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Matthew Moore, Falsely Accused Louisiana Youth

Matthew Moore, 20, is a Louisiana youth who faces wrongful prosecution in his small parish. He needs our prayers and support. Trayvon Martin was killed in February by Zimmerman because of racial profiling. Trayvon Martin was essentially assassinated for being a black youth. Matthew Moore and many other African American young people have their futures assassinated because of racism in the justice system every day. Moore's mother, Katherine Conner, filed a complaint against a judge and prosecutor in their small parish. Within months, a middle-aged black educator filed a false report on Matthew Moore, saying that the 17-year-old was walking down his school hall with his penis showing. This happened during 2009 while Matthew was working on his summer job at the school. Matthew's mother asked to see the videotape from the school's hall camera, but her request was denied.

APRIL 24, 2012 UPDATE: MATTHEW MOORE WAS WRONGLY CONVICTED ON APRIL 24, 2012. He faces sentencing in August. The cyberstalkers who are hired to hide wrongs by the injustice system refuse to allow Mary Neal to inform the 1,600 people at Facebook who are members of the "Attorney General, Save Matthew Moore" group by illegally preventing my access to my Facebook account. I repeatedly get a false message saying that Google Chrome cannot access Facebook. See the message in this Google Doc The injustice system allows or does my censorship and in-person stalking to prevent advocacy for wrongly convicted people like Matthew Moore and my advocacy to decriminalize mental illness and end capital punishment. Please continue to read about Matthew Moore's wrongful conviction below.

Matthew was arrested and charged with felony indecent exposure and obscenity. There will be a hearing or trial in Matthew's case on April 23, 2010. After Matthew's arrest and release on bond, it came to Katherine Conner's attention that the teacher who filed the false charge against Matthew was herself accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with a student before she made the false allegations against Matthew. A male student and his mother complained to the high school and to the school board because Ms. Anderson inappropriately touched him and making passes at him. It is unfortunate that some students have teachers with pedophile tendencies in their schools.

It appears that Matthew Moore is being targeted for retribution because his mother filed a complaint regarding what she perceived as injustice in the courts. The district attorney refuses to recuse himself as Matthew Moore's prosecutor, and the court refused to remove him from Matthew's case. Many people who are denied due process of law turn to the Internet to find help with their justice quests. They hope that when the courts see that many people are concerned about the parties having justice, public support will help them be treated fairly. A Facebook group was organized to support Matthew Moore. It is called "Attorney General, Save Matthew Moore." The group urging justice for Matthew was organized less than a week ago, already has roughly 1,600 members. Americans of all races recognize through Trayvon Martin's murder and similar tragedies that minority children, especially black males, are unfairly targeted. In fact, 1 in 9 young black men is presently incarcerated, overwhelmingly on nonviolent crimes such as possession of small amounts of marijuana. Matthew Moore, whose only "crime" is having an outspoken mother, now faces the threat of joining 2.3 million inmates in the prison industrial complex as a sex criminal off the word of a teacher who has a history of sexual misconduct with minors. It is her word against Matthew's because Katherine Moore was denied access to the video from the security camera in the school's hall that should prove Ms. Anderson lied on Matthew.

Please pray for Matthew Moore and other black youths. The systemic racism in America's justice system is very problematic for poor and middle-income communities and for millions of individual defendants and families throughout America. Unfortunately, some judges, prosecutors, and even defense attorneys earn money when defendants are incarcerated, whether guilty or innocent, because some officers of the court are prison investors. Around a million inmates participate in prison work projects and toil up to 72 hours per week on jobs that were removed from the private sector. Prison labor is a form of slavery that is allowed under the U.S. Constitution. Government entities and private corporations therefore take full advantage of prison labor programs to avoid paying minimum wage and employee benefits to "free" Americans. Meanwhile officials who are private prison stockholders introduce and pass draconian laws that steer more able-bodied people, particularly young minorities, into prison for lengthy sentences whether or not a crime was committed.

The most horrendous of all prison profiteering laws is NDAA Section 1021. It passed on December 31 and provides that the White House can order anyone and everyone into indefinite military detention without levying any criminal charges. Therefore, people imprisoned under NDAA will have absolutely no opportunity for trial whatsoever. That law can one day be used to enslave millions of people in concentration camps like those where Jews were warehoused, enslaved, tortured, and six million were killed in Nazi Germany. Support H.R.3785 to REPEAL NDAA. In passing NDAA, officials in America bestowed on themselves the right to imprison people like Matthew Moore, your children, and YOU for life sentences without giving any reason. I know that sounds incredible, but it happened. Please continue to oppose all injustices to poor and middle class people and restore the Constitution.

If you love righteousness, please join the justice quest for Matthew Moore by writing to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder at the United States Justice Department email box, which is . If you are a Facebook member, you can join the support group for Matthew Moore at  We ask for justice not only for Matthew Moore. We implore the Justice Department to do whatever it can to save all minority youths like Trayvon Martin and Matthew Moore from violence and enslavement under the color of law. Save living Travon Martins from wrongful prosecution and sentencing to enrich prison profiteers. Thank you for your attention and participation in the Justice4MatthewMoore effort.

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Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill and child advocate, anti-death penalty activist. Mary Neal was appointed by God to be an advocate for civil and human rights for the 99%  in Proverbs 31:8-9, and SO WERE YOU. Please say "Yes, Lord." Blessings!


  1. Matthew maintains his innocence, and had worked during summers at his school since age 15, with no incidents. He was required to take a class in Workforce Development each time before job placement.I questioned Mrs Deborah Anderson about some suspicions I had about her story, and her actions when we met,like following him outside alone, asking him if he was modeling for her, etc when she claimed she was so offended by his behavior, yet there were others in the building including his supervisor,intercom, police within a mile form the school, but she didn't report it. When I questioned the superintendent about the suspicions I had Mrs. Anderson retaliated and filed charges against Matthew. She definitely had no fear of him. I feel she is a predator. I asked to see school cameras but was ignored. When Matthew attempted to return to school after Summer break he was turned away, she had applied for a restraining order. Then strangely another educator in the Middle School(Mrs. Paige Fleming Guillory) said she had saw him as well "one day in June" but didn't say anything at the time as she thought it would be one isolated event??? but decided to come forward 2 months later after she heard about Mrs. Anderson.(She lied to corroborate Mrs. Andersons story). Again I asked to see cameras but was ignored, no witnesses. She filed her complaint the same day Matthew returned to school. Both applied for restraining orders? Why would any 17 yr. old, no criminal history,or prior complaints of anything remotely close to what they alleged, wait until the thresh hold of graduation to compromise his future by exposing himself to above all, 2 senior citizens educators, old enough to be his grandmother?

  2. I am sorry for Matthew's trouble, Katherine. How hard this is on you and your son! There are many women who are attracted to their high school students. When the boys do not respond to their provocative statements like, "Are you modeling for me?" some of these women are offended. They feel rejected. I spoke with someone from your parish who indicated Alexander had been accused of inappropriately touching a young male student in 2008, the year before her false report regarding Matthew. She seems to keep her mind on young men.

    Thank you for your report about the bipolar teacher, who was probably acting out of her mental illness when she joined in to say she had seen Matthew exposed two months before she brought the allegation. I understand the school superintendent had ordered her into psychiatric counseling because her compulsive lying disorder had already caused her to nearly lose her job long before making the false report on Matthew. I regret that Matthew's attorney did not let the jury know that neither witness against Matthew Moore was credible: Anderson reportedly makes passes at students and actually was reported by a mother and son for inappropriately touching the young male student, and the second teacher is reportedly mentally challenged and a compulsive liar.

    Sometimes, mentally challenged people want to be in the limelight. Perhaps when she heard the teachers discussing Matthew's situation with Ms. Anderson, she wanted to grab the spotlight and made up a situation to make herself have an important center stage role. That is the way mental illness affects some people. My disabled brother, Larry Neal, could make up whole scenarios that never happened. A mentally ill woman that I knew made up scenarios about what she and God and Jesus did the day before while they were "hanging out." She said they smoked marijuana together! Please don't think badly about the teacher lying. It is just a sickness. Tell Matthew to read an article I wrote about a mentally ill Vietnam veteran who reported to police that his wife kept running over him in her car, and the crime never happened. When police arrived, Nathaniel Hickman had not a scratch on him, no dirt on his clothes, and went to the gym every morning after being "run over" by a car that weighs a ton. This is what mental illness does to some people. See the wife's report in this video: The disabled veteran's wife relays her two-year ordeal on the five(5) videos. Video 1 of 5 - . It is awful what she is going through over her PTSD husband's hallucinations. And the same goes for Matthew. Sick people are in no condition to testify at trial, and Matt's atty and the judge and D.A. should know that.


    1. They knew all about this woman's (Paige Fleming Guillory) mental health problem, Bipolar Disorder. They didn't care. The strategy was to make Matthew into a criminal, becasue they messed up,illegally removing him from his school. Either Matthew take a plea of one felony obscenity, or he would try him on both, which he was. Either way he loose, and would be a convicted felon. As you have seen in the teacher's statements, there was nothing to even charge Matthew with, no evidence whatsoever. Both of these educators should have been held in violation themselves for not reporting the alleged offense immediately. This should have been a safety issue. The D A protects the school board at any cost. He had a vendetta against me, and covered up for the police who illegally removed Matthew from his school. He then arrested Matthew on the same charge of obscenity of the second educator, that the judge had ruled on the day before. He then placed him on a 72 hour hold, which turned into 5 days in jail and a $40,000 bond.

  3. Cyberstalking,should be a crime. My webguy did this to me for years so he could cheat on his wife. He knew where I was at all times. At one time he even could use his mouse at his house to get into my computer. After the break-up this webmaster continued. He admitted later but FBI, cops did nothing. Attorneys don't take Cyberstalking series. I'm glad you are Mary. This takes a lot of work because they are so hard to catch!

    1. Some of them are hard to catch. Mine, however, were detected by my computer security software. It captured their IP addresses. I made a police report, but DeKalb County, GA police detective Miller said it is not illegal to harass me online, steal my emails, block my incoming emails, edit my articles, and delete my Internet input to prevent my revealing crimes against humanity in the United States. It was, however, illegal to tamper with Sarah Palin's emails. Her stalker went to jail unlike yours and mine, Alison. I think justice in America is for the wealthy.

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  5. For an update on Matthew Moore, please see "Avoiding a Teacher's Overtures Leads to Wrongful Conviction for Matthew Moore." Yes, Matthew was convicted and sentenced to jail. When he is released, I hope to interview him and report what it was like to be there, who his fellow inmates were, and how his wrongful conviction changed him. Thanks.