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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prisoner Abuse Class Action Against Texas Dept of Criminal Justice

Esteban Garcia, CEO of the U.S. Prison Reform Coalition, announced a action lawsuit against Texas Department of Criminal Justice by U.S. Prison Reform Coalition on behalf of abused, neglected, and murdered prisoners. See the announcement below:

The U.S. Prison Reform Coalition is preparing a class-action lawsuit against Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) for inhumane treatment of prisoners and facilitating murder by allowing prisoners to die in their care. Anyone who wishes to share their stories, pictures, documents, affidavits, medical reports, etc., please come by to visit with us or write to U.S. PRISON REFORM COALITION, 2401 Scott Avenue, Suite 142, Fort Worth, Texas 76103. We do not consider state or federal funding while prisoners are being beaten, raped, denied medical treatment, or allowed to die. We will make the stand for prisoners and their families, and we will fight TDCJ to the end. So if you would like to help our cause, please donate $10 to Missouri Writ Writers Association to help cover our legal costs throughout this battle to bring civil stability within TDCJ and hold accountable officials who have hidden behind the protection of the state for years without answering for civil right violations to which they have been directly! We will match whatever is donated to help you and your loved ones inside TDCJ, because IN GOD WE TRUST!
MaryLovesJustice Comments:

We applaud efforts to improve human rights for prisoners and look forward to hosting Esteban Garcia, director of U.S. Prison Reform Coalition and of the Texas/Missouri Writ Writers Association in Atlanta on Sunday, May 20, 2012. From 2:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m., Garcia will participate in a justice reform symposium at the Auburn Street Library, which is just a few blocks from the King Center. Garcia is on a cross-country book tour related to his new book, "U.S. Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual - The Unconstitutional Plea." Another of Garcia's books is "U.S. Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual," which is used by jailhouse lawyers in prisons across the country to help inmates file writs of habeas corpus. Garcia is also setting up more offices of the U.S. Prison Reform Coalition. He reports that his organization is responsible for 120 overturned convictions.

Other speakers at the justice symposium and book-signing will include William Windsor, who is producing "Lawless America - The Movie." Windsor, who recently announced his candidacy for the United States Congress from Georgia, is traveling with his film crew across the country beginning in June 2012 to interview roughly 700 people. Windsor will film the justice seekers speaking about their experiences for the movie. Everyone who is filmed will have their stories presented to Congress, whether or not their stories are included in the actual movie. This is an awesome project. 

Fred V Man, host of the well known television show, "Victory Over Violence," will also be a special guest at the May 20th justice symposium in Atlanta. VMan is not only a successful television host appearing on Atlanta People TV, but he is a community activist who richly gives his service to uplift people in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. He inspires people across the country to become better citizens and better neighbors and build stronger families by applying themselves to responding positively to life's challenges. 


Everyone who is interested in justice should support U.S. Prison Reform Coalition in this lawsuit, not just families of prisoners in TDCJ system. It is not enough to merely talk about prisoner abuse in the United States. Most people are able to donate $10, and some can contribute $10,000. Please give generously to the fight to eliminate corruption in the justice system. Judges and juries sentence people to prison for perceived crimes after reviewing the evidence. But no prisoners are sentenced to torture, rape, medical neglect, or murder by violent guards or inmates. Please see an excerpt from my article, "Juvenile Justice - Kids for Cash." The section below identifies America's prisoners:

Who are the 2.3 million people behind bars in America?  Most are guilty, some were wrongly convicted, and many were excessively sentenced. They are every race. Some are children, and an increasing percentage of inmates are growing old behind bars largely because they received life sentences imposed under mandatory sentencing laws. One man’s third strike was stealing ice cream after two prior nonviolent offenses, and he was sentenced to life in prison. Other inmates are violent offenders with long criminal histories. 

Around 1.25 million U.S. prisoners are mentally ill people.  Acute mental patients were treated in hospitals or community care programs a few decades ago, before the advent of private prisons and jails. Hundreds of thousands of inmates are mentally ill people who were born since funds for psychiatric care were deviously diverted to private prisons.  That is a more expensive choice - depriving acute mental patients of treatment that likely would have prevented whatever crisis led to their arrests, ranging from simple vagrancy to murders. Prison rolls include veterans who suffered post traumatic stress disorder after combat and transitioned home to become prisoners of war after sacrificing their mental health for America. 

Plenty of women and girls are incarcerated. A rising number of females are incarcerated, some who are pregnant. Those women deliver their children while shackled at the ankles and handcuffed. The unnecessary cruelty and humiliation of shackling women in labor is unnecessary and torturous. Lady prisoners do a wide range of jobs that "free" people used to do, such as handling customer service phone calls for hotel and travel reservations.Some women have done zero crimes but were imprisoned under the "guilt by association" law. Their spouses and lovers were convicted of drug-related crimes, and the women were imprisoned simply because of their relationship with the men. In one case, a mother, sister, and grandmother are all imprisoned because a young man allegedly sold drugs, and the ASSUMPTION is that the women knew about it. That is how unjust this system is, and it illustrates the lengths prison investors will go to in order to secure prison profits. America has more prisoners than any nation world history.

The one commonality among prisoners is the same common bond all humanity shares:  People should be treated humanely. The nation’s largest prison rebellion occurred in December 2010 when thousands of inmate laborers in six Georgia prisons staged a nonviolent protest by refusing to work for a week. They hoped to win a more humane incarceration, including cessation of brutality, adequate portions of food, and affordable phone calls . Their simple requests were met with censorship in mainstream media and brute force on prisoners perceived as being the leaders of the nonviolent rebellion. Georgia has an incarceration rate that is higher than than the national average. In fact, 1 in 13 people is in the system there.

Many inmates were brutalized for organizing or participating in the worker strike because prison labor is very profitable for people who supply slave labor to displace paid workers in America. It is unconscionable that 37 of the strikers went missing like my mentally, physically disabled brother Larry was “missing” for nearly three weeks in 2003 until police returned his naked body to my family and admitted Larry was incarcerated while they lied to his social worker and family and denied having him http://WrongfulDeathOfLarryNeal.com . Authorities over Memphis Shelby County Jail and the U.S. Justice Department illegally refuse to give the Neal family any explanation or records regarding poor Larry's secret, fatal incarceration. In fact, I am stalked online and in person and denied the right to speak freely in Atlanta because I persist in asking for justice and compassion for Larry and because I try to direct your attention to other people being victimized by the injustice system that you sponsor with your taxes.

Invitation and advocacy article by Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill http://www.care2.com/c2c/group/aimi , main blog: FreeSpeakBlog http://FreeSpeakBlog.blogspot.com 

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