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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Police Kill Black Women; Congress Applauds

Black women have been regularly killed by #police since ‪the U.S. ‎Congress‬ gave Capital Hill Police a standing ovation for the ‪extrajudicial assassination of Mariam Carey, a young mother whose car hit a barricade at street level near the White House in 2013. Her car had light damage, but the #media lied and called Carey a "White House gate crasher." https://www.facebook.com/miriam.carey.stamford/
The latest victim: #sayhername - #KorrynGaines

The legal system later arrested Carey's family's wrongful death attorney, Eric Sanders,
possibly as punishment for defending Carey's human rights and her civil rights to stand trial in traffic court for her fender bender (her air bag never deployed). Naturally, Carey's instinct was to save herself and her child when police started chasing her car with guns drawn, so she tried in vain to escape the scene of the accident. Carey's child was strapped in a car seat behind her mother. Luckily, police removed Carey's child before opening fire on the unarmed black woman, a 34-year-old dental hygienist, and killed her. The five-year-old son of police officers' latest black female victim, Korryn Gaines, was shot in his leg but is expected to recover.

The police killings of black women are unsettling for my 93-year-old paraplegic mother and myself, since we help suffering people seek justice after crimes against humanity in America like Carey's lawyer. We embarked on this mission after being denied due process of law following the secret arrest and "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal" (a link to the website is below). Larry was my mentally and physically disabled brother, a 54-year-old harmless heart patient who was killed after 18 days of secret incarceration in Memphis Shelby County Jail on August 1, 2003. On July 16, 2016, I discovered that my modem is shared by at least seven near neighbors who are hackers and suspected DeKalb County police officers (I will publish the addresses next time). Their job is to censor, intimidate, and financially persecute us. Having control over one's phone and emails empowers Nazis to prevent legal assistance, job offers, and donations from supporters.

More information about these four black women is available at the following links (unless NSA redirects your browser).
Mariam Carey, whose extrajudicial assassination was applauded by Congress, announced the open season on black women in America

'Beyond B.S.': Attorney erupts over D.C. 'cover-up'

Wrongful Death Lawsuit re Accused White House Gatecrasher, Miriam Carey

(This article carries information about my censorship to prevent our radio broadcast about Carey)

Congress Applauds Execution of Unarmed Woman - Mariam Carey

InfoWars - https://youtu.be/Z4gmKtyUlJg
Congressional Standing Ovation for Capital Hill Police https://youtu.be/H71F6jZH8P4

Civil Rights Attorney Eric Sanders Arrested - Later Wins Fight with Feds 
Sanders' arrest came shortly after Sanders appeared with Carey's family at her wake in Brooklyn on Monday night, where he once again criticized cops and federal officers in Washington, D.C. for killing the troubled 34-year-old Stamford, Conn. woman, wrote  Murray Weiss.

"Why did Capitol cops cut down 'innocent' woman?"
A December 2013 article on Carey's fatality that includes statements from attorney Eric Sanders and Miriam's sister as well as the police affidavit was published by WND

Persecution and Censorship of Mary and Hattie Neal
The video https://youtu.be/387PbHHh8o8 is evidence of hackers. My family only had three devices connected to the modem, but hackers brought the number to ten. We were informed that hackers must be within 100 yards of one's modem to use it. We feel that we have lived under siege for years, and I often complained to my readers about being surrounded by "citizens police." Proof was also captured and saved on the pdf document https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7OOCl9xjk33NjAzS0VaWFlJZU0/view?usp=sharing 

Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

Mary Neal Finally Heard From Police Re 911 Emergency Call When Waylaid

Despicable Crimes Against Humanity in the USA to Stop Human Rights Activism by Mary Neal

Murderous dramatization starring Mary Neal planned

Huckabee, Dred Scott, and Armed Prowlers

Chemtrail "X" Over Mary Neal's House (includes video of aerial markings on lawn years earlier)

Police Report Denied to Mary Neal re 4th Home Invasion (sexual assault on Hattie Neal)

Larry Neal was murdered under secret arrest during the Bush administration, and most crimes to keep his murder secret happened during the Obama administration. Therefore, no assistance from police, politicians, or media companies ensued. Instead, terrorism and censorship against his family continues 13 years later. My mother and I are like women who were gang-raped by wealthy, reputable men who then decide to isolate and kill the victims lest they become witnesses to their crimes. The director of one human rights organization told me in 2012 to stop writing about our denial of due process of law regarding Larry's murder because it could interfere with President Obama's reelection. This administration pretends to care about women's rights and justice for black people; therefore, my terrorism increased during that election.

Korryn Gaines, 23, and her young son were
shot  by Baltimore police on August 1, 2016 

Korryn Gaines video with her son saying "They're trying to kill us!" It shows a police officer standing in her kitchen before Facebook turned off Gaines' Facebook page

Seven Things About the Police Killing of Korryn Gaines That Don't Add Up (Essence)

Stop Shooting Us! Why Was a Mother Killed and Her 5-yr-old Shot by #Police in #Baltimore? (Madam Noire)

Were police angry with Gaines after her traffic stop in March?

Police Order Facebook to Deactivate Her Facebook Page While They Kill Her

It is time for everyone, especially black women, to lay aside racial prejudice. It is mostly black men persecuting me for the government. And although I have shared the persecution, intimidation, and censorship I undergo as a human rights activist with many black-owned media companies (I have written so much about it over the past decade that they all know), Patriot News is one of very few medias that help to safeguard my mother and me by publishing news of our terrorism. See three samples below:

Government spokespersons would likely allege that I am delusional for "imagining" an open season on black women was declared in the highest eschelons of this corporate government when Congress gave police a standing ovation for killing Mariam Carey. If so, I am in good company for being mislabeled because I distrust an oppressive government that killed my disabled brother and also killed my brother who was a Marine Corps veteran with Agent Orange. The government routinely rules such deaths as Korryn Gaines and Mariam Carey suffered "justified." Having no excuse for killing Larry, his murder was covered-up. People who complain are called nuts. The News Commenter and USA Today reported that President Obama called this nation's forefathers delusional because they overthrew English tyranny.
President Obama: "George Washington Was 'Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist.'" Obama Says President George Washington Was a “Crazy, Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist Worried About Fictional British Tyranny”

The following was posted by TheNewsCommenter and USA Today:
(Video) Obama Says Americans Fought Revolutionary War Because They Were Paranoid

Published on Jan 8, 2016 - Last night's CNN Town Hall with president Obama was hard to watch for many reasons. Not least of which was when Obama talked about how Americans are paranoid and have conspiracies about the federal government. In the video below he actually points to The American Revolutionary war between the 13 colonies of the United States and Great Britain as an example of American's being "suspicious of some distant authority."
All people who reject oppression are punished by oppressors as much as possible, especially blacks. That is why Haiti is still being punished today for overthrowing French governance. Korryn Gaines was arrested during a traffic stop in March, and she refused to cooperate with the officer. She did not threaten him, but her Philosophy of Liberty was so pronounced that she had to be punished. As a result, her five-year-old son was shot and will emerge from the hospital as a motherless child. What happened to Gaines and my own oppression are lessons for all people in the United States of America, not only black women. My mother and I are persecuted for asking, "What happened to Larry Neal?" and because we advocate for other oppressed Americans of all races. Asserting human and civil rights for self and others is punished in America.

As two black Atlanta police officers told me in 2010 when I attempted to speak to people in conversational tones on the sidewalk outside The Cochran Firm office on Peachtree Street, "You'd better get your ass home before we Taser and arrest you. You have no rights here."

Advocacy article by your Tent City activist, Mary Neal

I know how effective hackers perceive my articles to be by the ads they run after I publish. This article is A+. It merited a funeral ad at Facebook, the company that apparently censored Gaines and may have contributed to her wrongful death. See my trophy below:

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