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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SOPA Applied to Mary Neal Anyway

I GET INTERESTING EMAILS. One this week says: "The game stops when women are kidnapped and held hostage. and when innocent people are found dead with no explanation." I answered that that was very sinful. Responding email: "Under these so-called homeland security laws on 'indefinite detention for U.S. national security reasons,' a hostage entrapped in a deadly, violent terror situation was PREVENTED from testifying about her own abuse, torture, entrapment and blackmail ------ thus keeping her TRAPPED longer ------ Do you get it now?" Obviously, the writer was referring to indefinite detention under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which I advocate against. The writer was probably speaking in a general sense. I hope new presidential powers will never be used to punish Americans for asking the government about missing disabled relatives who died in secret government custody like my handicapped brother Larry Neal did in 2003 http://wrongfuldeathoflarryneal.com/  and roughly 400,000 mentally challenged German citizens who were eliminated as "useless life" in the 1940s before the Jewish Holocaust got underway. I do not think it is a good idea to give any official the power to order people into concentration camps http://goo.gl/dN1Kw - Learn about concentration camps at the immediately preceding link to Jewish Virtual Library. Of course, concentration camps are not foreign to America. Blacks' slave quarters were camps. The early Indian reservations were essentially concentration camps. Japanese Americans had the experience, and 2.3 million prisoners are in concentration camps today. Some are working up to 72 hours per week on jobs that were outsourced to prisons by government entities and corporations that escape rules regarding the 40-hour work week, worker safety regulations, and minimum wage laws.

I do not know if I will write on these subjects again, so if you are interested in truth-telling, please print the article and visit the articles at the links. Read "Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)," by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) at http://www.eff.org/issues/acta . With the ACTA treaty having been signed in November 2011, websites like mine that propound liberty and justice may be taken offline under orders by China or another totalitarian country among the eight countries that have or may soon join the international intelligence properties treaty.

Under NDAA, U.S. presidents need present no reason whatsoever for victims' indefinite internment in military detention camps where some will suffer torture, according to the email I received and reports I read on the web. That kingly power was bestowed on the U.S. president's office by Congress and signed into law by the president in December 2012. Subsequent presidents will continue to have that power unless and until it is repealed, as Ron Paul's H.R.3785 proposes. I advocate for passage of that bill in my blogs and tweets. I also use online services to seek open disclosure and accountability about the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal at http://wrongfuldeathoflarryneal.com/ . Since mentally ill Americans have no respected right of life, I founded Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI), an online advocacy organization to decriminalize mental illness in our nation.

AIMI's censorship is intense. What's worse, I was attacked by a directed energy weapon that was apparently implanted in my laptop during one of its repairs, because someone is always awake in my house and it could not have been done during a burglary (we sleep in shifts). I will TRY to post a video with my blood and tissue. Directed energy weapons set at low levels in altered appliances such as computers can cause cancer over time. Such weapons can also emit enough juice to cause heart attacks or anuisms to induce sudden death. Researching directed energy weaponry brings to mind numerous advocates and public figures who died of cancers and inoperative tumors in recent years. Among them were Coretta Scott King, Ted Kennedy, Johnnie Cochran, and Troy Davis's sister, Martina, who was a strong anti-DP advocate http://goo.gl/jnqzL . I announced her death at the preceding link in my FreeSpeakBlog (the name is a joke, believe me). Someone should a send those people's computers to forensics labs. Information about directed energy weaponry is at this link:   The directed energy device may have been in my computer for some time emitting low levels of radiation, but I wrote some articles that my cyberstalkers really hated, and I got blasted! "Presidential Commission: Directed Energy Weaponry Used on American Citizens in Tests," by Shepard Ambellas and Joe Joseph, of The Intel Hub http://goo.gl/j6Jsn - That is a good source of information about directed energy weaponry that nearly took me out this week. Activists and others, beware!
I strongly suspect Michael Moon, the computer technician who substituted himself for the tech from a company I called to remove Trojans and viruses stalkers had sent my computer in April 2010. I made a police report about Moon extorting me of $80 for the computer repair since he actually loaded more viruses and Trojans on my laptop and fixed it so that I could not go online at all unless I called his shop first. He had me make the check payable to "AHS," which were not his initials nor the name of the shop I called. It was not even the name of the business Moon represented himself as being from. He presented me with a business card for a company that Georgia Secretary of State's office listed as having gone out of business four years before his service call to my home. I wrote about Moon in my article, "HOME INVASION!" http://goo.gl/GSX34  and a follow-up article called, "The Heathens Rage" http://goo.gl/OJFQ4.  I spoke with Moon's secretary about the computer sabotage, and she told me she never heard of any customers writing service checks to "AHS." Moon was out of the office. He immediately called the secretary and fired her, saying she gave me too much information. I assume from that call that Moon is also my telephone stalker. His secretary agreed that was possible since he was able to tell her what she said to me. That is probably how the stalkers know when I plan to leave home and where I will go. Can you guess how I want my life insurance used if I catch cancer?

Stalkers also use the Neal family's computers and cellphones to hear every word in our home, and perhaps they use powerful listening devices that allow people to hear conversations outside across the space of two football fields. We noticed last summer that if we stand at the top of our driveway and talk, there is a strong echo. What would cause that? You can see my home on the video entitled "Gangstalking Mary Neal re Prisoner Advocacy" at this link www.youtube.com/watch?v=znJS-6qw__8 . Most of the homes you see around mine on the video are listed at DeKalb County Tax Assessors office as "9-public utility gov." I asked the staff in that office why so many homes around mine are government-owned, and they had no explanation. Ordinarily foreclosed houses are sold as soon as possible, but those around the Neals were reserved empty without any "for sale" or "for rent" signs until the end of our federal lawsuit against The Cochran Firm for defrauding my family to help police escape disclosure and lawsuit regarding Larry's murder. After the judge ruled that crimes against our family were "immaterial," every one of the houses that had been empty from six months to a year filled with people who seemed to already know each other. These are not my stalkers only. I saw two of them working with Occupy Atlanta, and one had attached himself to an elderly human rights activist I met at the Malcolm X picnic in Atlanta last summer. Same guys. One never knows who another is these days. See "Mary Neal's Black History Month 2011 http://goo.gl/71jL2 and see that there have always been citizens police among us.

See my article, "Citizens Police, My New Neighbors and Yours" in my FreeSpeakBlog at this link: http://goo.gl/FaE7g. Whenever we go outside, someone will come outside from one of the houses and stay as long as we do, no matter what the weather is like. One day I kept the lady in the yellow house outside pretending to sweep her driveway for two hours while I sat on my porch and read a book on a 100-degree summer day just for the hell of it.  A black man in a tan pickup truck seems to be their supervisor. He drives by and they nod and he points at them, probably meaning "good job." I videotape their antics that are done in person and on computer. See my video channel JKEMPP703 at http://youtube.com/jkempp703 .  Because of what happened to Larry and other mentally ill prisoners, like the young Hispanic man who starved to death in a Utah jail in 2011, as well as the crimes I endure which police refuse to investigate, I try to convince Americans that repealing NDAA powers under H.R.3785 is a really good idea.

It is strange for officials in a "democracy" to want NDAA indefinite detention powers, and it is unacceptable for our elected officials to overstep the Constitution and bestow them on the president's office. How can any of them know who will be president in six years or even next year and have absolute power over Americans that the founding fathers never intended for anyone to have - powers that YOU should abhor anyone having over yourself, your family and friends. I do not mean to be insulting, but that kind of blind trust coming from adults attests to retardation or brainwashing. Perhaps I missed it because staying in the house for a year and a half to dodge stalkers after a terrifying incident that happened on September 27, 2008 kept me out of chemtrails. Use this link http://goo.gl/ycjeg to access "Mary Neal Finally Heard From Police Re 911 Emergency Call When Waylaid." Sometimes Americans act so zombie-like about protecting their human rights that I feel like I have been transported to a planet of Stepford Wives  http://goo.gl/erQER   Watch some of that movie at the preceding link. I try to awaken you in my articles and tweets at http://twitter.com/koffietime , but the hypnosis is deep indeed. One of my family members suggested that people have a supernaturally-induced trust. How else could the one world dictatorship come to power that is foretold in Revelation wherein over two-thirds of earth's population will be killed and the rest enslaved?

A young man who admitted in 2011 that he was "paid well" to follow me to DeKalb County, Georgia public libraries told me that he is related to Michael Moon. There are several other young black men who have a strong family resemblance to Moon and his stalker relative. They frequently visit the family across the street from my home, who are moving this week since I reported online about my directed energy attack. I now report these things to my readers instead of police. Police threatened to arrest and Taser me for exposing The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm fraud to people on public sidewalks in Atlanta and DeKalb County Police who made a special trip to my home to tell me I'd better not report to their superiors that they refuse to address crimes against my family and me, including stalking in person and online as well as blocking my telephone calls. The men followed me wherever I went for the last two years.

If I say on my tapped phone that I am about to leave home, they stand on the porch across the street or actually sit on hot concrete in the driveway and watch my house, presumably to see who comes to drive me. Stalkers with a strong resemblance to Michael Moon take turns following me, usually two at a time. They get on whatever train car I do and show up wherever I try to use the computer at rental locales or public libraries. I gave up driving after being accosted by four vehicles and a pickup truck with USDOT in large black letters on both doors in September 2008 and 911 failed to dispatch a police car to the Chevron station where my grandson and I, and later my niece, were waylaid at a Chevron station for around an hour. I gave the IP addresses my computer security system captured that belong to my stalkers and the car tag number for the stalker who admitted he was paid well to stalk me in police reports. But authorities refuse to address the crimes against the Neals: Larry's murder, stalking online and in person, removal of emails, disruption of online services, and terrorism.

I doubt if police would address the attack by the directed energy weapon either, but I will not make a police report and give an excuse to take my laptop. Someone may be able to slip into the police property room and remove the device. I suppose I should not be surprised at the lack of police services since I have a court order from United States District Court which says that crimes against my family are "immaterial," and the USDOJ refuses to address Larry Neal's secret arrest and murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail. I suppose my family's attempted murder through radiation poisoning cannot be a crime since Larry's murder is not. We're black people from the 99%, after all. I think the media and large human and civil rights organizations have been told not to address our terrorism, censorship, and Larry's murder under secret arrest.

Five links the stalkers turned gray in my next article in this blog entitled "SOLIDARITY WITH REV. PINKNEY AND THE 99% http://goo.gl/ngsne . They turned the link immediately preceding this sentence gray, but I turned it blue. The five links stalkers turned gray in the Rev. Pinkney article are listed below:

Missouri Writ Writers - website of Esteban Garcia, author of "U.S. Jailhouse Lawyers Manual" http://www.missouriwritwriters.com/
Mary Neal's FreeSpeakBlog  http://FreeSpeakBlog.blogspot.com
Mary Neal's MaryLovesJustice blog  http://MaryLovesJustice.blogspot.com
Mary Neal's Justice Gagged blog  http://JusticeGagged.blogspot.com
Lynne Stewart's blog  http://LynneStewart.org  - She is a former activist lawyer who is now a political prisoner in Texas.

The article "SOLIDARITY WITH REV. PINKNEY AND THE 99%" has 21 links, but the stalker obviously had instructions to code those five above. In my Blogger settings, all of my links are to be blue in MaryLovesJustice blog. I don't know what those five links are coded to do now. Sometimes stalkers code parts of my articles and blogs not to be eligible for copy/paste or print functions. They can do this with text as well as links. Also, stalkers can redirect your links so that they do not open the target websites. That is one of the applications that would have applied to everyone if SOPA had passed. I advocated against S.968 in an effort to save you from being treated like I am. The Bible says, "Love thy neighbor."

The gray links in my articles may not open at all for parties using a cellphone. Many black and brown people in America and poor whites still do not have their own computers and use cellphones for their Internet access. Coding links not to open on cellphone view keeps information from them. MaryLovesJustice blog visitors are invited to play with the gray links and see what happens! You never know with my assigned stalkers. I usually put the announce the number of links in my articles several places throughout the blogs. I found that if I only list the number of links in the first line, stalkers code my articles to open AFTER the first few lines. No one sees that data using certain cellphones unless they elect to "go to page 1."  Do you wonder WHO pays for the interference to contain news about justice in America? Below are seventeen(17) tweets that did not register on my home page at Twitter as they should. When my tweets skip my home page but show on my profile page, I always wonder did they skip EVERYBODY'S home pages and lists that think they follow my tweets.

I caution all activists, politicians, and high-profile people to take your computers to a forensics company to check for directed energy devices. Never leave your computers overnight with a repair shop, because they could presumably be burglarized and the device implanted without the shops' owners knowing. It would seem advisable to learn to do your own computer work or purchase another machine if yours is attacked by Trojans and viruses. That may be a tactic to get your machine to a technician for implanting. Secondly, please reconsider if you plan to picket at the Democratic National Convention. The Charlotte, North Carolina Police Department is reportedly spending up to $25million dollars for police equipment. What are they buying with all that money - drones? Tanks? Perhaps a huge amount of money will also be spent when the GOP has its convention. Just stay home and petition for a redress of grievances by writing to officials at http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml . The stalker just turned that link to contact officials gray, and I turned it back blue. Read above about my link-stalking and see a film showing it to you in real-time at my article "Sen. Wyden, Emancipate Georgia's Last Slave" in this MaryLovesJustice blog. Lord have mercy, I don't know what these people are doing. It reminds me of the black and white Nazi movies I used to watch in the 1950s. I may not try much more to wake up my sleeping fellow Americans. If 2012 is the end of this age like some people believe, I might prefer to spend it doing something fun. Jesus will come and get His church right before Tribulation. Try not to fall for what the Bible calls "the great deception" if millions of Christians disappear one day soon. Know that you were left behind, and do not take the Mark, which is likely a microchip.

I feel like I have done my part to warn you, and I have certainly been long-suffering like God requires of his servants. See seven(17) tweets below that never went to my Twitter home page but may be visible at @koffietime http://twitter.com/koffietime - The censorship staff will not allow a "follow me at Twitter" to work on any of my Blogger blogs, but you should be able to review my tweets by using that link to my profile page. I am not sure what shows there on computers that don't share my IP connection. I learned long ago that stalkers are capable of giving IP-specific views. It is hard to BELIEVE, but I am persecuted for not keeping quiet about my brother's murder and my own attempted murder via a directed energy device and host of other crimes. Maybe I will, since we seem to only have unresponsive authorities and Stepford wives to talk to about these abuses. See the two letters I wrote to federal and local authorities on December 8, 2011, at this link  http://goo.gl/zL4FZ - None of them responded. If you cannot smell the coffee burning on your stoves, you need to blow your noses and maybe check your nostrils for implants.

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See the MTV THINK MARTIAL LAW COMMERCIALS http://googl.gl/B6hCO  - National Defense Authorization Act (S.1867) - The video at the preceding link regards NDAA. Support Ron Paul's bill H.R.3785 to repeal the unjust, unconstitutional law. Save America from concentration camps. Save yourselves from the fascism I've lived under for years, since asking "What Happened to Larry Neal?" The Bible admonishes us to be doers of the Word and not hearers only. Therefore, I set out to help neglected, abused, imprisoned mental patients, who are often kept naked in solitary confinement cells. I believe they meet the profile at Matthew 25, where the Word speaks of naked prisoners. All the other inmates wear orange jumpsuits, I believe. But I suffer Christian persecution for obeying Hebrew 13:3 that is very intense. Most of you do nothing to help me, so I may give up. I would have given up long ago were it not for families that come to AIMI for help. I wrote about one family in crisis this week at a new blog, "Dog Justice for Mentally Ill" at this link http://dogjusticeformentallyill.blogspot.com/ - Families ask me to write to you, my readers, and tell you what they endure. Do you care? Redwood Curtain CopWatch, The Black List, Stolen Lives, Idress Stelly Foundation, Pastors Against Injustice, ChristianBias.com, FourWinds, group members at Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Care2. Numerous other organizations and individual activists as well as Internet companies have been and remain instrumental in getting Larry's secret arrest and murder before the public. Thank you for caring. It hurts to see dog abuse on the front page while government agencies and media companies suppress a loved one's wrongful death. We entered this battle without knowing justice for Larry would be met with fierce resistence, but God helps us through people who care about people.

I began online advocacy for dogged out mental patients and human rights for prisoners by sending over a thousand emails to thousands of people via hundreds of Yahoo groups I joined between 2007 through 2009. I had to look at threatening ads while I sent them. After arranging a physical march for prisoners in 2009, I was no longer allowed to communicate with most of the groups I joined. How many Yahoo email users had dying dogs on ads - exclusively - for months? That was to mock my poem "Dog Justice." I put a copy of the dog on my "sent mail" page at Google Docs. See if you can access it. I doubt it. Have you seen the coffin ad I had to look at every day for months? A link to that ad is at my MaryLovesJustice Google profile. How many Care2 users' ads were exclusively men with guns, fire insurance ads, or ads that said "BOOM!" over and over and over? I captured it on video and posted it at my YouTube video channel JKEMPP703 that shows real-time cyberstalking.

Have other anti-DP advocates had a page with a lethal injection bed pop up with their names printed underneath? I delivered that ad to United States District Court to notify the court of abuses in violation of U.S. Code while my mother and I were plaintiffs against The Cochran Firm, and the judge said nothing. Angela Mason, Esq., of The Cochran Firm, wrote a pleading wherein she denied lawyers at that firm had hired a Caucasian man in a white vehicle to follow me. I did write about being stalked home from work every night in 2008, but I never listed the color of the vehicle. In fact, I had never told anyone the color of the vehicle that was used most often. She knew SOMEHOW. The judge said nothing, but after that slip-up, Mason asked permission to leave the case. This is the kind of terroism I have been subjected to over the years - constant and relentless terrorism. See Letter to Mary Neal's Terrorists  http://goo.gl/6f558 . The directed energy weapon attack that fascists used against me a few days ago took my censorship to a new level. I have proof for every allegation plus some witness statements. I cannot name oppressors, because I do not have the means to validate allegations and police REFUSE to investigate the crimes. Great is my reward in heaven!

I have been studying the responses of Christians and others in Germany in the 1940s. Most of them did not care or were too terrified to act on behalf of their neighbors. Perhaps fascists will one day use apathy against Americans. None of you have sent me a decent computer, and you do not come to see if we are alright when stalkers prevent you from reaching our phone number 678.531.0262. They play a message saying the number is busy (impossible), the circuits are busy, three short beeps and a hang-up (like the police officer got when she came), or stalkers allow callers to leave a message that is deleted before we hear it. Sometimes, calls to/from my number appear on caller ID as being from a different number. I wrote about that in my Care2 Sharebook before stalkers took over my Care2 account in 2010 http://goo.gl/QMmmR or long link:    http://www.care2.com/c2c/share/detail/2228721 "Stop Tapping Mary Neal's Phone." Stalkers made sure that was my last Care2 Sharebook entry after I reported that survivors of 92-year-old Kathryn had fallen victim to The Cochran Firm fraud. I believe The Cochran Firm became CoIntelPro right after Johnnie's death. I find the law firm's victims and sometimes they find me. Then I write about them, like the Ramapough People of New Jersey, and I interviewed one on video: Edwina Davis www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjuFFWeP4tk . She experienced stalking like my family does after having been defrauded by The Cochan Firm and denied due process of law regarding crimes against her.

Just as Hitler isolated Jews in ghettos, there is an attempt to isolate me by taking over my telephone and computer and intimidating visitors to my home. A cartoonist contacted me for permission to make a cartoon character of my persona "MaryLovesJustice." He came to Atlanta to meet me a few weeks ago. He did not drive here after my assurance that MARTA services most areas. While visiting, he decided to see Stone Mountain, a place mentioned in Dr. Martin Luther King's famous speech, "I've Been to the Mountaintop." As he returned to my home after exiting the bus, the cartoonist said a red van then a white van came within an inch of hitting him. I think they just wanted to intimidate the man who might make MaryLovesJustice more well-known through his cartoons.

Stalkers even ran away the Jehovah's Witnesses that canvas our neighborhood and share the Awake and Watchtower magazines! Some Witnesses came to our home not long after DeKalb County Police left one Saturday last summer. They had come to tell me I must never tell their superiors they refuse to respond to my police reports http://goo.gl/YXVbL . See "Crazy Idea - Justice in America" at the preceding link. I talked at length with a Witness on my front porch and was alarmed to see the red stalker van follow her when she left my house. She and I had done a phone experiment to see if she could get a call through to my phone and failed. When she called me, her phone company said "circuits were busy." She immediately called her daughter and got through. Then I tried to call her number from my phone, and I failed. Therefore, I had her number in my phone memory. When I saw the van following her, I called the Witness and told her a red van had taken off from one of my stalker neighbors' homes a couple of minutes after she left and may be following her. She exclaimed, "A red van just parked behind my car! What will they do to us?" I told her they would likely only get her license number and put her under surveillance, afraid that she would share the printouts of my articles I gave her. Since that day, no Witnesses come to the Neals' house.

The Witness sounded terrified, which makes sense. I was terrified like she was when our gangstalking started in January 2008, right after my mother and I served our lawsuit to defendants in federal court against The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm. I told the Witness about our situation since we dared to ask government agencies WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL and sued The Cochran Firm. I suppose being a witness is dangerous. A young lady was visiting my family and happened to see the lethal injection bed with my name underneath pop up on my computer. She wrote an affidavit about it, which I filed in United States District Court during our lawsuit. Months later, I scheduled a talent showcase for youngsters in community. It was held at the Decatur Community Center on September 20, 2010, but I did not attend. My witness to the lethal injection bed cyberterror was stopped by police at a roadblock that very morning, and she was badly beaten. She left the scene unconscious and was taken to the hospital. We felt like her abuse may have been a warning regarding the talent showcase. Perhaps someone feared that I would tell people at the children's talent show about our family's "concentration camp" existence. In fact, I tell usually tell everyone that our home is like a FEMA camp with multiple guards assigned to monitor us and interfere with our ability to interact with people on the "outside." I told the Witness about it, gave her articles, and asked her to share all with her congregation. I wanted the Witness to inform people she worships with that they are right. These are indeed strange, perilous times, and Jesus must be coming soon. You have been warned, maybe for the last time by MaryLovesJustice. At my new blog, DogJusticeMentallyIll, I may stick to the facts about each case regarding mentally ill inmates and not continue to tell readers what time it is. I agree with Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s statement: "It is always the right time to do what is right."

Roughly 1.25 million other mentally challenged Americans are presently behind bars and comprise 60% of inmates who are currently suffering solitary confinement  torture for 23 hours a day for years. Like Dorothea Dix in the 1800s, I believe mentally ill people should be hospital inpatients or outpatients, not inmates, and many people agree. Of course, prison profiteers disagree and object to my advocacy. People with physical health conditions are treated medically, not legally. Only the mentally ill are punished for having health crises. I think it is wrong to be imprisoned, tortured with solitary confinement, or killed like my disabled brother was for having a common, treatable health condition. In most cases, mental illness is a chronic condition that responds well to timely treatment, but hospitals across America continue to close and community care budgets are declining to alarming rates, making it nearly impossible for poor and middle income families to get help for sick relatives in the absence of a crime. Dix was very successful removing the mentally ill from prisons into over 40 hospitals that were established by legislators in response to her advocacy. However, that was before the advent of private prisons and jails. Prisoners are now commodities on Wall Street, the more the better. Sick ones draw more tax money to pay for solitary cells and for treatment that they may or may not actually receive.

I give appreciation to Google, Twitter, NowPublic.com, and other Internet companies. Thanks to them, my mother and I were not kept gagged like Troy Davis in Georgia, where we also live. I do not know what would have happened had I not had the Internet to show the public the lines stalkers drew around our home after which helicopters stood still over our rooftop for 30 minutes and all the rest of it. I assume worse things are coming that may account for the urgency to take over the Internet in America. Since 2009, there were Senate bills 773 and 778, the proposal for individual Internet ID numbers for Americans that would eliminate our passwords our Internet records open to the government without warrants, PIPA, SOPA, and now ACTA. There is an oldie I like entitled, "Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?" Another one that I like even better is by Steve Miller, "Fly Like an Eagle." That is what I want America to do - fly high above petty prejudices and stand UNITED against oppression. But the time is now. Supporting H.R.3785 to repeal NDAA's indefinite detention provision should be a priority for everyone. That will not be enough, but it is a necessary beginning toward establishing real democracy in America. I posted the Steve Miller video below for you to enjoy. The refrain is "Time keeps on slipping into the future."

IT IS TIME TO ACCEPT JESUS AS LORD AND SAVIOR AND GET SAVED, especially lukewarm Christians, human and civil rights advocates, people who have been filmed at protests, peace activists, black people, Latinos and other minorities, the elderly and handicapped. NDAA camps may eventually be used under some future presidential administration. Do you have a waiver? This is a human rights article by Mary Neal, director of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI) http://www.care2.com/c2c/group/aimi     See Wrongful Death of Larry Neal http://wrongfuldeathoflarryneal.com/ - Please comment below, especially if some links fail to work for you or are redirected to open sites other than the ones they should. Please report that so people will know which information in this article is most closely guarded. Take care of yourselves and your elderly and disabled relatives. Most families have some. God bless you.

Steve Miller - Fly Like an Eagle


  1. My error - the Decatur Community Ctr. program was Sept. 2009.

    Stalker edits while I worked, bottom up: He/she removed the link for Steve Miller "Fly Like and Eagle."

    He removed the words "survivors of 92-year-old police victim Kathryn Johnston" and left only "Kathryn."

    He changed the sentence re Internet I.D. numbers to change what I wrote "the gov will have access to all your online data without a warrant."

    He moved my admonition to noteworthy people to have their computers checked near the bottom instead of it appearing near the beginning of this article after I told about my attack and listed some computer users who had died of cancer and inoperable tumors.

    I read my articles via cellphone after posting them. I will make the edits later to put things where they go. Having this list to refer to will be helpful, and it should serve to inform readers about the "important parts" of the article according to my stalkers' opinion. Guess he doesn't like the idea of America flying like an eagle. Imagine removing that link!


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