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Monday, July 21, 2014

Prisoner Advocacy Offered: Human Rights for Prisoners March

ADVOCACY OFFERED. As a woman who is denied information and justice regarding the wrongful death of an inmate (Google the Wrongful Death of Larry Neal), I stand with all inmates in their quest for human rights and with the families of all inmates whose human rights were disregarded to deny justice in court or to inflict torture and death. Contact me with your innocence claims and brutality or murder claims at telephone number (678)531.0262 and MaryLovesJustice@gmail.com. Write "HELP WANTED" as your email subject, and follow it with a phone call. No regard is given to clients' race, socioeconomic class, gender, ethnicity, or health status.

If denied justice in courts, take your justice quests to the court of public opinion through our "Human Rights for Prisoners March" across the Internet. My efforts are greatly censored, but we persist and eventually prevail in making the masses aware of the crimes against humanity that continue in the United States. Advocacy can make a difference in whether your lawsuit prevails and the amount of your award. Advocacy is also needed for inmates who face or already experienced wrongful convictions  or execution and are pursuing appeals or clemency. Many prisoners require adequate medical services that are sometimes withheld, and they need people outside who will be their voice.

Government officials and Internet companies are deliberating on whether the Internet will be treated as a utility and charges demanded for the amount of time people use the Internet. I am sometimes online 20 hours a day, especially when someone for whom I advocate faces imminent execution. Officials are also deliberating on whether information on the Internet will enjoy greater visibility for a fee instead of all web sites being given equal access (net freedom). We must not be silenced for the lack of money. Therefore, services that MaryLovesJustice has given free for a decade now requires financial participation by the victims and families who benefit by our advocacy. Since nobody is turned away for the lack of money, the public is invited to help by depositing contributions at https://www.paypal.me/humanrightsdemand (Colbert is my married name). The fee schedule for twelve(12) services is below.

1) Radio interview with victims, survivors and supporters on either "Human Rights for Prisoners March" or "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill" Blogtalkradio shows: FREE (45-minute shows on Monday and Wednesday nights)

2) Radio interview with victims, survivors and supporters on "Human Rights Demand" channel at Blogtalkradio: $50 (two-hour shows)

3) Full length article about wrongful arrest, brutality or murder: $100 (charge waived for condemned people). Articles will be published in one or more of these five blogs:
a) FreeSpeakBlog
b) Dog Justice for Mentally Ill
c) Human Rights for Prisoners March
d) MaryLovesJustice

e) Davis-MacPhail Truth Committee (anti-DP blog)
Many of the articles are republished by other bloggers and independent news sites at no addition fee. The articles about your case should help attract legal support and enhance the likelihood of success for justice quests.

4) Articles to announce meetings, rallies and protests or political messages (if approved): FREE in "MaryLovesJustice Human Rights Events" blog

5) Mention along with newspaper and blog links at @koffietime http://www.twitter.com/koffietime - FREE

6) Fundraisers: $50. See examples: 
a) Johnny Strozier Reentry Fund. Support his fresh start.
b) Mark Bowles Legal Defense Fund

7) Video and film on YouTube and Google Hangouts: $50 

8) We announce legal victories that set new precedents and/or have significance for large numbers of Americans through articles published at our "Legal Victories" blog. Law firms and civil or human rights organizations that win victories or make significant steps toward justice can have those victories publicized in "Legal Victories" blog: FREE

9) Posts on Facebook and at Google+ and Twitter about your justice quests that will be read by thousands of MaryLovesJustice and @koffietime friends, including prisoner rights advocates, lawyers, law firms, law schools, Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the general public: FREE

10) Flyers and cards that can be given to people and organizations describing your justice quest: $50

11) A petition at MoveOn.org or another petition site of your choice: $50. Sample: "Save Florida Inmate Damion Hayes from Life in SHU" 

12) Website: $150. See a website I published for a daycare center - Love and Grace Christian Academy

13) Get all of the services listed above on a one-by-one basis for the prices named, or receive the services and ongoing advocacy for a one-time fee of $500: unlimited public updates through articles, radio interviews, and other releases of information related to your case.

Payment of fees can be delayed for cases that are in litigation until satisfactory resolution of your wrongful death and brutality lawsuits. For some cases, it may be too late to pursue legal remedy through lawsuits, but now is the time to expose and oppose oppression. We must not be deterred by cyber censorship or new fees for Internet usage. "The time is always right to do what is right" (MLK). 

MaryLovesJustice was a legal assistant for many years before the secret arrest and wrongful death of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal. His murder is still treated like a national secret despite all of my advocacy. I am currently enrolled in a human rights defender course to become a Certified Human Rights Advocate to the United Nations. Many of our cases will be taken before the U.N. if they have been denied justice in U.S. Courts. A complete list of blogs and radio programs that I manage is at "MaryLovesJustice Blogs and Radio Shows"

The United States is a member of the United Nations and has signed certain treaties that it is accountable to uphold. See Executive Order No. 13107, wherein President Bill Clinton reaffirmed America's commitment to uphold the human rights of people in the U.S.A. According to International Human Rights Lawyer Mustafa Ansari, fewer than one percent of the complaints that the United Nations reviews originate in the U.S., although many crimes against humanity happen here. We plan to change that and submit cases of some victims and survivors for whom we advocate.

Americans must unite for justice. Our strength in numbers will reduce and eventually end police brutality, prisoner abuse, and executions. Millions of people who have no relatives or friends behind bars care about human rights for prisoners. Those who do have imprisoned and reentering relatives and all human rights advocates should join the "Human Rights for Prisoners March" across the Internet and demand respect for all. We will begin sending membership cards to supporters of this advocacy who send any amount of money to help. We must continually purchase new computers as ours are attacked by NSA or other cyber stalkers who seemingly work for prison investors. 

We also need a budget to offer our services to people who are unable to pay the nominal fees listed above for our advocacy and to license our organization as a non-profit. Please give generously to the "Human Rights for Prisoners March" and to "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill." Become a member of this advocacy. Members will be thanked on air during our broadcasts, but anonymous givers are also appreciated and will not be thanked publicly. Prison investors, past and present, who recognize the great harm that is being done to humanity to earn prison profits are encouraged to contribute. Give online at https://www.paypal.me/humanrightsdemand >> A U.S. Post Office box will be listed here for your checks and money orders, and we will post a PayPal depository at our blogs for your convenience as soon as we are allowed.

Thank you in advance for sharing this article with twelve (12) services to give voice to the voiceless. Please mail our contact information to families and prisoners who need advocacy. We appreciate your joining us on the Human Rights for Prisoners March. Nine links and four pictures are in this article (counting the repeat of paragraph 1 below). Volunteers are also invited to contact us as we expand our services. Please do not let the loss of net freedom negatively impact prisoners' right to speak and be heard. Blessings!

Mary Neal, director
Human Rights for Prisoners March

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

Blogs: https://www.blogger.com/profile/02911729765985760491

First paragraph repeated: ADVOCACY OFFERED. As a woman who is denied information and justice regarding the wrongful death of an inmate (Google the Wrongful Death of Larry Neal), I stand with all inmates in their quest for human rights and with the families of all inmates whose human rights were disregarded to deny justice in court or to inflict torture and death. Contact me with your innocence claims and brutality or murder claims at telephone number (678)531.0262 and MaryLovesJustice@gmail.com. Write "HELP WANTED" as your email subject. No regard is given to clients' race, socioeconomic class, gender, ethnicity, or health status.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mary Neal's Plea for Free Speech

First "they" took over my Care2 group Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, and now they took over my Google blog MaryLovesJustice at http://MaryLovesJustice.blogspot.com - NONE of the links herein are operational on my computer or the computers of others who I asked to check. Please check for yourself and comment as to whether the links work at this blog. Stalkers in NSA or another organization have removed my freedom of speech rights and YOURS. 

“To suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker.” ~Frederick Douglass

TRY to access Mr. Douglass's entire speech at the link below:

"A Plea for Free Speech" was delivered in Boston in 1860. It is tragic that Africans in America have not advanced beyond pleading for an opportunity for self-expression in 150 years.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shaking the Dust from My Feet

This is almost full circle. I began writing articles at Blogger and independent news sites shortly before the threat of enforced vaccines in 2009 during the fake H1N1 endemic. According to "Tiebreaker" (see "Justice Gagged" blog and "FreeSpeakBlog"), we may soon be back at that point. Thanks to everyone who joined me on my justice quest over the past nearly eleven years (ten years online). It has been an amazing experience.

I began with the single-minded purpose of finding justice after the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal. When the proverbial cavalry failed to arrive, I started researching what had happened in the USA and the world to make people apathetic about a harmless, handicapped man being killed by his government without any accountability. I did not know until researching the question that mentally ill people of all races are isolated and murdered with regularity without any investigation or corrective action by ANYBODY. That tipped me off to the possibility that we have entered the Last Days.

Since everything I wrote in my various articles and social media posts was a call to action by the cavalry, and since adequate help does not seem to be coming, I will excuse myself and attend to "the things I can change." We will continue broadcasting at Blogtalkradio for the time being while I help hosts establish their own channels, but I expect to use Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Care2, and other social media sites very infrequently in the near future, if at all. Obviously, this mess cannot be fixed merely by exposing liars, swindlers, and murderers. They already know who and what they are, and so do you. God bless you.

Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal
Email: MaryLovesJustice at Gmail.com

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Exposed: Christianity and Civil Disobedience

Exposed: Christianity and Civil Disobedience: PRESIDENT OBAMA issued an executive order on March 16, 2012, for NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS at this White House link http://goo.gl/ET5zy . It is being called a peacetime Martial Law, and some regard the executive order as preparation for WWIII. It seems appropriate at this juncture to discuss civil disobedience and its implications for Christians. That is the topic in this article, which has sixteen(16) active links and three(3) photos. Is it ever appropriate for Christians to disregard and even actively resist governments' dictates? Please read or listen to this article before you decide. Hear it at Blogtalkradio, taped July 6, 2014, during a "MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting."

Christianity and Civil Disobedience
The article has three subtitles:

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Human Rights in the USA: EO 13107

Dr. Mustafa Ansari explains America's responsibilities under Executive Order 13107, which President Bill Clinton signed. 
Dr. Ansari, International Human Rights Lawyer



By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and bearing in mind the obligations of the United States pursuant to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT), the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD), and other relevant treaties concerned with the protection and promotion of human rights to which the United States is now or may become a party in the future, it is hereby ordered as follows: 

Section 1. Implementation of Human Rights Obligations. (a) It shall be the policy and practice of the Government of the United States, being committed to the protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms, fully to respect and implement its obligations under the international human rights treaties to which it is a party, including the ICCPR, the CAT, and the CERD. 

(b) It shall also be the policy and practice of the Government of the United States to promote respect for international human rights, both in our relationships with all other countries and by working with and strengthening the various international mechanisms for the promotion of human rights, including, inter alia, those of the United Nations, the International Labor Organization, and the Organization of American States. 

Sec. 2. Responsibility of Executive Departments and Agencies. (a) All executive departments and agencies (as defined in 5 U.S.C. 101-105, including boards and commissions, and hereinafter referred to collectively as "agency" or "agencies") shall maintain a current awareness of United States international human rights obligations that are relevant to their functions and shall perform such functions so as to respect and implement those obligations fully. The head of each agency shall designate a single contact officer who will be responsible for overall coordination of the implementation of this order. Under this order, all such agencies shall retain their established institutional roles in the implementation, interpretation, and enforcement of Federal law and policy.

(b) The heads of agencies shall have lead responsibility, in coordination with other appropriate agencies, for questions concerning implementation of human rights obligations that fall within their respective operating and program responsibilities and authorities or, to the extent that matters do not fall within the operating and program responsibilities and authorities of any agency, that most closely relate to their general areas of concern. 

Sec. 3. Human Rights Inquiries and Complaints. Each agency shall take lead responsibility, in coordination with other appropriate agencies, for responding to inquiries, requests for information, and complaints about violations of human rights obligations that fall within its areas of responsibility or, if the matter does not fall within its areas of responsibility, referring it to the appropriate agency for response. 

Sec. 4. Interagency Working Group on Human Rights Treaties. (a) There is hereby established an Interagency Working Group on Human Rights Treaties for the purpose of providing guidance, oversight, and coordination with respect to questions concerning the adherence to and implementation of human rights obligations and related matters. 

(b) The designee of the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs shall chair the Interagency Working Group, which shall consist of appropriate policy and legal representatives at the Assistant Secretary level from the Department of State, the Department of Justice, the Department of Labor, the Department of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and other agencies as the chair deems appropriate. The principal members may designate alternates to attend meetings in their stead. 

(c) The principal functions of the Interagency Working Group shall include: (i) coordinating the interagency review of any significant issues concerning the implementation of this order and analysis and recommendations in connection with pursuing the ratification of human rights treaties, as such questions may from time to time arise; 

(ii) coordinating the preparation of reports that are to be submitted by the United States in fulfillment of treaty obligations; 

(iii) coordinating the responses of the United States Government to complaints against it concerning alleged human rights violations submitted to the United Nations, the Organization of American States, and other international organizations; 

(iv) developing effective mechanisms to ensure that legislation proposed by the Administration is reviewed for conformity with international human rights obligations and that these obligations are taken into account in reviewing legislation under consideration by the Congress as well; 

(v) developing recommended proposals and mechanisms for improving the monitoring of the actions by the various States, Commonwealths, and territories of the United States and, where appropriate, of Native Americans and Federally recognized Indian tribes, including the review of State, Commonwealth, and territorial laws for their conformity with relevant treaties, the provision of relevant information for reports and other monitoring purposes, and the promotion of effective remedial mechanisms; 

(vi) developing plans for public outreach and education concerning the provisions of the ICCPR, CAT, CERD, and other relevant treaties, and human rights-related provisions of domestic law; 

(vii) coordinating and directing an annual review of United States reservations, declarations, and understandings to human rights treaties, and matters as to which there have been non-trivial complaints or allegations of inconsistency with or breach of international human rights obligations, in order to determine whether there should be consideration of any modification of relevant reservations, declarations, and understandings to human rights treaties, or United States practices or laws. The results and recommendations of this review shall be reviewed by the head of each participating agency; 

(viii) making such other recommendations as it shall deem appropriate to the President, through the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, concerning United States adherence to or implementation of human rights treaties and related matters; and (ix) coordinating such other significant tasks in connection with human rights treaties or international human rights institutions, including the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the Special Rapporteurs and complaints procedures established by the United Nations Human Rights Commission. 

(d) The work of the Interagency Working Group shall not supplant the work of other interagency entities, including the President's Committee on the International Labor Organization, that address international human rights issues. 

Sec. 5. Cooperation Among Executive Departments and Agencies. All agencies shall cooperate in carrying out the provisions of this order. The Interagency Working Group shall facilitate such cooperative measures. 

Sec. 6. Judicial Review, Scope, and Administration. (a) Nothing in this order shall create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable by any party against the United States, its agencies or instrumentalities, its officers or employees, or any other person. 

(b) This order does not supersede Federal statutes and does not impose any justiciable obligations on the executive branch. 

(c) The term "treaty obligations" shall mean treaty obligations as approved by the Senate pursuant to Article II, section 2, clause 2 of the United States Constitution.

(d) To the maximum extent practicable and subject to the availability of appropriations, agencies shall carry out the provisions of this order. 


December 10, 1998.