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Monday, December 3, 2012

Petition: Punish "Death in a Needle" Doctors

 Woman watches her husband get injected with syphilis by a 
"United States Government health care provider"

Please endorse my petition on "We the People" at White House.gov: PROSECUTE TUSKEGEE EXPERIMENT MURDERERS. The Tuskegee syphilis experiment (also known as the Tuskegee syphilis study or Public Health Service syphilis study) was an infamous clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 in Tuskegee, Alabama by the U.S. Public Health Service to study the natural progression of untreated syphilis in poor, rural black men who thought they were receiving free health care from the U.S. government. [Wikipedia]. After World War II, racists who killed Jews in medical experiments and other atrocities were prosecuted and sentenced to death or imprisonment for their crimes against humanity. Many of these criminals were elderly when they were captured. Persons who tortured/killed Americans during 40 years of deadly experiments in Alabama deserve prosecution. There's no statute of limitations on murder.

1. -- Short URL: http://wh.gov/N2bw
2. -- Save and Share this URL: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/prosecute-tuskegee-experiment-murderers/Jrb4LWCc
3. -- See photographs showing sick and dying people infected with syphilis at Google Images by searching for the term "syphilis," or use this link goo.gl/CsbqK

If you agree that rural black men, their wives and children who the U.S. Government infected with syphilis deserve justice, please endorse and share the petition. Everyone who participated in this Nazi experiment deserves prosecution and punishment. Just as it was with Nazi war criminals, it is not acceptable to say, "I was just following orders" when it comes to causing death and disease. Syphilis was already understood to cause insanity, blindness, body sores, sterility, and death before the disease was inflicted on innocent black men who trusted their bodies to the United States Department of Health.

Today, employees at certain large corporations are being forced to accept vaccines and/or microchips or face termination. Americans are being forced to relinquish free will over their own bodies and their children's bodies. In 2009, Massachusetts passed a Martial Law bill providing for individuals who dared to refuse the H1N1 vaccine to be quarantined indefinitely in FEMA centers (concentration camps) if the government had declared a health emergency. Health care professionals, government administrators and corporations were all absolved of liability for any deaths or injuries that might have resulted from taking the H1N1 vaccines, even if the victims were forced to submit to the inoculation.

Thousands of Americans today complain about being victims of electronic harassment and other human experimentation (targeted individuals). Therefore, we must hold every doctor, nurse, and government administrator connected with the Tuskegee Experiments responsible for the injuries and deaths they caused. People who participate in crimes against humanity deserve punishment for torture and murders to the fullest extent of the law for what they did to unsuspecting, rural blacks decades ago. Please endorse this petition to demand justice for innocent people in Alabama who died a slow, torturous death, passed birth defects onto their children, and caused the deaths of their spouses. Sign and share this petition to also warn medical personnel and government officials that there is no statute of limitations on murder and that "just doing my job" is no excuse to harm/kill people in the United States of America.Use email, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote this petition and get to 25,000 signatures by January 02, 2013. See the entire article with nine(9) links, five(5) photographs, and one(1) video at this link http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2012/12/prosecute-tuskegee-experiment-murderers.html in my FreeSpeakBlog, entitled "Prosecute Tuskegee Experiment Murderers."

Don't worry, Tuskegee Experiment Murderers. It isn't as though you killed pit bulls. You only killed black men and their spouses and kids - people who are regularly denied DOG JUSTICE in America.


Too bad you weren't a dog, my brother
In my heart, I cried
Many more people would care about you
And wonder why you died

You had no spots or floppy ears
You never fetched a ball
Instead, you were a human being
But poor, black, and flawed

You died in jail for mental illness
I know down in my heart
Your death would be investigated
If only you could bark

Dog deaths get swift justice
Their abusers are sent to jail
Poor Mama would have closure now
If you'd had a wagging tail

But you were made in God's image
And some day, I have no doubt
The mentally ill and American dogs
Will have at least equal clout

~ by Mary Neal, all rights protected

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  1. OOPS! I want to re-open this article and include a request that you please share this article and the petition to prosecute Tuskegee Experiment Murderers on Google+, one of my very favorite sites, but I dare not open it until more people see it in its original state. Cyberstalkers often attack my articles when I re-open them to make corrections. Somebody on my PETITION TO FREE MARY NEAL complained about my poor spelling. He apparently does not know what peril my articles are in when I return to the edit screen to correct spelling and punctuation. Therefore, please know that I see the errors in my articles that you do, but cyberstalkers take unfair advantage of my attempts to correct them. Many blessings. God bless you and your families at Christmas!