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Saturday, October 13, 2012

H.U.Y.O.E. Nonviolence Guide for Youth

My dear friend, Fred Vman Watson, has co-published a book! Fred V Man is host of "Primetime Good News," a People TV show in Atlanta, and director of the advocacy organization, "Victory Over Violence." He is a community activist who enriches the lives of people in the Metro Atlanta area through numerous organizations he directs. V-man inspires people across the country to become better citizens and better neighbors and to build stronger families by responding positively to life's challenges.  V-Man was a recipient of the Liberty Award for World Peace.
Complimentary ad for H.U.Y.O.E. 
Hold Up Your Own End - Nonviolence Guide for Today's Youth

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The H.U.Y.O.E. Non-Violence Guide for Today's Youth is now available for purchase.  We are excited about our efforts to try to help reduce youth violence in today's society.

The challenges that children face today are not new, but, when left unaddressed, can leave emotional scars that hinder a young person’s true potential. Some of these include peer assault, cyber-bullying, thoughts of suicide, harassment, lack of self-esteem, rejection, anger, rage, fear, failure, gangs, and many other potentially life-changing challenges. The H.U.Y.O.E. Non-Violence Guide for Today’s Youth addresses these challenges that are faced by most—if not all—youth to some degree in school, at home, and in the community. 

The H.U.Y.O.E. Non-Violence Guide for Today’s Youth will be life-changing for today’s youth because it does not focus upon violence, but rather on the victory over any act of destruction committed upon self or upon others, whether it be physical or emotional. The H.U.Y.O.E. Non-Violence Guide for Today’s Youth is uniquely designed to reach and teach the whole child by addressing violence of the body, soul, and spirit through stories and activities that encourage the development of self, rather than through a series of lectures. It will be an invaluable experience for your children, grandchildren, friends, siblings, and relatives. 
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