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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Abuses and Murders of Mentally Ill Americans

A Louisiana woman who allegedly burned herself almost to death and falsely blamed a supremacist group is arrested as a terrorist. A mentally ill California man with two priors faces possible life in prison for threatening a guard with light rays from the moon - a "terrorist" threat. THIS is how America treats its mentally disturbed - as commodities for the pri$on system. Eight(8) links are in this article.

Many mentally challenged people are abandoned by their families, who fear the stigma attached to mental illness. Consequently, prison investors have roughly 1.25 million mental patients in prisons and jails throughout the USA. They serve longer sentences than any other inmates, likely because they have less money for legal advocates and they are more likely than others (except children) to confess to crimes they did not do and accept plea bargains without trials. Over 60% of inmates in cruel solitary confinement are mentally ill citizens, who may be more impacted than others by the prison torture. More than 50% of the police violence incidents have mentally ill victims who were Tasered, beaten, or shot to death without sufficient cause. 

Some prosecutors have withheld evidence of innocence and actually fabricated criminal cases against mentally ill people to incarcerate them for decades to advance their own careers. Consider the case of George Allen, who was freed by the Innocence Project after spending 30 years behind bars wrongly convicted by an overly zealous prosecutor. He might have gotten the death penalty if one of his jurors had not had an emergency and had to leave the trial. 

Many judges and prosecutors as well as defense attorneys are prison investors. Like the children in Pennsylvania who were channeled into juvenile correction facilities by veteran judges for $2.6 million in kickbacks, the mentally ill are often channeled into prison and for much longer than suitable sentences. Consider Rodriguez Nelson, who was sentenced to 56 years for having a domestic altercation with his girlfriend that caused no lasting injuries. Compare his sentence with numerous murderers' and with men who only spent a weekend locked up after such a dispute.
  Eight(8) links are in this article.

End Mass Incarceration
http://youtu.be/2mzW5UrN-gYDr. Boyce Watkins, several friends and I cannot overcome the censorship force and join the coalition to end mass incarceration. Be aware that what may appear to be lack of public interest and participation may actually be the results of excellent cyberstalking by the prison industrial complex. Your effort is censored.
Some states do not imprison all of their mental patients but load them on busses and ship them to other states. See this article about Nevada. "Nevada busses hundreds of mentally ill people to cities around the nation" 

In addition to falling victim to police violence, some mentally ill people are brutalized or killed in custody, like my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal. Larry died after being secretly incarcerated for nearly three weeks while his family and social worker searched for him as a "missing person," and the Memphis Shelby County Jail denied having him imprisoned. See http://WrongfulDeathofLarryNeal.com

No wrongful death lawsuit was ever filed, thanks to The Cochran Firm fraud. The Cochran Firm simply held the Neal's case secretly inactive while the statue of limitations passed in Tennessee in order to help the jail escape accountability. When we sued The Cochran Firm, serving suit in its Atlanta office, the Atlanta law office answered the lawsuit and claimed to have no affiliation with The Cochran Firm or any of its offices. Surprisingly, the Georgia Superior Court judge dismissed our lawsuit based on that perjury, even with prolific advertising going forth for The Cochran Firm's Atlanta offices and contracts being signed with numerous other legal consumers under that same identity.

Today I was notified by former Cochran Firm attorney Randy McMurray that The Cochran Firm, which faces his RICO Act lawsuit, now claims that it is ONE CORPORATION with offices across the nation. After being notified that Mary Neal was named in the RICO Act lawsuit, this writer understands some of the recent crimes against her family. The Cochran Firm may be changing its registration with various State offices of Secretaries of State (backdating the documents) in order to agree with the identity of being a single law firm it now uses as protection against McMurray's lawsuit. This directly contradicts the firm's testimony that it used to have Mary Neal's fraud lawsuit dismissed in Georgia, where the Atlanta office claimed to have no affiliation with The Cochran Firm or its other law offices. After ten years and numerous recent crimes against the Neal family and increased intimidation, I feel that I can provide the identity of The Cochran Firm in a single word: CoIntelPro. 

See "Randy McMurray: The Cochran Firm Racketeers!" http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-cochran-firm-fraud-by-randy.html

Where the mentally ill are killed by police or in custody, suffer mass arrest, or are loaded onto busses and shipped to other states far from home, citizens must be aware that the same denial of due process of law that is received by the mentally ill and their families WILL eventually be applied to the general populace. May God have mercy on us all. Eight(8) links are in this article.

Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

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