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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Alton Maddox: Kimani Gray - A Moment or a Movement

Kimani Gray's Funeral   

by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

It has now been a month since members of the New York Police Department unlawfully gunned down 16-year-old Kimani Gray in Brooklyn. Some of those lethal missiles hit him in the back. The shooting of anyone in the back is a tell-tale sign of murder and it negates a credible claim of self-defense.

Under the facts of this case, an indictment for murder in the second degree can be signed, sealed and delivered to a judge within a day. "Justice delayed is justice denied". This is a basic tenet of American jurisprudence. A suspect is entitled to his or her day in court and not a month before a grand jury.

A grand jury is not empowered to conduct a full-blown trial. The law requires a grand jury to act on evidence supporting a prima facie case of murder, for example. Afterwards, a prosecutor should "let the chips fall where they may". No prosecutor should allow a police department to politicize a grand jury investigation.

Concerned citizens from Kimani Gray's neighborhood have asked me to share my expertise with them. I will share that expertise on this Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at Brooklyn Christian Center, 1061 Atlantic Ave. (bet. Classon and Franklin) in Brooklyn. Take the "C" train to Franklin Ave.

All Black "elected" officials should be accountable to their constituents.
Among other things, this means regular town hall meetings. In 1988, UAM recognized that this duty was being honored in the breach citywide. Since 1988, UAM has filled the void despite attacks from the Giuliani administration and the New York Police Department. This financial undertaking should have been borne by Black selected officials and not by UAM. They are speechless on the assassination of Kimani Gray.

When I saw two Black selected officials who are members of the New York City Council, show up at the crime scene, it was evident that a full-scale pacification program had already started in a city with a predominately Black, Latino and Asian city council. This amounts to "white minority rule".

Our response to this senseless shooting should be "by the book". Propaganda is the first stage of warfare. We must fight "fire with fire". The second stage is economic sanctions. All fast-food joints, for example, within the geographical area of the local precinct should become lobbyists; that is, Blacks should stop patronizing them until these lobbyists march on police headquarters and City Hall. This approach, for merchants, should be expanded throughout Brooklyn. In the meantime, we should eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes are all Democrats. They have jurisdiction over the murder of Kimani Gray. Blacks should abandon the Democratic Party forthwith. Otherwise, Blacks are being short-changed. A political party should be a voice for its constituents and not for their pimps.

All Black-oriented media should be in sync with the wishes and aspirations of the Black community. There must be a meeting of the minds with all Black-oriented media outlets. No Black-oriented, media outlet should act contrary to the wishes and aspirations of the Black community.

The meeting this Wednesday evening should be well-attended. Black selected officials appeared momentarily at the crime scene to preside over a "moment". This assassination requires a "movement". Black selected officials and leading Blacks are barred from participating in a "movement". Tawana Brawley is an example of a "movement"."

Kimani Gray: A "Moment" or a "Movement"? ©

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