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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stop the Prison Profiteering Pandemic

PRESS RELEASE (wide spaces are courtesy of my cyberstalkers. They won't let me move them right now.)

"The Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice at Harvard Law School released a policy report today entitled: “Three Strikes: The Wrong Way to Justice.” The report describes the likely long-term impact of the state adopting the proposed changes to the Habitual Offender Law contained in Senate Bill 2080 and House Bill 3818.

Professor Charles J. Ogletree, Jr., Executive Director and Founder of the Houston Institute, stated: “This report makes clear that, if enacted, the proposed changes will cost state taxpayers millions of dollars by needlessly locking up too many low-level offenders for too long a time, and depriving the state of funds it desperately needs for education, infrastructure, and jobs. It will further burden our severely overcrowded prisons, and risk the safety of employees and prisoners. Our communities of color will suffer the most from these changes. Other states recognize that “tough on crime” is not working, and it is time that Massachusetts adopts a more balanced approach to public safety.”

The report highlights the most problematic sections of the bills, estimates likely financial costs to taxpayers, and their almost certain disparate racial impact. It concludes with a recommendation for a “better” approach to improving community safety by investing in proven strategies to reduce violence and crime, and by undertaking a data-driven Justice Reinvestment project aimed at safely reducing the state’s prison population over time."


The Charles Hamilton Institute for Race and Justice

The Center for Church and Prison, Inc.   website: http://www.churchandprison.org/
Strategic National Conference on Mass Incarceration and Reentry
October 18th-20th, 2012
Boston University Law School

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michelle Alexander, author of "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness."  Other speakers will also present.

For more information, please visit the website at http://www.churchandprison.org/  for
The Center for Church and Prison, Inc.
Mailing address: 516 Warren Street. Dorchester, MA 02121
Email: churchandprison@gmail.com

MARY'S COMMENTS:  Americans object to mass incarceration. We are aware of the tremendous financial burden of mass incarceration, which erodes funds for health, education and the general welfare of communities. Americans also understand that prisons compete with other industries for jobs. A million inmates work up to 72 hours a week on jobs that were removed from "free" people. So-called "tough on crime" laws are simply too tough on the nation's economy and unfairly tough minorities and working class whites. No thanks, prison investors. America has had enough of your "three strikes" laws that make slave plantations and nursing homes out of correctional institutions across the nation. No more playing sports games with people's lives and Americans' dwindling resources. For three or four decades, the world has watched prison profiteering spread like an airborne disease throughout the USA where 2.3 million people are incarcerated. The greed is outrageous. A recent study showed that 5,000 to 10,000 people are wrongly convicted every year. Many other people are excessively sentenced at a substantial cost to taxpayers. Roughly 1.25 million mentally ill Americans are imprisoned rather than being treated in hospitals or their communities, according to their offenses and functionality. We the People object. Invest in something humane for a change. EVERY JUDGE, PROSECUTOR, AND LAWMAKER SHOULD BE FORCED TO REVEAL HIS/HER STOCK PORTFOLIO, especially those in Massachusetts. Better yet, lawmakers should divest of corporate stock or resign from public service. No man can serve two masters, according to the Word of God.

Massachusetts lawmakers are addicted to mass incarceration. We did not forget that in 2009, Massachusetts planned to intern citizens in concentration camps for not taking the swine flu vaccine. Thank God that pharmaceutical scheme was exposed in time to stop millions of Americans and world citizens from being vaccinated with God knows what! Under the terms of the Martial Law bill Massachusetts passed in October 2009, a fine of up to $1,000 per day was to be assessed against each person who refused to take the H1N1 vaccine. That guaranteed the working class would have no choice but to surrender their bodies to the State or go to FEMA camps. See the video about the threat to intern Massachusetts residents in FEMA camps who could not or would not pay lawmakers to remain vaccination-free at this YouTube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBEDszBaguc  - Please, Americans, demand to see your justice officials' and lawmakers' investment portfolios and tell them to divest of prison stock or resign from their positions. Stop the prison profiteering pandemic.

I am thankful that more Christians are getting involved in the struggle to contain America's prison profiteering pandemic. More information about the Center for Church and Prison is at their website: http://www.churchandprison.org/

Friday, June 29, 2012

Tyrants Fear Christianity

STALKERS HAVE TAKEN POSSESSION of one of my articles in FreeSpeakBlog. They refuse to allow me to update the article entitled "I'm a Soldier on the Battlefield for the Lord." They did the same thing to my billboard at "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill" at http://www.care2.com/c2c/group/aimi  The group was established to advocate to decriminalize mental illness in America. Mass arrest, brutality, and solitary confinement torture are not God's will for our most vulnerable neighbors. Three(3) links are in this article. Stalkers already removed the count once, so they obviously intend to remove a link. It is probably the link to Vickie Winans' gospel song, "We Shall Behold Him," because that link was turned gray on my view.

Of all the subjects that tyrants fear Americans reading about, the requirement for Christians to do God's will scares them most. Demons always fear the Word of God and Christians, because Jesus is the Word! Tyrants know that Christians are the largest, most powerful group in America. Oppressors realize that as long as Jesus is on the throne of people's hearts, the government will always be a secondary authority. Below is the insert cyberstalkers were instructed to prevent at an article I published in FreeSpeakBlog called, "I'm on the Battlefield for the Lord."

CHRISTIANS MUST BE HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCATES LIKE JESUS - I included five links in the article and told readers we would see which link my assigned censorship team would attack. It came as no surprise to me that the link cyberstalkers were instructed to censor was the one for the song, "I'm Going to Stay on the Battlefield for the Lord." On my cellphone view of the article, the first sentence and the link for that rousing song were not visible without selecting "go to page 1." My article was coded to open after the first sentence. The gospel is censored because tyrants fear the name of Jesus, and they fear the Word. God admonishes His people to be courageous and outspoken against evil regardless of the source. What would happen if millions of people actually do that in obedience to Christ?

Many of my atheist and agnostic friends are stronger supporters for civil and human rights than Christians I know, most of whom are hearers of the Word but not do-ers. However, human rights activists and organizations ignore the most powerful and largest group in America by not appealing to Christians. Jesus is the world's greatest human rights advocate. He is against capital punishment (Psalm 102:19-20), prisoner torture (Heb. 13:3), victimizing people (Matt. 25:40), avoidable wars (Rom. 12:18 ), all forms of discrimination (Gal. 3:28 ), and apathy about human suffering, which is inexcusable (Prov. 31:8). An example of my appeal to Christians is a MaryLovesJustice tape entitled "END DP IN BIBLE BELT STATES" at this link http://marylovesjustice.blogspot.com/2012/06/end-dp-in-bible-belt-states-by-mary.html The anti-DP recording is 1 hour and 45 minutes long, but cyberstalkers inserted a two-minute pause after the first 45 minutes to trick listeners into believing it was through.

Christians rejoice that Christ came as an innocent baby, grew into a powerful teacher and died for our sins. Moreover, Christians believe that He was raised from the dead and will soon return as the conquering King of kings. While Christians await His glorious return, we are admonished to continue to do the Work of Christ. Otherwise, Christians will be rejected as lukewarm and found unworthy of escaping the coming tribulation period. Even if your human rights advocacy is secular, it is therefore wise to appeal to Christians when sending out petitions and invitations to rally around a human rights cause.

People who are called by the name of Christ are America's majority. It is our sworn duty to promote love, peace, and justice, and we are admonised to do the Father's business until Jesus comes. It is going to require unity among all 99% people to overcome oppression. Therefore, enlist people who promised to be Christ's body on earth in every human rights struggle. Many Christians will refuse to help, but that should not supprise us. Jesus said the road is narrow and the travelers are few. He observes how people respond to human suffering, and He will reward each person accordingly. One day, every eye shall behold Him, as Vickie Winans sings in the video at YouTube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCWR1VT4mdk  Demons know Christ is returning soon, and they tremble. There is not a single atheist among them. This proves that it is not enough to be a "believer," but it is necessary to be a do-er of the Word. Enjoy Vickie Winans' gospel video embedded below. Blessings!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Join Inmates v. CA re Prison Torture

Announcement for Prison Focus: Help Needed re Lawsuit for Human Rights of California Prisoners - Relief from Prolonged Solitary Confinement

from California Prison Focus 
Thu, Jun 21, 2012

[I have volunteered for a night or two at CA Prison Focus and stayed in contact with people there.  It really is bare-boned, no money, all heart, lots of letters all-night work.  Please support them and pass on this message to more people.  Their website, which has their Prison Focus newsletters available electronically, is http://www.prisons.org

Forward this message to a friend
At last we are greeting you online! We want to thank you for fighting alongside us against long-term solitary confinement in California.  We greatly appreciate the support you have given us in this struggle, whether in the form of a check or a block of your time.

California Prison Focus has been waging this fight against the SHUs (Security Housing Units) for over 20 years. Since the start of last year’s hunger strike by nearly twelve thousand prisoners, we have worked unceasingly to pressure CDCR to meet the prisoners’ five core demands.

Now we want to share exciting newsCalifornia Prison Focus is co-counsel in a class action lawsuit filed on May 31, 2012. On behalf of SHU prisoners at Pelican Bay State Prison, the lawsuit alleges that long-term solitary confinement in California violates the federal Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment.  It also claims that CDCR violates the constitutional requirement of due process when it throws people into SHU who have done nothing violent or illegal and then keeps them there for decades—or life.
You can support this lawsuit by clicking here.
This legal action requires huge numbers of hours of attorney time—our attorney donates hers completely 
pro bonoIt also involves out-of-pocket expenses. We must travel frequently to Pelican Bay to confer with our plaintiffs about legal strategy and get their histories and other information to prove our case. We travel on the cheap, driving rather than flying, and staying at inexpensive motels, but still each trip costs about $400.

This lawsuit has the potential to make an enormous impact on the lives of thousands of prisoners and their families. But there is no law firm with deep pockets behind it. The costs of pursuing the suit could compromise our chances of success, and a historic opportunity would be lost.
Will you donate to support this lawsuit?  Each gift of $20 will buy half a tank of gas on our next trip to the Pelican Bay SHU. Any amount will help. Please give what you can.

A movement against prolonged solitary confinement is building fast! With your help, California Prison Focus will hasten the demise of this form of torture in our state.

California Prison Focus
1904 Franklin St. #507
Oakland, California 94612

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Biomass Incinerators for Black Communities

Do you smell something burning?

PARAGRAPH 1 --- Dr. Robert Bullard recently published "BIOMASS INCINERATORS BEING PROMOTED IN BLACK COMMUNITIES as clean energy and green jobs" at this OpEd News link     http://www.opednews.com/articles/Biomass-Incinerators-Being-by-Robert-Bullard-110523-887.html It is disturbing to see biomass incinerators (big ovens) being erected in mostly black areas throughout the USA, especially since American concentration camps were recently approved by Congress and the White House. Hopefully, there is no connection. Dr. Bullard is probably the nation's foremost authority on environmental racism. He states, "Look out African Americans! Biomass incineration will be coming to your neighborhoods soon . . . The burning of biomass to generate electricity is toxic. It is neither 'green' nor 'clean.'"

PARAGRAPH 2 --- There is also a disturbing connection between biomass incinerators and prisons. 
For some reason, biomass incinerators are often situated on or nearby prison property. Consider the excerpt below from a February 2011 article by AP regarding Corrections Corporation of America's bid to put a private prison in Maine:

 PARAGRAPH 3 --- Milo Town Manager Jeff Gahagan said, "A private prison would bring in more than just corrections officers jobs, he said. There also would be a need for people in such fields as food service and medical care. There is even talk of starting up a biomass power plant in connection with a facility." See the entire article at this link http://bangordailynews.com/2011/02/06/politics/maine-considers-private-prison-bill/

PARAGRAPH 4 --- I received an invitation to join the legal fight against indefinite detention (concentration camps) with Demand Progress, RevolutionTruth, and their lawyers.

PARAGRAPH 5 --- "Our own government asserts that the military has the right to lock you - civilians, even American citizens - indefinitely, without charge or trial . . . It's still astounding to consider, even six months after it became the law. It is ONLY because of the lawsuit by Chris Hedges, Tangerine Bolen, Noam Chomsky, Daniel Ellsberg, and others that the current position of the federal courts is that indefinite detention is unconstitutional. Tens of thousands of Demand Progress members have supported that lawsuit - and more than 200,000 have urged congress to oppose indefinite detention, generating ever-growing support for our cause. We need to raise $20,000 to keep up our work against indefinite detention. It's simply an abomination: Our government is asserting the power to detain civilians indefinitely, without charge or trial. A judge recently ruled that indefinite detention in unconstitutional - but we expect Obama to appeal that ruling, and the case could go all the way to the Supreme Court. Hundreds of thousands of you have emailed Congress in opposition to indefinite detention, and the Senate will be considering the issue in coming weeks. We need to keep the pressure on. [Donate at https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/detention ] Your donation will also help fund Demand Progress's ongoing work against CISPA and in support of Internet freedom." Contact DemandProgress.org for more information at http://blog.demandprogress.org/people .

PARAGRAPH 6 (with 14 bullet points) -- Leading medical and health associations from around the U.S. warn against the health dangers of using biomass combustion for electricity. These include:

  1. American Lung Association 
  2. American Heart Association 
  3. American Lung Association in Florida 
  4. American Lung Association in Georgia 
  5. American Lung Association New England 
  6. Florida Medical Association 
  7. Washington State Medical Association 
  8. Massachusetts Medical Association 
  9. North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians 
  10. Mason County (WA) General Hospital 
  11. Physicians for Social Responsibility/Pioneer Valley Chapter
  12. Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition 
  13. Capital Medical Society (FL)
  14. Eire County Medical Society (PA)
PARAGRAPH 7 -- Advocacy article (with five(5) links, seven(7) numbered paragraphs, and two(2) photos with captions) against concentration camps and biomass incinerators, published by Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI), human rights advocate in service to God (according to Proverbs 31:8-9). Read more about why the organizations oppose biomass incinerators at this link http://www.gulfbiomassincinerator.org/groups-opposed-to-biomass-incinerators/
Ich wünsche Ihnen schönen Tag! (That is "have a nice day" in German.)

Unite to "undo" concentration camps and
biomass incinerators in the USA

Living Africans Thrown Overboard

Living Africans Thrown Overboard

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

End DP in Bible Belt States, by Mary Neal

The youngest person executed in America was a 14-year-old innocent black child, George Stinney

Paragraph 1 -- MANY BLESSINGS for all who joined the Human Rights for Prisoners March across the Internet, in rallies, and live demonstrations. We shall overcome! Since most executions in the USA happen in so-called "Bible Belt" states, I suggest that anti-DP advocates use a Christian viewpoint to end DP in Bible Belt states. Prisoners are either saved people who have been granted God's forgiveness, or they are unsaved people who are eligible for God's forgiveness. All have sinned and come short of God's glory. But "THERE IS A FOUNTAIN" http://youtu.be/IaGKfCh7OBo (see the video embedded below). Even if you are not a Christian, please listen and share this audiotape - MaryLovesJustice Show Tape 1 "End DP in Bible Belt States" at this TalkShoe link http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/audioPop.jsp?episodeId=621240&cmd=apop After the first 45 minutes, there is a 2minute pause inserted by cyberstalkers, then the tape continues for another hour. There are two(2) numbered paragraphs, one(1) photo, one(1) embedded video, and three(3) links in this article. Thanks for sharing. Let us approach anti-DP advocacy from a standpoint that will communicate to those who do executions most - professed Christians. Psalm 102:19-20, Hebrews 13:3, and many other Bible verses are our swords against capital punishment. Let us use them. Jesus Christ is the world's greatest human rights advocate, and His law is to love and pray for our enemies and leave vengeance to Him. Jesus is anti-DP.

Paragraph 2 -- Advocacy against capital punishment by Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill http://www.care2.com/c2c/group/aimi

Friday, June 8, 2012

Blacks: The Dem's Freebies

African Americans: Democratic Party's Freebie

Health insurance-related microchips and concentration camps?
When you make no demands, you indicate a willingness to take whatever you get

PARAGRAPH 1 of 18 - When I emailed this article from my FreeSpeakBlog, the MLK montage of photos did not appear to go to my addressees. I thought I would videotape what happens this time (see highlighted text in paragraph 18 of 18 below). Also, the last word of the title, "FREEBIES," was not in the link. I decided to shorten the link this time and see if "freebies" is still omitted. If the African American vote is vitally important to the Democrats like Dr. Lorenzo Morris, of Howard University, stated in the GovNews video at Paragraph 7 of 18 below, why don't African Americans receive reciprocal representation? How have African Americans' circumstances Changed since the 2008 election? Consider some dismal statistics from an AP article called "Blacks' Economic Gains WIPED OUT in Downturn":

PARAGRAPH 2 of 18 - African American Spike in unemployment: April [2010], black male unemployment hit the highest rate since the government began keeping track in 1972. Only 56.9 percent of black men over age 20 were working, compared with 68.1 percent of white men . . . Since the end of the recession [what end?], the overall unemployment rate has fallen from 9.4 to 9.1 percent, while the black unemployment rate has risen from 14.7 to 16.2 percent, according to the Department of Labor. (There are nine(9) links in this article, four(4) embedded videos, and one(1) photograph and eighteen(18) numbered paragraphs. Please count. I am censored.)

PARAGRAPH 3 of 18 - Excerpt from the PEW Research Center income reports widening wealth gap, July 2011:  The median wealth of white households is 20 times that of black households and 18 times that of Hispanic households, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of newly available government data from 2009. These lopsided wealth ratios are the largest since the government began publishing such data a quarter century ago.

PARAGRAPH 4 of 18 - Blacks are seriously over-represented in the criminal justice system as well as in unemployment lines. The USDOJ reports that during the 12 months ending midyear 2011, local jails admitted an estimated 11.8 MILLION persons, and that high figure represents a drop from 2010. I assume this does not include the 2.3 MILLION people already serving prison sentences.


PARAGRAPH 6 of 18 - Concentration Camps Planned: With the prison industrial complex absolutely ravenous in black and brown communities, do you think the NDAA concentration camps are intended for middle- and upper-class whites? I don't think the prison system is going to Change that much. The only Change listed in the new law passed by Congress and the White House was "no trial for indefinite (life) sentences." Everyone should ask who the camps are intended to warehouse (and enslave) indefinitely. The written explanation that concentration camps will hold people who had something to do with 9/11 is ridiculous. Those guys could all fit on one floor of a federal pen. Learn more about indefinite military detention for no defensible reason at this June 7, 2012 link from New York Times saying that for now, The Obama administration is blocked from instituting indefinite detention, but they are not happy about it.    http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/07/us/terrorism-detention-provision-is-blocked.html  - In response to a lawsuit filed by a group of journalists, U.S. Judge Katherine Forrest of Manhatten issued a temporary injunction against indefinite military detention of American citizens without trial in May 2012, calling it unconstitutional. The Obama administration tried unsuccessfully to get her to reverse that ruling or narrow its scope to include only the plaintiffs who sued. Judge Forrest refused to remove the injunction and made it clear that her order protects everyone, not just the plaintiffs.

PARAGRAPH 7 of 18 - People who give it up without demanding any return generally have low self-esteem. See a video by GovNews regarding how important the African American vote is to Democrats' success in 2012: Howard University Professor Lorenzo Morris Delivers Remarks on the African American Vote - According to Professor Morris, the Dems could not have won the last presidential election without African American support. VIDEO:  http://govne.ws/item/Howard-University-Professor-Lorenzo-Morris-Delivers-Remarks-on-the-African-American-Vote?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter  African Americans have been rewarded for our support ever since 2008. 
PARAGRAPH 8 of 18 - African Americans must stop being the Democratic Party's freebie. DEMAND SOMETHING for votes besides the opportunity to look at a few blacks waving at you out of limos. Say, "I NEED A FEW FRIES WITH MY KETCHUP, BOSS." Tell the Dems they have five months to get your vote out of lay-away. Their credit should be no better than yours is, which is probably in the toilet. A strong rap and "good try" put together won't pay one month's bills. Working class families of every race are negatively impacted in countries where continuous war and corporate profits are prioritized over The People, but African Americans have been hardest hit. The National Defense Authorization Act budget for 2013 is $642.5 BILLION. There is a priority on incarceration in America. Paragraph 8 of 18.

PARAGRAPH 9 of 18 - Andrew Rosenthal addressed the cost of military detention in the New York Times Editorial Page Blog, Taking Note (Nov. 18, 2011). Taking Note reported that NDAA removes most of the nation's anti-terrorism effort out of the hands of federal authorities and turns it over to the military, although military concentration camp detention is much more expensive than regular prisons. Rosenthal wrote, "According to Scott Shane’s article, a federal maximum-security inmate costs $25,000 a year. At Guantanamo Bay, each detainee costs $800,000 a year." That is an increase of $775,000 per year per inmate.At that rate, it would take the total earnings of a minimum wage worker 65.9 years to pay for a single inmate's detention in a military prison for just one year. Didn't someone say that EXPENSIVE camp was closing? Is there anything else we need the money for, African Americans? 

PARAGRAPH 10 of 18 - Reparations for slavery and Jim Crow would be helpful now. In 2002, Johnnie Cochran announced he would participate in the assembly of a dream team to sue the USA and major corporations for slavery and Jim Crow. Unfortunately, when Cochran died, civil rights attorneys who worked with him in his Los Angeles office were fired or forced out of the firm by new partners Cochran took on shortly before his terminal illness. The Cochran Firm is now run by traitors who actually defraud the firm's black clients to help government entities and certain corporations escape accountability after wrongful deaths. But these are not times when violating civil rights is considered worthy of investigation by the Department of Justice and due process of law in the nation's courts. Instead, 93 senators and 289 representatives in the House voted to open concentration camps for whomever the White House suspects of being terrorists and/or "belligerent." While elderly people in Illinois face losing Medicaid, schools throughout the nation are neglected and closing. Chronically unemployed Americans are told there is no money for a jobs program, but government officials don't quibble over spending HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR for wars and prisons. Government spending is a matter of priorities. African Americans' votes, taxes, and hard labor building and defending this country make us VIPs according to Professor Morris, but the only priority list for blacks is labeled "Bureau of Prisons." 

PARAGRAPH 11 of 18 - The Bible, which many black people got too educated and successful to recognize, says, "You have not because you ask not." This election year, ask for something! Let's stop being the Democratic Party's free ho because we follow leaders other people chose for us by giving them good press. CROSS YOUR LEGS AND HAVE SOME PRIDE. That is such a new concept for African Americans in the 21st century that some might call it radical. But it is not radical. Everybody else gets something in return for their support of political candidates. Ask a banker. And making demands is nothing new for blacks. We used to be good at it when we had enough self respect and concern for our children to be brave and assertive. 

PARAGRAPH 12 of 18 - Consider what Frederick Douglass said back in 1857: “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

PARAGRAPH 13 of 18 - See Frederick Douglass's entire speech at this link: "IF THERE IS NO STRUGGLE, THERE IS NO PROGRESS"  http://www.blackpast.org/?q=1857-frederick-douglass-if-there-no-struggle-there-no-progress  Many people who were not African Americans cheered our courage and joined civil rights era protests in person and contributed financially to fight oppression. We walked arm in arm, forming human chains when we marched. We used to understand that we are our brothers' keepers. Unity was our strength against outlaw lawmen who were armed and dangerous, and no marcher faced fascists alone. Civil rights that African Americans won in the 1960s are under a heavy onslaught of congressional bills today that curtail freedom for everyone, black, white and other. Decades ago, police used guns, batons, water hoses and vicious dogs to enforce illegal injunctions against peaceful protest. That has not changed, but we have.

PARAGRAPH 14 of 18 - The AP article named in paragraph 1 of 18, "Blacks' Economic Gains WIPED OUT in Downturn," shows that change is a backward motion so far. Unfortunately, African Americans lost something more precious than economic well-being over the last four decades. We lost self respect and our sense of community. We forgot how to make demands we were willing to back up with consumer boycotts that required sacrifices and even our lives if that was the price for dignity and freedom. Malcolm X said, "Freedom by any means necessary!" Perhaps racism has been undercover for so long that we forgot the extreme measures supremacists will undertake in order to debase and misuse a people when savagery is not challenged by the people being victimized. Below are four(4) video reminders of how far African Americans came by courageously standing together against wrongdoing. During the civil rights era, traitors were planted among us to curtail our justice quest and betray the dream. But nothing dissuaded us from our mission. But rather than going forward and building on yesterday's victories, we have regressed. Forty years ago, suppressors would not have essentially kidnapped and secretly murdered a handicapped black man like my brother, Larry Neal. Like Jim Crow days, murderers have terrorized and censored our family for years because we ask for records and accountability about that death. African Americans and outraged liberal whites would have demanded justice in the 1960s, but now we are a nation of sell-outs and cowards. (See Wrongful Death of Larry Neal at http://WrongfulDeathofLarryNeal.com ) In 2012, scores of unarmed black men were already killed under the color of law, and we model hoodies and object to the one death that oppressors' media and plantation overseers tell us to protest.

PARAGRAPH 15 of 18 - One of my favorite things about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the way he restated the Word of God. The Bible commands that people stand up for the voiceless, the poor, and people who are appointed to destruction in Proverbs 31:8-9. Dr. King said, “The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict. He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” Apathy is inexcusable, and silence did not save the quiet Jews in Nazi Germany.

PARAGRAPH 16 of 18 - Let me share something I learned about myself during the nine years of my justice quest: I may be "co-dependent." Like some women do not give up on abusive husbands, I have not given up on America. I have been told repeatedly by officials that I am "immaterial" as a black person who lacks wealth, and being a female makes me even less significant, it appears. But I still love America and want to help my country keep the promises that she made on paper (MLK). I believe promises inherent in the Gettysburg Address, the U.S. Constitution, and the Pledge of Allegiance can be made applicable to all citizens. I understand that the promises in America's historic documents have never been fulfilled equally for all people yet, but that is something for us to pray about and peacefully unite to make a reality. Many moral people in every generation work for that, and you and I should, also. Let us either leave while the borders are still open or continue to pray, "God bless America," then strive together to be a blessing. Help us to tell leaders that people who want this to be a land of liberty and justice for all are not the ones who need "re-education camps."

PARAGRAPH 17 of 18 - Advising people to peacefully resist oppression is taboo again. (There are nine(9) links in this article, four(4) embedded videos, one(1) photograph and eighteen(18) numbered paragraphs). I list the contents of my articles to dissuade surreptitious editing and deletions of selected text by a censorship team that continually violates my freedom of press rights. Cyberstalkers censor my work in large part because their employers want to prevent this veteran nonviolent warrior from inspiring blacks with the mindset that led to Jim Crow's serious wounds in the 1960s and '70s when we repeatedly shouted slogans like "I AM A MAN" and "Say it loud; I'm black and I'm proud." Pride and fortitude are contradictory to our intended New World Order purpose, which is slavery.

PARAGRAPH 18 OF 18 - It is time for some of us to remember, and younger African Americans must learn, to apply the resolve we had when sang the protest song at video number 1 of 4 below: "AIN'T NOBODY GONNA TURN ME AROUND. It is on YouTube by Sweet Honey in the Rock at link http://youtu.be/c5Z1trynEHs . That historic song is followed by two(2) Tulsa riot videos - Part 1 http://youtu.be/E70lf8jGr-A and Part 2  http://youtu.be/bS_uKhdg2ng . The fourth video is a montage of Dr. King photos, which are also on YouTube at   http://youtu.be/B6_0nPM4fxc . I posted these four videos to remind blacks of whose human rights are violated most blatantly and brutally in America. Conscious African Americans and everyone who love liberty must fight CONCENTRATION CAMPS and other encroachments that threaten freedom. Please share this article with your friends and groups, and read more articles in the blog which you can select from the index on the left margin of FreeSpeakBlog which is online at http://FreeSpeakBlog.blogspot.com . Join the online march for human rights in America no matter what race you are, but especially African Americans. It is right to disobey unjust, inhumane laws. Every human rights quest copies the world's greatest human rights advocate who gave us one simple rule that would resolve most problems: "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU." See a final statement after the four(4) embedded videos below.

Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma - Pt 1

Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma - Pt 2 

MLK = The King (a montage of photographs) 

Thank you for your interest in justice issues from this laywoman's perspective. If you care, please share. Blessings from Mary Neal, Christian human rights advocate DOING the Word (Prov. 31:8-9). Peace.  (There are nine(9) links in this article, four(4) embedded videos, and one(1) photograph and eighteen(18) numbered paragraphs). If I do not list the contents of my articles, the Negro Confederate cyberstalkers remove part of my blogs. Sometimes, they edit my articles no matter what, because messages that reveal abuses and encourage nonviolent social change are still under attack in the USA. That has not changed, but we did. No wonder the revolution was not televised. It is a thing of regression and shame.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Justice Denied, a 21st Century Slave Song

JUSTICE DENIED, a 21st Century Slave Song
by Mary Neal (all rights reserved)

One day Larry went missing
We looked for him high and low
For 18 days while he died in jail
“Have you got him?” The Jail said “NO!”

On August 1, police came
A dreaded knock on the door
“We have Larry’s body. He died in jail
Sorry. We won’t tell you more.”

“Well, tell it to our lawyers!
The Johnnie Cochran Firm!
Lynching is illegal!
You might get prison terms!”

“Over that sick coon? We doubt it!
But give it your best shot
We told him to stop singing loud; move on
But he would not!”

Mama cried silently as she signed her name
On the Cochran Firm’s contract
“Don’t let them kill other sick sons
Nothing can bring mine back.”

Lawyers gave us their assurance
And lots of tissues, too
Saying, “Dry your eyes, old Mama
We’ll get justice for you.”

But The Cochran Firm tricked us
Their promises were only lies
They held Larry’s case inactive
And never asked how he died

The letters David McLaughlin sent
Were false, every one!
The Cochran Firm worked for the jail
Nothing was being done

Too late to hire other attorneys
When we discovered the fraud
Larry’s case file was empty
How could they do this? Oh, Lord!

“We’ll sue you for defrauding us
You can’t treat clients like this
Larry Neal was a person
The life he had was his!

We’ll tell the Bar about your fraud
The jury will make you pay
You deserve to lose your license
New clients won’t come your way!”

“Over that sick coon? We doubt it
But give it your best shot!
Police told him, ‘Stop singing loud; move on!’
But he would not!”

Tennessee Bar said, “No biggie”
Georgia Bar ignored our complaint
Judge Shoob said, “What Cochran Firm?
There is none in this state”

“But judge, look out your window
The Cochran Firm’s right there!
On TV every few minutes
Your Honor, please be fair!”

“Get out of this courtroom!
Johnnie Cochran’s dead
We’ve got his firm and got his name
Now don’t you make us mad!”

“We’ll take you back to court again
You have a poor defense!
Your office is just blocks away
You can’t say you don’t exist!”

“We said it; judge signed it
Now get out of our face
Plead for justice all you want
You are the wrong damn race!”

“Look Media - A court order!
No Cochran Firm in Georgia!
Please tell the people to watch out
I’ll send some copies to ya!”

“Don’t bother; not interested.
Their clients are mostly blacks
Who cares if lawyers trick those folks?
It’s time you learn the facts!”

“But Larry was a human being!
He had a right to live!
The Cochran Firm worked for the jail
His death’s a secret still

We’ll write letters to Congress
And report you on the Web!
Jails and lawyers are not allowed
To conspire to hide the dead!

Georgia courts can’t protect you!
Nor the media or BBB!
We’ll tell the public what you did
And civil rights groups – you’ll see!

We’ll sue in federal court for your fraud
The jury will make you pay!
You deserve to lose your license
New clients won’t come your way!”

“Over that sick coon? We doubt it
But give it your best shot!
Police told him, ‘Stop singing loud;
move on!’ But he would not!”

“Judge look at this fraud; listen to lies
They told right in this court!
They helped the jail hide Larry’s death
While under contract with us!”

“We disclaim our Georgia office
Our Memphis office, too
Dismiss this case right now, Judge Batten
We all depend on you.

Wherever Larry’s family sues us
We claim we don’t exist
Can’t let this case ever go to jury
Sick black folks won’t be missed

Judge, don’t honor their subpoena
To Shelby County Jail
Can’t let this family ever know
What happened to Larry Neal!

This family is ridiculous
To think federal court would care
that lawyers lie to evade justice
It’s an immaterial affair!”

“The Cochran Firm is right!”
Judge Batten did agree
“Case dismissed! Immaterial!
Don’t come here bothering me!”

“But Judge, they tricked us!
Helped police hide Larry’s death
He had a right to live his life
Regardless of his health!

Thank God! Here comes CHANGE!
We’ll tell Mr. Holder
He’ll investigate Larry’s murder
This cover-up is over!

Mr. Holder, they killed him
Under secret arrest in jail
Thank God, you’re here now
And justice cannot fail!”

“Were you waiting for me? Don’t be absurd!
Johnnie Cochran is Dead
We’ve got his firm and got his name
Now don’t you make us mad!

You don’t want to make us mad!”

All rights reserved by Mary Neal

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