Censorship to Hide Crimes Against Humanity in USA


Sunday, April 1, 2012

NETWORKING INVITATION - You and your friends and groups are invited to JUSTICE SEEKERS CONFERENCE CALLS throughout April 2012. Link http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2012/03/justice-seekers-conference-call-april-1.html - Call 218-632-0550, at 6:30pm EST. Dial the access code 330203# and to speak, dial *6. The three photos and one link in this blog are to inform you about this exciting networking opportunity for activists, organizations, lawyers, officials, the media and others who offer advocacy, goods and services that provide for and promote social and economic justice as well as individuals who need help w/ their justice quests! I can't wait to actually speak with my online friends. UNITE for justice! We are all committed to improving the human condition. We will become more effective as we learn about and commit to help grass roots and large organizations. By promoting each other's events, signing petitions, and knowing who to refer people to who face particular issues, we can help each other reach the top of Justice Mountain. Unity is imperative to a successful climb. Meet your teammates in Justice Seekers Conference Calls throughout April 2012.

See the link above for full information about the JUSTICE SEEKERS CONFERENCE CALL. The conference call is an incredible opportunity for people to come together and share news and information or seek assistance regarding:
  • human and civil rights
  • prison intervention
  • mental health services and programs
  • youth services
  • re-entry programs
  • law enforcement
  • elder care
  • health care 
  • drug / alcohol intervention
  • legal services
  • housing
  • economic justice /employment
  • outreach and missionary ministries
  • services for families and/or children
  • literacy, adult education, public/private schools, tutoring
  • war/peace
  • media
  • government
Unity makes it happen! Join hands and keep climbing Justice Mountain together.

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