Censorship to Hide Crimes Against Humanity in USA


Friday, October 12, 2012

Lawless America Movie and End Times Corruption

Nazis are censoring Americans to enslave minorities as well as poor and working class white people in USA.

WAR REPORT: Nazis took out Bill Windsor's email account at GoDaddy. Please use WilliamWindsor@bellsouth.net and Lawless411@gmail.com. Bill Windsor, producer of "Lawless America - The Movie," hopes that if you email both of those, he might get your emails. The brave Georgian is traveling around the country and interviewing whistleblowers who expose government and judicial corruption. He is now filming in Salt Lake City, Utah. See the filming schedule at the Lawless America website at http://LawlessAmerica.com , if "they" let you. Years ago, I was in a select group of human rights advocates who are censored. As more people awaken, they experience Internet censorship like I do, human and civil rights activists. The truth is authorities can stop ALL electronic communication any day, and it is is already monitored and controlled. We the People have essentially been captured. When will 350 million people wake up and recognize we were chained while we slept like Gulliver in the children's story?

Fools wonder who authorities plan to encamp without criminal charges, even with statistics like those below on record. I believe USA concentration camps are for the same people who camps have been used against throughout history: minorities, and brave dissidents, especially Christians, who complain about crimes against humanity. Latinos should be careful registering for the Dream Act.

Arkansas 16% Black - 52% in Prison
Georgia 29% Black - 64% in Prison
Louisiana 33% Black - 76% in Prison
Mississippi 36% Black - 75% IN Prison
Alabama 26% Black - 65% in Prison
Tennessee 16% Black - 53% in Prison
Kentucky 7% Black - 36% in Prison
South Carolina 30% Black - 70% in Prison
North Carolina 22% Black - 64% in Prison
Virginia 20% Black - 68% in Prison

See your state's statistics at the Mother Jones' report called "Black Incarceration" at this link http://imu.uiowa.edu/assets/student_legal_services/MothJones-BlackIncarceration.PDF

Hundreds of deer recently died from a MYSTERIOUS deer disease http://www.keloland.com/newsdetail.cfm/hundreds-of-dead-deer-wont-kill-hunt/?id=138374 (fourth and final link in this article). First there were fish, dolphins, birds, and now land mammals are dying. Nazis want to kill our food chain. The Bible says before the end of time, man will be unable to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast. If people refuse the Mark (perhaps an RFID chip), they will be unable to eat, because the fishes, birds, and hunting game will be diseased or dead. Wake up, sheeple! 

The presidential debates are happening at this time. People in America have many divisions that are based on false perceptions. Some are for the Democrats, and others are for the GOP. Some are Independents. We are divided along racial and religious lines, also. DEBATE THIS: There is no Democrat side and GOP side, no Rich side and Poor side, no Black side and White side; the only thing that matters is, "WHO IS ON THE LORD'S SIDE?" ~ Exodus 32:26. 

THESE ARE THE END TIMES. Concentration camps are being made ready. Besides the fish and wild game being killed, our farmlands are being sprayed and flooded. Foreign troops train for warfare on American streets. Electronic communication has already been taken over. You own nothing, not even the food in your cabinets and cars in your garages (Martial Law Bill, May 2012). Unarmed minorities and sick people and the elderly are killed under the color of law religiously to test your tolerance for brutality. REPENT AND BE SAVED, EVERY ONE OF YOU, FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND ~ Holy Bible.

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