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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Louisiana Teen Lynched in Lawless America

There has been another lynching by white supremacists in Louisiana. A 14-year-old black youth was killed. See the video about Jason Smith's recent murder below in this blog. If it were not for the Internet, such murders might be covered up by the media and American officials. August 11, 2012 UPDATE: This is worse than we thought. Jason Smith was not only murdered, but HIS ORGANS WERE STOLEN! LORD HAVE MERCY! They killed 14-year-old Jason Smith down in Louisiana and stole his organs! Jesus, save your people from murderers and organ theft! Listen to "Say Your Piece" Blogtalk Show Saturday night, 8/11/12, at 11:00pm EST to hear all about this barbarism! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sayyourpiece - If you miss the live broadcast, you can access it from the archives at Blogtalk.

America is becoming a nation of whistleblowers, because there is so much corruption to report and too few mainstream reports about certain news. Whistleblowers and Internet media companies help justice in America. The biggest whistleblower event in history is the Lawless America Movie! "The TRUTH will make you free" ~John 8:32. Thank God for Bill Windsor and his film crew and volunteer staff. Many of us await the opportunity to experience the promise in John 8:32 - freedom through truth-telling. Fourteen(14) links are in this article. William Windsor is traveling to all 50 states and interviewing roughly a thousand Americans who were/are victimized by judicial and government corruption. Thank God for William Windsor and the individuals who risk retribution by revealing corrupt courts and government entities across America. I cannot help with this important project as much as I would, because cyberstalkers destroyed another of my computers to censor me after I published articles against concentration camps in Israel and America and biomass incinerators that are suspiciously positioned near prisons and in African American communities.

While I am using this loaner computer, I share Lawless America links with as many people as I can and urge everyone to do the same. There may be other people like Mary Neal who live like prisoners. I am censored and stalked plus threatened by police for revealing The Cochran Firm Fraud against minorities in order to hide government murders and other corruption from the world. Two links below are episodes of the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Show that reveal the persecution some truth-tellers experience, even police officers and jail guards who try to correct the justice system. Storey, a former Memphis Shelby County guard, talks about malicious prosecution he suffered because he refused to help the jail cover up an inmate's death. Guards allegedly released two mentally ill inmates together (who should have been in isolation) in order to watch a HUMAN DOG FIGHT TO THE FINISH. This is the same jail that secretly arrested my mentally ill brother, Larry Neal, for 18 days and murdered him in 2003. After Larry Neal's death, the jail and the U.S. Department of Justice used our own attorneys, The Cochran Firm, to arrange a cover-up about Larry's murder that continues today. That is why my computers are continually destroyed and stalkers follow me whenever I leave home. Because of illegal censorship police refuse to address, I cannot be a scriptwriter for Lawless America Movie. CoIntelPro steals data from my computers or destroys my machines altogether so that I cannot access data stored on my hard drive. America owes gratitude and support to Rev. Pinkney, William Windsor, and all people who work hard, sacrifice, and face danger to Save America by enabling the TRUTH to be told.

A former jailer at Memphis Shelby County Jail and officer from Louisiana discuss corruption and murders 
http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rev-pinkney/2010/07/18/pinkney-to-pinkney   Notice that Rev. Pinkney was initially prevented from admitting guests to this episode of his show. Censorship is applied to Blogtalk Shows and other citizens journalism. After several tries, Rev. Pinkney was allowed to connect his guests on July 18, 2010. That broadcast continues an interview that started on July 11, 2010 of a former Shelby County, Tennessee jailer regarding two mentally ill inmates who were apparently let out of their cells where they were kept in solitary to have a DOG FIGHT TO THE FINISH to entertain jail guards. Storey says after the fight, the smaller inmate was tossed in his cell to die. Storey found the dying inmate when he came on the morning shift, and the dying inmate told Storey what happened. Story reports that he was later set up on phoney drug charges, arrested on camera, and fired because he refused to go along with a cover-up regarding the inmate's murder. When I accessed the July 11, 2010 show later that night, I discovered that  Rev. Pinkney's July 11, 2010 show was substituted with an earlier broadcast that did not feature Storey's truth-telling. I caught the sabotage and complained about it to Blogtalk at Twitter where I am @koffietime and to Rev. Pinkney by phone. I advised all Blogtalk Radio Show hosts to state the date of their broadcasts several times during the broadcasts to prevent substitutions of shows to censor news. The stalkers then put Mr. Storey's July 11 interview back, but NOW THE SHOW IS GONE FROM BLOGTALK at this link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rev-pikney/2010/07/11/pinkney-to-pinkney .  Please join me in urging Blogtalk to reload the July 11, 2010 Rev. Pinkney broadcast. Meanwhile, I will work on getting another interview with Mr. Storey for the Rev. Pinkney Show, Lawless America Movie, and many more.  Cyberstalkers do not want my readers to know from a former jailer how atrocious Memphis Shelby County's history of prisoner abuse was. Mr. Storey called me after reading my articles about my brother's murder under secret arrest in that same facility in 2003, after it was already placed under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Justice due to its pattern of inmate brutality and murders.

Fourteen(14) links are in this article. Select "go to page 1" if you accessed this article on a cellphone. CoIntelPro sometimes hides the beginning of articles by MaryLovesJustice. Censorship is done with or without the cooperation of Internet sites. Internet radio hosts must announce the dates of their broadcasts throughout the show to prevent SUBSTITUTION. CoIntelPro misinformation and disinformation are rampant online, especially since the Internet censorship bills SOPA and PIPA did not pass in Congress. Now Americans must unite to fight CISPA. The First Amendment must be preserved, or abuses of power will increase. Justice officials asked Google to take certain police brutality videos off YouTube in 2011, which Google refused to remove. Because Google did not cooperate with censorship and stood against SOPA, the Internet giant had to defend itself against unfounded antitrust allegations before the U.S. Congress and in civil court. No Americans or corporations are exempt from persecution for truth telling, although this is supposed to be a nation with liberty and justice for ALL. That is why "Lawless America Movie" is so important. Bill Windsor and all whistleblowers in the movie are heroes.

Senator Wyden and other lawmakers who fight for Americans' net freedom in Congress also deserve our thanks and support.  IF INTERNET CENSORSHIP BILLS PASS, Americans might have no way to air news such as the reports below about Jason Smith, a 14-year-old Louisiana youth who was recently killed by white supremacists. See a video below about the Louisiana teen's murder at this YouTube link http://youtu.be/AAWgASicEk0 (which is also embedded below) and hear an exclusive radio interview with Smith's father on the July 29, 2012 episode of "Say Your Piece" Blogtalk Radio Show at this link  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sayyourpiece/2012/07/29/i-will-surprise-you . Notice the references to ORGAN THEFT, which may have happened after the teen was killed and could be the reason why my brother and other mentally ill blacks are going MISSING and emerging DEAD after police custody. My family is still DENIED any records or information about Larry Neal's 18 days of secret incarceration, and our elderly mother has continuous nightmares about different scenarios about how Larry was killed and why. I have repeatedly asked Attorney General Holder to stop obstructing justice and release Larry's arrest records, but the Department of Justice (which was in direct overview of Shelby County Jail on August 1, 2003 when Larry died) continues its racist murder cover-up and refuses to cooperate with Freedom of Information Act requests.

Are black mental patients and children being killed for their organs? Allegations of organ theft have also been made regarding Trayvon Martin's murder. We will examine that possibility in-depth in another article. Friends, I am using a loaner computer and have limited time. I will finish this article with more links posted below to show how urgent it is for my readers to support Rev. Pinkney and William Windsor and keep fighting Internet censorship. Stand behind organizations and officials like the Electronic Foundation (EFF) and Sen. Wyden who protect the First Amendment.



When you help fight Internet censorship, you make it harder to cover-up murders like my handicapped brother, Larry Neal's secret jail death. Fourteen(14) links are in this article. You make it harder for the corrupt justice system to use malicious prosecution against teenagers like Matthew Moore, who was wrongfully convicted in his small Louisiana parish in April 2012, possibly to punish his mother, Katherine Conner, for filing a complaint against the district attorney and a judge in their small parish.Katherine Conner and I discussed the case with Blogtalk radio hosts at "Say Your Piece," which airs on Saturdays. Below is a link to the July 14, 2012 show with Mary Neal and Katherine Conner as guests http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sayyourpiece/2012/07/15/justifying-the-unjustified

LAWLESS AMERICA (William Windsor, director) http://lawlessamerica.com/

B.H. BANCO Org (Rev. Pinkney, director) http://www.bhbanco.org/

ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL (Mary Neal, director) http://www.care2.com/c2c/group/aimi . Pray for my mother on August 1. This year will be the ninth anniversary of my mentally, physically disabled brother's murder which is covered up by our government. See our website WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL http://WrongfulDeathOfLarryNeal.com (Please let us know if CoIntelPro redirects that link. The closer we get to election day, the more Larry's murder is censored.) Rev. Pinkney plans to join me in Atlanta on August 18 for a JUSTICE RALLY you are invited to attend. I plan to make many more of my real-time censorship videos available for attendees to see for themselves the censorship that is applied by the four cyberstalkers who go online with me to contain news and viewpoints by members of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill as we endeavor to decriminalize mental illness and advocate against lawyer fraud, judicial corruption, mass incarceration and the death penalty. There are fourteen(14) links in this article. Select "go to page 1" on the cellphone view to ensure you had access to the beginning. Thanks for your interest in justice issues presented by this laywoman in obedience to God's command in Proverbs 31.8-9. If you can contribute to this work financially, please send donations to any or all of the organizations and officials listed herein. Another way to help is by sharing this news. Blessings!

Truth-tellers endeavor to save Liberty. She is under arrest.


  1. We are becoming a Lawless land. The injustices are staggering among African American people,and growing and becoming more blatant since Obama. Where is the Change? It has gotten worst. We are suppose to be a protected class of people? The Obama administration USDOJ)needs to do more, and investigate these crimes against innocent poor people and bring these criminals to justice.

    1. You are right, Katherine. But don't hold your breath waiting on help from Washington about abuses of power. The ultimate abuse of power is execution or imprisonment without a fair trial. That administration is in favor of both NDAA concentration camps and extrajudicial assassinations for people who are not charged with any crime whatsoever. How can you expect justice to be important to people who do not believe in it?

  2. August 11, 2012 UPDATE: This is worse than we thought. Jason Smith was not only murdered, but HIS ORGANS WERE STOLEN! LORD HAVE MERCY! They killed 14-year-old Jason Smith down in Louisiana and stole his organs! Jesus, save your people from murderers and organ theft! Listen to "Say Your Piece" Blogtalk Show Saturday night, 8/11/12, at 11:00pm EST to hear all about this barbarism! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sayyourpiece - If you miss the live broadcast, you can access it from the archives at Blogtalk.

    1. Maam, if you honestly think the kind of organized crime groups who engage in black market organ harvesting are going to employ four dumbass high school kids, one of whom's father is supposedly an FBI agent(!), then you are a gibbering moron and it's a miracle you didn't electrocute yourself trying to type this post in the bathtub!

      Oh, and the "private autopsy" this father had conducted by "Dr." Randy Short, Short isn't even a medical doctor! He's a political con artist from D.C.


      And, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the most prominent tracker of hate groups, there is no active chapter of the Klan, or any other white supremacist group in Eros, Louisiana.


      You and this guy have absolutely NO evidence. None. Other than a wild-ass story about an entire police department, and a media (the same ones who enthusiastically covered the James Byrd story, yet we're to believe would let something this explosive be ignored, were there any evidence at all), that is engaged in a massive conspiracy to cover up the killing and raping some kid for ... basically no reason whatsoever! And the guy is even openly asking for DONATIONS! Are you that gullible??

      It is because of cretinous conspiracy theorists like you who are either swallowing obvious hoaxes like this
      whole, or are being complicit in pushing them yourself, that we will never see racial tensions in this country die. And that's fine with you, because you DON'T WANT THEM TO!

  3. It is getting worse all the time because no one is doing anything. It is spinning out of control, and many people are going to take the law into their hands. I feel this is when the Marshall Law, and the concentration camps are going to take place.