Censorship to Hide Crimes Against Humanity in USA


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tax Day Koffietime Censored Tweets

Hello, online friends! Will one of the recipients of my @koffietime tweets please copy/paste them as a comment to this blog, please. The terrorists' stalkers have not allowed me to post my tweets in my blogs since February when I revealed the Elite Integration that has occurred in America. Stalkers' employers are afraid intended addressees may see the tweets they did not actually receive and that the general public will compare tweets that appear in my blogs to what appears on my Twitter profile page at http://twitter.com/koffietime - They are Nazis who are dedicated to hiding a murder and ongoing oppression against our African American family in the USA to hide a lynching http://WrongfulDeathOfLarryNeal.com . They censor Mary Neal's advocacy against mass incarceration, criminalizing mental illness, and the death penalty by racist, class conscious hypocrites in the justice system who hide abuses and murders when it suits them. I will try to post them to this and other blogs tomorrow when I go to a computer that is not under the cyberstalkers' direct control - that is, unless they send stalkers to note where I go and shut down or manipulate the computers wherever try to have net freedom.

Thank you in advance, whomever has enough NERVE to actually try to use "freedom of press" in this regime. HAPPY TAX DAY 2012. AIN'T FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR ALL A WONDERFUL THING TO SUPPORT FINANCIALLY? WHERE WOULD ONE GO TO DO THAT?

I am Mary Neal, co-director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI). I founded that online advocacy and used to direct it until we became well-known and effective advocating against criminalizing mental illness and capital punishment. Then THEY took over. For every post you see http://www.care2.com/c2c/group/aimi there were ten posts that stalkers rejected. That is why I now refer to myself as "co-director." Wonder which link stalkers will attack on this blog? The two in paragraph 1 are showing up purple, and the one in this paragraph is blue. They code my links according to their intentions, and officials refuse to spend a single penny of your tax money to actually investigate the IP addresses of my cyberstalkers which I sent them on December 8 when my computer captured them. Justice officials who keep 2.3 million people behind bars also REFUSE to spend a dime of your tax money and the tax money my large family pays to find and prosecute the stalker who admitted to me he is PAID WELL to follow me, although I gave the police his car tag. In fact, TAX MONEY paid by my neighbors in DeKalb County, GA was used to have police officers come to my home and tell me I had better not report that police REFUSE to investigate crimes against me to CEO Burrell Ellis and other officials over police. Stalkers are ALLOWED to take over the Neal family's computers and phones to prevent disclosure about Larry Neal's 18 days of secret arrest and covered-up murder as well as the many CROSSES THEY BURN IN OUR YARD TO COVER UP THE HANDICAPPED MAN'S LYNCHING. Twenty-first century crosses to suppress black families are different from those in the 1940s. Now they use NEGRO CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS to follow middle aged females, helicopters to stand still over "uppity Negro's" homes, technological takeovers, intense censorship, and cyberterror.

So if any of my addressees to the April 14 Koffietime Tax Day Tweets email are not terrified by Nazists in this "free country," please publish the tweets in the comment field below. If no one does, that will speak loudly about how far along the road to Revelation we have traveled when the world will be under one cruel world government wherein people will bow to oppressors and accept their own enslavement. Take the pulse of the nation here, Oppressors. See who will defy you regarding the murder and oppression you wish to hide. See if you have been successful enough to go to Stage III, whatever that will be.

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