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Friday, April 5, 2013

Police Report Denied to Mary Neal re 4th Home Invasion

Laws are used to prosecute and sentence minorities (like the Atlanta educators who are accused of fraud) and to prosecute poor Americans, but laws are seldom used to prosecute individuals who victimize the oppressed. I called DeKalb County Police Department on April 4, which happens to be the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. I reported a home invasion by a black female, around age 35 to 45, who gained entry to our home by falsely presenting herself as being my mother's nurse. The woman, who spoke with an African or Island accent (which might have been contrived) claimed that she was sent by the home health company that recently started treating my 90-year-old mother. This was a lie. She spent roughly 15 minutes in our home. We do not know if she planted surveillance equipment, drugs, a bomb, or biological agents that could harm our family. 

The home health company denied having sent a nurse to visit Hattie Neal and reaffirmed that after checking its records thoroughly. In fact, the home health company denied having anyone employed that meets the woman's description. I then called our doctor to see if he had ordered a nurse from another service. On April 4, the doctor's office also affirmed that the doctor had not ordered services for Hattie Neal from any nurse. Once it was verified that neither the home health service nor the doctor had ordered a nurse's visit for Hattie Neal, I called police at 2:58pm. The police operator took my number and information on the matter and promised to have an officer call me back. When the call was not received by 12:15pm on April 5, I called DeKalb County Police again. The operator checked her records and claimed that an officer returned my call around 3:50pm. My phone did not ring, and neither do my phone records show a missed call from DeKalb County Police or any other party on April 4. (I suspect that my phone records from April 4 were wiped by terrorists who take over my telephone to prevent certain calls (outbound and inbound) and also erase voice messages from certain parties.) The police operator again promised to have an officer call me regarding my request for a police report on the home invasion.

This time, an officer called me within 15 minutes of my conversation with the police operator. The female officer REFUSED to give me a police report. She claimed I could ascertain a copy of my 911 call, which she said is listed under the number 2013-199242. She said I could find out how to receive a copy of my 911 record by calling 678.937.2853, which was false. When I called the telephone number, I was routed back to the police operator. She told me I could get a copy of my 911 report by calling 770.724.7740, but she said the center is closed today (Friday).

The police officer I spoke with said, "The woman didn't commit a crime." 

Can you believe it? A couple of years ago, I was told by DeKalb County Detective Miller that cyber terrorists taking over my computer to prevent my First Amendment rights, destroying equipment by sending worms and viruses, and removing my emails were not crimes. Police REFUSED to investigate the IP addresses that my computer security system caught. Today I was told the woman who falsely presented herself as a home health nurse for my 90-year-old mother in order to gain illegal entry to my home did not commit a crime. 

I said to the police officer, "How do you know she did not commit a crime? She could have planted surveillance equipment, drugs, biological agents, or a bomb. How do you know she did not?" If I go to any Caucasians' home and pretend to be a licensed medical practitioner who was sent by their doctor and treat a patient and measured the patient's blood pressure, took a patient's temperature, and had a patient expose her naked buttocks to me for examination, I bet it would be a considered a crime. It would be a major crime. But anything at all that frauds, liars, and murderers do to the Neals in Georgia is treated as being non-criminal by DeKalb County Police, which refuses to investigate the license number of a car driven by a young man who admitted he followed me (stalking) because it paid well. Stalking Mary Neal is also "not a crime" in DeKalb County, Georgia.

  • Treating people medically without a license is a crime.
  • Gaining false entry into someone's home is a crime.
  • And surreptitiously planting drugs, surveillance equipment, biological weaponry, or whatever the criminal came here to do on April 1 are also crimes.

But DeKalb County Police Department does not know that, apparently, so I was refused a police report and given a wrong number to ascertain the 911 report. Do you want to know what the police woman said to me? 

She said, "Maybe she was a real nurse at the wrong house."

After that conversation, it is pretty obvious who the impostor worked for, isn't it? 

Black families whose disabled relatives are killed by police after three weeks of secret incarceration become subject to CoIntelPro home invasions, stalking, surveillance, telephone takeovers, and repeated computer takeovers when they try to report the covered-up government murders. That is what I believe is happening to the Neals in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Mary Neal
Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

emailed to Senator Chambliss, Rep. Hank Johnson, and United States Dept. of Justice with this note:

I request a response to this email, please, and your assistance getting a police report on my home invasion. I request that police investigate the criminals whose IP addresses my security system caught and investigate the tag number I gave them from the car of my stalker. I request that crimes against me be given DUE PROCESS OF LAW. Thank you.

Mailing the same request to Internal Affairs for DeKalb County PD with the car tag number of the car driven by the young man who admitted stalking me and IP addresses of my cyber terrorists.

Email Me - Thank You

The following information has been submitted:
Name: Ms Mary L. Neal
Address: [redacted]
E-mail: MaryLovesJustice@gmail.com
Telephone: 678.531.0262 Voice
Issue: OTHER
Message Subject: CoIntelPro Crimes Against the Neal Family

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