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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mary Neal Misrepresented by Care2

(6 paragraphs, 1 web posting, link to "Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011, 30 Care2 News Network stories seemingly credited to Mary Neal that I neither wrote, commented on, or ever saw before) I browse the web to see what happens with my articles and comments.  Diligence reveals censorship, and tonight I found something even more disturbing.  It appears that I might be credited with writing or commenting on 30 Care2 News Network articles I never saw in my life!  See them below at this blog.  See directly below this paragraph a copy/paste of a web link that is an apparent misrepresentation (if they make it invisible here, see it at the comment that is a reprint of this article at my HubPages "Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011" article.  At Care2, things disappear often, such as entire strands of discussion posts at AIMI where members followed the Troy Davis case).

Mary Neal - World - Newly Submitted Stories - Care2 News Network Jan 21, 2011 ... Newly Submitted World News tagged with Mary Neal .... 1 day ago -persecution.org. International Christian Concern has released its annual ...http://care2.com/news/submitted/category/world/MaryNeal 
www.care2.com/news/submitted/category/world/MaryNeal?... - Cached -Block all care2.com results

Publishing lies on activists, especially black people, was done often under the COINTELPRO program in the 60s and 70s.  This may result from my suggestion that Americans who are fed up should stand up together in a BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: NO Shopping on April 9, May 9, or the 9th of any month during 2011.  Link:  http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/boycott-4-justice-no-shopping-april-9.html

For the record, I know little to nothing about international affairs and governments in other countries.  I do not comment on such articles, write such articles, or know enough about other countries to find most of them on a map.  Until my brother's secret arrest and murder and the cover-up that followed, I knew nothing (even though I thought I did) about the United States Government.  This is not the place I learned about in my civics classes.  The only thing I have to say about other countries is that they should be allowed to settle their own affairs, including human rights abuses in Libya.  The African Union asked America not to intervene there, and that request should have been honored, especially since we are broke and in debt.  No one is bombing America because this country imprisons its mental patients, secretly arrested and murdered my sick brother, Larry Neal, practices systemic racism in the justice system and plans to enlarge on that, takes money that is needed for education, job creation, health care, or other social programs to buy bombs with it.  I believe in peace, especially in the absence of preemptive force.  However, as I said, I know very little about international affairs. It is all I can do to get around stalkers who violate my First Amendment rights by interfering with my Internet usage to prevent advocacy against human rights abuses inside America.  I stay much too busy dodging stalkers who follow me whenever I leave home to learn much about other countries.

I opened the Care2 link labeled "submitted/category/world/Mary Neal" on the web, and none of the articles were written by anyone named Mary Neal and neither were they commented on by anyone with that name.  So what is up, Care2?  Where are the articles I really did submit to Care2's "U.S. Government" section?  All I saw recently on the web were some I submitted to "Health," and not all of them. Show my REAL articles, and please explain why the articles under the Care2 link for world news submitted by Mary Neal has "Mary Neal" attached to it.  I found no reason for that whatsoever when I looked at the articles and comments, which I never saw before in my life and did not even note.  Otherwise, I will think this is COINTELPRO misinformation such as was used against people during the 60s and 70s.  I wrote about it in my article, "Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011" at this link:  http://hubpages.com/hub/Mary-Neals-Black-History-Month-2011

Below are the articles that were under a link that has Mary Neal in it, and none of them are any that I ever saw before.  The heading said, "Newly submitted stories tagged with Mary Neal," but I saw no such tag on any of them.  Furthermore, notice that the link (first link in this blog) for the web said January 21, 2011, but all of the news stories below were submitted either on April 7 or 8, 2011.  For the record, I have not been allowed to submit any news stories to Care2 News Network for almost a year.  The last time I tried to submit one was in March 2010 when the government was about to execute Hank Skinner, a man who declared his innocence but was denied any DNA test.  The U.S. Supreme Court granted him a last minute reprieve, but I do not think he has been allowed to take a DNA test yet.  I tried to submit my article entitled, "Hank Skinner's Last Wish:  Justice," but cyberdogs prevented it from posting at Care2 News Network.  I was not at home using my COINTELPRO-controlled computer.  I was in DeKalb County Library using their COINTELPRO-controlled computer.  I captured the interference on video and showed it to the world on film.  See the video below, which is followed by 30 articles that falsely appear as being submitted to Care2's World section by someone named Mary Neal.  This video shows what happened the very last time I tried to submit any news at Care2 News Network.

New stories submitted by Care2 members.
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Newly Submitted World News tagged with Mary Neal

Stand With Anna Hazare- TAKE ACTION!!!
World  (tags: humanrightsgovernmentethicscorruptionasiaindia ) 
 Bohm - 1 day ago - avaaz.org 
We call on you to endorse the Jan Lokpal bill and act urgently to implement effective measures to tackle corruption. We want a new era of corruption-free politics in our country. Please sign

The Journey One Makes Once and Never Again-William Blake's Representation of Hell
World  (tags: corruptioncrimedeathterrorismviolencewar ) 
 EarthSpir - 6 hours ago - stevebeckow.com 
The Illuminati who have ruined lives, murdered the poor citizens of Japan, Haiti and Chile, and caused one world war after another so that, for a brief time, they could enjoy eating off plates of gold

Dutch Consider Banning Religious Animal Slaughter
World  (tags: worldviolenceusasocietypoliticsnewsinterestinghumans,governmentfreedomsethicsdeathcrimebest ) 
 Kat - 6 hours ago - foxnews.com 
One of Europe's first countries to allow Jews to practice their religion openly may soon pass a law banning centuries-old Jewish and Muslim traditions on the ritual slaughter of animals.

Organization of American States Requests Immediate Suspension of Belo Monte Dam in the Brazilian Amazon
World  (tags: human rightsenvironmentBrazilAmazonBelo Monte Dam ) 
 Lyne - 3 hours ago - amazonwatch.org 
According to the IACHR, the Brazilian government must comply with legal obligations to undertake a consultation process that is "free, prior, informed, of good faith and culturally appropriate" with indigenous peoples threatened by the project.
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More About Alley
World  (tags: AnimalWelfareanimalsGoodNewspetsprotectionsocietycats,animalrightsgoodnewssocietyusaworld ) 
 Mary - 15 hours ago - my.care2.com 
Alley got out once after we had her for 1 1/2 yrs.we looked for her all that day and night the next night at 8 pm a stray cat that we fed was at patio door scratching from behind it came alley the cat look at us meowed and turn and leftAlley was home

Japan: Risking Generations of Radiation
World  (tags: japannuclear disastercrimeethics ) 
 David - 7 hours ago - english.aljazeera.net 
Reason to worry. - There is little reassurance to be found in any story on the nuclear plant. Three weeks after the earthquake, employees of Tokyo Electric Power Company (or TEPCO), which operated the plant are still struggling to cool the fuel rods.

The Truth About Chernobyl - Nuclear "One of the Safest Ways of Producing Energy"?
World  (tags: worldnuclear falloutdeathpoliticscrimeethics ) 
 David - 5 hours ago - i-sis.org.uk 
Senior Russian scientists document deaths and illnesses from Chernobyl 100 times those reported by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The industry and its friends] insist that we have nothing to worry about?

Global Incident Action Maps: A Window To The World
World  (tags: u.s.middle-eastjapanrussiaukchinairanworldglobalincident,mapsterrorismearthquakeshazmathazardous-materialshumansinteresting,terroristsactivityeuropeamerica ) 
 MAD HATTA - 16 hours ago - globalincidentmap.com 
Global Incident Map Displaying Terrorist Acts, Suspicious Activity, General Terrorism News, Earthquake Activity, HazMat, and Much More!

Japan Tsunami Giant Island of Floating Debris Headed for Hawaii
World  (tags: Japan Tsunami giant island of floating d ) 
 Rick - 6 hours ago - telegraph.co.uk 
A giant island of floating debris carried out to sea by the Japan tsunami is headed for Hawaii. Bits of houses, tires, chemicals and trees washed out to sea by the March 11 tsunami is slowly making its way across the Pacific

Nuclear Accidents May Already Have Doomed Life On Earth - Urgent Message and Video
World  (tags: Japanese nuclear crisisradiationnuclear powerChernobyl Nuclear Power Plantcrop contaminationendangered speciesbirth defectscancer ) 
 Cathy - 6 hours ago - allvoices.com 
The Japan nuclear reactor incident is apparently just one more blow to our already seriously compromised planet.This is it; this is our urgent warning call to action.

Fukushima Update: Hydrogen Buildup Spurs More Concern At Japanese Nuclear Plant - CNN News & Videos
World  (tags: worldjapanfukushimanuclearenergyhydrogennitrogengas,explosivecrisisenvironmenthumansinterestingengineersnuclear-power,earthquaketsunamicnnnewsvideo ) 
 MAD HATTA - 1 day ago - cnn.com 
Engineers began injecting non-flammable nitrogen into Reactor #1 to counter a potentially explosive build-up of unexpected hydrogen gas Thursday.

Gov't, TEPCO Should Release More Information on Radiation Contamination
World  (tags: japanTepcoradiation leakradiation contaminationinformationglobal critisisminsensitiveMarch 11quaketsunamiFukushima Daiichi nuclear plant,damageexplosionsea waterSouth Koreadispleasuregovernment ) 
 Naoko - 1 day ago - mdn.mainichi.jp 
The government and Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) appear to be too insensitive to global critisism over their response to the crisis at the cripled Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power Plant that the power supplier operates.

Iranian Christians Endangered By Congressional Budget Cuts
World  (tags: ChristChurchChristianIrancongressbudget cutspersecution ) 
 Chaplain - 10 hours ago - persecution.org 
Washington, D.C. (April 8, 2011) - International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that a U.S. program that rescues persecuted Christians from Iran may end as Congress debates major cuts in the congressional budget. The program is set to be chopped jus

Stop Wikileaks Torture
World  (tags: wikileakstortureBradley Manninghumane ) 
 Chaplain - 9 hours ago - avaaz.org 
To President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates:

Man Stranded in Empty Japanese Town Since Tsunami
World  (tags: Refugees&ReliefJAPAN TSUNAMIJapan tsunami and earthquake,survivorsworldpoliticsnewshumans ) 
 Cal - 8 hours ago - news.yahoo.com 
When a reporter and two photographers from The Associated Press arrived at Shiga's doorstep Friday, the scared and disoriented farmer said: "You are the first people I have spoken to" since the earthquake and tsunami.
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Gbagbo Thugs Attack UN Peacekeepers, Civilians, French Embassy
World  (tags: Gbagbo Thugs attack UN peacekeepers ) 
 Rick - 4 hours ago - washingtonpost.com 
Fighters backing Ivory Coast's strongman Laurent Gbagbo have regrouped and resumed attacks against U.N. peacekeepers, civilians and forces loyal to his rival, the top U.N. peacekeeping official said Friday.

Anand Kumar Shows "The Way to IIT" With 'Super 30'
World  (tags: EducationIIT examsAnand KumarIndia ) 
 Anna - 2 hours ago - breakingnewsonline.net 
IIT aspirants would be holding their hearts as the exam will be conducted on April 10 that will decide their fate about opportunity of getting admission into India's top technical institute. Instantly, Super 30 will come to mind whenever IIT will be......
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This Is How the Palestinians React to Attempts at Co-Existence.
 Stan - 37 minutes ago - theglobeandmail.com 
The talented and controversial Israeli actor and director was gunned down Monday as he left the Freedom Theatre he founded in the Palestinian refugee camp in the northern West Bank city of Jenin; killed, it would seem, by one of the very people he had
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Ambassador Rescued After Abidjan Attack
World  (tags: ambassadorrescuedofficial residencecote d'ivoireFrench military ) 
 Naoko - 1 day ago - search.japantimes.co.jp 
Japan's ambassador to Cote d'Ivoire and seven local employees were rescued by the French military Wednesday night after an armed group forced its way into the envoy's official residence in Abidjan, according to diplomatic sources and -->>
Planned Parenthood | World Latest News
World  (tags: 
 - 16 hours ago - adailynewsonline.com 
The threaten to shut down the government by House Republicans over Planned Parenthood, the woman at the helm of Cecile Richards

Palestinians Shot Israeli School Bus With Children With Rockets
World  (tags: Palestinian War Against the JewsPalestinian War Against Israel,Hamas War Crimes ) 
 Bob - 16 hours ago - jpost.com 
It took Goldstone a year to recognize that Israel did not target civilians deliberately. Hamas was and is attacking Israeli civilians and kids. This attack is just another day of rocket bombing of Israel by Hamas. UN keeps quiet, Islamic Lobby rules.

Currents News 2011: News of the World Regrets Over Phone Hacking Scandal
World  (tags: Andy GraySienna MillerTessa Jowell ) 
 Ejaz - 14 hours ago - currentsnews2011.blogspot.com 
The owner of "The News of the World" has regretted over the phone cutting scandal and is to arrange a reimbursement fund. News International says, in few cases, it will regret and acknowledge responsibility.

Modern Slave Trade Rampant Globally
World  (tags: human traffickingslaverymodern slaveryslave tradepeace corps,u.s. state department map ) 
 Acharya - 14 hours ago - freethoughtnation.com 
Some time ago, my attention was redirected to this heinous situation by an acquaintance who spent a couple of years with the Peace Corps in Mongolia, where human trafficking - especially of girls - is rampant. John told me some truly horrendous stories...

Making Time For Love
World  (tags: ChristChristianloverelationshipmarriagetimepriorities ) 
 Chaplain - 9 hours ago - bustedhalo.com 
If you asked my husband, I think he'd say that my most irritating quality is my desire to just do "one more thing" before bed, trying to squeeze in one more errand into an already packed day and generally just being resistant to all unstructured downtime
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Fukushima: A 'Nuclear Sacrifice Zone'
World  (tags: japannuclear poweraljazeera englishnuclear sacrifice zonecrime,ethics ) 
 David - 7 hours ago - english.aljazeera.net 
Some experts believe Japan's nuclear disaster could become worse than Chernobyl. Operators of the plant are no closer to regaining control of damaged reactors, as fuel rods remain overheated and high levels of radiation are being released.

Radioactive Sandstorms for Korea Expected This Weekend
World  (tags: Radioactive Sandstorms for Korea Expecte ) 
 Rex - 4 hours ago - english.chosun.com 
Radioactive sandstorms will blanket the skies over Korea on Friday, the Korea Meteorological Administration forecast Thursday. There's a chance that radioactive particles from Fukushima that have been scattered all over China will be attached to the sand

Pro-Democracy Protests Sweep Syria, 22 Expired ~ Breaking News
World  (tags: Pro-democracy protests sweep Syria22 expired ) 
 - 3 hours ago - breakingnynews.com 
Pro-democracy protests sweep Syria, 22 expired
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Egyptian Soldiers Beat Hundreds of Protesters in Pre-Dawn Attack to Clear Cairo's Tahrir Square
World  (tags: politicsgovernmentmiddle-eastviolence ) 
 Jenna - 3 hours ago - nytimes.com 
Army beats protesters as It breaks up Egypt protest rally
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Muslims Attack Christian in Egypt, Cut Off His Ear
World  (tags: ChristChristianChurchmuslimattacksegyptCoptic Christians,persecution ) 
 Chaplain - 3 hours ago - persecution.org 
Ayman Anwar Mitri, a Coptic Christian from an upper Egyptian town, was assaulted on March 20th by 12 Muslim men who sought to punish him for unknowingly renting his flat to two sisters later indicted for prostitution. Once aware of the charges, Mitri aske
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Iran Secretly Executes Jewish Armenian Couple; Christians Concerned
World  (tags: ChristChristianChurchJewsExecutedpersecutionirantehran ) 
 Chaplain - 3 hours ago - persecution.org 
An Iranian Christian news agency has confirmed that a Jewish Iranian and his Armenian Iranian Christian wife were executed in a Tehran prison sometime in mid March. The charges levied against the couple remain unknown. The incident has raised concern for
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