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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Boycott4Justice Works in Wisconsin!

(5 paragraphs, 8 links, signature block, 2 photos, 1 tweet w/ links not counted)   That can be our headline next week if Americans who are fed up will stand up and BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: NO Shopping on April 9, May 9, or the 9th of any month during 2011.  Link:  http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/boycott-4-justice-no-shopping-april-9.html

I did not conceive the idea of the Boycott 4 Justice but credit God for giving me the concept one night.  We distributed approximately 500 flyers to WE ARE ONE protesters at the Atlanta event on the 4th of April when simultaneous events were held across the nation to alert big business and government officials that workers would not take it anymore.  Since the Boycott 4 Justice Shopping Moratorium is God's brainchild and not my own, it is not immodest to think the fear that millions of union and non-union workers across America would join the peaceful, powerful shopping boycott on the 9th of every month will reap victories for working class Americans.  Be reminded that many problems resulting from corporate greed and government misdeeds happen regularly and more are contemplated, such as attacks on social security, expansion of the prison industrial complex through a new War on Drugs law against menthol cigarettes, and contentious laws regarding illegal aliens, to name a few.  

The Boycott 4 Justice will help resolve problems if millions of Americans unite.  Marches, petitions, and rallies expose wrongs and appeal to conscience.  Such initiatives are successful when they are backed by financial consequences such as boycotts during the civil rights era and labor strikes when unions were formed.  The love of money is the root of all evil.  Keep your money on April 9 to command greater respect as consumers and constituents.  It would help if you ANNOUNCE YOUR OWN REASON for participating in the national Boycott 4 Justice No Shopping Days on the 9th of every month, whether you protest school closings, reduced financial aid for college students, the Supreme Court's rejection of Troy Davis' appeal in March, war, millions of jobs outsourced overseas and to prisons to avoid unions, minimum wage and worker safety laws, weakened environmental protection regulations, rising gasoline prices, or whatever injustice you detest.  But announcements are not necessary.  Just do it!  No shopping whatsoever on April 9 or the 9th of any month in 2011.  Join the People's 9/11 response to injustices.  Collective bargaining still works!  

I have found injustice to be party-neutral.  Asking elitists to treat others like they want to be treated is contested regardless of what political party is dominant. Please TRY to follow me at Twitter, where I am @koffietime, and I will TRY to follow you back.  

Visit my new blog wherein I record censorship that interrupts the free flow of information online at http://JusticeGagged.blogspot.com - Here is a tweet it took me an hour to post last night:  

@AFLCIO THEYareONE. #Prisons#war, and #unemployment are connected. Prisoners make military uniforms & do many other jobs 4 free! U charge.
We the consumers and constituents CAN WIN with a united Boycott4Justice! Consumer power can bring power to The People. Try it. The Bible says: 


Mary Neal

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