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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CyberStalkers Try to Close Mary Neal's Blogs

Someone really wants to stop my online truth-telling. I have gotten notices from a woman, Lori Price, to take her and Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG) off my article distribution list at Blogger. I did that. But tonight she was back on the distribution list and got a copy of my article, "Rodney King - My Write-in Candidate," next blog at MaryLovesJustice. I realize now that her email box is being used in a stalker game to shut down my blog. For several years, she and I corresponded on news events. She carried links to my articles in her CLG News before, and I sometimes published news and links by CLG in various articles. Then one day not long ago, she sent me an email to stop sending her any emails. I did that, but her email address KEEPS SHOWING UP IN MY AUTO-PUBLISH FEATURE AT BLOGGER AND SHE GETS MORE OF MY ARTICLES AND COMPLAINS ABOUT IT TO GOOGLE. I will put the ball in the court where crimes belong - with police who refuse to investigate my cyberstalking and federal agencies that are paid our tax money to fight cyber crime, unless Google has a way to disable the email distribution feature permanently. Paragraph 2 of 6 numbered paragraphs has my Blogger email address at MaryLovesJustice. Where you see the email address for TheBlackList is where CLG was placed by the stalkers (cyberstalkers don't like for me to communicate with African Americans online, probably realizing some will care about Larry's lynching, unlike some black media owners, elected and appointed officials, and others):

2. The ten email addresses I have listed to receive my MaryLovesJustice articles are as follows. Please let me know immediately if any wish to be removed from distribution, and I will TRY to comply immediately: theblacklist@lists.riseup.net,  marylovesjustice@gmail.com, action@aclu.org, banco9342@sbcglobal.net, victorhoustonbpp@gmail.com, alternet@democracyinaction.org, blackcollegeview@collegepublisher.com, figebornu@yahoo.com, coalition-the@googlegroups.com,  gellybean1974@yahoo.com [When I initially published this article, my email box at MaryLovesJustice@gmail.com and the BlackList email box did not show. I don't know why, since they can prevent emails at will.]

3.  After tonight, I think I will use videos exclusively and continue to publish (when they let me) about missing and abused mental patients at Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI). I have pretty much written all I need to in my blogs about the country being prejudice, murderous toward mentally ill and other disadvantaged citizens, and Americans' losses regarding constitutional rights, especially in view of S.1867 that passed last week. Below is a summary of what is happening, if you are interested. Incumbents may want to maintain office without addressing my brother's lynching - that is my take on all of this intense cyberstalking that grew worse within the past month (and I did not think it could get worse). This is not the first time my email account was misused by cyberdogs.  When I opened my website, WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL.com, in 2006, cyberdogs somehow sabotaged my email address associated with that account - mln@wrongfuldeathoflarryneal.com - The email box sent hundreds of emails a day to many, many people. I did not know what was happening, but my web host said it is called physing (that is misspelled, but close).  It made my email box fill too quickly with confirmation notices and that used up my available memory. It also made many people I never knew or emailed in my life put my email box on auto-reject status, because the stalkers sent ads to sell different products through my email box. My hosting service turned off the auto-notice about emails being sent but said they had no way to stop it from happening. Maybe it still happens. There should be some way to stop it, but they said there was not at the time.

4.  I will see if Google can disable the feature that allows bloggers to send auto-emails. I looked weeks ago at my settings and did not see the CLG email box listed for emails from MaryLovesJustice. Then last night, I did see the CLG email address at MaryLovesJustice. I deleted it immediately and added someone else in CLG News' place. I emailed CLG and told Lori I had found and deleted her email box. Tonight, the CLG email address was back again, which means that someone I had selected to receive the articles was not getting my blogs. Google's limit is ten(10) for distribution, and I used every spot. I would never disrespect anyone by ignoring requests to be removed from a mailing list. Criminals who sent emails to CLG after I was asked to stop and removed CLG is another cyberstalking game. Police will not accept the four IP addresses that broke into my security system to go online with me whenever I work. In fact, cyberdogs assign themselves to be my "remote hosts." Powerful, wealthy people object to my truth-telling, and they apparently pay well. At least, that is what I was told by a stalker who followed me to the DeKalb County Library in June 2011. I got his license number and filed a police complaint, but police refused to investigate and prosecute the stalker, just as police refused to investigate and prosecute Larry Neal's police murder. A woman wrote on Facebook this week that America has become a third-world country where justice is concerned. She thought that perhaps one must be able to tip police and the Justice Department to have them do the job Americans pay them to do. I have a friend who was born in Ecuador, and he said that is done there. I hope that is not the case, since I have no money.

5.  Stalkers followed me home from work every night in 2008 while my mother and I were in litigation against The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm for its fraud against us to protect Memphis/Shelby County Jail after Larry Neal was secretly arrested and murdered there in 2003 (security reports and affidavits from guards at my employers' address and other people are available). I was so unnerved by being followed home from downtown Atlanta to my neighborhood every night, sometimes by multiple vehicles, that when my employer offered me a position that would be safe from the firm's downsizing, I took my chances and eventually got laid off. I also stopped driving altogether to prevent them from causing an "accident." One never knows how far unprincipled people will go. Being laid off from my position as a legal assistant was a financial hardship, but I expected it to be brief. I did not anticipate that with a lawsuit against The Cochran Firm for its indefensible fraud against my family that any judge would prevent our case from going to jury. However, Judge Batten of United States District Court did just that, ruling that crimes against my family were "immaterial."  My financial persecution continued. No AdSense ads run on my blogs, because someone apparently paid stalkers to click ads at my blogs more times than was feasible for the number of page views, and Google disabled AdSense ads. Thirdly, stalkers interfere with my email correspondence and phone calls to and from potential employers. The Neals are like prisoners whose visitors and phone calls are screened. I would never stalk anyone online or ignore people's requests to be deleted from my email distribution, especially with the way my elderly mother and I are mistreated, stalked, censored, and terrorized by demonic people. I will write to Google about this immediately and hope there is a way the company can delete the email distribution feature at Blogger to prevent stalkers from breaking into my accounts and adding CLG again. I hope Lori will bear with me while we attempt to stop the stalkers. Meanwhile, I received hundreds of emails from CLG News and other companies that I never opened because my time online is very limited since the cyberdogs destroyed my PC in July immediately after I published objections to Senate Bill 968. First, they deleted ALL of my blogs, but Google, a free speech hero, got them back online within hours. I hope that CLG will do likewise and ignore any future emails from me until we get this issue resolved. I will take CLG's complaints to the U.S. Attorney's office today and the list of IP addresses that DeKalb County Police refused to investigate.

6.  When Sarah Palin had someone break into her email account, the police investigated the crime and arrested the culprit for over a year.  When Michael Vick's dogs were murdered like Larry, their deaths were investigated and prosecuted, but I go through hell for even THINKING that Larry, a mentally ill black man, should have DOG JUSTICE. The USDOJ has a responsibility to protect Americans from cyber crimes, but I have been denied help repeatedly because I am a black 99% person as opposed to a wealthy 1% white person. Again, I am very sorry they use CLG's email address to cause me this trouble, and I will seek help first from Google, then local police and the federal government. Someone is pretty anxious to stop my publishing in my Blogger blogs: JusticeGagged, MaryLovesJustice, and EXPOSED. I publish "missing persons" articles to help find missing mental patients and to decriminalize mental illness. I ask that hospitals replace prisons for people who need long-term treatment. Unfortunately, many people consider our mentally ill citizens to be "useless eaters" like Nazi Germany. I disagree, and that is another reason why I am persecuted. Everyone is someone to the Lord, and Jesus and I love justice. Pray for me if you are a Christian. If not, will you please send us good vibes. Please consider sending an email to the USDOJ and begging for them to help investigate and prosecute my stalkers at AskDOJ@usdoj.com - My blogs really do help some people, if only to let them know someone cares. Thanks in advance.

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