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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Urgent: Save People TV in Atlanta

I received an email from a host of a popular and very important public access television show, Fred V-Man, of People TV in Atlanta, who chastised me for doing little to help save People TV.  (Eight links are in this article, two of which are email addresses.)  Public access television and net freedom are essential to liberty in the United States. Censorship is so bad in the USA that my PC was destroyed in July immediately after I published articles against censorship bill S.968. First, stalkers took down all my blogs, but Google, a free speech hero, got them back online within hours. Senate Bill 968 and House Resolution 3261 provide for the Justice Department to be placed in overview of the Internet, and I know the Justice Department to be corrupt and unconcerned about upholding the civil rights of Americans. Just the opposite, in fact. I write often against censorship, since I am the most censored woman in America. However, I confess to having a tendency to focus on Internet censorship. Please forgive me, Fred. Concerned persons should contact Mayor Kasim Reed using contact information at this link:  http://www.atlantaga.gov/Mayor/  - Write to People TV at 190 14th Street, NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, and call 404.873.6712 ext 201. To make donations and learn about other opportunities to help, please visit the website http://www.peopletv.org .  See an excerpt below from a message by Charlotte Engel, CEO and General Manager of People TV.

November 16, 2011. I am writing to let you know that the Mayor's office has confirmed the termination of the contract between the City of Atlanta and People TV, Inc.  This step is required per the terms of our contract with the City but we hope that the Mayor and his office will continue to consider the opportunities available for continuing community television in Atlanta.

Below are emails between FredVMan and Mary Neal:

From:  MaryLovesJustice@gmail.com
To:  fredvman@bellsouth.net
Date: November 24, 2011 10:16am
Re: [@koffietime] tweets re Nov 20 - 27 Rev. Pinkney Show
Mailed by: gmail.com

I am on it right now, Fred. I mentioned in several articles that there is a war against public TV, but I did not specifically point to People TV. I would do much more advocacy for it, but CoIntelPro destroyed my computer in July, and my time online is hampered. Americans are being LYNCHED. Willie Lynch taught Virginia Colony slave owners that they could control their slaves by limiting their communication. That is why television went digital, public television and radio have severe funding cuts, and bloggers are threatened by S.968 and H.R.3261. It is to limit the People's access to information that has not been censored. Give me whatever link you wish to have me publish, and I will do it.  Meanwhile, I am going to publish [an excerpt from] your email to me, because I borrowed this PC and may not have much longer to use it today.  I am with you, my brother!  I promise to give this matter my attention. the FredVman show is of vital importance in the Atlanta area. While mainstream news censored the secret arrest and murder of my mentally and physically disabled brother, you did not.  My blogs about this are also censored, as well as my advocacy against mass incarceration of the mentally ill in America and human rights for prisoners.  Many other shows from People TV are important, also. We will fight for People TV's continued existence. Public television is vital to a democracy.  Thanks for your email.

On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 9:31 AM, fredvman wrote:

Mary, Quite honestly, I am disappointed to know that you and others were not in the fight to save People TV and bring attention to corruption which is holding this [public access station that] belongs to the Community set forth by 1st Constitutional Amendment!
There are several from Occupy and others who are political warriors who have come forth to her defense. I am really set back by those who have used her. 'People TV' has been there for [people who have] not be there for her.  At any rate....Happy Thanksgiving. 
I understand the frustration Fred feels. So often I have wondered why more people do not give attention and assistance to my pleas for help regarding the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother and the 1.25 million mentally ill people yet imprisoned rather than treated in their hospitals and communities, according to their level of functionality. Fred and other People TV hosts demonstrated concern for Justice 4 Larry Neal and mentally ill inmates, just as he and his television crew do regarding many issues in Atlanta and nationally.
Thankfully, this problem has been resolved. See "Good News from Fred V-Man at the end of this article. People TV still needs financial contributions and support from the community, but its contract with the City of Atlanta has been saved.  See how important public access television is in my HubPages article, "LYNCHING AMERICA." Google the title or use this link http://maryneal.hubpages.com/hub/lynching-america to understand why budgets for public broadcasting are attacked. Once news has been broadcast to a live audience, it cannot be censored by cyberstalkers the way the Internet can. No one has found a way to reach into the minds of Americans and withdraw what they already heard, but online articles are vulnerable to attack. Stalkers destroyed another of my computers (that makes eight within six years), I borrow one that is in warranty so it should be easier to prove the interference and repair the machine.  Unfortunately, DeKalb County Police in Georgia told me they will do nothing to protect my freedom of press. After all, I am not Sarah Palin, a wealthy, connected Caucasian woman. The man who stole her emails was prosecuted and imprisoned, but police refuse to investigate the IP addresses that my security system captured. Four IP addresses are online with me to monitor and control what I publish whenever I go online, but I am black and lack wealth. Racial and class bias are problems in the injustice system for minorities and poor or middle class whites.

Reporting wrongs like police murders that the injustice system wants covered-up can only happen on public television and certain online sites, and freedom of press on the Internet is suffering attacks. Google was commanded early in 2011 to remove certain police brutality videos from YouTube. Google refused, and I suspect that led to its persecution by way of antitrust hearings before Congress. When governments allow or actually do human rights crimes, officials seek to hide that fact like Hitler did. May I rely on you for your support for People TV in Atlanta? Please petition elected officials to increase the budget for public access television, make donations if you can, and republish this article to solicit support from people who you think care about the freedom of press. People TV's address and other contact information are above in this article. Public broadcasting and public access television always need and deserve our support.

November 29 follow-up email from Mary Neal to FredVMan:  Hello, Fred. I did not hear from the people you asked to get in touch with me about ways I can help. Sometimes, censorship prevents Americans' communication around certain issues, so I wanted to let you know just in case. My phone number is 678.531.0262. You are free to share it with them. Maybe they will get lucky and call while my phone stalker is in the bathroom. I tweeted about People TV and wrote the article you received and passed along. I would like to do more if there is some other way I can help. I pray for you and for our continued access to mass communication. Many are the problems of the righteous, but God delivers us from them all (Ps. 34:19).  I wrote about censorship bills S.968 and H.R.3261. What's worse, another bill, S.1867, provides for military arrests of American citizens in indefinite detention without criminal charges, and the Army is advertising for "relocation internment specialists," according to a link I received at Facebook today.  Sounds like concentration camps are a serious concern, as they were when Alcee Hastings introduced H.R.645 for six FEMA centers to be erected in America in 2009. His bill got much negative feedback, and it died in committee early this year. Congress could be moving on S.1867 quickly, because I read they met regarding that bill while humans were having Thanksgiving with our families. You can track the bills' progress at OpenCongress.org. We the People need public access television in order to educate people about pending legislation and ask them to join us in opposing threatening bills. We need the FredVMan Show to keep us informed about current events locally and nationally and for the sound advice you always share. Your "Victory Over Violence" and "Prime Time Good News" shows are inspiring as well as informative. I will never forget your illustrations of how greeting people cheerfully can bless them. Giving a smile and hello can make a difference. May God bless and keep you. I solute all the show hosts and production crews at People TV in Atlanta and public access television stations throughout the nation.
I had lots of cyberstalking to happen while publishing the links to contact People TV and Mayor Reed and other information in this article. That may mean the same people who object to my publishing news about the prison industrial complex also oppose assistance for People TV of Atlanta. I know that V-Man's show and others have broadcasts about the Second Chance Act and other initiatives to reduce the prison population, which is contrary to the interest of prison investors as is my advocacy to decriminalize mental illness.

Fred wrote me back and said he appreciated my efforts on behalf of People TV. He gave an update on how the fight to save People TV was going so far and invited me to appear on what might be his last live broadcast on November 30.  I responded by expressing opposition to $70million going to the downtown Atlanta trolley car project while People TV goes dark.

MaryLovesJustice Neal to fredvman, November 29, 4:14p.m. (The link on the left leads to my Google+)
Thank you, Fred. I spoke briefly with your CEO today. She indicated that a meeting was held today by the City and that it may be a number of days before a final decision is rendered regarding the continuation of People TV, which is of more import than the trolley car project that won funding from the federal government. Public funds should be used first to ensure The People's right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. In that order, health care, police, fire fighters and sanitation have to do with protecting lives and are funded first; People TV helps protect liberty, which is second. Trolley car rides make some people happy. But entertainment should come LAST regarding public funds according to the wisdom of the founding fathers. Therefore, I hope the City will apply zeal to saving People TV superior to its passion for the trolley car project. I look forward to MANY MORE live Prime Time shows with FredVMan and hope to join you Wednesday, November 30 at 7:00p.m. Thank you.

GOOD NEWS FROM FRED V-MAN, received via email November 29, 2011, 8:58pm:
Ms. Mary this is what I got forwarded to me this afternooon. 

Fred - breakthrough - mayor's office coming through with funding and board appointments to keep People TV in place through Dec 31st, with the intention of having a new contract for fy 2013!!!!!!!!! City council is approving this!!!!!! Strategic plan also included, to be formed with bd, producers, community, and gen mgr/staff. Deadline for submission of strategic plan to City Council is set for March ew, 2012. Technically will happen tomorrow in Finance/Exec Committee.

Mary Neal replied to V-Man's email November 30, 2011, 4:11a.m.
I expected this good news and give God all the glory for answering prayers. Jesus Is Love, by Lionel Richie & Commodores. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZcL5y_HStM Jesus is Love, He won't let you down. He's ours forever.

Thanks, Mayor Reed and other City officials for working hard to find funding for People TV in a tight budget, and our deepest gratitude to everyone who donated and voiced dissent about People TV going dark. God intervenes in the lives of everyone who invites Him. Jesus saves.

Mary Neal, advocate for the First Amendment. Visit FreeSpeakBlog at http://FreeSpeakBlog.blogspot.com

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  We are happy only because we are free (relatively speaking). Let's try to stay that way. Support People TV and all public broadcasting.  In God I trust.

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