1. "If u find life difficult bcuz ur doing what God said, take it in stride. Trust Him." 1peter4:19msg
  2. Hooray 4 AttyGen EricHolder "our shared dedication to Justice & ideals set forth by our Constitution"
  3. Another one for Oct 22 STOLEN LIVES commemoration: J Farrell, 24, shot by NC police JC
  4. Another one for Oct 22 STOLEN LIVES commemoration: J Farrell, 24, shot by NC police JC
  5. Been bragging on you today for co-sponsoring bill by H.R.3088 to end federal mandatory minimum sentencing.Thanks
  6. Bloggers are "real writers" as much as those who write 4 gov't-controlled media. Freedom of Press means everybody, right ? JC
  7. 9/16/13, 6pm Eastern. Call-in 323.679.0905 for TOPS - The Ordinary People Society at J
  8. That would probably depend on how much stock you have in weaponry production.
  9. I like writing, but is more reliable.Once ppl hear you, nobody can change or erase the message fr their brains yet.
  10. If my no. of tweets does not change for a few days no matter how many tweets I THINK I post, does that mean U're doing something?
  11. Welcome, Visit "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" at for shocking cruelty 2 mentally impaired
  12. Welcome I'll be interviewed Mon 6pm Eastern.Call 323.679.0905 for TOPS OneLove J
  13. Rep introduced the Major Drug Trafficking Prosecution Act of 2013 to eliminate mandatory minimums fr fed law.
  14. The guy in Madison, WI had better stop now. Police officers want to see football and haven't time for mental illness
  15. Media questions: Who was ? He was a dad but did he have grandkids? Was he a vet? Was he widowed? Where'd he work?
  16. World's Oldest Police Victim, MonroeIsadore, Black Man,107 3 hrs from 911 call to being pronounced dead
  17. Y'all take the CAKE. Sent a SWAT team to kill a 107-yr-old man with to hurry home to footb. Hell enlarges itself daily~Isaiah 5:14
  18. Shame on U for interviewing 's roommate saying police had no choice but to shoot him 30 times. What does that old woman know?
  19. Welcome, I'm subject to NDAA SEC. 954-MILITARY ACTIVITIES IN CYBERSPACE, and my followers R often covertly replaced. Pls hang on
  20. Do you think Pine Bluff SWAT finished killing 107-yr-old Monroe Isadore in time for kickoff Sun.? … JC
  21. As many of America's own citizens are killed annually, it is good to re-evaluate some decisions. JC
  22. Obama: 'Breakthrough' is possible on Syria.
  23. Police standoffs: SanAntonio 9hrs; Madison, WI 3hrs and counting, but demented 107-yr-old black man dead in under three hrs. RACISTS
  24. World's Oldest Police Victim, Monroe Isadore, a Black Man, 107 Only 3 hrs from 911 call to being pronounced dead
  25. Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He...
  26. “Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” John C. Maxwell