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Friday, August 1, 2014

Agenda 21 and GA Guidestones: Ebola in Atlanta

If the object of bringing Ebola victims to Atlanta is to treat them while containing spread of the disease, it seems they would be treated at the CDC and not in a general hospital like Emory University Hospital. The disease spreads quickly and kills 50 to 90 percent of its victims. If the object of bringing Ebola victims to Atlanta is to release the disease, it is likely that some workers in Emory University Hospital will be infected within a week. It might be announced that an infected worker used the MARTA train. Hundreds of people will probably be infected to excuse a citywide or even a statewide quarantine, perhaps in FEMA concentration camps. Many plastic coffins are said to be staked near train tracks in Georgia. It appears that the gloves are off. (Read the entire article before opening the six links. Stalkers do not let my links open in a new window.)

See "GEORGIA GUIDESTONES: Ebola Arrives in Atlanta"

Stalkers attacked the last of four reference links in that article, the one that leads to an article in "Exposed - Freespeakblog": 
Amnesty Predictions from 2008

See also "A Short History of U.S. Government Respect for Human Life," which has a long list of government medical experiments

People are waking up faster than anticipated and uniting against oppression. The gloves are coming off. It would seem that the order went out about Agenda 21: "Let's Get It Started." http://youtu.be/IKqV7DB8Iwg Ebola comes to Atlanta in August 2014, home to the world's busiest airport and close to the Georgia Guidestones, a mysterious monument that predicts depopulation. 

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The Black Eyed Peas sing, "Let's Get It Started" at the video embedded below and at the YouTube link above.

I urge you to accept your Invitation to the Royal Celebration now. Eternity may be closer than you think if nobody stops 'em.

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