Censorship to Hide Crimes Against Humanity in USA


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mary Neal Blocked from Google+ Hangouts Program

My assigned cyberstalker, probably Michael Moon, has really revealed his hand regarding this article. His bosses were shaking in their boots when I happened upon a terrific Google+ tool that gives the public incredible opportunities for mass communication called "Google+ Hangouts." I have shared the information with numerous advocates since learning about it, but the cyberstalkers assigned to censor Mary Neal to hide the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm fraud refuse to allow me to complete the process to install the program. See the tweets below. I continue to beg the U.S. Government and DeKalb County Government to let me have freedom of press. So far, they refuse to help/let me have freedom of expression.I sent the tweet below about this today:
@DeKalbCountyPD said they'll do NOTHING abt cybercrimes against me and I must shut up abt it.

Yes, police actually came to my house and said I had better not report to their superiors that they refuse to investigate crimes done against me. People who do not have a team of cyberstalkers assigned to them to hide their handicapped relative's murder from the American public and the world might really enjoy using Google+ Hangouts. People who have no government or judicial corruption to report and who do not complain about crimes against humanity in America and report attacks against Christianity and frauds against minorities like I do can start broadcasting on Google+ Hangouts using live and archived audio and video capabilities. In other words, get your own online TV and/or radio show! But since Nazis already hate what I do with my Twitter account, they must have instructed their censorship team not to allow Mary Neal to upload Google+ Hangouts program.

Question: Google, please notify one of the techs in your Atlanta office that I will pay him/her  for use of a lunch hour this week if he will upload Google products onto my computer. The stalkers are apparently housed in foreclosed homes on my street and were issued equipment to take over my computers and the Neals' cell phones like they do in prisons to prevent inmates from having the ability to phone people and converse freely. I have notified everyone I can think of in the government and media, but denial of freedom of expression is in vogue in America now, especially for truth tellers. Therefore, criminal acts to disrupt my communication are allowed, and police threaten to Taser and arrest me for telling people in person about the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal http://WrongfuldeathOfLarryNeal.com and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm fraud program against minorities in America. Those crimes against humanity are treated like national secrets, unfortunately.

Twenty-seven (27) tweets from my @koffietime Twitter account at http://twitter.com/koffietime - TRY to follow me, please. I have reached my maximum allowed persons to follow, but I will check you out.

 "No Jesus, no peace. Know Jesus, know peace." That's a cool slogan and so true! Happy Tuesday!
CYBERTERROR at : Dog Justice A starving, diseased, homeless dog was continually on my Yahoo email screen 2007-09
 Did U read the things they're doing now to prevent my advocacy to decriminalize mental illness? In USA
 Everyone needs to read the Word. Many of us Christians are poor representatives of Christ. The Word carries His real story.

 tracking devices show mission to send  into North Korea a  ^is
 Things R better since Goldman Sachs bought Facebook IPO. Less censorship. Fewer complaints from everyone lately. .
My cyberstalkers got busy right here.
It helps to have a sense of humor. Fake laughter until it comes naturally again.Have fun today. It's good for you! No worrying 'til it helps
My cyberstalkers had codes inserted here.
 Tell 'em about it. In the case of The Cochran Firm, they wouldn't have to remember WHO they said they are!
Cyberstalker left calling card on html view here.
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to everyone who has or had terrific moms and all women who are moms plus ladies who help nurture, teach and love children
Cyberstalking calling card is here on html view.
 Y'all come on to Atlanta Auburn Ave Library Sun. May 20  & meet EstebanGarcia WilliamWindsor FredV-ManWatson GilbertYoung and MaryNeal
Cyberstalking calling card here.
 Was that necessary? Gee.
Cyberstalker struck again on html view here.
 WHAT is WRONG w/ y'all's Calif police? WHAT are they so ANGRY w/ black people about? "Let's Straghten It Out"
 Get a hold of yourself! Y'all sitting in an EARTHQUAKE zone making God mad as heck! Your police killing minorities like 1940 AL
 Is it The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm? They're real life transFIRMers. When U sue them, they disclaim being TheCochranFirm. Yes!
Cyberstalker codes here on html view

Elderly Couple Dies After Nine Dropped Cell Phone Calls For Help   
 My HP does all of that except fax. It is a great machine. Love it!

Ex-LAPD detective sentenced in murder cold case 

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