1. I told the CO mom y'all probably don't intend trial. Court in wrong jurisdiction and everybody knows NSA can put kiddie porn on anyone's PC.
  2. I thought it STRANGE that y'all let all my tweets publish today, so I tried to re-publish them at MaryLovesJustice blog and you blocked me!
  3. SHAME on U, . People trust u, but you CENSOR truth-tellers and justice seekers My Google blogs are SAFE.
  4. Can U track a car tag? red V6 Cavalier, DeKalb Co GA tag BKP8027. He said he's paid well to stalk me. said Shut Up Abt It
  5. Since y'all have operatives steal court files, evidence, and discs from my home, you know some of my evidence proving TERRORISM & censorship
  6. If y'all plan to tell Mom how you killed Larry Neal, hurry.She can't sit upright now
  7. Can't accept racial differences among the human species, but want to live among with backs, hands & wings covered w/ eyes! Ez 10:12
  8. I'm just an impoverished GA black woman, terrorized & censored for asking WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL? What happened to justice?
  9. Please keep database w/ DNA secure. Wouldn't want that in wrong hands! Some ppl want organs, others want weapons!
  10. Can U track IP's?;;;;; My
  11. How would one develop biological warfare weapons? Need DNA from large no. of targeted ppl? Just suppose.
  12. Alabama had police buying DNA $10 for swabs, $20 for blood. World leaders are AGING and need new organs soon JC
  13. Are they matching potential donors? ruled it's OK for police to extract DNA. Calif. excuses crimes in exchange for DNA.
  14. For th eyes of th Lord are over th righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers: but the face of th Lord is against them that do evi.
  15. I appreciate email reports about human rights, net freedom, gov legislation, police brutality, and religion at
  16. Welcome . Yo interest in Internet brought U to the right one. I'm America's most censored J
  17. The InfoWar continues.Stop delivery to homes. Force communication to be telephonic so we can interrupt PETITION
  18. Do you know how many people have been killed by police in Memphis since Larry Neal's death 10 yrs ago? 20 just since Jan 2012.
  19. De’Marquise Elkins, 17, and Dominique Lang, 14, are INNOCENT. Erasing the radio show proves you already know it.
  20. ERASE my posts about the wrongful death of Larry Neal all you want, demons. There's a GRAVE you cannot explain or erase. DOGS. Jesus Saves.
  21. U can't erase him, Satan. Yo demons erased our Blogtalk show, but He's untouchable!
  22. Get ready! is coming! U.S. embassies closing worldwide Sun. Our Blogtalkradio show was ERASED tonight
  23. Happy Anniversary, Cochran Firm frauds, and officials nationwide. Larry Neal died 8/1/03.
  24. Here's your problem: You may try and incarcerate the boys and censor news abt it. But she will do it again some day. How will you feel then?
  25. They ERASED our Blogtalk show tonight re prisons. U.S. embassies closing worldwide Sun. lawsuits = whistlebl
  26. Ppl who can't co-exist with ppl of a different race would be uncomfortable in heaven w/ truly weird-looking angels!
  27. Billions of years may have passed between verses 1 and 2 in the Bible. He didn't started counting the days until verse 5.
  28. I don't think a trial for him is desirable for them.
  29. Winn Dixie, Bi-Lo supermarkets recall some ground beef due to E. coli contamination risk: -SS
  30. Recorders can record every email and phone call. Tens of thousands of employees are required to decide which ones to let through. Hi 5.
  31. Detroit Doesn’t Seem to Know How Many Police Employees It Has or What They Do -