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Saturday, December 24, 2011

NDAA - Back to Slavery in USA

This is a good time to accept your invitation to a royal celebration, posted at this link:  http://goo.gl/YVxFE . While humans enjoyed Thanksgiving, the U.S. Senate passed S.1867. Unless President Obama vetoes the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) by December 26, the Bill of Rights is virtually canceled. NDAA is a Nazi bill that provides for indefinite military detention of Americans without criminal charges or trial. (Seven(7) numbered paragraphs and six(6) links in this article).  People who are afraid of military arrests without any opportunity of legal defense will be too intimidated to exercise their so-called freedom of speech, press, peaceful assembly and practice their religion if doing so would offend officials with the power to intern citizens without criminal charges. In fact, Americans may feel too restricted to question anything the government or individuals with governmental power require of them. Therefore, this one bill eliminates the Constitution of the United States and reduces every American to the condition of Africans in their villages in the 1600s who were subject to be removed for servitude by slavers in the USA at any time. Some people think it cannot happen here, but slavery is already as much a part of American history as the concept of personal liberty is. Please read "Three Myths About the Detention Bill" http://goo.gl/t6dey .  Our representatives would have the same power over the populace that Hitler had and misused very badly. To my idea, this is "overthrowing the Constitution."

Paragraph 2 --- If your neighborhood is rounded up to be sent to a military prison overseas and harvest poppy, would your relatives have the Internet to announce the human rights crime to the world? Not if the other two freedom-killing bills that are before Congress pass - S.968 and H.R.3261. Those bills propose putting the Internet in America under the U.S. Justice Department. Attorney General Holder and his successors would have the right to control online browsing, redirect links, prohibit uploads, and eliminate websites as the government sees fit. Mainstream media is big business and already under government control. Therefore, Americans face absolute slavery with these three bills - NDAA, H.R.3261 and S.968.

Paragraph 3 --- It is time for everyone to show more concern for prison conditions. You or someone you love may be imprisoned one day, with or without cause. Over a million prisoners work up to 72 hours weekly on jobs that were removed from the public sector, including former union jobs. There is little concern about overturning wrongful convictions partly because of the quest for free prison labor. What if corporations and government need more welders, administrators, computer programmers, or whatever your profession is? Under NDAA, they can just send soldiers to arrest you with no questions allowed. I have warned that many decision makers have zero regard for human and civil rights since my disabled brother was killed while under secret arrest for 18 days in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003. For eight years, my family has been denied open disclosure and accountability about his government murder. I am sorry to say I told you so this soon, but we are all Larry Neal to them. 

Paragraph 4 --- Please do not expect mercy if decision makers assign themselves the right to ignore human rights and eliminate civil rights. I have written over 1,000 articles, many thousands of emails, marched in cold weather and rain, written letters and made many phone calls seeking justice for Larry's secret arrest and murder. There is no justice to be found if authorities over justice refuse to do what is right. Civil rights are already ignored for an expanding segment of America's population. NDAA, H.R.3261, and S.968 would completely annihilate civil rights for everyone in America at one time and make this officially a Nazi country.  How can I write these truths with such horrifying bills pending? Answer this: What happened to quiet, compliant Jews during the Holocaust? They went through the same camps as those who decided to RESIST OPPRESSION.

Paragraph 5 --- It is ironic that the threat of indefinite military detention without criminal charges was proposed by a Jewish representative, Senator Levin (D-Michigan). If President Obama does not veto the bill, it will be the height of irony that a black man allowed slavery to reemerge in America.Consider that millions of Jews lived in indefinite military detention in Nazi Germany and that Africans were slaves in this country for hundreds of years with no human or civil rights whatsoever. Senator Levin's bill was called "S.1867." The year 1867 has a rich history. On January 8, 1867, a law was passed allowing black men to vote for the first time in America, but it applied only to the District of Columbia. In 1867, the first volume of "Das Kapital" was published by Karl Marx: Power to government, not the People. Is that why Senate gave S.1867 that number? Revelation says that in the Last Days, plagues will be released on the world. Ironically, 1867 was the year that yellow fever killed 3,093 in New Orleans. Government often reneges on its promises like those in our Constitution. Promises made to Native Americans were routinely broken. New treaties replaced existing treaties at whatever point decision makers decided to make greater allowances for "manifest destiny."  On October 21, 1867, Manifest Destiny, a landmark treaty, was signed requiring that Native American Plains tribes relocate to a reservation in western Oklahoma. The Army supervised the relocation like the resettlement relocation specialists the Army is recruiting today. The U.S. Army is advertising for Internment /Resettlement Specialists at this link http://goo.gl/MTs5t . Although Americans hope President Obama vetoes the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the ad for military camp personnel started before S.1867 was passed by 93 members of the U.S. Senate. Some members of Congress did not vote on the bill. Read about them in Revelation 3:16.  I knew S.1867 would pass ahead of time since the Army ad was published ahead of Senate's vote. Military relocation is what happened to People who said, "Welcome. Here's how to plant corn and survive." It seems to be planned for people who said, "Here are my tax money, my sons and daughters. Use them to keep us 'free.'" In 1867, the railroads in America experienced unprecedented growth. Between 1867 and 1873, Chinese, Scandinavian and Irish immigrants lay 30,000 miles (48,000 km) of railroad tracks here. Biomass incinerators are being erected near railroads in the USA lately, despite ecology concerns - to burn waste. In Mexico, Prince Maximilian was executed by firing squad on June 19, 1867, although he was a popular leader. Wikipedia reports, "To the dismay of his conservative allies, Maximilian upheld several liberal policies proposed by the Juárez administration, such as land reforms, religious freedom, and extending the right to vote beyond the landholding class ... Many foreign governments, including the United States, refused to recognize his administration." It is sad that liberty and justice for working class and impoverished citizens is still perceived as encumbrances by some decision makers in government. The year 1867 was eventful, and that is the number Senator Levin's bill just happened to be assigned.

Paragraph 6 --- The founding fathers wrote a fine Constitution, but the rights thereunder were never equally applied. Slavery and serfdom are the positions America's gentry assigned to everyone who were not landowners, including working class whites, enslaved blacks, Native Americans and early Asians immigrants. America can either make liberty and justice for all a reality or return to slavery. Whatever happens, remember that only free people can free people. Stay free in your minds even if they chain you and send you CAMPing. Avoid vaccines, microchips, television, and mind-altering substances. Jesus saves, and I recommend that you seek security in Him. Christians will be going on a prepaid trip soon, and you are invited.  This is a good time to accept your invitation to a royal celebration, posted at this link:  http://goo.gl/YVxFE

Paragraph 7 --- Thanks for reading and sharing this advocacy article against slavery by Mary Neal, America's most censored. Visit the Neal family's website: Wrongful Death of Larry Neal - http://WrongfulDeathofLarryNeal.com . I am director of  Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill - http://www.Care2.com/c2c/group/aimi , and a human rights activist as God assigned all His people to be (Proverbs 31:8).

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