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Thursday, September 5, 2013

NAACP and KKK - First Summit in Wyoming

When the NAACP met with the KKK, it appears they had a fine time and much to laugh about together. After one KKK member got better acquainted with the NAACP, he paid $30 to join the organization and gave a $20 donation. The NAACP members could not join the KKK - it is for whites only. The two groups' first public summit was recently held in Wyoming. They discussed lynchings of black men, which the NAACP does not consistently oppose.

Many of the members on the Memphis Shelby County Board of Commissioners were NAACP members when Larry Neal's murder under secret arrest was covered up in 2003. In fact, Michael Hooks, nephew of former NAACP president Ben Hooks, was a commissioner. Numerous Cochran Firm fraud attorneys are also NAACP members. http://WrongfulDeathofLarryNeal.com

The family and friends of a police victim, teenager Kendrec McDade, protested in front of the Pasadena Hilton Hotel against the NAACP. The NAACP had chosen the Pasadena Police Chief, a named defendant in their wrongful death lawsuit of Kendrec McDade, to be the emcee of its Annual Awards dinner. The opposing counsel representing the police officers and the City received the NAACP President's Award. Needless to say, the family and supporters of Kendrec McDade were outraged at the NAACP's inappropriate choices. A video of the protest is at YouTube link http://youtu.be/aOed213vIG4 and embedded below.

McDade family protest Pasadena NAACP Awards Dinner

It is good to see the camaraderie between the NAACP and KKK is going public.


  1. Black attorneys like the woman defending the Pasadena police chief belong in The Cochran Firm. Put all the sell-outs together.

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