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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Legacy of Hatred

19 paragraphs, 1 photo, 6 links. They blacked out the parts of this blog reminding my readers that whites like Cameron Todd Willingham and Thomas Arthur also suffer wrongful convictions and executions. They blacked out my reference to Brandon Rhode, a white young man recently executed in Georgia using faulty anesthesia to ensure his agony. I deleted some of the cyberstalkers' codes to make it visible. The 18th paragraph begins "It is time for everyone who is fed up to stand up together," and the final paragraph begins, "Please Google 'Mary Neal' with the names of inmates or circumstances that interest you." 

I am censored for proving that the injustice system has plans of mass enslavement for everyone, and as more whites who were middle class are pushed into poverty, they learn the truth that God revealed thousands of years ago in Revelation.  This blog carries a disturbing email evidencing racism in the injustice system, which I share with you in the MaryLovesJustice blog at this link:  http://marylovesjustice.blogspot.com/2011/03/legacy-of-hatred.html - My response to this tragic news follows the email, but it was attacked by cyberdogs who prevent my First Amendment rights without any fear of reprisal by the injustice system.  It may be necessary to highlight my response to read it or copy and paste it into a Word document.  

Jim Crow's Empty Grave
Jim arose, and he lives in the justice system

Judge Sherling Schrock's Legacy of Hatred

The struggle for racial equality suffered a serious blow this week (March 21, 2011) in Berrien County, Michigan, and the public was treated to a graphic depiction of pure unadulterated discrimination in the very place where racial and/or class origin should impact least:  The courts of so-called justice in which punishments are supposedly tailored to fit the crime, not the race of the offender.

On the very same day Judge Sherling Schrock sentenced two young men convicted of murder.

One was a young white man who attacked and bludgeoned to death his mother's boyfriend while the man slept. The crime seemed brutal, premeditated and gruesome as the defendant used his fists and knees to batter this man to death. This young man received no prison sentence but instead was put on probation for three years because as Judge Schrock stated, "In my estimation, prison does not help anybody. People come out of prison worse not better...and that this young man would be better served by the close monitoring probation provided."

The other sentencing involved three black teenagers who were at the scene when a white robbery victim was murdered for a small amount of cash. The very same Judge, Sherling Schrock, sentenced Dequarius Steward (though he had never been in trouble with the law before) to life in prison. The other two teens, Kanisha Dyer and Lavor Coates-- who were not accused of the murder itself-- were given ten year and fifteen year sentences respectively as accomplices. Lavor said he had argued with Steward not to hurt the man and Kanisha had the misfortune of just being present at the scene. Apparently the real "crime" all three of these teenagers committed was being born black and poor in a county run by ruthless rich white people who can openly flaunt their power to favor one racial group over another.

There are many losers in this story, the first being the young people whose chance for any decent future was crushed under the wheel of this "justice" and of course, the families who will lose a child into the maw of incarceration that will very likely destroy them. The society which will have to live with these bitter and dehumanized adults as they emerge from their "just" imprisonment will also, no doubt, bear a huge cost. And of course, the other losers are those who have worked hard for justice and racial equality only to see their cause mocked and discarded so casually by judges such as Sherling Schrock.

Actions such these sentences by Judge Schrock build a legacy of hatred for which all our children will pay a huge price, one way or another.

The email is from Rev. Pinkney.  I often speak on his Sunday radio broadcasts.  Join the discussion.  Every sunday at 5:00pm EST blogtalkradio.com call in 347 994-3644 Pinkney to Pinkney show bhbanco.org  

JOIN THE BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE: No Shopping on the 9th of each month in 2011.  It is the people's peaceful 9/11 response to corporate greed and government indifference. Link:   http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/boycott-4-justice-no-shopping-april-9.html 

Rev. Pinkney, you asked for this news to be forwarded widely, and I agree that it needs to be read by millions.  I have no better example than Judge Schrock's disparity in sentencing to evidence racism in the injustice system other than my own family's tragedy.  My mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, was secretly arrested and murdered, and his lynching was covered-up by United States Department of Justice, Memphis/Shelby County Jail and other County officials, and The Johnnie Cochran Firm was engaged to defraud my family as our wrongful death attorneys to prevent the crime from being aired or punished.  I published the news online, including in my blog http://FreeSpeakBlog.blogspot.com (Google "Cochran Firm Fraud")

Thank you for providing the injustice in Berrien County, Michigan as evidence that miscreants in America seek to return the country to slavery via the injustice system.  Although Judge Schrock's rulings seem obviously prejudice based on race, many whites were also excessively sentenced in recent years, and some face execution who are innocent.  Being white helps people stay out of prison, but once there, race seems not to matter as much. 

Cameron Todd Willingham, a wrongfully convicted white man in Texas, was executed for murdering his children via arson after authorities received the fire report indicating there had been no arson and therefore no murders. In September, Georgia executed Brandon Rhode, a 32-year-old brain damaged white man who was condemned to death at age 18.  Rhode's death was particularly horrendous because the State used faulty anesthesia that ensured Rhode died in agony.  In July 2009, Thomas Arthur, a white man on Alabama's death row, received DNA test results indicating that he is not guilty of the murder for which he was sentenced to die.  The judge immediately sealed Arthur's DNA results to prohibit Arthur's lawyers from releasing the results to the public, and an Alabama District Attorney said he would pursue Arthur's death warrant. 

It is a great tragedy that mainstream media had followed Arthur's quest for DNA tests to prove his innocence for many years (like the media followed Troy Davis' quest for a new jury trial), but when Arthur's DNA test results indicated that the man was wrongfully convicted, no mainstream media reported the truth, and Arthur yet sits on death row where he has been for almost 30 years.  Definitive DNA tests have been available for at least two decades, but Arthur was constantly denied the opportunity to test his DNA against the evidence at the crime scene to prove his innocence.  When he finally was allowed to do that and the results came back showing the injustice system had failed, they hid the failure and plan to kill Arthur anyway.

The prison industrial complex makes the same amount of money whether inmates are black, white or other, and whether inmates are innocent or guilty.  Condemned people and inmates with acute mental or physical handicaps are worth substantially more to prison investors.  Prisons charge taxpayers for treatments and accommodations that the sick inmates are often denied.  According to the Death Penalty Information Center, each death row inmate costs $90,000 per year more than containing the prisoner in a maximum security prison.

Corporate greed is monstrous, and it is why America is spiraling downward.  Literally everything that is going wrong benefits corporate interests:  wars, prison growth, outsourcing jobs overseas and to prisons, criminalizing mental illness, weakened environmental protection laws, attacks on unions, the death penalty - everything!  Tough new immigration laws are designed to render illegal aliens to prison rather than back to their countries in order to have more inmate laborers at taxpayers' expense to replace "free" Americans who need jobs.

It is time for everyone who is fed up to stand up together in a peaceful protest against corporate greed and government indifference.  The BOYCOTT 4 JUSTICE is the people's 9/11 response - a shopping boycott on the 9th of each month throughout 2011.  Use the shopping boycott to RESIST whatever injustice you protest.  All injustices ultimately have the same cause - corporate greed and government indifference.  Americans must unite and demand respect as customers, constituents, and most of all, as human beings.

Please Google "Mary Neal" with the names of inmates or circumstances that interest you.  For instance, Google "Mary Neal Troy Davis."  Google "Mary Neal War," or "Mary Neal Prisoners."  After suing The Johnnie Cochran Firm for defrauding my family to protect Memphis/Shelby County Jail from our wrongful death lawsuit, I became a gangstalking victim and started staying home for safety.  Writing helps me feel connected to the wider world that I am denied enjoying.  Atlanta police said they will arrest me for telling people about the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal and The Cochran Firm Fraud.  Therefore, I have written thousands of communications online about injustice to my family and many other people of all races, including emails, articles, poems, short stories, and petitions despite the censorship you can view in the YouTube widget running at the top of MaryLovesJustice blog

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