Censorship to Hide Crimes Against Humanity in USA


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Financial Persecution, Censorship, Terrorism, Burglary, and Police Impersonation re Cochran Firm Fraud

Last week, I worked a few hours at the business of a personal friend. Stalkers prevent my household from communicating with companies that can provide full-time employment by taking over our phones and computers. They tried to prevent me from working with my friend's company, also, by not allowing her calls to my home. But after she left messages for me continuously that I did not respond to because the messages were erased off my phone, she called other family members in November 2011 until she reached me. She offered the opportunity to work with her on a stand-by basis. I was a legal secretary for 15 years until the espionage and gangstalking started after my mother and I served a federal lawsuit against The Cochran Firm in 2008, but stalkers do not want me to work in law firms where they cannot takeover computers without breaking through attorney's firewalls and leaving a clear hand print. That is why they do not let job applications go out via computer from my address and/or prevent responses from reaching me at MaryLovesJustice@gmail.com . Communication with potential employers is suppressed for all my household members, because stalkers monitor and control our phones and computers. After I worked at my friends' business last week, stalkers attacked her computer and printer, and she had to have service. She told me about it today. Saboteurs want to prevent and destroy every avenue of income for my family because we ask WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL and report THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD. Their responses have been fraud, denial of records and due process, poverty, terrorism, and censorship. In fact, the responses probably include burglary and impersonating police, also (see COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD: BURGLARY AND POLICE IMPERSONATION (this short article is a paragraph they prevented from being added to that blog)). I call these offenses the 21st century equivalent of cross-burning on our lawn. Being prevented from communicating with employers is particularly difficult for young relatives with children who depend on them. I am not sure I would have started this justice quest if I had known that black families are not more likely to be treated fairly after lynchings than they were in the 1940s. But I believed America had almost overcome racism and that "justice for all" was a real goal. My family has been severely punished for acting on that belief that ever since Larry's secret jailhouse murder in 2003 (see WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL website). Thank you for your interest in justice issues.

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