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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yvonne Hickman Update on Banishment from Georgia

Below is an update written by Yvonne Hickman, formerly of Glynn County, Georgia. She asked that I share it for her. Yvonne is one of the women featured in my article, "AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN THROWN UNDER THE BUS BY SELL-OUTS at http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2012/04/black-sellouts-force-black-womens_24.html  . I had a hard time finding Yvonne Hickman's video link at that article. It was apparently had it coded to be invisible videos http://youtu.be/xjp_jY7so8A  .  Yvonne was banned from that county in Georgia probably because of housing discrimination. She and her husband, a Vietnam veteran with severe PTSD, bought a new home in a new subdivision and were one of only two black families as far as Yvonne knows. Nathaniel Hickman hallucinated that his wife was running over him with her car and called police to make a complaint to that effect - twice. Each time when medical responders and emergency police arrived, Nathaniel had no injuries, the car had no damage, he did not even have dirt on his clothes because there had been no crime. However, Yvonne was arrested both times, and she was banned from her country from the first incident in December 2009 until today. Yvonne made five videos about her wrongful arrests. Justice officials in Glynn County have yet to give her a court date to prove her innocence. How long should this innocent woman live with two felony arrests on her record for crimes that never happened - arrests that may have happened only to foreclose on her home? Yvonne feels that authorities take advantage of the fact that Nathaniel is incapable of dealing with business matters. Below is her update, and the first of her five videos is embedded at the end of this update from Yvonne Hickman.

May 2012 Update from Yvonne Hickman, a black woman falsely arrested and banned from Glynn County, Georgia

Greetings and a warm hello. I want to update you on my current and recent events regarding my banishment and county sponsored plantation styled divorce. Over the past week, I found out that while I was arrested (7-8-10) and served a divorce from my disabled husband by the Glynn County on (7-12-10) that on 7-13-10) they were in court with my husband getting him divorced under the family violence act, that I was sitting in a jail cell, and a no show at a divorce that the county sponsored. So, this I just learned that the county rushed me through a divorce not in September 2010 as I thought, but days after I was arrested. Where is the mandatory separation period?

Please note - as I searched over these few months from the nation's capitol to Sandersville, Atlanta, Macon, Brunswick, Glenville, Statesboro, Augusta, Pooler and Snellville Georgia, I am very deeply sadden and disappointed that NO attorney willingly practices civil, human or constitutional laws any longer and those that do are secretly paid off. Yes I said it, it worries me that on my civil rights lawyer search in Savannah, It was troubling to learn that only one civil rights attorney is responsible for the litigation surrounding these kinds of violations, Sage Brown is suppose to be the "Malcolm X" when it comes to civil rights violations in the area, but guess what, after three days in Savannah, to date, Mr. Brown as yet to return my many calls and his secretary refused an appointment for me, stating that he had to talk to me first. Well I have yet to speak to him and now I am back in my banished hideout state (Maryland).

A while back, I spoke to the former Mayor of DC (Marion Barry) and he reminded me that the civil rights movement was dead, whereas, I called out to him as a formable civil rights advocate, but what I got in return was "I can't help you!" Shocking!!!

When I called upon the Congressional Back Caucus (CBC), I was told that I must put my complaints in writing to the Chair and that the CBC really did not interfere with civil rights issues, but was only designed to perform as policymakers. People of color are being murdered in the streets of America, while my visit with the FBI within the last month brought on a hesitation by the civil rights department to investigate the color of law violations in Glynn County GA, which is an FBI function. It seems that Congressman Jack Kingston's (R) suppressed information about my case under the color of law in Brunswick, GA and why his district continues to ban people of color. While in Georgia, I found out that some towns are older than the state, and why three governors(Barnes, Perdue and Deal) refuses to protect the rights of these citizens, because the governors of Georgia cannot enforce laws in which they did not create, slave laws!

While in Savannah, I read this plaque about the Savannah slaves, that slavery was outlawed, but so many farmers were into cotton, and that the practiced was over looked and that the day to day selling and buying of slaves on the Savannah water front was ignored, just as my banishment from my home, family and friends, IGNORED.

There are far too many attorneys being paid off, while greed is a big factor among American lawyers; too many judges are corrupt while sitting on the bench, case and point: when I brought theft charges against Michael Puglise, he is the 10,000.00 lawyer who promise to sue Glynn County but reneged; while in court, the judge was switched in efforts to help out my defendant whereas, the chief judge of State Court showed up in Magistrate Court and announced himself to my defendant, the judge's verdict was automatic for the defendant. I noticed the lawyer and judge were friends, to the extent that the same judge that heard the first case that I disagreed with is also the same judge being used for my appeal in his STATE Court! Now what are the odds that a judge gets to hear the same case twice even on an appeal? So now Gwinnett County GA is shown to be corrupt when the same judge has now forced me to filed a motion for his recusal. Gwinnett County GA is about as bad as Glynn County, while Savannah is reported to be banning its citizens as well and by dropping people off over the bridge into South Carolina, this is Savannah's way of banishment I hear!

How shameful that Al Sharpton is aware of these issues in GA, above all, he has the Action Network located in Atlanta, but along with other so-called African American leaders, false arrest, false imprisonment and malicious prosecutions are not their thing, but if I were dead woman like Troy Davis and Trayvon Martin, then my case would be heard because Al Sharpton will keep it alive for TV face time, but too much emphasis is expanded on the dead, while so many innocent people are falsely imprisoned, and where are Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Michael Baston, Dick Gregory and Tom Joyners??? Missing In Action....

Too much money is made on the backs of the civil rights movement, when in reality, there is no civil rights movement, and I tend to agree that any act of protecting one's civil rights as in my case is like treason, whereas, to protect myself is like a crime within it self!

I have telephoned and interviewed over 30 lawyers in 4 weeks, and was shocked that the lawyers turned me down. All the lawyers I met have the same thing in common, not to take up this federal law suit, but to continue to PLAY me and try to talk me out of defending my lawsuit. So, as I write, on tomorrow, I still seek to hire a civil rights lawyer who can take this case over from me in the Southern District of Georgia; no lawyer wants to be seen defending a banned plaintiff and that's a fact, while banning is illegal and against the constitution of the United States!

It's true....in my opinion the notion of a new world order centers about the police and the dismantling of the constitution whereby, too many people are being arrested, handcuffed, and charged all without valid arrest warrants, and no lawyer wants to challenge the police or the judge who signed these false documents, and why the situation is out of control. When the federal government STOP assisting county's in America to lock up people for no reason, then maybe these police departments will STOP writing and falsifying police reports for monetary gain and creating criminal records on people for crimes that never happen!

Thank you and please share these comments, for I talk to young people all the time and they don't believe in justice, while it is my JOB to change the minds of these young people who are my future and the future of America, and show them that justice is indeed blind, but that the real problem is a "corrupt legal system."


  1. My son and I can identify with everything you have said. The problem is a corrupt legal system.

    1. Your video was commical. I do not know who wrote the script, but it was on a 3rd grade level. The words were hard to understand, guess it's a black thing. The "Poor ole Back Me" is getting old. Heck, blacks are everwhere, including the Oval Office. At least it was great for a laugh. We got a kick out of it!! Negros have more rights than whites, yet you still are not happy. You did get Forsyth Co. back, and the crime rate has risen 45% in the past 2 years. PLEASE, GIVE US A BREAK AND MOVE ALL OF YOU TO IRAN. I'LL START THE CONTRBUTIONS TO SEND ALL OF YOU BACK TO AFRICA!!

    2. The crime rate in Forsyth Co. was never higher than the day when thousands of people suffered home invasions, murders, robberies and terrorism by their neighbors, David Willis.

  2. It was probably a Brother that killed your brother. 1 for 1.

    1. I would not doubt it, David Willis. Lots of Negroes are complicit in preventing my reporting his murder in Memphis Shelby Co. Jail - that is for sure. If you know something, says something.