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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Justice Gagged re U.S. Political Prisoners

(21 links, 30 paragraphs (last paragraph is description of the VIDEO herein.)  This article is republished from my new blog, Justice Gagged, which is at this link: http://justicegagged.blogspot.com/ - Justice Gagged is used to record ongoing attacks against advocacy for civil/human rights in America - attacks which police refuse to address when I report the crimes.  A bill that is pending vote in Congress, S.968 - THE IP PROTECTION ACT, could make it legal for the government to redirect links away from censored news, control Americans' web browsing, and take down websites officials find objectionable.  I do not know if S.968 permits cyberstalkers to edit your blogs as you type like they do me to control formatting.  Right now, cyberstalkers are preventing me from removing the "bold" formatting.  They prefer for this entire document to be in bold so that I cannot use that feature to emphasize particular parts.  They also make some links appear grey on my view rather than blue as they should be.  Whether those are the links they will redirect or render invisible or ineligible for copying and pasting, I cannot say.  All of those offenses are done to censor me.  Free speech in America depends entirely on what one says.  The censored article is republished below.  I shared certain information that is in "Justice Gagged re Political Prisoners" on July 7, 2011, in an open letter to Sen. Wyden at "SEN. WYDEN, HELP EMANCIPATE GA'S LAST SLAVE http://marylovesjustice.blogspot.com/2011/07/sen-wyden-help-emancipate-gas-last.html  - Sen. Wyden courageously stopped the Senate's vote on S.968 to give Americans an opportunity to learn about the bill that challenges the First Amendment. Thanks to him, we have an opportunity to either support or denounce it.  My letter is currently the top blog about S.968 at OpenCongress.org, where 89% of people voted against the bill.  Thank God the word is getting out.


My family is treated like enemies for revealing the secret arrest and wrongful death of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, and because I advocate for justice for other victimized people of all races. I received a Twitter message from a follower who suggested that someone in a position to help might be interested in doing so. One of my three tweets was interrupted, which is my usual average. I wanted to tell him that we are not allowed to contact anyone to help my family and ask him to please do it for us. In fact, we have been made political prisoners in our own homes with our communication limited by "INTERNET CENSORSHIP AMERICAN STYLE." See a video and learn how individuals and organizations are censored in America at this link: http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2010/07/internet-censorship-how-they-do-it.html


@FilmLaw101 Our calls get false disconnection notice or go to VM & we never get the messages. Prisoners 4 righteousness' sake 678.531.0262


@FilmLaw101 A local activist called 2day. Don't know how she got through. Conf. call set 4 tonight. Now mess. says her phone is disconnected
about 6 hours ago via we


@FilmLaw101 They control our communication: phone, PC - We can only speak w/ ppl they allow.Lie & say our phone disconnected: 678.531.0262
40 minutes ago


I was amazed on April 8 when we received a call from a fellow human rights activist in the Atlanta area. Our phone is monitored and controlled by criminals who seek to contain the information I share online about unethical and criminal conduct by government authorities and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm. She and I spoke briefly around noon and agreed to confer at length around 7:30 p.m. She told me that Kathryn Johnston was honored recently by a number of people who met in the slain elder's yard. News has spread about The Cochran Firm fraud against Johnston's family, and people want to know more about it. The caller had a copy of my article entitled "Cochran Firm Defrauds Kathryn Johnston's Family" at this link: http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2010/08/cochran-firm-defruads-kathryn-johnstons.html  - I called the activist numerous times using my phone when she did not call me at the appointed time. I assumed that her call to me was blocked by the illegal methods used to prevent calls to our home. Unfortunately, my calls to the activist were not permitted to go through, either. A false message repeatedly said her phone was disconnected. A relative was visiting, and we called using her phone. Repeatedly, she also reached a lying message said the activist's phone was disconnected or that all circuits were busy and to try the call again. After numerous attempts, both our phones were shutdown.


We were prevented from making any calls whatsoever for the next 10 minutes. Every number we called from my phone or hers gave the same thing: "This number is not in service." That was likely punishment being done to remind the Neal family that we are at their mercy. They do what they want, and there is no one to appeal to for justice, because the United States Department of Justice colluded with Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003 to hide Larry's murder. We have reported these crimes to the U.S. attorney general repeatedly, Homeland Security, the FBI, local police, U.S. representatives in the Senate and Congress, mainstream, public, and independent media companies, including popular anchorpersons, human/civil rights groups, and others. Tonight we continued to try to contact the activist who called me about our terrorism and wrongful imprisonment, but they proved again that they can and will terminate our avenues of communication completely.


There is an embargo around my family like we are an enemy nation because we asked for records and justice regarding my mentally, physically disabled brother's secret arrest and murder and I advocate to decriminalize mental illness in America through an online human/civil rights organization I founded and direct called "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill " (AIMI). Part of the communication embargo is to prevent publicity about our mistreatment and the victimization of others who I write about, and part of it is to keep us impoverished as punishment for daring to tell. I was laid off in March 2008, and no communication with perspective employers is allowed via telephone or Internet for any of family members who live at my address. Our justified lawsuits should not have been blocked from proceeding to jury by courts accepting obvious perjury. The Cochran Firm, which is apparently some COINTELPRO program against minorities, was allowed to claim nonexistence in Georgia. Furthermore, we should have income from my articles at four Internet sites - NowPublic.com: http://NowPublic.com/duo  and FreeSpeakBlog: http://FreeSpeakBlog.blogspot.com and MaryLovesJustice: http://marylovesjustice.blogspot.com/ , and HubPages: http://hubpages.com/profile/Mary+Neal  . But they hired people to click the ads running alongside my articles so often that Google cancelled our AdSense account in 2009 due to over-clicking. I have not seen or heard of such evil outside of Nazi movies, slavery stories, or reading in Revelation about the period the world seems to have entered.


AIMI's success would inconvenience prison owners, who include many officials. Exposing Larry Neal's murder cover-up, The Cochran Firm fraud against minorities, and my family's ongoing denial of justice and terrorism embarrasses officials like the U.S. documents and videos Private Bradley Manning leaked to Wikileaks. Manning has been a political prisoner for over a year, and he now faces life in prison or execution if convicted on "aiding the enemy" charges that were recently levied against him. Political prisoner Lynne Stewart is a 71-year-old former attorney who defended BPP members who were targeted under the FBI's COINTELPRO program. She was arrested and disbarred after defending an activist who stood against Egypt's dictator, Hosni Mubarak, years before the people's uprising in 2011. Read about her case at this website: http://lynnestewart.org/ . Ms. Stewart is imprisoned at Federal Medical Center, Carswell in Texas. If The Cochran Firm fraud is widely exposed, that expensive surveillance operation and program to disrupt justice for minorities after police murders like Larry's will not survive. Therefore, my elderly mother and I have been political prisoners in our own home since January 2008, when our federal lawsuit against The Cochran Firm was served to defendants. Read about Manning's new charges at Democracy in Action at this link: https://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/424/images/Manning_Factsheet_Flyer.pdf


We filed suit in federal court against The Cochran Firm under the diversity rule after our lawsuit was dismissed in 2006 in Georgia Superior Court by a judge ruling in error that there is no Cochran Firm office in Georgia. Google for The Cochran Firm's 30 offices across the nation as listed on its website, in Atlanta's phone books, and with legal search engines on the Internet. We reported that the Cochran Firm denied its prolifically advertised Atlanta law office to the FCC, FTC, BBB, ABA, Atlanta Urban League, and others. Since the unethical lawyers were allowed to claim nonexistence as a defense for our lawsuit, we sued in United States District Court under the diversity rule, requiring that plaintiffs and defendants reside in different states. Federal court dismissed our breach of contract lawsuit in February 2009, ruling that The Cochran Firm's fraud against my family to protect the jail where Larry was murdered was "immaterial." (Georgia courts also denied Troy Davis a new trial before a jury repeatedly and placed him under a gag order to prevent the wrongly convicted man from complaining about injustice and proclaiming his innocence.)


The attorneys secretly withheld on our negligence and wrongful death lawsuits while lying to us via U.S. Mail fraud about legal work that was not actually being done until Tennessee's statute of limitations was at its end. I planned to pass out flyers and show my protest sign that says "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal.com" to people who attended the Black History Parade in Atlanta that was scheduled for February 26. I made plans on my tapped phone. The streets were empty around the King Center where the parade was supposed to begin. The barrels were standing near the curbs waiting to be positioned to block traffic, but for some reason, the parade did not happen. Neither police officers nor business owners I asked knew why the parade was canceled at the last minute; it was a gorgeous day for it. Hopefully, it was not to hide the fact that in Atlanta, despite its famous civil rights leaders and black mayor, ignores my family's terrorism and police officers threatened to taser and arrest me for speaking to people on public sidewalks about Larry's murder and The Cochran Firm fraud (Google "Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011").


Some political prisoners are not behind bars like Manning. Before writing about my terrorism, I made sure we had film proof and affidavits, because I was sure no one would believe me. Surprisingly, numerous people commented at my articles at http://NowPublic.com/duo  and claimed they were similarly treated after reporting unethical or criminal conduct by wealthy, connected people and companies, law enforcement or other government personnel. My mother and I are treated like prisoners since we sued The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm. We can only call numbers on our phone that belong to close family members or friends whose numbers are saved in the memory of our phone. One day when I walked into a phone store, the lot immediately filled with stalkers who apparently wanted to know what phone I would buy. Some of the tags were drive-out tags like my most awful stalking experience on September 27, 2008. The agents of injustice likely would have demanded my new phone number from the business owner immediately after I left, so I kept my money.


I call my own phone number from borrowed phones from time to time to see how our calls are prevented. The message says my phone is disconnected or they play my voicemail message, but the phone never actually rings in my home. They then go through our voicemail recordings and delete any messages that they want. We don't actually receive them. Frequently when we call people, I ask them to look at their caller I.D. to see what number it says we called from. Often, the number that displays is not ours. They do the same to my emails. You can TRY to email me at MaryLovesJustice@gmail.com . When I go to my email box, I have to log in repeatedly sometimes. That gives the cyberdogs an opportunity to review my emails and delete the ones they hide from me. Opening new accounts or changing phone service companies and telephone numbers does not deter them.


U.S. Mail is also on shutdown for us. When I went to the United States Post Office to mail copies of the videos capturing cyberstalking, I sent some via overnight mail and got proof of mailing receipts for the ones that I sent via First Class Mail. Some discs never arrived to addressees. Some arrived crushed. One disc I sent via overnight mail arrived after the radio show on which the recipient and I planned to discuss the cyberstalking films, and I got a refund from the USPS for late delivery.


While I was in line at the first post office to mail the discs, I saw some of the same men who followed my car on September 27, 2008, when I called 911 emergency police and the police never responded. I left and went to another post office, and they followed me. That time, I gave my mail to the postal clerk and left the post office. The men were waiting in line behind me like regular customers. I waited outside the post office where I had mailed the discs for about 10 minutes to see what the men would do. When I went back inside, the men (who I never saw leave) were not in line any longer, and the postal clerk had left her station. I knew they were going through my videos and would interrupt their safe passage to the addressees. Some of the discs did get through, and activist groups use them to teach the community about COINTELPRO-like human rights crimes in the 21st century against a black family who asks, WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL.


In addition to our online communication and U.S. Mail being compromised, and we are not allowed to ask for help in person. When I attempted to make appeals to the public in June 2010, Atlanta police officers threatened to taser and arrest me for talking to people on the public sidewalk. I have such empathy for wrongfully convicted prisoners because that is how I live. After the September 27, 2008, stalking event, when my young grandson and I were followed by a white pick-up truck with "USDOT" painted in large print on both doors which was leading four other vehicles and DeKalb County, Georgia police ignored my emergency call for help, my mother and I cowered at home for over a year like runaway slaves or Anne Frank's family in Nazi Germany. But they kept loading my PC with trojans and taking it over to prevent my browsing freely or inputting news about our terrorism.


In February 2010, I called a computer service company on my tapped phone, but the call was intercepted by the stalkers. An importer named Michael Moon responded to my service call the following day, and he loaded my computer up with so much spyware and secured it on the stalkers' illegal Intranet to the point that net freedom was absolutely impossible. He left an icon on my computer that said, "To go online, call this phone number." Who ever heard of having to call a computer service tech to ask for Internet access when one has one's own Internet service provider? I checked with the Georgia Secretary of State's office and learned that the business card Moon gave me was for a company that went out of business four years prior - around the time that our computer interference got bad. (Google my articles "Home Invasion" and "The Heathens Rage" for more information. They will amaze you and make you realize we live in the Matrix. Perhaps they use provisions of the Patriot Act to keep us from exposing criminals in government.)


After Moon's visit, my family's lines of communication with the public were completely severed, because we used an Internet telephone company at the time. It was very frightening, especially since "new neighbors" were situated around our home who took an inordinate interest in us. We felt compelled to act. I therefore made copies of over 20 videos proving our First Amendment rights were curtailed in violation of U.S. Code 18, Sections 242 and 245 and other federal and state laws, and I hand-delivered the discs and appeals for help to the United States Attorneys Office, DeKalb County CEO's office, DeKalb County Sheriff's office, various activists, churches, and others. None of the officials responded.  [July 9, 2011 UPDATE:  I made more police reports about recent stalking events in June 2011, which are detailed in an article at this link:       The week of July 3, I requested a meeting with DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis to request him to direct police to investigate crimes against me.  I have received no response from his office thus far.]


The next time I worked up the nerve to venture away from my home, a foreclosed house that had no residents which I had to pass on the way to the bus was filled with police officers. The house was shut up as usual until I walked near the driveway, then about 12 officers came out of the house that I thought was empty as usual. They lined up across the street like they were in formation and faced my bus stop. They remained there until my bus came. I felt really protected. It occurred to me months later that even former First Ladies don't have twelve officers watching over them and the officers may have been sent for intimidation. I still don't know which is true, but at the time I was glad to see them. (Google my article entitled "Letter to Mary Neal's Terrorists" for more information.)


I published many articles and petitions about our situation and about other people who are victimized in this country. They loaded my PC with trojans constantly, but I kept buying new computers and having my old ones wiped clean and Windows re-installed. I was afraid of what they would do to us if the public was not kept informed about their threats, stalking, and communication takeovers. Before I was laid off and my mother and I started staying home for safety, stalkers would line up outside the large midtown law firm where I worked and follow me home at night. After we started staying home all the time, my family became concerned about the new neighbors. I went to DeKalb County Tax Assessor's Office and learned that most of the houses are government-owned, and employees there said it was highly unusual for the houses not to be placed for sale. No "for sale" or "for rent" signs appeared at the houses before the new neighbors moved in, and ironically, the people seemed to already know each other. Most of them stayed home all day in houses valued at over $100,000 and drove late modeled cars, some of which had drive-out tags long after the allowed time. Someone nearby places my PC on an illegal intranet so they control my browsing and what I can upload online. Often, they shut my Internet access down completely. When I leave my neighborhood, my PC works perfectly for a while. But if they show up, my computer is taken over again.


When I use computers at the public library, I have to input my library number. Therefore, I am identified and the computer interference continues. I fear this will happen to more people when/if the individual Internet I.D. numbers are issued to every American as planned. I filed an affidavit in federal court from a computer rental company's owner. She affirmed that when I went there to use computers, the small parking lot filled with vehicles. Men exited the cars and stood near their vehicles talking on cell phones or loitered on the sidewalk outside her business. She locked her door for fear that they would stage a robbery as an excuse to hurt me. Her employees who were leaving work exited out of the back door to avoid passing by these scary men. They were likely concerned because I had published in NowPublic.com and FourWinds our intention to upload some videos exposing my family's terrorism. See "Cochran Firm Fraud 1 and 2" videos at YouTube.


If you look at cyberstalking videos I made while I worked at Twitter (YouTube channel jkempp703 link - http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=jkempp703  (please share the link)), you will notice that my Twitter page is always stagnant. I was amazed one day when I went to a computer rental locale and saw the Twitter page updating constantly! Apparently, when stalkers put my computer on an Intranet, I am not actually working online. That way, they determine which of my tweets post. When I manage to get net freedom at home, they interrupt services at YouTube, Care2, and gMail - the three Internet companies I use most. Google my name with those three companies, and you may find my reports about Care2 eCard department being cyberstalked the day I reported that Thomas Arthur, an Alabama death row inmate, faced imminent execution although his DNA test results indicated innocence, and gMail went down the same day, on September 1, 2009. They stole one article about this injustice from my FreeSpeakBlog (the name is a joke), but there are other accounts. The same article they stole from my blog was also published by an online activist organization. I followed the link to my article about Thomas Arthur's planned wrongful execution which the organization republished and reached a message saying the site was unavailable. (Please Google "Mary Neal Thomas Arthur.")


Another day I kept tinkering with settings on my computer and somehow won temporary freedom from their illegal Intranet. That happened after I braved stalkers and went to the library to publish "Hank Skinner's Last Wish: Justice." I hated the idea of the man being executed while denied a DNA test to prove his innocence, and I wanted to join my voice with thousands of others who protested the injustice. I was desperate to see how things went for Mr. Skinner (the Supreme Court granted Skinner a stay of execution). My computer tinkering worked, and I published "79 Tweets of Net Freedom" (only the first 30 or so show on cellphone view). Stalkers were apparently concerned that I would use net freedom to publish more videos like those you can see at our YouTube channel jkempp703 that feature real-time cyberstalking at major Internet companies, so YouTube uploading was shut down during the period while my PC was temporarily freed from the stalkers' Intranet. They resumed control after a few hours.


That is why I call my country "Libya, USA" (Google my article by that name in my MaryLovesJustice blog). Please help if you can. I am a prisoner for asking how and why Larry was killed after weeks of secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail and because I ask authorities to please treat others the way they would want to be treated. I may even be a condemned prisoner. Last night when I browsed my name online, which is how I frequently learn about my work being illegally edited or deleted, I saw my name in connection with epiproxy - meaning cancer. I used to get email threats about induced cancer before I was disallowed from using my Yahoo mailbox to correspond with thousands of individuals and members of Yahoo groups. They induce cancer in lab animals to study it, so I guess it is easy to infect humans, also. Coincidentally, cancer killed Johnnie Cochran soon after he partnered with the people who now misuse his name to defraud minority families like the Neals and Kathryn Johnston's survivors.


Sometimes our threats center around house fires, kidnapping relatives, phony criminal charges, and other evil acts. I promised to lead my family's justice quest on behalf of my elderly mother in the murder of her "special" child, my brother. (Google "Mama, by Mary Neal" in my FreeSpeakBlog to meet our mother on film.) But I did not know fulfilling my promise would require significantly more than contracting with a "reputable" law firm to represent us in a wrongful death action. Our lawsuits turned into an action thriller (Google "What to Do with a Bestseller Manuscript by Mary Neal"). I am not at all thrilled to have the starring role. It was surprising and painful to learn that 1.25 million more mental patients are imprisoned in America - people deserving care, not punishment for their common, treatable health condition. I am concerned that there are excessively sentenced and wrongfully convicted people imprisoned and that some inmates face execution and others were already killed without irrefutable proof of their guilt. I feel compelled to continue working toward justice for my family and other poor and middle class people who are victimized by a justice system that is decidedly unjust, but we need help. It does not matter if our helpers announce themselves or choose to remain ANONYMOUS. Please take these shackles off AIMI's feet so we can dance across the Internet and continue our "Human Rights for Prisoners March" until justice comes (Google that term. See the music video after the signature blog with Asians dancing to "Take These Shackles Off My Feet So I Can Dance - Praise You," a song by Mary Mary at this link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZ_xmhPCFR0 ). Outlaws object to my reminding workers, peace advocates, abolitionists, environmentalists, and all Americans that WE HAVE POWER to command respect as consumers and constituents if we unite and use it: Consumer Power:


BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: NO Shopping on April 9, May 9, or the 9th of any month during 2011. Link: http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/boycott-4-justice-no-shopping-april-9.html


See also Justice Gagged re Christian Persecution, Justice Gagged re HubPages, Justice Gagged re Facebook, Justice Gagged re Twitgoo, Justice Gagged re Christianity, and Justice Gagged re Sick Vets. I must list this blog's entries as I publish articles because otherwise, they may disappear on my blog's index and your browser may skip them (censorship). Asking people in authority to treat others like they want to be treated is censored now as it was 2,000 years ago when Jesus walked among us. Please TRY to follow me at Twitter, where I am @koffietime - Visit today!

Blessings.  See six (6) links below to use to access censored news about mass incarceration and murders of mentally ill Americans, prisoner abuse, and the nation's progression into something much less than a democracy:

Mary Neal is more censored than some Asian people in order to hide government corruption in America.  See a hot video depicting my plea to U.S. Congress not to pass S.968. I want officials to please take these shackles off my feet so I can dance across the Internet and spread the Word of God as it pertains to mentally ill prisoners, who deserve treatment like every other sick person, not punishment: "Let My People Go."

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