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Sunday, March 11, 2012

AL: Damn Thomas Arthur's DNA Tests - Let's Have Fun!


Capital Punishment and Lynchings are Fun
for Bible Belt Noose People

(Seven(7) paragraphs, four(4) links, two(2) photos, one(1) embedded film)   THOMAS ARTHUR FINALLY GOT A DNA TEST early in 2009, and the results came back INNOCENT that July. Alabama will not let a little thing like that stand in its way. No sir ree! Judge Pulliam sealed the DNA test results, and the fun continues! The 1% will have a grand time on March 29, 2012, proving to the 99% once again that we are "immaterial" and have no right to life. There seems to be a DP Race happening between capital punishment states, and innocent inmates and the mentally ill may count for double points! I learned Americans are immaterial to officials after a federal judge told me so. See the next article in this MaryLovesJustice blog to find out about that: "Mary Neal to Ramapough People re Cochran Firm Fraud" http://marylovesjustice.blogspot.com/2012/03/maryneal-to-ramapough-people-re-cochran.html - The gentry always did enjoy killing working class people. They had gladiator sports in Ancient Rome. Now it is Thomas Arthur's turn to entertain Alabamians and boost the state's rating in the DP race! Heck, right now Alabama is not even in the top five on the DP score card. See your state's scores at "DP - The Unholy Race" in this MaryLovesJustice blog at http://marylovesjustice.blogspot.com/2011/10/dp-unholy-race.html . Thomas Arthur's execution will help heaps, especially since his DNA proved he's innocent nearly three years ago. I wrote about Thomas Arthur and the anti-DP people trying to hold up the fun at an article in NowPublic.com several years ago. Now Alabama is just going to ignore all those objections and get its score up! See an excerpt below.

THE TROUBLE WITH DEATH PENALTY OPPONENTS is that they miss the point - executions are just plain fun! Capital punishment is very stimulating and has long been used as entertainment for folks. The sport goes back centuries! Questions of guilt and innocence must often be put aside because all of that DNA testing and court appeals seriously delay the day when crowds of people can legally take pleasure in seeing another head roll! Why, heck! There was a time when all folks had to do when they got a little blood-thirsty was go out and capture a black man and have a lynching. Nowadays the lives of black folks are actually protected in America (except for death by police), so capital punishment is more important than ever to relieve tension and congratulate oneself for living a good, law-abiding, Christian life. Besides, most folks live in urban areas now and don't even get to kill their own hogs any longer.

Continue reading at NowPublic.com: Thomas Arthur Doesn't Get It! Executions Are Fun for Folks - No Offense Intended, by Mary Neal | NowPublic News Coverage http://www.nowpublic.com/world/thomas-arthur-doesnt-get-it-executions-are-fun-folks-no-offense-intended-mary-neal#ixzz1ooZiRT2O

Thomas Arthur, 70,  facing execution for 30 years
despite DNA tests indicating innocence

This anti-DP Christian activist published 174 articles at NowPublic.com, and many of them deal with capital punishment. Check out more "duo" articles while you are there. God is against capital punishment, if that matters to anyone in the Bible Belt Noose states (Psalm 102:19-20, Heb. 13:3, Prov. 31:8-9). And He hates hands that shed innocent blood. I will get the chapter and verse for you later on that. Right now, the cyber censorship team is giving me trouble like they always do whenever I write about Thomas Arthur. In 2009 when Alabama was about to execute him despite his DNA test results, they took down part of Gmail and attacked Care2 eCards to prevent my reporting Thomas Arthur's DNA test results on September 1. Now that Americans' protests count less than ever with the 1%, they don't care that you know Arthur will be a human sacrifice regardless of his innocence. We the People do not have enough clout for our objections to matter. The Troy Davis execution proved that in September 2011. And if it did not, Congress passing NDAA did. Human and civil rights just don't seem to matter much any longer. At least Thomas went to court several times, and the State of Alabama reportedly paid his defense attorneys $1,000 each time but continued to deny him a DNA test until he had been interned 25 years. Then when the results came from the forensics lab with the "wrong" result (he is innocent), the judge sealed the test results. Can you beat that?

If you are sorry capital punishment is not a spectator sport any longer, enjoy people suffering in a video embedded below re Indefinite Detention Under Military Arrests without trials or any opportunity for defense by MTV. People arrested under NDAA Section 1021 will not get even the cheap trial that Thomas Author got. People are tired of everyone screaming "wrongful conviction." They decided to stop saying what people did wrong. Isn't that amazing for a"democracy"? The Martial Law video embedded below is also at YouTube at http://youtu.be/P2ZhQrWQj7k . Americans should be careful about what injustices we allow or participate in that ignore human rights. Your day may be coming soon. To cancel what elitists may plan for you, please support H.R.3785, Ron Paul's congressional bill to repeal NDAA. Say no to concentration camps, and please say no to Arthur's execution. Do unto others as you would have THEM . . .

Note: Whenever I write an article about several subjects like this one, I notice which paragraphs the cyber censorship force interferes with most. If "NDAA" is in my article, that part of the article is attacked most. Americans should be able to write about and discuss any law that congress used taxpayers' pencils and paper and computers to draft, accepted taxpayers' salaries to meet about and hold a vote, and the president used taxpayers' ink to sign. NDAA affects all Americans to some degree regardless of whether we are interned. Everyone in this country now lives with this threat. When/if some president decides to use kingly NDAA powers, we will all have to live in a country where people are detained indefinitely for no defensible reason and/or a military battle zone. The video cyberstalkers were obviously told to attack is below (maybe).

MTV Think Martial Law Commercials - National Defense Authorization Act

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