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Friday, March 2, 2012

Open Letter to Hezekiah Sistrunk, Esq from Mary Neal

Mr. Ssssssistrunk:
I think I smell a goose. Is yours cooked yet? If not, hold on . . .

JUSTICE DENIED, a 21st Century Slave Song
by Mary Neal (all rights reserved)

One day Larry went missing
We looked for him high and low
For 18 days while he died in jail
“Have you got him?” The Jail said “NO!”

On August 1, police came
A dreaded knock on the door
“We have Larry’s body. He died in jail
Sorry. We won’t tell you more.”

“Well, tell it to our lawyers!
The Johnnie Cochran Firm!
Lynching is illegal!
You might get prison terms!”

“Over that sick coon? We doubt it!
But give it your best shot
We told him to stop singing loud; move on
But he would not!”

Mama cried silently as she signed her name
On the Cochran Firm’s contract
“Don’t let them kill other sick sons
Nothing can bring mine back.”

Lawyers gave us their assurance
And lots of tissues, too
Saying, “Dry your eyes, old Mama
We’ll get justice for you.”

But The Cochran Firm tricked us
Their promises were only lies
They held Larry’s case inactive
And never asked how he died

The letters David McLaughlin sent
Were false, every one!
The Cochran Firm worked for the jail
Nothing was being done

Too late to hire other attorneys
When we discovered the fraud
Larry’s case file was empty
How could they do this? Oh, Lord!

“We’ll sue you for defrauding us
You can’t treat clients like this
Larry Neal was a person
The life he had was his!

We’ll tell the Bar about your fraud
The jury will make you pay
You deserve to lose your license
New clients won’t come your way!”

“Over that sick coon? We doubt it
But give it your best shot!
Police told him, ‘Stop singing loud; move on!’
But he would not!”

Tennessee Bar said, “No biggie”
Georgia Bar ignored our complaint
Judge Shoob said, “What Cochran Firm?
There is none in this state”

“But judge, look out your window
The Cochran Firm’s right there!
On TV every few minutes
Your Honor, please be fair!”

“Get out of this courtroom!
Johnnie Cochran’s dead
We’ve got his firm and got his name
Now don’t you make us mad!”

“We’ll take you back to court again
You have a poor defense!
Your office is just blocks away
You can’t say you don’t exist!”

“We said it; judge signed it
Now get out of our face
Plead for justice all you want
You are the wrong damn race!”

“Look Media - A court order!
No Cochran Firm in Georgia!
Please tell the people to watch out
I’ll send some copies to ya!”

“Don’t bother; not interested.
Their clients are mostly blacks
Who cares if lawyers trick those folks?
It’s time you learn the facts!”

“But Larry was a human being!
He had a right to live!
The Cochran Firm worked for the jail
His death’s a secret still

We’ll write letters to Congress
And report you on the Web!
Jails and lawyers are not allowed
To conspire to hide the dead!

Georgia courts can’t protect you!
Nor the media or BBB!
We’ll tell the public what you did
And civil rights groups – you’ll see!

We’ll sue in federal court for your fraud
The jury will make you pay!
You deserve to lose your license
New clients won’t come your way!”

“Over that sick coon? We doubt it
But give it your best shot!
Police told him, ‘Stop singing loud;
move on!’ But he would not!”

“Judge look at this fraud; listen to lies
They told right in this court!
They helped the jail hide Larry’s death
While under contract with us!”

“We disclaim our Georgia office
Our Memphis office, too
Dismiss this case right now, Judge Batten
We all depend on you.

Wherever Larry’s family sues us
We claim we don’t exist
Can’t let this case ever go to jury
Sick black folks won’t be missed

Judge, don’t honor their subpoena
To Shelby County Jail
Can’t let this family ever know
What happened to Larry Neal!

This family is ridiculous
To think federal court would care
that lawyers lie to evade justice
It’s an immaterial affair!”

“The Cochran Firm is right!”
Judge Batten did agree
“Case dismissed! Immaterial!
Don’t come here bothering me!”

“But Judge, they tricked us!
Helped police hide Larry’s death
He had a right to live his life
Regardless of his health!

Thank God! Here comes CHANGE!
We’ll tell Mr. Holder
He’ll investigate Larry’s murder
This cover-up is over!

Mr. Holder, they killed him
Under secret arrest in jail
Thank God, you’re here now
And justice cannot fail!”

“Were you waiting for me? Don’t be absurd!
Johnnie Cochran is Dead
We’ve got his firm and got his name
Now don’t you make us mad!

You don’t want to make us mad!”

All rights reserved by Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

Such as you do unto ONE of the least of these, My brethren, you do it also unto me. ~Jesus Christ

Sssssistrunk, just so you won't forget you manage The Cochran Firm office IN ATLANTA, GEORGIA again, below is a picture. I promise you, I am trying to make your dreams of the Cochran Firm's nonexistence come true. Black people have endured enough from slave masters and their sick Confederate soldiers.


  1. I numbered the paragraphs in the open letter to Hezekiah Sistrunk and even added the number of sentences in each paragraph. The stalker removed the numbers. That means he definitely intends to steal part of the letter. WHATEVER HE STEALS WILL BE READ ON THE RADIO OVER AND OVER AND OVER. PLUS IT WILL GO IN ANOTHER BLOG. I read it on tape and videotaped the entire document. He is especially barking around the four paragraphs about Michael Moondoggie, the cyberstalker who actually came to my home. See "Home Invasion by Mary Neal" online. I think it may be Moon on duty tonight or one of his look-alike relatives.


  2. God is indeed excellent. I don't have to prove The Cochran Firm is ONE law firm (in direct conflict to the lie the Atlanta office used to dodge my lawsuit in Atlanta). The Cochran firm is PROVING it IS one law firm in California even as I type this in order to defend itself against a racketeering lawsuit by a former partner, Randy McMurray. Either way, the firm is a FRAUD and liar. Crimes and intimidation against the Neals have increased since Mary Neal was named in the racketeering lawsuit in California. I suppose now it is a matter of who they would rather concede to - my allegations that the firm did fraud in Georgia Superior Court and USDC by denying affiliation with The Cochran Firm in Alabama, Memphis, and ALL other Cochran Firm offices, or McMurray's allegations that the firm is doing fraud in CA courts by claiming to be ONE entity. How about this for an explanation: The Cochran Firm is whatever it must be to dodge lawsuit, and its lies in courthouses are ALLOWED. Need more clues as to the real I.D. of The Cochran Firm?