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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Libya, USA

(23 paragraphs,17 links, 5 photos, signature block - Highlight to read the censored text if any portions of this blog are invisible. Cyberstalkers worked as I did input and changed the fonts to black so they would be invisible on the dark background of this blog.  Tonight they allowed me to change the words "font: black" to "font: white" in the html edit field, but they may change their minds and sabotage the blog again.  See "Libya, USA Highlight to Read" in MaryLovesJustice blog to view results of that censorship.  I started over by creating that blog, but they did it again.  I will leave that blog as it is for evidence - not that there is any legal recourse in America for censorship that I have found. Please forgive the changes in font size in this article. You have no idea of the fight it takes to have uniform fonts with people changing them as you type.) 

On March 19, 2003, Iraq was invaded.  On March 19, 2010, Libya was invaded.  Leaders in both countries were accused of serious human rights violations against their own citizens.

On August 1, 2003, my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, was murdered after 18 days of secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail.  He was a harmless lifelong mentally ill heart patient who police considered a pest because he sang loud where he should not and panhandled.  My family is denied any records of Larry's fatal incarceration and persecuted for asking.  In December 2010, thousands of inmates in six Georgia correctional institutions went on a week-long worker strike to gain a more humane incarceration. Approximately one million of America's 2.3 million inmates work for federal and state governments or Fortune 500 and other companies, doing jobs that many Americans think were outsourced overseas.  The prison rebellion in Georgia was the largest in U.S. history.  The inmates' nonviolent labor strike was met with violence by prison officials, and 37 of those men are reportedly missing.

While other countries are invaded supposedly to protect the populace from abusive governments, my efforts to report human rights abuses in this country and help decriminalize mental illness to save other people like Larry are censored. March 17, 2011, I published a Google profile help request: “How to direct my profile link to the ACTUAL profile, not page ABOUT my profile?”

My Google profile has been redirected to a web page “ABOUT” my profile.  This is the link where my Google profile was – http://google.com/profiles/MaryLovesJustice - The first paragraph of my Google profile introduced me as the founder/director of ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL ("AIMI"), an online advocacy to decriminalize mental illness.  That paragraph is positioned at the bottom on the web page “ABOUT” my profile, and cyberdogs prevented my moving it.  I thought it had been deleted.  Anyone who uses the link above is redirected to this link: https://profiles.google.com/MaryLovesJustice/about

The paragraph cyberdogs seem to be hiding is at this link:  CENSORSHIP ALERT - MARY NEAL'S GOOGLE PROFILE RENDERED INVISIBLE: http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2010/07/censorship-alert-mary-neals-google.html  - It begins with the sentences below:

Founder/director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI). AIMI members advocate for justice and compassion for America's 1.25 million mentally ill inmates in the tradition of Dorothea Dix.

I published the “Censorship Alert” article in July 2010 when I discovered that the 30+ paragraphs in my Google profile were usually invisible to people who accessed it.  The profile link is in my email signature at gMail and was widely published on Twitter and other social networks.  It carries much censored news about human rights offenses and Americans who need help.  I protest prison profiteering, especially at the expense of our most vulnerable citizens - the mentally ill.  When I discovered my Google profile link has been redirected to a web page ABOUT my profile, I followed the link to my profile at Facebook where I learned that links to my Care2 Sharebook (a blog) and AIMI were not permitted to work.  I do not know how cyberstalkers accomplish these things.  I just report them.  I also cannot tell you how or why it is that when I used the widget in the upper right margin of this MaryLovesJustice blog, attempts to send the article to Facebook and Twitter failed repeatedly.  I often get the message:  "The server understands your request but access is denied."  

As Secretary of State Clinton said recently, “There’s no ‘app’ for online censorship.”  See an excerpt from Slate below:

In a speech to be delivered Tuesday at George Washington University, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will urge repressive regimes to stop online censorship or risk a fate like Hosni Mubarak's. As social-network-driven protests rock the Middle East, the White House plans to capitalize on the developments in its second major statement on Internet freedom, and side with dissidents. "History has shown us that repression often sows the seeds for revolution down the road," Clinton will say. "Those who clamp down on Internet freedom may be able to hold back the full impact of their people's yearnings for a while, but not forever." http://slatest.slate.com/id/2285167/entry/1/ )

Perhaps Secretary of State Clinton does not know it, but other countries could take lessons in America on Internet censorship to prevent human rights advocacy.  I have been so viciously attacked online for a number of years that I give lessons on cyberstalkers' methods.  See "Internet Censorship American Style" at this link:  http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2010/07/internet-censorship-how-they-do-it.html

The job of protecting Americans’ Constitutional rights and protecting institutionalized persons is assigned to the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ), the agency that colluded with Memphis Shelby County Jail and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm to cover up the 2003 secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, described at this link: http://WrongfulDeathofLarryNeal.com  I am censored to hide my brother's murder and AIMI’s advocacy for other Americans with chronic mental disorders to be treated in hospitals and community care programs rather than incarcerated.  The prison system charges American taxpayers $50 billion per year to imprison 2.3 million people, and half of them have mental illness.  I did not know initially that my advocacy to decriminalize mental illness was contrary to the interests of Big Business or that many government officials are prison investors or that America is so mean to prisoners.  Then we all learned about Guantanamo and Gitmo.  Unfortunately, similar atrocities are ignored in domestic correctional facilities on a regular basis.  Only one prosecutor in Wallacy County, Texas tried to bring officials to justice regarding prisoner abuse inside America, as far as I know (2008), and he was not successful.

When Larry was killed after nearly three weeks of secret incarceration, I believed authorities did not understand mental illness and needed input directly from people who have that common, treatable disorder and their family members to recognize that imprisoning mental patients is discriminatory and a waste of resources that leaves disturbed people, their families and communities vulnerable to avoidable harm. I published many articles at NowPublic.com as “duo” - http://NowPublic.com/duo - that highlighted current news featuring acute mental patients subjected to homelessness, prison and death to prove mandated inpatient and outpatient treatment would be more fair, effective, safer, and a less expensive alternative. I also published at AIMI’s Care2 online site, in my Care2 Sharebook, and at FreeSpeakBlog – http://FreeSpeakBlog.blogspot.com - as well as Yahoo Groups and other social media.

I was surprised that my input was not welcomed but aggressively censored and I became a gangstalking victim.  Over time, I learned that mental illness is not criminalized because decision makers lack information but because denying timely psychiatric treatment benefits prison owners and investors.  Withholding treatment and the Dark Ages practice of locking mentally ill people away in dungeons (frequently in solitary confinement) after avoidable crimes (and sometimes in the absence of crime) continues despite the waste of public funds, unnecessary risks to public safety, and illegal discrimination against a class of people based on their health status. There is no acceptable reason to criminalize mental illness.  I am continually censored and terrorized for saying so but denied legal recourse.  There may be attorneys who would be willing to help us experience freedom of press, but our phone is tapped and contacting attorneys online is prohibited by cyberstalking.  At my Twitter profile page – http://twitter.com/koffietime - I notified @LawyersABC that I was prevented from viewing their tweets and perhaps from sending them any (many of my tweets never show in my home page timeline, so I assume they also fail to reach my followers):

@LawyersABC Yo @Twitter  pg says “LawyersABC hasn’t tweeted yet." Stats say 1,092 tweets as of 3/19/11.U censored or I'm not 2 read yo tweets 12:05 AM Mar 20th 

Surprisingly, my efforts to serve my fellow Americans and help officials are met with enmity. The methods used to persecute and censor me are like those employed under the FBI’s COINTELPRO program that was allegedly dismantled around 1972.  In my articles, I therefore credit “COINTELPRO” for the crimes.  (See my article at HubPages entitled "Mary Neal's Black History Month" to learn about COINTELPRO activities to derail African Americans' quest for equal justice in the 1960's and since, and against the Peace Movement.) To say I am traumatized would be mild. I am absolutely in shock about all of this.  Whereas the death of a beloved family member is always hard, I grieve more for the America where I thought we lived, not this Libya, USA.

We have hundreds of videos showing real-time cyberstalking to prevent freedom of press on numerous justice topics, including congressional bill H.R.619 (introduced in January 2009 by Rep. Eddie Johnson (D-TX).  H.R.619 was a bill to resume Medicaid insurance for inpatient psychiatric care. Mainstream media refused to report that the alternative to imprisoning acute mentally ill Americans was before Congress, and my work to publish the news was viciously attacked by the censorship team.  The bill died in committee because the media never reported it to the American people, and I hope it is re-introduced in Congress. Equally censored are my articles and tweets against the death penalty and prison profiteering, as well as THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD.  I already uploaded around 25 videos online, including those at YouTube channel jkempp703 and my Cochran Firm Fraud 1, 2, and 3 videos.  

I hope you view the real-time cyberstalking videos that should be available in the YouTube widget above articles in my MaryLovesJustice blog.  It is expensive for my elderly mother and me to upload videos for you to recognize what is happening in the New America.  As you might imagine, we are prevented from uploading videos using our home PC.  In fact, our house is apparently nearby someone who controls our computer via remote access and/or other means and monitors my family. That being the case, we have college students upload videos periodically or I used computers at public libraries, FedEx Kinko's or other computer rental businesses.  Even then, I am usually followed so my net freedom can be interrupted on whatever computer I use.  See a video showing censorship at DeKalb County, Georgia Library when a denial of service prevented my publishing anti-capital punishment news about Hank Skinner at Care2 News Network (YouTube channel jkempp703).

Other countries are not allowed to treat citizens like my family and I are treated in the USA.  See the following news post regarding the Libyan invasion, which is available at http://www.presstv.ir/detail/171384.html

Gates hints at open-ended war in Libya 23 Mar 2011 - The US defense secretary says there is no timeline for the end of the US-led assault on Libya as international opposition to the invasion continues to grow. During a visit to Cairo, Robert Gates said no one was in a position to predict what would happen in Libya. Gates also rejected criticism with regards to the air strikes in Libya which have resulted in civilian causalities over the past five days.

Always return to my articles that you find interesting after the original date of publication.  They may be updated as new information becomes available and/or with comments.  Sometimes the censorship force works as I do to prevent input, meaning I must return to articles later to complete them with data, references, photographs and videos.

The fact that my articles are censored may be reason for optimism.  Apparently, remedy is available through making censored news public.  Americans are for the most part compassionate, fair-minded people.  Many people are concerned like I am, and public protests are common.  However, big business and government have never been moved to change by citizens' protests and impassioned pleas in the absence of any financial consequence for injustices.  

Shopping boycotts during the civil rights era and labor strikes during the formation of worker unions made those movements successful because they impacted profits.  You are invited to participate in a peaceful demonstration to protest any injustice that concerns you.  Join the BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping on the 9th of any month throughout 2011. Information about this opportunity is available at this link:  http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/boycott-4-justice-no-shopping-april-9.html

Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Thanks, Steve. I accepted your kind invitation to follow your blog. I'm unsure whether to invite you and the public to follow this MaryLovesJustice blog. After the bold interference today by cyberstalkers who worked as I did to make my font black to censor parts of the blog, it may be ages before I have the nerve to write anything again. Is online censorship creepy, or what? Like you I am a Christian. We always knew these days were coming, but I had hoped the End Times would happen to a far-distant future generation. Seems it is time to look up and know our redemption is near. As your blog says, Jesus is Lord.


  3. I tried again to post this blog in the article entitled "Libya USA (second try)." Even more of the text was changed by an unseen hand to fade into the background. All of it is visible on my view by highlighting it. But MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS, LORD HAVE MERCY! What on earth happened to the First Amendment?


  4. I changed the second try article to "Libya USA Highlight 2 Read." The cybercensorship force changed my font to black so my words would fade into the background, but if you highlight as you go, you can read the hidden parts.

    Tribulation is upon us. When Christians DO the Word and be not hearers only, we are persecuted. Christians are permitted to sit in Church two and three times a week and study the great Acts of the Apostles as long as we don't try to do any great acts today. Satan does not mind us sitting in church; he and his demons sit there with us. But when Christians apply God's word to help the least of these His brethren, Satan and his forces of darkness come against us and also against secular organizations that help victimized people. This is the beginning of Sorrows.

    Pray for your sister in bondage for being a doer and not just a hearer of the Word, according to Matt. 25:31-46. Please add my family and me to your prayer lists as we beg wicked authorities for justice and open disclosure regarding the secret arrest and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, and try to save other similarly disabled people from torture and death. Some people believe handicapped children should be aborted and not permitted to live. They believe that handicapped people who were not aborted should be exterminated like the Nazis did. But I believe in God.

    Mary Neal

  5. To Darcy, from the UK

    I sent you this message via email, but my online communication is frequently prohibited and I want you to know I appreciate you. I wrote:

    Darcy, it is encouraging to have you and others in the UK and around the world watching my family's saga - trying to get open disclosure and justice regarding my mentally, physically disabled brother's secret arrest and murder and fight against cyber censorship to help other mentally disabled Americans be treated in hospitals or community care programs rather than imprisoned and tortured (by 23 hrs a day of solitary confinement) or killed. I believe you already follow my FreeSpeakBlog at http://FreeSpeakBlog.blogspot.com

    Many people from other countries signed our Petition 4 Dog Justice at Care2. At Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI"), the online org. I founded to fight for justice to mentally disturbed Americans and immigrants, we believe the mentally ill should have equal justice to pit bulls, who cannot be abused and killed without investigation and prosecutory efforts.

    Bless you for your interest. If not for the world watching my family, which is surrounded by "citizens police," we do not know what these people might do.

    See my blogs about the cyber terrorism and in-person stalking we endure in FreeSpeakBlog. Authorities will not help us, so we rely on the public to help publicize our persecution by sharing our blogs and joining us in demanding relief according to due process of law. The U.S. has excellent laws, but the country needs to be true to what it says on paper, just as MLK said over 40 years ago.


  6. Hello, @koffietime followers in USA, Chile, Pakistan, UK, and wherever you are. I couldn't win today; the cyberstalkers were too much for me. I tried to capture my tweets since March 3 and post them. March 3 was the last time I got away with doing that. But they prevailed. I was just tweeting about their victory:

    @PrincessDelap Libya, USA - my home sweet home http://marylovesjustice.blogspot.com/2011/03/libya-usa.html Cyberdogs won today I couldn't...

    Only 1 in 10 of @koffietime tweets actually show on my homepage timeline, although they post in my profile. Unfortunately, what I see in my profile is not what anyone who isn't using my IP address sees. That is why they prevent me from having a "follow me at twitter" widget on my blogs. I used to be able to see what the public saw by viewing my posted tweets using that widget.



  7. Today I re-read "Libya, USA." What significant knowledge I've gained since writing this, but not much of it is encouraging. What changed is my hopefulness that society would change with exposure of this information. My tone now is less patient, as I have spoken to hundreds of families whose loved ones were killed under the color of law or are prisoners in solitary confinement, having been deprived of psychiatric treatment until arrest for avoidable crimes or simply for being sick (vagrancy, panhandling, etc.). Torture is happening today -- right now. This is incredible to me, and censorship is also still happening to prevent advocacy for improvements regarding human rights for prisoners. Nevertheless, there are some hopeful changes being made and others under consideration. Two congressional bills give reason for hope:

    H.R.3543 "Justice Is Not for Sale Act" was introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders and others to end government contracts with private prison companies.

    H.R.2646 "Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act" was introduced by Rep. Tim Murphy and Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson to implement AOT programs, CIT programs, relax HIPPA laws to allow more family input, and resume Medicaid for inpatient psychiatric treatment in certain facilities.

    These two bills offer the main remedies to America's mass incarceration, which was primarily caused by greed and prejudice and continues for those same reasons. That is disgusting. I now write less about these issues because progress is slow, and the reasons for this are repulsive.