Censorship to Hide Crimes Against Humanity in USA


Friday, November 25, 2011

Koffietime Tweets to Michael Moore Deleted

See the tweet below - another tweet to Michael Moore that is cyberstalked.  Mary Neal's tweets to @MMFlint (Michael Moore) were missing from @koffietime's tweet stream among those sent November 13, 2011, and they are also missing from my Twitter page. Michael Moore is interested in justice for Troy Davis. Moore and at least a million other people throughout the world opposed his execution without proof of guilt. I entered the tweet again today, November 25, 2011:
Mary Neal to  Davis/MacPhail Truth Committee Petition for new MacPhail Murder Investigation "KEEP FIGHTING THIS FIGHT" ~Troy 10 minutes ago 

Petitions are treated like presidential elections to skew results. Signatures are stolen and DoS sometimes prevents signatures and comments. The Change.org petition for a new MacPhail murder investigation which was entered on November 13 was sent to @MMFlint immediately, but that tweet does not show among my tweets. I must check and see if my tweets about the boycott of the State of Georgia ever went to @MMFlint. Censorship in America around executions, mass incarceration, the attack on civil and human rights of Americans, The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm fraud, and the secret government murder of Larry Neal, my mentally, physically disabled brother, are notorious. No wonder stalkers stole the document from my desktop wherein I had copied and posted my November 2011 tweets! Stalkers stole the ones they wanted to prevent, and I presume the tweets to @MMFlint were seen on no computers other than the ones using my own IP address. That method of censorship is discussed in my article "Internet Censorship American Style."  Another thing stalkers did to prevent signatures on the petition for a new MacPhail murder investigation was to date my Change.org petition September 21, 2011. That is the way it was dated online for the first week after publication to make the public think it is too late to sign the petition because Troy Davis died on that day. People who see a Troy Davis online petition dated September 21 or any earlier date would assume it is a petition to save him rather than a PETITION TO CLEAR AN INNOCENT MAN'S NAME.

Mary Neal, Chairperson of the Davis/MacPhail Truth Committee; Director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, Sister of slain mentally, physically disabled man, Larry Neal;  prisoner activist, and world's most censored individual (I have a TEAM of cyberstalkers track my Internet input 24/7 to curtail my speaking truth to power). Some of the congressional bills to censor the Internet may be in part to stop @koffietime - http://twitter.com/koffietime and keep the black and liberal white vote for the Democrats in 2012. Many people will object to the USDOJ helping Memphis Shelby County Jail escape accountability for the lynching of Larry Neal, a lifelong schizophrenic heart patient. They may also object to having a law firm dedicated to CoIntelPro activities within minorities communities throughout the USA. If officials rely on censorship to hide government crimes that include mass incarceration and murders of mentally ill Americans, they are no different from China or Nazi Germany. This is shameless hypocrisy and another violation of my freedom of press, free speech, freedom of the right to peaceful assembly, and freedom of religion. I advocate for justice in America for the least of these, His brethren - Matt. 25:40. Pray for democracy to replace Nazism in the USA. Internet censorship is the 21st century equivalent of Nazi book-burning. Thank you for your interest in justice for all.

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