rights groups – you’ll see!

We’ll sue in federal court for your fraud
The jury will make you pay!
You deserve to lose your license
New clients won’t come your way!”

“Over that sick coon? We doubt it
But give it your best shot!
Police told him, ‘Stop singing loud;
move on!’ But he would not!”

“Judge look at this fraud; listen to lies
They told right in this court!
They helped the jail hide Larry’s death
While under contract with us!”

“We disclaim our Georgia office
Our Memphis office, too
Dismiss this case right now, Judge Batten
We all depend on you.

Wherever Larry’s family sues us
We claim we don’t exist
Can’t let this case ever go to jury
Sick black folks won’t be missed

Judge, don’t honor their subpoena
To Shelby County Jail
Can’t let this family ever know
What happened to Larry Neal!

This family is ridiculous
To think federal court would care
that lawyers lie to evade justice
It’s an immaterial affair!”

“The Cochran Firm is right!”
Judge Batten did agree
“Case dismissed! Immaterial!
Don’t come here bothering me!”

“But Judge, they tricked us!
Helped police hide Larry’s death
He had a right to live his life
Regardless of his health!

Thank God! Here comes CHANGE!
We’ll tell Mr. Holder
He’ll investigate Larry’s murder
This cover-up is over!

Mr. Holder, they killed him
Under secret arrest in jail
Thank God, you’re here now
And justice cannot fail!”

“Were you waiting for me? Don’t be absurd!
Johnnie Cochran is Dead
We’ve got his firm and got his name
Now don’t you make us mad!

You don’t want to make us mad!”

All rights reserved by Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

Such as you do unto ONE of the least of these, My brethren, you do it also unto me. ~Jesus Christ

Sssssistrunk, just so you won't forget you manage The Cochran Firm office IN ATLANTA, GEORGIA again, below is a picture. I promise you, I am trying to make your dreams of the Cochran Firm's nonexistence come true. Black people have endured enough from slave masters and their sick Confederate soldiers.