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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prisoner Abuse Class Action Against Texas Dept of Criminal Justice

Esteban Garcia, CEO of the U.S. Prison Reform Coalition, announced a action lawsuit against Texas Department of Criminal Justice by U.S. Prison Reform Coalition on behalf of abused, neglected, and murdered prisoners. See the announcement below:

The U.S. Prison Reform Coalition is preparing a class-action lawsuit against Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) for inhumane treatment of prisoners and facilitating murder by allowing prisoners to die in their care. Anyone who wishes to share their stories, pictures, documents, affidavits, medical reports, etc., please come by to visit with us or write to U.S. PRISON REFORM COALITION, 2401 Scott Avenue, Suite 142, Fort Worth, Texas 76103. We do not consider state or federal funding while prisoners are being beaten, raped, denied medical treatment, or allowed to die. We will make the stand for prisoners and their families, and we will fight TDCJ to the end. So if you would like to help our cause, please donate $10 to Missouri Writ Writers Association to help cover our legal costs throughout this battle to bring civil stability within TDCJ and hold accountable officials who have hidden behind the protection of the state for years without answering for civil right violations to which they have been directly! We will match whatever is donated to help you and your loved ones inside TDCJ, because IN GOD WE TRUST!
MaryLovesJustice Comments:

We applaud efforts to improve human rights for prisoners and look forward to hosting Esteban Garcia, director of U.S. Prison Reform Coalition and of the Texas/Missouri Writ Writers Association in Atlanta on Sunday, May 20, 2012. From 2:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m., Garcia will participate in a justice reform symposium at the Auburn Street Library, which is just a few blocks from the King Center. Garcia is on a cross-country book tour related to his new book, "U.S. Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual - The Unconstitutional Plea." Another of Garcia's books is "U.S. Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual," which is used by jailhouse lawyers in prisons across the country to help inmates file writs of habeas corpus. Garcia is also setting up more offices of the U.S. Prison Reform Coalition. He reports that his organization is responsible for 120 overturned convictions.

Other speakers at the justice symposium and book-signing will include William Windsor, who is producing "Lawless America - The Movie." Windsor, who recently announced his candidacy for the United States Congress from Georgia, is traveling with his film crew across the country beginning in June 2012 to interview roughly 700 people. Windsor will film the justice seekers speaking about their experiences for the movie. Everyone who is filmed will have their stories presented to Congress, whether or not their stories are included in the actual movie. This is an awesome project. 

Fred V Man, host of the well known television show, "Victory Over Violence," will also be a special guest at the May 20th justice symposium in Atlanta. VMan is not only a successful television host appearing on Atlanta People TV, but he is a community activist who richly gives his service to uplift people in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. He inspires people across the country to become better citizens and better neighbors and build stronger families by applying themselves to responding positively to life's challenges. 


Everyone who is interested in justice should support U.S. Prison Reform Coalition in this lawsuit, not just families of prisoners in TDCJ system. It is not enough to merely talk about prisoner abuse in the United States. Most people are able to donate $10, and some can contribute $10,000. Please give generously to the fight to eliminate corruption in the justice system. Judges and juries sentence people to prison for perceived crimes after reviewing the evidence. But no prisoners are sentenced to torture, rape, medical neglect, or murder by violent guards or inmates. Please see an excerpt from my article, "Juvenile Justice - Kids for Cash." The section below identifies America's prisoners:

Who are the 2.3 million people behind bars in America?  Most are guilty, some were wrongly convicted, and many were excessively sentenced. They are every race. Some are children, and an increasing percentage of inmates are growing old behind bars largely because they received life sentences imposed under mandatory sentencing laws. One man’s third strike was stealing ice cream after two prior nonviolent offenses, and he was sentenced to life in prison. Other inmates are violent offenders with long criminal histories. 

Around 1.25 million U.S. prisoners are mentally ill people.  Acute mental patients were treated in hospitals or community care programs a few decades ago, before the advent of private prisons and jails. Hundreds of thousands of inmates are mentally ill people who were born since funds for psychiatric care were deviously diverted to private prisons.  That is a more expensive choice - depriving acute mental patients of treatment that likely would have prevented whatever crisis led to their arrests, ranging from simple vagrancy to murders. Prison rolls include veterans who suffered post traumatic stress disorder after combat and transitioned home to become prisoners of war after sacrificing their mental health for America. 

Plenty of women and girls are incarcerated. A rising number of females are incarcerated, some who are pregnant. Those women deliver their children while shackled at the ankles and handcuffed. The unnecessary cruelty and humiliation of shackling women in labor is unnecessary and torturous. Lady prisoners do a wide range of jobs that "free" people used to do, such as handling customer service phone calls for hotel and travel reservations.Some women have done zero crimes but were imprisoned under the "guilt by association" law. Their spouses and lovers were convicted of drug-related crimes, and the women were imprisoned simply because of their relationship with the men. In one case, a mother, sister, and grandmother are all imprisoned because a young man allegedly sold drugs, and the ASSUMPTION is that the women knew about it. That is how unjust this system is, and it illustrates the lengths prison investors will go to in order to secure prison profits. America has more prisoners than any nation world history.

The one commonality among prisoners is the same common bond all humanity shares:  People should be treated humanely. The nation’s largest prison rebellion occurred in December 2010 when thousands of inmate laborers in six Georgia prisons staged a nonviolent protest by refusing to work for a week. They hoped to win a more humane incarceration, including cessation of brutality, adequate portions of food, and affordable phone calls . Their simple requests were met with censorship in mainstream media and brute force on prisoners perceived as being the leaders of the nonviolent rebellion. Georgia has an incarceration rate that is higher than than the national average. In fact, 1 in 13 people is in the system there.

Many inmates were brutalized for organizing or participating in the worker strike because prison labor is very profitable for people who supply slave labor to displace paid workers in America. It is unconscionable that 37 of the strikers went missing like my mentally, physically disabled brother Larry was “missing” for nearly three weeks in 2003 until police returned his naked body to my family and admitted Larry was incarcerated while they lied to his social worker and family and denied having him http://WrongfulDeathOfLarryNeal.com . Authorities over Memphis Shelby County Jail and the U.S. Justice Department illegally refuse to give the Neal family any explanation or records regarding poor Larry's secret, fatal incarceration. In fact, I am stalked online and in person and denied the right to speak freely in Atlanta because I persist in asking for justice and compassion for Larry and because I try to direct your attention to other people being victimized by the injustice system that you sponsor with your taxes.

Invitation and advocacy article by Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill http://www.care2.com/c2c/group/aimi , main blog: FreeSpeakBlog http://FreeSpeakBlog.blogspot.com 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hiring Strippers for the Atlanta Project May 11-13

Dancers will be tasefully and scantily clad - the less clothes, the better. 
Read about the project at these two articles:


GET MORE FREE ADVERTISING THAN A DECADE OF YELLOW PAGE ADS AND A ROOM FULL OF TELEMAKETERS FOR YOUR BUSINESS. The ladies will carry a sign and pass out flyers for at least an hour. Each flyer will have your business address.

In the year that Tartan came unto Ashdod, (when Sargon the king of Assyria sent him,) and fought against Ashdod, and took it; At the same time spake the LORD by Isaiah the son of Amoz, saying, Go and loose the sackcloth from off thy loins, and put off thy shoe from thy foot. And he did so, walking naked and barefoot. 
And the LORD said, Like as my servant Isaiah hath walked naked and barefoot three years for a sign and wonder upon Egypt and upon Ethiopia; 
So shall the king of Assyria lead away the Egyptians prisoners, and the Ethiopians captives, young and old, naked and barefoot, even with their buttocks uncovered, to the shame of Egypt. 
(Isaiah 20:1-4)


Call 678.531.0262. If they have a lying recording saying the phone is out of service, circuits are busy, or give three short beeps and a hangup, call back. If it does that twice, call DeKalb Co. Police and say, "Cyberstalkers are controlling Mary Neal's phone calls again." Then email the USDOJ at AskDOJ@usdoj.gov and ask for "justice" officials to investigate and prosecute the cyberstalkers whose IP addresses and car tag I gave them in December 2011. Thanks!

Mary Neal

Petition: Help Iraq and Afghanistan Vets of America

Hello, online friends. Please support this IAVA petition http://iava.org/sign-open-letter-va-secretary-shinseki . Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) says, "DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY for military troops who need and deserve timely mental health care." See the letter below from Paul Rieckhoff, founder and executive director of IAVA asking us to please help mentally challenged veterans have the care they need. Do not let our soldiers come home to become prisoners of war. Many of America's 1.25 million mentally ill inmates are veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Some inmates did not get timely mental health care to avoid behavior that led to their incarceration. Too many mentally challenged Americans, including veterans, endure homelessness and imprisonment. Avoidable deaths by suicide and murders also result from untreated mental illness. The IAVA ask you to help them to DEMAND CHANGE. Whether or not you agree with wars is irrelevant; please agree that our veterans deserve full support getting proper health care.


The VA is clearly broken—and our vets deserve answers.  For years, we’ve heard from IAVA members that the VA is not delivering timely mental health care. This week, the VA’s own Inspector General confirmed it. What’s worse, the Inspector General found that the VA’s own records of wait times “had no real value.” Less than half of vets received a full evaluation within 14 days of seeking mental health care—despite VA claims that rate was 95 percent. [Six links and one embedded video in this article.]

Sign IAVA’s open letter to VA Secretary Shinseki demanding accountability for our nation’s veterans.
It’s estimated that 18 veterans commit suicide every day. VA Secretary Shinseki owes our community straight talk and a bold plan outlining how the VA will improve care for veterans of all generations. [Six links and one embedded video in this article]. As suicide rates skyrocket, delays at the VA should outrage every IAVA supporter —and the entire country. If you had a chest wound or broken leg, you wouldn’t tolerate waiting to see a doctor. Yet, an Afghanistan vet seeking care in Spokane, Washington faces an 80-day average wait for an appointment to see a VA psychiatrist.

Watch a quick video from the Inspector General’s Senate hearing this week. Then add your name to IAVA’s open letter demanding answers from VA Secretary Shinseki.

Every day we hear from IAVA members at local events and across Twitter and Facebook about the bureaucratic delays that they face. But IAVA refuses to let vets slip through the cracks in their toughest moments of need. All veterans deserve a dynamic 21st century VA system that is responsive to their needs from the first day they get home through the rest of their lives.[Six(6) links and one embedded video in this article]

Stand with us to demand answers and accountability.

Paul Rieckhoff
Founder and Executive Director
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

PS – Every year IAVA sends dozens of new vets to Storm the Hill. This past March, we met with over 140 Congressional offices to outline concrete solutions for improving VA care. Read our recommendations in IAVA’s 2012 Policy Agenda.

Thank you for reading and sharing this advocacy post from Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill http://www.care2.com/c2c/group/aimi - I implore our representatives and everyone who reads this article to please show some gratitude to people who voluntarily served in the military at great risk to themselves. See the video embedded below. "Gratitude" is also on YouTube at this link: http://youtu.be/MSfFYxSdKdo . Thanks for signing the petition to support Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. It would be terrific if you help gather more signatures by sharing this article, which has six(6) links and one embedded video. Thank you!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hank Skinner Granted Stays, Not DNA Tests

Stalkers seem to object to this article being published. I guess Texas still intends to kill Hank without DNA tests. As usual, it was a fight to publish an update about Hank Skinner. Mary Neal's cyberstalkers fight very hard against publishing updates about any condemned inmate, including Thomas Arthur and others. I have interesting video footage of the cyberstalking done to prevent my updates about Troy Davis over the years before Georgia killed him on September 21, 2011. The videos will be included on a DVD in the flap of my book "COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD." Below is an update about Hank Skinnger. See also http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/hank-skinners-last-wish-justice.html  Condemned Texans Hank Skinner, Andre Thomas, and Jeff Wood are pictured and discussed the article "HANK SKINNER'S LAST WISH - JUSTICE." 

APRIL 2012 UPDATE on Hank Skinner case: Hank Skinner won another stay of execution in November 2011, but the injustice system has not allowed him to take a DNA test to date.

NOVEMBER 2011 UPDATE on the Hank Skinner case: The U.S. Supreme Court gave Hank Skinner a last-minute stay of execution in March 2010. However, Texas continued to deny Skinner any opportunity to test his DNA against the evidence in the 20 months since the High Court spared his life. The 1% periodically kills potentially innocent people from the 99% like Troy Davis and Hank Skinner in order to keep the 99% feeling intimidated by their power. Guilt is not the issue; power is - the power to pull 99ers from America's slave pool and execute them. September 21 was Troy Davis' turn. Wednesday, November 9, 2011, was the last scheduled execution date for Hank Skinner. It was the day when the elite planned to show their power over the 99% by killing Hank Skinner with his guilt unproved. This is what slave masters did in the 1700s to keep slaves subservient to their masters. Periodic executions of sick or potentially innocent Americans is a part of LYNCHING AMERICA. Willie Lynch, a successful slave owner from the West Indies, taught Virginia Colony plantation owners the art of slave mastery. It takes displays of power like MURDERS by the gentry to keep slaves meek and obedient under conditions where the slaves vastly outnumber their "owners." See "LYNCHING AMERICA" at this link - http://maryneal.hubpages.com/hub/Lynching-America    See also my new anti-DP article in the MaryLovesJustice blog, "DP - THE UNHOLY RACE" at this link http://marylovesjustice.blogspot.com/2011/10/dp-unholy-race.html

The injustice system does not really care about murders, or the U.S. Department of Justice would not help Memphis Shelby County Jail cover-up the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal, my mentally, physically disabled brother - Visit and share our website about the government murder http://WrongfulDeathOfLarryNeal.com

OCCUPY PRISONS IN AMERICA. OCCUPY the phones and email boxes for decision makers to oppose capital punishment, especially for people like Troy Davis and Hank Skinner, whose guilt remains unproved. Stand up for 99% people being used to demonstrate the power the 1% exercises over life and death. Tweet the U.S. Supreme Court AT @iSupremeCourt or @SupremeCourt and ask for justice for Hank Skinner. This time, the order for the stay of execution should include a directive to TEST HANK SKINNER'S DNA. Then email the Department of Justice and demand a justice system that is really just at AskDOJ@usdoj.gov - Call Gov. Perry. He says he is ready to lead the nation as president, but potentially innocent men are killed in Texas regularly. You can tweet Hank at @Justice4Hank .

Thanks for reading and sharing this anti-death penalty article by Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill at http://www.care2.com/c2c/group/aimi (an online group which was recently taken over by CoIntelPro and part of the reason for Mary Neal v. USA - Google it). TRY to follow me at Twitter, and I will TRY to follow you back. My assigned hackers do not make that easy. They trim followers to keep my number under 1,000 and eliminate African Americans, media, and people from other countries. If you have a large list of followers yourself, if you are active in the struggle for human and civil rights or a Christian, please check weekly to see if you are still a @koffietime follower. People who do not have Twitter accounts can use my Twitter link at http://twitter.com/koffietime to see tweets, or please follow my blogs, FreeSpeakBlog at http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com or MaryLovesJustice at http://marylovesjustice.blogspot.com and JusticeGagged at http://justicegagged.blogspot.com . As someone commented on our petition for DOG JUSTICE for America's mentally ill, you must judge a country by how the least fare therein. In America, 1.25 million mentally ill people are imprisoned rather than treated in hospitals or released to community care (depending on their offenses and functionality). I thank all the people who sign and comment on petitions sponsored by Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, an online organization I founded and direct. Whenever you sign online petitions, record the number beside your name so you can check in a month and see if hackers deleted your support. Fascists treat online petitions like elections and discard votes, especially those without comments. 

See a few petitions by Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill at this Care2 link, if they let you http://www.care2.com/c2c/share/detail/959091 - Petition links should open and you to read petitioners' comments without necessarily signing. However, all advocacy to eliminate capital punishment in America is cyberstalked. Condemned inmates make prison investors considerably more money than inmates in the general prison population. 


Repeat of paragraph 1. Stalkers made the font appear different, which might mean they make it disappear on certain views. Stalkers seem to object to this article being published. I guess Texas still intends to kill Hank without DNA tests. As usual, it was a fight to publish an update about Hank Skinner. Mary Neal's cyberstalkers fight very hard against publishing updates about any condemned inmate, including Thomas Arthur and others. I have interesting video footage of the cyberstalking done to prevent my updates about Troy Davis over the years before Georgia killed him on September 21, 2011. The videos will be included on a DVD in the flap of my book "COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD." Below is an update about Hank Skinnger. See also http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/hank-skinners-last-wish-justice.html  Condemned Texans Hank Skinner, Andre Thomas, and Jeff Wood are pictured and discussed the article "HANK SKINNER'S LAST WISH - JUSTICE." 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Matthew Moore, Falsely Accused Louisiana Youth

Matthew Moore, 20, is a Louisiana youth who faces wrongful prosecution in his small parish. He needs our prayers and support. Trayvon Martin was killed in February by Zimmerman because of racial profiling. Trayvon Martin was essentially assassinated for being a black youth. Matthew Moore and many other African American young people have their futures assassinated because of racism in the justice system every day. Moore's mother, Katherine Conner, filed a complaint against a judge and prosecutor in their small parish. Within months, a middle-aged black educator filed a false report on Matthew Moore, saying that the 17-year-old was walking down his school hall with his penis showing. This happened during 2009 while Matthew was working on his summer job at the school. Matthew's mother asked to see the videotape from the school's hall camera, but her request was denied.

APRIL 24, 2012 UPDATE: MATTHEW MOORE WAS WRONGLY CONVICTED ON APRIL 24, 2012. He faces sentencing in August. The cyberstalkers who are hired to hide wrongs by the injustice system refuse to allow Mary Neal to inform the 1,600 people at Facebook who are members of the "Attorney General, Save Matthew Moore" group by illegally preventing my access to my Facebook account. I repeatedly get a false message saying that Google Chrome cannot access Facebook. See the message in this Google Doc https://docs.google.com/open?id=14M7eZlhqRNpvhWfWTK3iIG4jHTKZnSRIWq8Og16SrDxxSC9JngfiTzwnSzL5 The injustice system allows or does my censorship and in-person stalking to prevent advocacy for wrongly convicted people like Matthew Moore and my advocacy to decriminalize mental illness and end capital punishment. Please continue to read about Matthew Moore's wrongful conviction below.

Matthew was arrested and charged with felony indecent exposure and obscenity. There will be a hearing or trial in Matthew's case on April 23, 2010. After Matthew's arrest and release on bond, it came to Katherine Conner's attention that the teacher who filed the false charge against Matthew was herself accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with a student before she made the false allegations against Matthew. A male student and his mother complained to the high school and to the school board because Ms. Anderson inappropriately touched him and making passes at him. It is unfortunate that some students have teachers with pedophile tendencies in their schools.

It appears that Matthew Moore is being targeted for retribution because his mother filed a complaint regarding what she perceived as injustice in the courts. The district attorney refuses to recuse himself as Matthew Moore's prosecutor, and the court refused to remove him from Matthew's case. Many people who are denied due process of law turn to the Internet to find help with their justice quests. They hope that when the courts see that many people are concerned about the parties having justice, public support will help them be treated fairly. A Facebook group was organized to support Matthew Moore. It is called "Attorney General, Save Matthew Moore." The group urging justice for Matthew was organized less than a week ago, already has roughly 1,600 members. Americans of all races recognize through Trayvon Martin's murder and similar tragedies that minority children, especially black males, are unfairly targeted. In fact, 1 in 9 young black men is presently incarcerated, overwhelmingly on nonviolent crimes such as possession of small amounts of marijuana. Matthew Moore, whose only "crime" is having an outspoken mother, now faces the threat of joining 2.3 million inmates in the prison industrial complex as a sex criminal off the word of a teacher who has a history of sexual misconduct with minors. It is her word against Matthew's because Katherine Moore was denied access to the video from the security camera in the school's hall that should prove Ms. Anderson lied on Matthew.

Please pray for Matthew Moore and other black youths. The systemic racism in America's justice system is very problematic for poor and middle-income communities and for millions of individual defendants and families throughout America. Unfortunately, some judges, prosecutors, and even defense attorneys earn money when defendants are incarcerated, whether guilty or innocent, because some officers of the court are prison investors. Around a million inmates participate in prison work projects and toil up to 72 hours per week on jobs that were removed from the private sector. Prison labor is a form of slavery that is allowed under the U.S. Constitution. Government entities and private corporations therefore take full advantage of prison labor programs to avoid paying minimum wage and employee benefits to "free" Americans. Meanwhile officials who are private prison stockholders introduce and pass draconian laws that steer more able-bodied people, particularly young minorities, into prison for lengthy sentences whether or not a crime was committed.

The most horrendous of all prison profiteering laws is NDAA Section 1021. It passed on December 31 and provides that the White House can order anyone and everyone into indefinite military detention without levying any criminal charges. Therefore, people imprisoned under NDAA will have absolutely no opportunity for trial whatsoever. That law can one day be used to enslave millions of people in concentration camps like those where Jews were warehoused, enslaved, tortured, and six million were killed in Nazi Germany. Support H.R.3785 to REPEAL NDAA. In passing NDAA, officials in America bestowed on themselves the right to imprison people like Matthew Moore, your children, and YOU for life sentences without giving any reason. I know that sounds incredible, but it happened. Please continue to oppose all injustices to poor and middle class people and restore the Constitution.

If you love righteousness, please join the justice quest for Matthew Moore by writing to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder at the United States Justice Department email box, which is AskDOJ@usdoj.gov . If you are a Facebook member, you can join the support group for Matthew Moore at http://www.facebook.com/groups/171271056328880/  We ask for justice not only for Matthew Moore. We implore the Justice Department to do whatever it can to save all minority youths like Trayvon Martin and Matthew Moore from violence and enslavement under the color of law. Save living Travon Martins from wrongful prosecution and sentencing to enrich prison profiteers. Thank you for your attention and participation in the Justice4MatthewMoore effort.

Tags that belong at this article: NDAA, "H.R.3785", MassIncarceration, USDOJ, TrayvonMartin, MaryLovesJustice, AssistanceToTheIncarceratedMentallyIll


Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill http://www.care2.com/c2c/group/aimi and child advocate, anti-death penalty activist. Mary Neal was appointed by God to be an advocate for civil and human rights for the 99%  in Proverbs 31:8-9, and SO WERE YOU. Please say "Yes, Lord." Blessings!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Google, You Won't Believe This!

1.   Google, do you see that white car sitting in the driveway across from our house? Someone sits in the car all night. I did not know it until last night. A teenage girl came home in the wee hours of the morning, perhaps from a date. She stopped at the white car to talk to someone. Isn't that something? Not only do I have cyberstalkers waiting to go online with me 24/7, but we also have round-the-clock stalkers on stand-by. Can you beat that? I am glad I published films of the cyberstalking at YouTube channel JKEMPP703 so that people could see real-time cyberstalking. People would not otherwise believe such blatant First Amendment rights violations are allowed in USA. I report what stalkers do to Attorney General Eric Holder, police, FBI, Homeland Security, civil/human rights organizations, the media and everyone else I could think of, but the crimes are allowed because I told about my brother's secret arrest and murder, and the NWO apparently intended for that death and The Cochran Firm's fraud against minorities to be secrets forever. It was probably a joke on black and brown people they enjoyed for a long time, and perhaps I spoiled the fun.

2.   See my new article at FreeSpeakBlog, wherein I asked NAACP officers and members to please give Attorney General Holder my letter requesting that he investigate and prosecute these stalkers and my cyber censorship staff at this link "Attorney General Holder at NAACP Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner 2012" http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2012/04/attorney-general-holder-naacp-fight-for.html . An online friend told me a couple of years ago that I am a CoIntelPro target. I don't see why. I write articles around news that is already online. Confined to my Georgia plantation, the only unique reports I give are about the secret murder of Larry Neal and The Cochran Firm fraud, and that is Exposed already. Although murder has no statute of limitations, it is not likely that the injustice system will actually enforce laws against murders by police and government cover-ups, so I don't see any reason for sociopaths to worry about my reporting the mass incarceration and murders of mental patients. Nevertheless, we have 24/7 stalkers posted nearby PLUS a cyberstalking team of at least four people. That is how many IP addresses my computer security system records breaking through my security at any given time that I am online. That seems wasteful, and who is best at wasting money? 

3.   As I reported in "HOME INVASION," one of their stalkers even had the nerve to actually come to our home pretending to be a technician from the computer repair company I called or thought I called. They can redirect your cell phone calls like they redirect your computer browsers and links. Michael Moon Doggie actually put my computer on his Intranet and left an icon on my laptop saying, "To go online, call this phone number"!! Can you believe that? Was I supposed to believe that anyone on God's green earth has to call a computer tech on the phone and say, "I need to go online now, please." And Moon charged us $80 for wiping the Trojans off the computer that he actually corrupted more than it was already. That is extortion, but criminals are allowed to be their criminal selves on Georgia plantations. These people are so bold. I sit outside sometimes and hope Moon will come to visit some of the neighbors, but I never saw him again.

4.   Thanks for watching, Google. They used to have a man living in the house a couple of years ago who would turn his truck so that the dashboard faced our house. He would sit in that truck all night in sub-freezing weather and watch our house. The last family there who moved a month ago would take turns sitting in a big office chair inside the garage facing our house with the garage door raised. The new people apparently sit in a white car in the driveway all night unless the teen was talking to herself when she stopped at the car after 3:00 a.m. this morning. Several times throughout the day, a vehicle comes by and toots at the neighbors. It makes no difference that these are new neighbors; the same person toots - perhaps a supervisor making sure they are on task. Gangstalking is too ridiculous. I would find such a job beneath me, even if I was a black Confederate soldier like these clowns working on a Georgia plantation.

5.   Last night, the cyberswolves disconnected my call to Blogtalk immediately after Dr. Shirley acknowledged I was on the line and confirmed that she wanted me to be next to speak to the radio audience. That is probably because their bosses did not like what I said Thursday night on Dr. Shirley's show. I told the audience, which is mostly African Americans, about NDAA. They don't like for me to talk to Christians or African Americans, and Dr. Shirley's audience is both. Neither were the stalkers happy with what I said on the Lawless America conference call Thursday night when I finally got connected. What a lot of trouble that was to accomplish! I called Bill Windsor's Talk Shoe conference call number and got a recording saying I had to have a calling card. I have been on Bill Windsor's conference call several times, but suddenly last night the phone said a calling card was needed. I spent the next 45 minutes speaking with my phone carrier's customer service rep. Neither he nor his supervisor knew why my call to Lawless America's conference call was blocked and my phone was saying that I needed a calling card. I then sent Bill Windsor an email, and he called me. When I told him THE CYBERWOLVES PREVENTED MY CALL, Windsor got me connected with the conference call through his fax number.

6.   NONE OF THE CYBERWOLVES OR THEIR CRIMINAL BOSSES PAY OUR PHONE BILLS, AND I AM DAMN TIRED OF THEM DECIDING WHEN WE CAN MAKE CALLS AND TO WHOM. THEY ALSO DECIDE WHO CAN CALL ME AT 678.531.0262. If they don't pay these stalkers hazard pay, it is time to start. One day when I was calling attorney offices and organizations that address Christian persecution, they made my telephone number appear on the people's caller I.D. as a "restricted number." Sometimes they change the number that appears to a number other than my own. They did that one Sunday when they did not want me to call in to Rev. Pinkney's Blogtalk Show. They removed the "6" that begins my phone number. Rev. Pinkney did not know I was on the line for a long time, but he was awaiting my call. Then he noticed the phone number waiting in the host's cue that had one less number than it should and took a chance that it was Mary Neal. EVERYBODY KNOWS HOW DESPERATE THESE CRIMINALS ARE TO HIDE LARRY NEAL'S LYNCHING AND THE JOHNNIE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD, so now people I deal with anticipate the stalkers' tricks, also.

7.   Last week a big, green helicopter flew from over my back yard to one street over and circled for more than 30 minutes. Maybe the pilot had a valid reason. If he was gangstalking, what kind of sense does that make? I feel that if I could Change, I would turn into a dragon and breathe fire on these helicopters they fly over our house. At least it did not just stand still over our rooftop like the two did in 2010 when I made the film about the gangstalkers outlining our yard with paint as a marker for the helicopters that literally stood still overhead for half an hour.

8.   People have 1.25 million mentally ill people imprisoned but have folks like these running loose. I could easily write a comedy about these stalkers' antics. They are such amateurs - obvious as a stalk of corn growing in a patch of clovers.


10.   I certainly already know they have the money to pay pilots to fly overhead, give neighbors who work "at home" free rent and vehicles. I understand they have arranged with police to ignore my police reports, witness affidavits, and videos about these crimes. I was exposed to mentally ill people most of my life until my mid-twenties, because Larry was schizophrenic and we visited the mental hospital where he lived often. I am used to people acting stranger than they do, so they have zero hope of making me crazy. That is what I am told is one of the goals of gangstalking. Believe it or not, they have a LONG way to go before they do some of the weird things that were pretty common in our house when Larry was on trial home visits. Therefore, I take it in stride. I just observe the stalkers' antics and shake my head, then grab my camera and get more footage for the DVDs that will be in my book jacket.

11.   Google, they usually send a stalker to walk a pit bull by my house when I publish something they hate. Therefore, we often go to a window when I publish something to see the assigned stalker and dog walk by. That is to mock my poem, "Dog Justice." It is absurd. A stalker once actually drove by our house slow and barked repeatedly - not dogs, the man driving! I figure most people will have to see this behavior to believe it, and that is why I videotape it, Google. Do you think they have scriptwriters? Who comes up with these ideas? I promise you, they are more out there than Larry was with some of the things they do.

12.   I hope that if/when the NWO comes out of the closet, the cyberwolves and stalkers are first for the biomass incinerators at the camps, don't you? What will they need stalkers for after the pretense that we have liberty and justice for all ends? Nothing. But they are too stupid to recognize that. Or maybe they are microchipped and cannot help but obey. A few years ago, I read and published a story about a real civil court case wherein the plaintiff sued his boss for sending him migraine headaches through the plaintiff's microchip, and the plaintiff WON. That judge verified that microchips are capable of delivering physical pain. Therefore, the stalkers may be incapable of resisting their bosses' bidding. The stalkers could even be slaves with cyanide in their microchips that can be released remotely. Who knows?

13.   Google, it was not until last night that I noticed the "remove formatting" button on my Blogger toolbar. When I use it on an article, the spaces between paragraphs get a foot wide, cyberstalkers have so many Apple codes between the paragraphs. They have some codes that are capable of rendering paragraphs invisible. It is shocking that Steve Jobs made stalker codes, but apparently his company does, because the codes say "Apple". Maybe I should not be surprised. I heard his Chinese workers were practically starving and had to sign contracts not to commit suicide at one point, so there you go.

14.   Last week, stalkers used codes to render a link invisible in an article I wrote about Rev. Pinkney's lawsuit against the NAACP. I sent the link within an email. I usually send emails to some dummy addresses to get rejected mail messages back, and the same link was gone in all of the messages that were returned. It was also missing in a message I sent to a friend who sent back a confirmation. Can you beat that? The same stalkers who work against my publishing articles against prison profiteering also work for NAACP to contain negative news reports. Interesting, isn't it? These Last Days are frightening with wealthy people going Nazi like some are, but this is certainly not a dull time period. You never know what they will do next - something dreadful, I am sure. I could go on and on about the gangstalking and online censorship that is allowed to be done to an increasing number of Americans, but this is paragraph 14 of 15, so I'll tell you more later. Focus one of your cameras on my house. These people are truly deranged.

15.  We appreciate it when people tell us cyberstalkers won't let us hae contact. See the FB post: Amillia Henderson 11:57am Apr 21  Mary Neal: I tried to befriend you on your Facebook page but had problems doing so...I sent you an email. I just posted a link about your brother on my Facebook wall...Everything you are enduring to seek justice for Larry is so believable by ME!!! May God continue to give you strength!

Mary Neal

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Patrick Toney: Death in Custody After Mental Breakdown

SINCE WHEN do mental breakdowns kill people in police custody? "Bowie State Advisor Dies [in police custody] After Possible Mental Breakdown" http://bowie.patch.com/articles/bowie-state-advisor-dies-after-possible-mental-breakdown
   - "Police transported Patrick Raphael Toney to the hospital Friday after he was acting irrationally in a busy intersection in Odenton. He died Wednesday [at Baltimore Washington Medical Center], and the cause is under investigation." The report says police had shackled Toney when he began acting irrationally. Hopefully, further reports will reveal what happened to Toney in police custody between his arrest on Friday, April 13 and his death on Wednesday, April 18. 

Hopefully, Toney's family members will not be deprived of information regarding their loved one's death like the family of schizophrenic heart patient Larry Neal. Larry was secretly arrested for 18 days in Memphis/ Shelby County, Tennessee Jail in mid-summer 2003 and died under yet undisclosed circumstances. Information and accountability about Larry's murder is illegally withheld in defiance of constitutional law as well as Freedom of Information Act requests and federal subpoenas to the United States Department of Justice and Shelby County Government, respectively. The mentally ill in the USA do not seem to have rights, and neither do their families. Rights are not arbitrarily given or withheld depending on the race and socioeconomic status of justice seekers. Accountability and prosecution for crime victims in America are treated as privileges rather than as rights. There is no equal protection under the law for mentally challenged Americans of any race, but this is particularly true regarding minorities.

Please use the link above (one of five(5) links in this article) for information that has been made available to date about the mysterious death of Patrick Raphael Toney - another name in the growing list of dead people of minority races who experienced mental health issues in police custody. Police take mentally challenged people to prison, unlike physically challenged people who experience health emergencies, for the simple reason that our mental hospital beds were nearly diminished in the 1970s to seed private jails and prisons with mentally ill people. Rather than tranquilizers, straight jackets and rubber rooms that hospitals have, jails and prison guards use batons, Tasers, pepper spray, guns, solitary confinement torture cells, and other methods of control over sick people, including food deprivation. Deaths are all too common.

See my articles regarding Mitrice Richardson, of California. She  disappeared for a year after reportedly being released from police custody in a desert area at 1:30 a.m. without her car, money, or water. Her bones were recovered a year later. Timothy "Bulldog" Allen of Benton Harbor, Michigan was "missing" for months after being last seen speaking with police on a St. Joseph, Michigan bridge. Police refused to drag the lake for his body, which was recovered from the lake a month later. Carlos Umana, a Latino, starved to death in solitary confinement in a private jail in Utah in February 2012 within four months of his arrest. There are others. What is happening to black and Hispanic people in America who have mental health challenges? Why is Larry Neal's death in secret jail custody treated like a national secret?

This is evidence of the mass arrest and deaths of mentally ill minorities - the Maryland story. Approximately 1.25 million mentally ill people are currently imprisoned rather than treated in mental hospitals or community care programs like they should be. When emergency response is needed for anyone having a physical health crisis, ambulances respond and crisis victims are transported speedily to HOSPITALS. But in the USA, when people have mental health crises, they are immediately JAILED FOR THEIR ILLEGAL HEALTH DISABILITY AND SOME ARE PROMPTLY KILLED DURING THE LUNACY ARREST OR PERHAPS SLOWLY KILLED BY NEGLECT OR DESIGN WHILE UNDER INCARCERATION, WHITES INCLUDED. 

Google "Timothy Sauders" to access information and a television documentary about a Caucasian youth who died of dehydration and CRUELTY after four days in restraint in a Michigan jail. See articles about Sean LeVert, a famous entertainer, who died after restraint during a crisis in a jail where he was interned on a child support charge.  Google "Taser and Shooting Deaths of the Mentally Ill" to read about numerous fatal lunacy arrests. Visit "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" blog at http://DogJusticetoMentallyIll to read about mentally challenged people facing imprisonment for being sick and some who are already unfairly punished for behavior caused by untreated mental illness. The mentally ill are at a tremendous disadvantage during criminal investigations as people who are mentally challenged and children are responsible for around 25 percent of false confessions that lead to wrongful convictions. Prison and allowed deaths must stop being America's response to mental illness. Consider the fact that police were recently absolved of all charges in the death of an Autistic youth.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED TO PROTECT MENTALLY CHALLENGED PEOPLE'S RIGHT TO LIFE IN THE USA. Start by demanding full accountability regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal. Please write to Attorney General Eric Holder at the United States Department of Justice: AskDOJ@usdoj.gov - Request justice from the agency that has the responsibility of protecting the rights of institutionalized persons (in prisons, jails, hospitals, nursing homes, care homes, etc.). Demand an end to health discrimination. Mental illness should be treated medically, not legally. While writing, please congratulate the USDOJ for certifying Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) programs, which provide for mandated treatment for acute mental patients and subsistence assistance. Then contact officials in your state to ensure that AOT programs are used there rather than condemning acute mental patients to forever revolve in and out of prisons until they eventually die of violence or neglect or bring harm to you or your neighbors and thereafter be used to enrich prison investors at taxpayers' expense. 

Thank you in advance for participating in making our beloved country more just and compassionate. Our condolences to the family of Patrick Toney. We empathize with all neglected, brutalized, and murdered mentally ill people in America and their families. Visit Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI), and consider joining the advocacy to decriminalize mental illness. Unite for justice.

"All we say to America is be true to what you said on paper." ~ Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill: http://www.care2.com/c2c/group/aimi
Website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal: http://WrongfulDeathofLarryNeal.com 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Help Matthew Moore: A Living Trayvon Martin

This article is from my new "Save Living Trayvon's Blog" http://SaveLivingTrayvons.blogspot.com

UPDATE:  MATTHEW MOORE speaks on video about his wrongful conviction in Louisiana. Matthew rejected a teacher's sexual overtures when he was 17, and Anderson retaliated by falsely accusing the teen of revealing his penis to her in the school hall where Matthew worked a summer job. Authorities refused to release videos from the school's surveillance camera to exonerate Matthew. Sentencing is scheduled for August 14 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBGLfWct_SI  Weeks after Matthew was falsely accused by Anderson, a bipolar volunteer in the same school. The woman had been forced to undergo psychological counseling by the school's administration because of her compulsive lying. When she heard about Matthew's accusation in the school grapevine, the mentally challenged worker told her own tale of having seen Matthew's penis. Matthew Moore's attorney did not reveal the mental dysfunction of the witness to the jury. Neither did he tell the jury about Anderson's history. A male high school student and his mother had lodged charges against Anderson the prior year, alleging that Anderson was fondling the student. The jury was not informed about the system's refusal to release videos from the school cameras. The jury was not informed that the district attorney was also of counsel for the school board and had a vested interest in protecting the school from more student complaints about the pedophile tendencies of Ms Anderson. The jury was not informed that Matthew Moore's mother had filed a complaint against the district attorney prior to his bringing charges against Matthew, and that he had promised to arrest her son, apparently in retaliation for the complaint she filed. The D.A. refused to recuse himself from Matthew Moore's case, despite his conflicts of interest, and neither would the court recuse him. Juries can only decide cases on the evidence they hear in court. Defense attorneys should ensure that juries have all the evidence that would lead to just decisions, but they often do not do that. In fact, some defense attorneys are private prison stockholders. See Matthew Moore's video embedded below.


TRAYVON MARTIN WAS a youth who lost his life to violence. Unfortunately, there are many Trayvons who are killed or injured or imprisoned every day - young men who are minorities or of the working class. This blog will tell their stories. Together, we will give their victimization the attention deserved. We will work for justice on behalf of more Trayvon Martins who lost their lives or suffered catastrophic injuries wrongly and attempt to save some Trayvon Martins who face wrongful incarceration. This blog will tell their stories, carry petitions, and remind us all of a handsome teen who probably died because he wore a hoodie and liked Skittles. (Select "go to page 1" if you use certain cell phones. Stalkers were hired to prevent your knowing about Matthew)

AS YOU MIGHT EXPECT, a living Trayvon Martin needs your help. His name is Matthew Moore. Please read the summary below and email Attorney General Eric Holder in support of Matthew Moore using this emal link AskDOJ@usdoj.gov

Matthew Moore was falsely accused of indecent exposure by a senior female educator while he worked at his school when he was 17 years old in 2009. Working at the school had been Moore's summer job for two years when the 51-year-old educator accused Matthew of walking in the hall behind her with his private parts showing. Matthew was suspended on the basis of the woman's unsubstantiated allegations despite inconsistencies in her story. Matthew's mother, Katherine Conner, asked to see film from cameras in the school's hall that could possibly show what happened, but her request was denied. Conner questioned Matthew's accuser about inconsistencies in the educator's story and actions that Conner found suspicious. The woman became angry and pressed charges against Matthew.

The District Attorney in their Louisiana parish also served as Legal Counsel to the School Board. He already had a vendetta against Conner because she had filed complaints against him and a judge over a year before Matthew was suspended. Katherine Conner had a dispute with an unlicensed contractor from Mississippi who repaired  her home after Katrina. The contract between Conner and the contractor required her to pay $7,000 up front and $7,000 upon completion of the work. The contractor asked for and received monies for material purchases several times from Conner during the project. However, when the job was done, Conner's contractor did not subtract those pre-payments from her balance due. Katherine Conner had so much going on when the sub-contractor presented her with a final bill and she wrote him a check for the full $7,000. Immediately after the contractor left her home with her check, Conner remembered the money she had already paid. She called the contractor and asked for him to return the check so she could deduct the amount she already paid. The contractor refused to return Conner's check and accept payment in the correct amount, so Conner canceled the check.

Katherine Conner's contractor accused her of theft of services. She was arrested, prosecuted and convicted regarding a matter that seemed more appropriate for civil court. Conner wrote a complaint against the judge and prosecutor. It appears that the court retaliated against Conner through her son.

Matthew would never do such a thing as he is accused of having done. He is a respectful, hard working young man who had a lovely girlfriend his own age. Until recently, Matthew and Katherine thought they had a witness - another student. But some boys started a fight with Matthew's witness, and the youth was put on probation as a result. At this point, the witness's mother will not let him testify for Matthew out of fear that her own child would be further penalized if he helps Matthew. A major civil rights organization to which  Katherine Conner was a member also declined to help Matthew and recommended that she go to another human/civil rights organization..Minorities in Katherine's parish feel intimidated by the power and ruthlessness of the court. Conner said Matthew's attorney is also a disappointment to them as he seems afraid to present all the evidence and subpoena the video from the school's camera.

Matthew is so concerned about COURT ON APRIL 23, 2012, that he went from 130 pounds to around 100 pounds within months. The young man had started school in his community college, but he had to withdraw to save his GPA because of the stress he feels. PLEASE PRAY FOR MATTHEW MOORE AND CONTACT THE USDOJ FOR HIM. DO YOUR BEST TO SOLICIT HELP FOR MATTHEW FROM PEOPLE WHO WOULD CARE ABOUT A PROMISING YOUTH BEING RAILROADED INTO PRISON AS RETALIATION FOR HAVING AN OUTSPOKEN BLACK MOTHER WHO THOUGHT SHE HAD RIGHTS LIKE I ONCE DID. Neither Katherine Conner nor her son had ever experienced any trouble with the law prior to the debacle with the contractor. Please agree it is unacceptable that a fine young man may lose years of his life behind bars as punishment for having an outspoken mom.

Please help to save Matthew Moore, a living Trayvon Martin. He is guilty of nothing and should not lose his freedom or even his life in prison because his mother stood up for herself in their Louisiana parish.

Please don't let Trayvon Martin's death be in vain. Give attention to the young people you read about in the SAVE LIVING TRAYVONS blog and other news sources. Help them, please, or assist their families' justice quests you read about young people who suffered wrongful death in this blog like Trayvon did. Let no murder, abuse, or wrongful prosecution go without helping to expose and oppose the injustice. By consistently demanding accountability about such abuses, we can reduce or even eliminate them altogether. Let us henceforth be so vigilant that the Zimmermans of the world will count the cost before harming another child.

Trayvon Martin's shooting death gets exceptional attention, and  his outrageous murder helped raise awareness about such tragedies that are all too common. Insist on the same accountability for every murder, abuse, and wrongful prosecution that minority and working class youths suffer.  Whenever we expose and oppose injustice against a young person, we make the world safer for living Trayvons. Help show the Zimmermans of America that we won't take it any longer. We are all Trayvon Martin! We are all Matthew Moore!

This article is from my new "Save Living Trayvon's Blog" http://SaveLivingTrayvons.blogspot.com

Mary Neal
Website - Wrongful Death of Larry Neal http://WrongfulDeathOfLarryNeal.com
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Rev. Pinkney v. NAACP Press Release Announcing Victory at April 11 Hearing

Rev. Edward Pinkney reports victory in the April 11, 2012 court hearing regarding his lawsuit against the NAACP. The NAACP planned to hold a special election in April and replace Rev. Pinkney as the president of the NAACP chapter in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The NAACP challenged the Detroit court's jurisdiction over the case. Ms. White hoped for a dismissal. Instead, Pinkney v. NAACP will have another hearing in May and the NAACP is disallowed having any election in Pinkney's chapter during the interim. Rev. Pinkeny spoke about the hearing during his Blogtalk Radio broadcast on Sunday, April 15, 2012 at this link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rev-pinkney/2012/04/15/pinkney-to-pinkney . We join Rev. Pinkney every Sunday at 5pm EST. Your input is also invited regarding social and economic justice issues in the USA where the emphasis is on unity among people of all races and socioeconomic classes to address problems caused by corporate greed and government misdeeds. See a press release below issued by B.H. BANCO Organization, which Rev. Pinkney directs.


Rev. Edward Pinkney, Benton Harbor, filed a $100,000 lawsuit against the state and national NAACP and its leaders for attempting to oust him as president of the Twin Cities NAACP branch contrary to organization bylaws.

Atty. Elliot Hall represented Pinkney on Wed. Aprill 11, 10am  
Location: Courthouse at 2 Woodward Ave., Detroit 
Wayne County Circuit Judge Brian Sullivan presiding

Pinkney asked Sullivan to halt the April 14, 2012 election in Benton Harbor, organized by the state NAACP.  Pinkney called it an attempt at a hostile takeover.

Whirlpool Corporation employee Marcus Robinson, long-time political opponent of Pinkney, told the Detroit Free Press that Pinkney obstructs efforts to revitalize Benton Harbor;  in actuality, Pinkney is fighting for Benton Harbor's self-determination, the rights of citizens to retain control over their land, and much more.

Atty. Hall said Pinkney tried to resolve the dispute over the state imposed election internally, but was ignored by the state and national organizations.

Pinkney and Hall agreed, in the judge's office, to delay the election until after a May 10 hearing before Sullivan.  The state NAACP was forced to agree, having no legal stand otherwise.

"The state and national NAACP have met their match in the Twin Cities' branch. We're not going down without a fight," said Pinkney.

For more than a decade Pinkney has been battling racial injustice, police brutality, and corporate influence in Benton Harbor.  Honest reporting on this part of Michigan is needed (understatement).

Visit B.H. BANCO Organization online at bhbanco.org  Call Rev. Pinkney 269-925-0001

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tax Day Koffietime Censored Tweets

Hello, online friends! Will one of the recipients of my @koffietime tweets please copy/paste them as a comment to this blog, please. The terrorists' stalkers have not allowed me to post my tweets in my blogs since February when I revealed the Elite Integration that has occurred in America. Stalkers' employers are afraid intended addressees may see the tweets they did not actually receive and that the general public will compare tweets that appear in my blogs to what appears on my Twitter profile page at http://twitter.com/koffietime - They are Nazis who are dedicated to hiding a murder and ongoing oppression against our African American family in the USA to hide a lynching http://WrongfulDeathOfLarryNeal.com . They censor Mary Neal's advocacy against mass incarceration, criminalizing mental illness, and the death penalty by racist, class conscious hypocrites in the justice system who hide abuses and murders when it suits them. I will try to post them to this and other blogs tomorrow when I go to a computer that is not under the cyberstalkers' direct control - that is, unless they send stalkers to note where I go and shut down or manipulate the computers wherever try to have net freedom.

Thank you in advance, whomever has enough NERVE to actually try to use "freedom of press" in this regime. HAPPY TAX DAY 2012. AIN'T FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR ALL A WONDERFUL THING TO SUPPORT FINANCIALLY? WHERE WOULD ONE GO TO DO THAT?

I am Mary Neal, co-director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI). I founded that online advocacy and used to direct it until we became well-known and effective advocating against criminalizing mental illness and capital punishment. Then THEY took over. For every post you see http://www.care2.com/c2c/group/aimi there were ten posts that stalkers rejected. That is why I now refer to myself as "co-director." Wonder which link stalkers will attack on this blog? The two in paragraph 1 are showing up purple, and the one in this paragraph is blue. They code my links according to their intentions, and officials refuse to spend a single penny of your tax money to actually investigate the IP addresses of my cyberstalkers which I sent them on December 8 when my computer captured them. Justice officials who keep 2.3 million people behind bars also REFUSE to spend a dime of your tax money and the tax money my large family pays to find and prosecute the stalker who admitted to me he is PAID WELL to follow me, although I gave the police his car tag. In fact, TAX MONEY paid by my neighbors in DeKalb County, GA was used to have police officers come to my home and tell me I had better not report that police REFUSE to investigate crimes against me to CEO Burrell Ellis and other officials over police. Stalkers are ALLOWED to take over the Neal family's computers and phones to prevent disclosure about Larry Neal's 18 days of secret arrest and covered-up murder as well as the many CROSSES THEY BURN IN OUR YARD TO COVER UP THE HANDICAPPED MAN'S LYNCHING. Twenty-first century crosses to suppress black families are different from those in the 1940s. Now they use NEGRO CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS to follow middle aged females, helicopters to stand still over "uppity Negro's" homes, technological takeovers, intense censorship, and cyberterror.

So if any of my addressees to the April 14 Koffietime Tax Day Tweets email are not terrified by Nazists in this "free country," please publish the tweets in the comment field below. If no one does, that will speak loudly about how far along the road to Revelation we have traveled when the world will be under one cruel world government wherein people will bow to oppressors and accept their own enslavement. Take the pulse of the nation here, Oppressors. See who will defy you regarding the murder and oppression you wish to hide. See if you have been successful enough to go to Stage III, whatever that will be.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Discussions on NDAA Banned in USA

DIVERSION:  WE'RE TIRED OF Y'ALL TALKING ABOUT NDAA, which the Congress passed in November 2011 and the president signed into law on New Years Eve. Talk about Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman until election day. Then re-elect all 283 congressional members and 93 senators who effectively destroyed the Bill of Rights by passing a law that allows the White House to order people into indefinite military detention in domestic and foreign concentration camps without any defensible reason. Victims will have no criminal charges and no opportunity for defense. "Indefinite" means LIFE SENTENCES if the White House wants. We will even help you talk about the Martin and Zimmerman drama by making a remarkable exception. This one murder of an unarmed black youth will be aired on national news. We will continue to ignore unarmed citizens killed by police, because wrongful death lawsuits behind such shootings would cost government entities money. But Zimmerman was only a neighborhood association watchman, so talk about that! Write about that! Have demonstrations about that! DO NOT think, talk, or write about concentration camps under NDAA. And whatever you do, do not DARE to tell people about H.R.3785, the bill introduced on January 18 by Rep. Ron Paul to repeal the unjust law and restore the Constitution!

Support HR3785 'Cause
Slavery Ain't No Joke

Vote "yes" for H.R.3785: congressional bill to
repeal provisions for concentration camps under Section 1021 of NDAA

Please read and share my new JusticeGagged article, entitled "Avoid Slavery - Support H.R.3785"    http://justicegagged.blogspot.com/2012/02/avoid-slavery-support-hr3785.html . President Obama said he regretted being presented the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) with the provision for indefinite detention without cause in concentration camps, but he did sign it on New Year's Eve 2011. Make him happy by eliminating that provision. No righteous leader wants to pass along to unknown future presidents the power to order people into detention camps without criminal charges. Power is always misused at some point. Vote for H.R.3785 at OpenCongress.org link http://www.opencongress.org/bill/112-h3785/show and ask your reps to pass H.R.3785 at the "Write to Elected Officials" site http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml - (The five(5) links in this article do not open in a new window as I elected in all my blogs' settings. I am cyberstalked. Please use your back arrow to return to FreeSpeakBlog.) Below is an excerpt from the article, "Avoid Slavery - Support H.R.3785."



DID YOU SEE MADONNA'S SUPERBOWL 2012 HALFTIME SHOW? It is embedded below and is published at YouTube link  http://youtu.be/W795W63n7mA . The show had scenes straight out of Revelation. The People were all slaves and soldiers serving the elite. There was much symbolism, including pyramids, etc. Madonna obviously represent the elite in the video. Notice Madonna's coach was pulled by humans (slaves) instead of horses in the opening. See the People under the dancers' feet in a later scene. The masses were all boxed in and being trampled, completely deprived of freedom. Later, Madonna's dancers become a choir, denoting that people will serve another god during the Tribulation period. See Madonna elevated high on a pedestal like the elite will be during the End Times. But in the final scene, she plunges into hell's bottomless pit and says it feels like "home." That is the expected end for everyone who denounces Jesus Christ and righteousness. I don't know if Madonna is a Christian, but her show was straight out of Revelation! It was truth-telling at its finest. What a blessing for millions of people to see Revelation enacted at the Superbowl and on video. God is awesome. He can use anything and anyone to communicate His gospel and warn people that time is short. Rapture comes first, and I hope you won't miss your chance to skip Tribulation. "Choose this day whom ye will serve" (Joshua 24:15). This article continues after the video.

As Revelation teaches, the world will go into slavery one day, but the Bible does not say WHEN. I think it is up to the People to determine when slavery, depopulation, wars, and a worldwide dictatorship happen. The atrocities in Revelation will occur whenever people roll over and allow oppression to be rampant. The Bible says that God binds in heaven what we bind on earth, and He looses in heaven what we loose on earth. We are told to RESIST the devil and he will flee from us. "Find out just what any people will quietly submit to, and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them" ~Frederick Douglass.

Videos I use often become unavailable later, whether by coincidence or design. That happened to Madonna's 2012 NFL halftime video that was initially embedded here. The official version which was on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROkhklj0ZGs was taken offline after many Christian groups used it. H.R.3785 can help make the End Game a 41st century problem. Please ask your representatives to support the bill to repeal NDAA Section 1021. Tell Satan, "Not on our watch!"

Advocacy for Justice by Mary Neal (MaryLovesJustice), director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI), a/k/a "The Dorothea Dix Group" - Stalkers have taken control of my access to AIMI, because members are so effective advocating for justice and compassion for mentally challenged and condemned inmates. Visit us online if they let you!