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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Privatization Runs Amok: Prisons and Psych Hospitals


Hello, online friends. Thank you for reading and signing my petition for free speech and freedom of press. I wanted to accomplish several things by publishing the petition. Most important among them is to expose the fact that such a petition is needed in the first place. I believe many people in the United States are denied freedom of expression, which is a supremely important human right and the foundation of democracy. Without the First Amendment, all other rights are voided.

I especially appreciate signatures with comments on the petition. I copied some to publish below:

Debbie Chapman ~ After taking a moment to read this petition, there is only one decision to be made. It is time to right a wrong. It is time to hear Mary's cry, take action, and fix a broken system. We need to protect the human rights of all, there is no room in our system for injustices. It's time to bond together, make our voices heard.

Jennie Bloom ~ Mary has been denied basic human rights: freedom of speech and association.

Yely Lod ~ You are doing great work Mary. The world could be changed only by activists, not the government. So keep fighting and you win

Susan Hammett ~ My human rights are also being violated. My prayers are with you.

I note certain Changes about the format of iPetition since I posted my petition for free speech on that site.

a) The signatures displayed are no longer numbered. As I published in an article called "Internet Censorship American Style," people can determine how many signatures have been stolen from a petition by noting the number that appears beside their names. If you sign as petitioner 44 on Monday and your signature displays as number 24 on Friday, it means the names of 20 people who signed before you have been removed.

b) Only the latest few signatures are on view. That prevents individuals from being able to see that their signatures have been removed, and it hides the petitioners' comments of support.

Removing the option to see all signatures and comments deprives petitioners of their freedom of press rights. Petitions are ordinarily attacked in America, and signatures are removed. Therefore, online petitions are unreliable. However, petitions are useful tools for communicating if the data is on public view. 

Failure to make all signatures and comments visible censors Americans. It hides what petitioners wrote about the subject while also making it possible to steal signatures without detection. It is obvious when signatures are stolen because despite having numerous new signatures on view, the number of total signatures does not advance appropriately. The number of views for my YouTube videos do not advance as they should. Friends and I tested by having office workers open my videos one person after another, and the total number of views did not advance. One reason why the number of views on articles and videos and signatures on petitions are controlled is to keep ratings low for certain ideas and information. Another is to stifle financial advancements by targeted persons.

If you would like to read/sign the petition for my First Amendment rights at iPetitions, please use this url:

I chose iPetitions specifically because the signatures were numbered and all petitioners' comments were on view. Within a few months, that Changed. Other ways advocacy for human rights is sabotaged in the United States are in "Internet Censorship American Style, by Mary Neal"

Crimes against humanity in America are covered-up, then there is an attempt to cover-up the cover-up. I am America's most censored person. Many examples of my censorship are in a blog I started to reveal this information: "Justice Gagged"

Saboteurs prevented the url I placed within the body of my petition from being a live link by removing the space between the link and the word before it. Many people may not know that all one has to do to access information at a link that does not work is to simply copy the link (remove spaces, if applicable), and enter it in a search engine like Google. The link that was sabotaged at iPetitions opens a video that proves my Internet censorship to protect the private prison industry, called "Prison Labor Profits."
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icRD77mugaI It is a very short video showing stalkers corrupting information as I type online in order to protect prison investors. The video is embedded below.



African Americans are the most censored people on the planet. Suppressors appoint specific African American spokespersons and organizations, like the NAACP, to speak for my race. They have apparently committed to only give the agreed-upon responses to acts of racism and brutality that continually happen to us in America. Other black people are not allowed to speak, write, or discuss these issues, lest it become patently obvious that our circumstances since Reconstruction have not actually changed to the degree presented to the world, and our human rights and economic gains are systematically being eroded and have already reverted to the 1940s level. The latest example of this happened when a black freshman young man at the University of San Jose in California was tortured by his fellow students. Student protesters expected to give a press conference but were usurped by the NAACP, rushing to give the "official black response" and prevent disclosure about tortures and murders of other black students that happen periodically at that school.

Lynching is still legal, but until recently one had to become a police officer to enjoy that sport. In 2013, that Changed. Private citizens can now kill black people and say they did the murder because they felt threatened. This started after the Zimmerman verdict, and numerous blacks have been murdered by Caucasians who are not in law enforcement since the verdict was handed down. The latest such killing may have been of a mailman who was delivering mail after dark in the Washington, D.C. area. a young lady, 19, was murdered in Michigan when she went on a Caucasian man's porch. A football player was killed by police when he knocked on a white woman's door and frightened her. He wanted to use the phone after enduring a car wreck. A Florida man was also shot by a Caucasian man who saw him running exposed down the street (his clothes had been stolen).

Unemployment among African Americans is around 70% in some areas. Many blacks who do work are still deprived of equal pay and benefits for doing the same jobs as Caucasians, because corporations simply withdraw certain jobs from their own personnel departments and place those positions with temporary service companies. Therefore, the workers are employees of the temporary service company and not the corporation where they actually work alongside whites who earn double their wages and have insurance benefits, vacation pay and sick leave. I have friends who were "temporary employees" in same position for the same company for over five years. There should be a time limit on how long positions can be listed as temporary. So-called "black leaders" do not address this obvious discrimination, because they have apparently agreed not to, perhaps in expectation of prison stock or other personal gain. Censorship of persons who object is necessary to prevent public disclosure and outcry against America's racism and class consciousness. The rest of the world is led to believe that the United States is a country with liberty and justice for all.

I am especially censored because my handicapped brother's government murder while under secret incarceration that lasted 18 days proves that some of the same violations against human rights happen inside the U.S. that occur in China and other totalitarian countries. See "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal.com" at http://WrongfuldeathofLarryNeal.com/main.html ~ My censorship and persecution are meant to keep Larry Neal's murder covered-up while the mentally ill continue to be victims of over 50% of police violence incidents as well as over half the nation's 2.3 million prisoners. I am prevented from advocating freely to decriminalize mental illness in the USA while the prison investors in government positions devise new ways to financially benefit from victimizing people.

Since there is an attempt in the 21st century to hide racism while continuing to discriminate against blacks, independent oversight is crucial regarding new mental health laws and facilities that deliver psychiatric treatment. People labeled as being mentally ill in North Carolina will no longer be taken to public hospital emergency rooms if they are said to have a psychiatric crisis. Instead, they will be taken directly to a local for-profit specialty psych hospital. This is acceptable as long as it does not override the citizens' right to trial by jury for whatever offenses they may be accused of doing. See the NY Times article about this topic at at this url:

Medicaid was removed for psychiatric inpatient treatment from public hospitals in the 1960s in order to start America's private prison system by overcrowding the nation's public prisons and jails with mentally challenged people. Now Medicaid for mentally ill inpatients is back, but only for specific facilities. Every attempt must be made to see that abuses of citizens' rights do not happen in the private psych hospitals that receive Medicaid funds. Below are five examples of abuses of power involving the mental health care system.

1) Currently in Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Mason, a black woman, is being detained in jail (or a mental hospital) on allegations of being mentally ill after winning a Court Order allowing her to continue her pro se lawsuits against parties that she claimed (1) wrongly evicted her and her children from a home and (2) subjected her children to police violence by the law officers who evicted them while Mason was not home. Regarding Civil Action No. 12cv01619 in USDC, Western Dist. of PA, the Order reads thusly:

AND NOW, this 13th day of September, 2013, upon consideration of Plaintiff Florence Elizabeth Mason's motion to proceed in forma pauperis and her pro se complaint, it is ORDERED that: 1. Plaintiff Florence Elizabeth Mason is GRANTED leave to proceed in forma pauperis.

The Court Order set forth specific due dates for plaintiff to make submissions to the court, etc. After receiving the Court Order, Mason was arrested and given a psychological evaluation, which she passed. The judge then ordered a second team to administer a psychological evaluation days later around 10:30pm. The psych team awakened Mason and demanded a second evaluation after bed time. This probably caused the inmate, who had been sleeping, to feel disoriented and angry, because Mason knew she had already passed the evaluation once. This time, Mason was said to have failed the evaluation and is therefore eligible for commitment to a mental hospital, or she could already be in a prison psych ward. Mason feels this was done to interfere with her lawsuits.

The legal system can simply arrest ANYONE, INCLUDING YOU, and deliver individuals into a private psychiatric hospital on the supposition that they are psychotic. More information will be provided about Mason in "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill blog" by January 7, 2014, at http://DogJusticeforMentallyIll.blogspot.com

2) Americans must not forget news stories reporting "Former Marine was Indefinitely Detained in a Psychiatric Ward Over 9/11 Facebook Posts."

3) A young black man is indefinitely detained in a Pennsylvania prison today where he has been denied a trial for 4.5 years. Every time Terrell Scott's case should go to trial, either his attorney asks for a continuance or his prosecutor apparently files a false statement with the court claiming that Scott is not available because he is in a psychiatric hospital. Meanwhile, Scott's attorney allegedly tries to get the innocent young man to accept plea deals. In most states, if not all of them, defense attorneys cannot be sued for malpractice if the defendant accepts a plea deal.

Scott was arrested for crimes that never happened on the word of a single Caucasian woman who has no credibility. His case demonstrates how mental hospitals can be misused in a system where there is poor oversight. The prosecutor falsely asserts on court records that Scott is in Norristown State Hospital when he is in fact in prison year after year awaiting the opportunity to prove his innocence, and his mother visits him there every Friday. A simple phone call to Norristown by the court would have proved that Scott was not a patient there there. See the data at this url
Below is a pdf of Terrell Scott's Court Docket, pages 20-21.
TerrellScottDocket p20-21

As the director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, it is promising that more attention is being given to mental health care. However, there is a greater need for careful oversight than ever to ensure that people's human and civil rights are protected. Before mentally ill persons were de-institutionalized over 40 years ago, the country did not have private prisons. Private prisons plus private local psych hospitals could be extremely problematic without zealous oversight.


Monday, December 9, 2013

MaryLovesJustice to Death!


2.  Perhaps you believe my advocacy for justice only regards the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal. Did you know there are 1.25 million mentally ill people imprisoned in America who should be in treatment instead? Do you realize that at least 50% of all victims of police violence are mentally ill? I use Larry's murder cover-up conspiracy as a worst-case scenario of what happens to the mentally challenged in America. All of the police officers I polled told me that they feel jails and prisons are inappropriate for acute mental patients. I think they appreciate the work I do to help decriminalize mental illness in America. After all, mental illness affects 1 in 5 people in America, meaning the police officers themselves are likely to have someone they love who struggles with mental illness, also.

3.  Mental illness is everybody's problem. We all live, shop, work, and attend school together. Community safety is enhanced when mental illness is dealt with as a health condition and not by the criminal justice system. Imprisoning people for behavior that resulted from a psychiatric crisis costs taxpayers significant amounts of money - $163,000 per year for each inmate in NY City - but it does not deliver any psychiatric benefits to jailed sick people. I believe most mental patients exit jails and prisons in worse psychiatric condition than when they entered.

4.  I am not free to simply quit my advocacy for the mentally ill, as you seem to suggest. Neither did I choose it. God chose me for this work when he allowed Memphis Shelby County Jail to secretly arrest Larry Neal (a kidnapping), keep him 18 days while denying he was incarcerated, then kill my disabled brother in 2003 by yet undisclosed means. I find it unacceptable that neither the jail nor the USDOJ that was in overview of the jail (after its lawsuit by the United States), will investigate Larry's secret murder or pay damages to his family. Instead, terrorism and censorship are applied, like the KKK in the 1940s. God said I must speak for the poor and oppressed and all who are appointed to destruction (Pv. 31:8-9). And I will continue to do that until my personal justice quest comes to a successful conclusion. If I obey God, my safety is His issue. In God I trust.

5.  Larry Neal, a heart patient, was hospitalized for over 20 years for acute mental illness, and his government covers up his murder instead of rendering justice. Larry's murder reveals that America has a system of Apartheid in its justice system that is applied to disabled people and to black citizens. We should all be glad to have that attitude revealed and demand its expulsion. If you wish to learn more about the mentally ill behind bars or facing incidents of police violence, please view my blog "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" and search online for "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill."

6.  Thank you for your concern and "message from Larry." My advocacy is not just for him; it is my ministry. When God is ready for me to stop, He will resolve my personal justice quest. Until then, I resolve to do His will and continue to give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. God's Word said, "Speak, and do not be afraid" ~Acts 18:9.

7.  I have no intention of "confronting the police," as the YouTube writer alleged. My pen is my only weapon. But if this or any government administration in Washington and officials in Georgia (the state where I live, proclaimed the nation's most corrupt), would rather see me dead than allow me to have free speech and freedom of press to advocate for mentally ill people who are imprisoned and regularly brutalized or killed by police, God may choose to martyr Mary Neal in order to accomplish His purpose. I have no doubt that such a government action would trigger the Streisand Effect
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect . 

8.  My murder or harm to my family members (a continuous threat) would only promote the causes I advocate for: decriminalize mental illness, end capital punishment, eradicate racism and class prejudice from the U.S. justice system, expose The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm frauds against Africans in America, and promote peace on earth and goodwill toward men. Among my rewards would include my best sellers and award-winning films, which would be read and viewed in every library and nation in the world. Some people accomplish more in death than in life. Although "like anyone, I want to live; longevity has it's place" (MLK), I have no doubt that I would be one of those. Blessings.

9.  This was my response to a comment placed on my MaryLovesJustice YouTube account: 
10.  The message in this statement is good news to God's beloved but terrorism to the damned. (Ten numbered paragraphs, one link, one graphic)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Koffietime Tweets Nov 20 to Dec 5 2013

Honestly! These people are absolutely the most stubborn since Pharaoh. He insisted on keeping the Jews as his slaves no matter what. And look where it got him and everyone associated with him - they drowned in the Red Sea. I feel bad for their horses.

Here are some recent tweets from my account at @koffietime http://twitter.com/koffietime


  1. It seems impossible to U that I will escape your prison of censorship & stalkers, but "It always seems impossible until it's done" ~Mandela
  2. If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America. ~Nelson Mandela
  3. Yes, I plan to self-publish my "Cochran Firm Fraud" shortly - story about a secret gov murder & cover-up happening
  4. Don't believe them, Indonesia. They know NOTHING about cooperation.
  5. They await me trying to upload my films on my hm computer they took over. Can/will U help?
  6. On Dec 11, I need a secure computer to host my VIDEO PARTY exposing censorship in USA.
  7. I know U mean well, but limiting time on death row in USA will only urge quicker executions. These ppl are Satanists.
  8. What 2 do when USDOJ & jail it overviews collude to hide murder of disabled American? CENSOR his fam
  9. U R Right. That's why they plan concentration camps in USA. Because we have no press freedom already

  10. matters because it's the cornerstone of . No other rights can exist if censorship does.
  11. Do NOT ignore America while supporting . Write against private prisons, criminalizing mental illness, & cop killers to KNOW.

  12. Journalists covering protests Sunday were targeted by forces: via
  13. "If I were in China or Russia or any totalitarian country, maybe I could understand some of these ILLEGAL injunctions." ~MLK
  14. American lockdown on free press is worse than China's. At least China makes no pretense of protecting freedom of expression.
  15. Kenyans don't believe in free press. Have NO DOUBT about that.
  16. Journalists TERRIFY wrongdoers in gov. Therefore, they are often labeled "terrorists" J
  17. Best possible news! Thank you for the reminder. When all these things START to happen, look up! Your redemption draws near!

  18. "Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt."- William Shakespeare
  19. You want to know what I say? I say MURDERERS, COVER-UP ARTISTS, LIARS, RACISTS (including you blacks in gov), SLAVE MASTERS thru prison sys.
  20. I am so SICK of censorship. IF U were really worried abt what MaryNeal will say, you would pay your freaking damages and be done, MURDERERS!
  21. These stalkers around my home prevent my Chromebook OS fr showing settings until I'm online so they can ctrl!

  22. Police respond to a call involving a woman in crisis and shoot her in the chest:
  23. They're always shooting mentally ill ppl in crisis; practiced with targets simulating old ppl, children & pregnant women.
  24. Tragedies are NOT ignored by media. They're actually COVERED-UP by gov-controlled media Racist slant
  25. Giving Tuesday: PLS don't forget 2 give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill. I don't have a tax credit 4U, but does
  26. Giving Tuesday: There are MANY justice orgs to help, but pls help ppl closest 2 "too late"
  27. , you were one of the 1st to help me shed daylight on Larry Neal's secret arrest & murder. I'm forever grateful
  28. Oh, hell yeah. So much bullying that THEY won't even let your video open on my Chromebook OS. Big Bro thinks he's my pa
  29. Sometimes it takes a decade or more to get justice when the culprits are connected. U know I know PERSIST!
  30. Ever since Zimmerman got away, White folks been murdering young blacks - not police only! Sorry abt JeromeTyson
  31. Sometimes I write 24 hrs! So many ppl are denied DOG JUSTICE that I want to help, like this Native Am - JC
  32. LOL! I love it. Then I would make a great Air Force Cadet because I LOVE to inform on wrongdoers, right ?
  33. BlackPantherParty Co-founder Bobby Seale is making a movie! "12 Years a Slave": A Case for Reparations JC
  34. THEY disagree. I said, "WHAT the heck?" when I got a recent response from USDOJ Civil Rights Div saying "no records on LarryNeal"
  35. His Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path ~Psalm 119:105.
  36. ENJOYED your debut radio show last Tue. Ready 4 tonight? See ya @ 9pm Pacific. Call-in (818)572.2947
  37. I don't eat soft serve any more. My relative worked at a restaurant that sold it. Said they drain machine & maggots on sides.

  39. Shameful: A tribal People with spears, bows & arrows must defend against machine guns
  40. Best interview! James Cosner speaks with abt Native Americans in 21st Century USA and in history JC
  41. Our show at 8pm pacific deals with ethnic cleansing at San Jose Univ. Call-in at 619.393.2837. JC
  42. Don't know why NNIA1 has two call-in numbers suddenly, but is checking the problem. Shows and schedule
  43. NEWS! hosts a Tue. show on NNIA1: "Social Awareness" @ 9pm-Pacific. Call-in 818.572.2947 or 713.955.0525
  44. STRANGE that has different call-in number for our show (713)955-0525. Call it if (818)572.2947 fails @ 9pmPacific
  45. Have a fun weekend & a terrific beginning to this Holiday Season. Dr. Kennedy said "make amends" w/ enstranged fam J
  46. Exciting! We'll interview an indigenous person of West Papua this wk to discuss occupation & genocide JC
  47. Could you call in two hours? I'm on Blogtalkradio Show (347)994-3644 Always great subjects!

  48. Save yourselves from this crooked generation - Acts 2:40 (please retweet).
  49. Featuring Native Am author James Cosner 11/25/13 @ 9pm on or call (818)572.2947
  50. Thanks for putting Bro.David Alvarez's interview back at @ Freedom & Justice fr Native Ppl perspective
  51. Pls improve justice to Indigenous Ppl. "U.S. Occupation of Native Americans" Pls recognize tribes & BE FAIR.
  52. I'll be glad to get more followers. All those ones look scary: 1,111 followers presently
  53. SJSU hate crimes and murders discussed on radio 9:30pm EST "YMP" - Call in number 215.383.3998. Join by computer: JC
  54. SanJose students murder & torture blk students: Lakim Washington 1997, Katrell Collier 2006, GregoryJohnson 2008, unnamed 17-yr-old 2013
  55. NNIA1's guest says USA & CA infringe on their religious and cultural freedom. NSA, where is tape?
  56. CRIMES AGAINST NATIVE AM CENSORED ON . Guest 11/23 was NativeAm man, but where is the tape, ? JC
  57. Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill Blogtalkradio Show, 11/20/13, I was joined by Michael Allen, "End Mass Incarceration - Houston."
  58. NNIA1 broadcasts 9:00 p.m. Pacific or by phone (818)572.2947. Welcome as our Tue. night host! Congrats!
  59. Probably if ppl are not guilty, they keep them incarcerated anyway 4 prison profits.
  60. Thanks. They takeover my phones, too, and control my email acct., but I'll TRY to contact U. Hope stops NSA.
  61. It was probably NSA. My stalkers follow me across the entire Internet and in person. Trying to find an atty to get FREE.
  62. I did not see that on the video. I saw Asian attempt to murder bikers TWICE, and bikers retaliated.