Censorship to Hide Crimes Against Humanity in USA


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Censoring Ron Paul Supporters

Stalkers put a wide space between two paragraphs in my article, "Ron Paul for 2012." That usually means they coded the text to disappear or be ineligible for copy/paste or print functions. (This article has four(4) paragraphs, 1 photo, and two links.) I repeat the endangered paragraphs here and will repeat them often. The second paragraph carries a link to InfoWars' video regarding re-education camps for American activists where it is reported that they will be taught "proper respect for the government."

PARAGRAPH 1 ---- Have you seen shredded pieces of the Constitution floating around? What about U.S. Code? Please do what you can to gather pieces of the Constitution, and save them for Rep. Ron Paul in November. He just might be able to tape them back together. I know he would try. Urgent action is needed before Americans get "re-educated" and no longer expect liberty and justice. "Re-education camps" is the term being used in the video at the InfoWars link below.

PARAGRAPH 2 ----- InfoWars Video: Leaked U.S.Army Document Outlines Plan for US ReEducation Camps     http://www.infowars.com/leaked-u-s-army-document-outlines-plan-for-re-education-camps-in-america/

See the entire article at http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/2012/05/ron-paul-in-2012.html . The way to win an election is NOT by censoring opponents and their supporters. Censorship and concentration camps are unAmerican and unGodly. Everybody who engages in such plans and actions should be exiled to China immediately where they might be more comfortable with the way people are treated by the government.

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