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Monday, August 11, 2014

Beer Summit Agreement: Racial Profiling OK

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit together at the table of brotherhood. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Beer Summit happened in 2009, and attendees'
 point of AGREEMENT apparently did not favor black people. African Americans scream for federal investigations after police murders like children telling a teacher on a bully who was actually sent BY the teacher to attack them. Teachers would be fired if they actually did corporal punishment themselves, so some allow classroom bullies to bite, pinch, or hit children they want to suffer. 

I feel strongly that the feds are not the remedy to police violence against African Americans. Check out this sequence in six(6) steps:
1) Memphis Shelby County Jail was investigated by the feds, found guilty of civil rights violations, and placed under federal overview by the USDOJ in 2000.

2) Larry Neal was secretly arrested (kidnapped) and murdered in Shelby County Jail in 2003.

3) The Cochran Firm was sent to represent the Neal family, but it is a CoIntelPro operation now. The managing partner was chairman of the Shelby County Commission. The Cochran Firm kept the Neals believing they had a lawsuit going against the jail while the statute of limitations passed, when nothing was actually being done - a huge fraud.

4. Neither the USDOJ nor the murderous jail will release any records or information about Larry Neal's murder in that facility. We have been asking, including serving FIOA requests and federal subpoenas for ELEVEN YEARS. They obviously AGREED that black people deserve kidnapping and death, especially black people who are not useful to the empire. Larry was mentally and physically disabled.

5. I have been persecuted and censored throughout the eleven years to prevent widespread knowledge that the feds are in complete accord with police murders. If a police department or jail is investigated by the feds and if the feds find a pattern of abuse, and if the feds take over the operation, they only HIDE THE MURDERS BETTER.

6. Judges in both Georgia Sup. Ct. and USDC dismissed our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm, claiming respectively that (a) there is no Cochran Firm office in Georgia, and (b) whatever The Cochran Firm did to protect Memphis police and the jail was "immaterial." Police murders are protected by the feds, CoIntelpro law firms, and corrupt courts as well as sold-out media companies. THEY ALL HATE BLACK PEOPLE TOGETHER. Now watch out for a possible Ebola conspiracy, and reject vaccines.

NO CAVALRY IS COMING to rescue African Americans from murderous police. Get over thinking it. 
The black genocide will escalate unless something Changes. MAYBE relief should be sought from the World Court. See an interview by PressTV with International Human Rights Lawyer Mustafa Ansari.

NOTICE: There are actually VERY FEW "white liberals" or "black freedom crusaders" who are willing/able to help victimized black people. Instead of sending help, a good number of brain-damaged black people who think they are in the NWO were hired to drive by my house continuously in white cars, probably symbolizing a well-known hate group. We are on our own. Accept it, and make a new plan. The feds are NOT the answer to police violence against African Americans.

Mary Neal
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