Censorship to Hide Crimes Against Humanity in USA


Monday, August 20, 2012

GOP Convention Tweets by Koffietime

Tweets- August 17 to August 20 (4:10am) from @koffietime! Thanks for following.

I love God & ppl 2 much to half-step. I'm in HR or I'm out. Promised to work until justice comes re Larry Neal
14-yr-old slayed in Louisiana and organs stolen. Dad buried son on Father's Day He needs us.
Blacks only ppl gov bombed in USA They reportedly have bombs that leave infrastructure intact now . . .
See DOG JUSTICE FOR MENTALLY ILL Freedom of Speech, Religion, Assembly online all violated to censor me
I'm not allowed to advocate for decriminalizing mental illness -46 bullets GRAPHIC
I got in trouble asking them to stop this sick MI man killed by police firing squad -46 bullets GRAPHIC
Lawyers speak out against mandatory sentencing: An association of lawyers has spoken out against a South Austral...
Stalkers invaded my hm and stole orig files re lawsuit against Cochran Firm. Police refuse to take rpt. Sad.
At Facebook, they remove all descriptions and comments from my photos - everybody's comments! I'm USA's most censored
Whenever I go to FB page for African Judicial and Police Observer, my last post is on top. Fake
Stalkers positioned around my home invaded us and stole NEAL v. COCHRAN FIRM court records. Police refuse to take rpt of theft
PEOPLE, GET READY! TRAIN IS COMING ~ Impressions "You don't need a ticket; just get onboard!"
You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, then U will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye~Matt 7:5
Pardon me 4 thinking & the should have human rights, also.The paper said "Liberty & Justice For All"
Beloved, think it not strange re the fiery trial which is to try U. Rejoice! They did it also to Me -Jesus (1 Peter 4:12-13)
God, please grant me freedom to advocate for America's 1.25m mentally ill inmates. Evil ppl censor, stalk & attack me.
Re interview 8/13/12. Thx 4 opportunity 2 show bloodstained towels fr my DIRECTED ENERGY ATTACK after opening
.. .continuing to help you along your committed path with Him... He will provide.
Please print my tweets fr June 30 to now & mail 2me. I need to see which they censored. Won't allow my printing
I'll discuss my abuse by BenJealous. HE ATTACKED ME at Atl Troy Davis rally 9/18/11 to stop my handing Troy's sister a flyer
They stole my hardcopies of Neals v. TheCochranFirm but like Jesus, I love to SAVE. Plenty of flash drives across USA. HA!
Don't send yo agents to my house again, Cochran FirmFrauds and/or Justice Dept My records &BOOK are on disc SAVED
When will the FBI look at secret arrest and murder of my disabled brother the USDOJ helped Memphis Shelby Co Jail hide in '03
4 blacks killed by police in Memphis and 125 extrajudicial killings of blacks nationwide so far in 2012
Rally & March fr 2nd & Beal St to City Hall Sept 8 re Memphis Police-involved killings organize.thehood@gmail.com
Rally & March fr 2nd & Beal St to City Hall Sept 8 re Memphis Police-involved killings organize.thehood@gmail.com
KEEP YO AGENTS OUT OF MY HOME, SATANISTS! God loves justice, and so do I. Dont murder sick ppl if it embarrasses U
Wonder what agents were told to do to prevent me from publishing my tweets from June 30 to now when I go to library tomorrow
Sent to YvonneHickman by mistake fr GA Bar promising attorneys to dismiss her complaint w/o investigation Yes!
I will post my tweets from 8/17 to 6/30 in my blogs, or just stop saying this is a free country & "spreading democracy."
I have my tweets from today through June30 on a draft in my MaryLovesJustice blog that CoIntelPro prevents post
I'm opening the article and putting the Christian video again.While I do that, they CHANGE my article!
Elvira Williams arrested by Waterloo PD re larceny after she agreed to reveal voter fraud on Rev. Pinkney Show Sun.
You sent that witch into my home to pretend to be a friend and steal my COCHRAN FIRM court case files so you can falsify records, right?
Waterloo, NY police arrest woman who promised 2 air voting fraud on Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Show 8-19-12
Agent sent to befriend my son to steal my court records! Sex for Mary Neal v. USDOJ Records

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