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Sunday, January 29, 2012

American Holocaust

The video embeded below shows where we are headed http://goo.gl/B6hCO  - The Holocaust Happened to People Like Us. This is what we can do to delay its progression here: Support H.R.3785 to REPEAL indefinite detention under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA Sec. 1021. The American Holocaust already began. Proof is in these ten(10) paragraphs, twelve(12) active links, and one(1) embedded video). As it was in Germany, fascists started with mass arrest and murders of the mentally ill. My brother Larry Neal may have been the first victim. His death is treated like a national secret, and I am almost in the same situation as Private Manning for reporting his murder and opposing the mass incarceration of 1.25 million other mentally ill prisoners who I advocate for at Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, a/k/a The Dorothea Dix Group, a human rights organization I founded and direct. Visit us online at Care2 at the link provided in my signature block. Should stalkers corrupt the embeded video, it is at YouTube at this link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2ZhQrWQj7k&feature=youtu.be and is entitled "MTV Think Martial Law Commercials - National Defense Authorization Act - S.1867"

2. Warning: The New World Order has already taken over, and depopulation is one of their main goals. I feel strongly that Americans do not have time to go through the entire cycle I did after my disabled brother's secret arrest and murder and the elaborate cover-up between government officials, media companies, a noted law firm, courts, and even some human/civil rights organizations. The progression I went through was denial, shock, fear, and finally I arrived at the determination to resist oppression until justice comes. It took years for me to arrive at my present resolve to trust God and resist oppression. In fact, I spent 18 months in my home for security after we discovered police are answerable to the New World Order and will not respond to 911 calls or investigate crimes against targeted persons. Google videos "Cochran Firm Fraud 1 and 2" at YouTube for details. As the world turned, I recognized that the whole country is targeted and that it is in my best interest to help awaken as many people as I can. I battle stalkers online and in person to do that. Google "Mary Neal Censored."

3. --- There are over 307 million people in the U.S.A and 7 billion on the planet. We vastly outnumber oppressors, but that advantage can be irrelevant if we allow ourselves to be interned in concentration camps or become so terrified by the prospect that we fail to unite to protect democracy in time. What matters is our having the unity and courage to resist oppressors. Do you have it? More people will be emboldened as they recognize the future being planned for us. Visit the Jewish Virtual Library online at http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/holo.html , and please share the link. I know this is frightening, and many people prefer to bury their heads in the sand. But being a part of the End Game is not optional for any of us. We are already in it. Google "End Game Reports, by Mary Neal."

4. --- Slaves always outnumber their masters, but the advantage is useless unless we organize resistance to fascism IN TIME. My circumstances prove that the normal vanguards that citizens supposedly have in government agencies, free press, and human rights organizations have already been conquered by fascists. They are either paid off or terrified. We the People must unite and support H.R.3785 to counterattack the latest and greatest threat on freedom in America: NDAA Section 1021. Let us promote the bill to repeal the indefinite detention provision of NDAA to the House floor for a vote. Please do not let our only hope of overturning provisions for American concentration camps die in congressional committees. Make the hundreds of representatives who colluded against liberty in America acknowledge that they can have a National Defense Authorization Act without threatening citizens and immigrants with concentration camps, if they want to do so. President Obama said he would prefer not to have that provision. Insist that your representatives send the president a new bill to sign that does not destroy the Bill of Rights. Outnumbering oppressors will not matter unless that advantage is actually applied to resist oppression.

5. --- On some plantations in the Old South, thousands of slaves were submissive to a few whites in the main house and their overseers. Learn how slave masters accomplished this and the methodologies still being applied today in my article, "Lynching America," at HubPages. "Lynching America" demonstrates that mind control is applied to keep slaves fools enough to be mastered despite their advantage of size. Google "Clergy Response Teams" to learn about Homeland Security's program of training preachers to keep their flocks calm and compliant should Martial Law be called. Meanwhile, anti-gun laws are being used to disarm us. Just google my name along with those phrases in quotes to access more information. Or omit my name to get the information from a myriad of expers and journalists. As it was before Germany's Holocaust, the signs are all around us. Thank God for all the companies and individuals who resisted SOPA so that the information is still available to you on the web. Please use it. SOPA would have put the Internet under the U.S. Attorney General. America has had 44 presidents and 82 attorney generals. That speaks to the integrity of that office.

6. --- [If stalkers drag this paragraph to the bottom of the page again to delete it, I will make new articles in blogs thoughout the web with only this paragraph. It must be important.] Many journalists have published proof that citizens' rights and basic human rights are under attack in the USA for all races and socioeconomic classes of people, except the super wealthy who are intended to be, and already are, our Pharaohs. I am not a conspiracy theorist following Alex Jones or others. Neither was I a Ron Paul supporter, although I agree with his warnings. I learned the hard about the erosion of human rights in America. Then I found reports online that affirmed what I already knew from personal experience: Liberty is under serious attack. Visit WRONGFUL DEATH OF LARRY NEAL at http://wrongfuldeathoflarryneal.com/ . I choked on Red Pills when my brother's 18-day secret incarceration and murder was followed by intense censorship http://youtube.com/jkempp703 , organized gangstalking, sometimes by police, and officials' refusal to address blatant crimes against my family because we ask for justice. The concept of justice for slaves is ridiculous to America's justice system. That is why We the People must resolve to unite and resist oppression. I ask you to do that by supporting Rep. Ron Paul's bill, H.R.3785. Help push the repeal bill to the floor for a vote. Give Congress another chance to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Time is of the essence. As the video embedded above proclaims, The Holocaust Happened to People Like Us.

7. --- Yes I can write a short article! Please use my blogs' indexes to get more caffeine. The articles in each of my blogs are listed there. Visit my Twitter page, koffietime - http://twitter.com/koffietime . I have published extensively about enchroaching fascism ever since I concluded that there is a plot to conquer America from within. You are invited to read and share my entire articles published at MaryLovesJustice, FreeSpeakBlog, JusticeGagged, NowPublic.com, Care2 Sharebook, OpEdNews, and IndyMedia, as long as you also post the link. Share only the links to my HubPages articles. My latest hub is "Awesome God, by Mary Neal," published January 28, 2012, at http://maryneal.hubpages.com/hub/Our-Awesome-God-by-Mary-Neal -The sharks are circling that article and its comments, so please use the link while it still works.

8. --- Advocating Truth in Jesus' Name, I am Mary Neal, America's Most Censored http://christianbias.com/2011/12/americas-most-censored-mary-neal/ - Please wake up now. Your koffie is ready, and so is your cell, perhaps near one of the biomass incinerators being erected across the country. I feel those already interned are at the greatest risk. As we learned during Hurricane Irene, prisons have no evacuation plan. Visit Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill at http://www.care2.com/c2c/group/aimi

9. --- CYBERSTALKING AT THIS ARTICLE:  A) Stalkers changed the link for the imbedded video, and I returned to YouTube and recaptured the code. B) Stalkers dragged Paragraph 6 to the bottom of my edit screen, which means they planned to remove it. C) Stalkers turned some of the links in this article gray. That usually means they coded them somehow to affect cellphone users' ability to access the link.

10. --- MARYLOVESJUSTICE ON BLOGTALK RADIO - I discuss the events and circumstances in my articles most Sundays on the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Radio Show at 5pm EST. The program presents justice issues caused by corporate greed and government misdeeds that negatively impact the 99% in America and have relevance for other nations. Rev. Pinkney's co-host is Ralph Poynter, a human rights advocate and retired school teacher who is also a veteran union organizer and legal investigator. Poynter is married to former New York attorney, Lynne Stewart, a political prisoner interned in Texas for zealously defending her clients. Visit http://lynnestewart.org/ - A Los Angeles teacher also regularly presents on the Rev. Pinkney Show, Rozy. Rozy discusses problems and solutions for education in California and across America. Subjects include charter schools, teacher layoffs, and her ongoing battle for workers compensation after being assaulted by a student who sprayed her with chemicals from a fire extinguisher. There is usually has a special guest on each show. On January 22, 2012, we were honored to have Esteban Rogel Garcia, arthor of "U.S. Jailhouse Lawyers Manual." Mr. Garcia is a prisoner activist whose organization, Texas/Missouri Writ Writers Association, is responsible for 120 overturned convictions. He will be in Atlanta in Spring 2012 during a 27-city tour to launch his new book "U.S. Jailhouse Lawyers Manual - The Unconstitutional Plea." Garcia's tour is also to facilitate organizing the U.S. Prison Reform Coalition, a national coalition comprised of individual prisoner activists and organizations for prisoner rights. Access the Rev. Pinkney Blogtalk Show live by computer or phone and listen to tapes of previous broadcasts by using the information below:

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  1. My assigned cyberstalkers edited "AMERICAN HOLOCAUST" as I entered data. I wrote authorities to complain about being denied police services to protect my computers, emails, etc, like Sarah Palin received. I also reported the car tag for one young man who admitted being paid well to follow me in person. However, DeKalb County Police in Georgia told me they would not investigate and prosecute the crimes against me and that I had better not report their rejection of my police reports to their supervisors. Google "Authorities Allow Crimes Against Mary Neal." See also, "Justice in America, a Crazy Idea." I did report the crimes as well as the fact that police reject my reports in letters to justice officials in Washington and Georgia. I wrote people who taxpayers pay to uphold the law despite the officers' admonition. However, liberty and justice for all is a myth in America, especially for poor people, black people, and advocates for mentally dysfunctional prisoners of all races who are intended to remain in jail to boost prison profits. None of the officials I wrote and called responded to my letters and phone calls. If I had heeded the police officers' directive not to report to superiors over them, people would say to me, "Why did you not call this one or write to that one?" I already knew justice officials would do nothing, because I believe the cyberstalkers and in-person stalkers likely work FOR them. However, I continue to report crimes to create a paper trail to fully evidence that I live like Anne Frank in 21st century America. Officials collude to oppress me for asking WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL and advocating against mass incarceration and murders of other mentally ill Americans and immigrants. I am a middle age Georgia woman, a peaceful Christian, who believes in uniting for justice for all. In every circumstance, I direct my readers and listeners to use the existing peaceful and legal avenues to present grievances to our government officials. Hopefully, the 112th Congress will not do away with that Constitutional right like they terminated our right to trial by jury in passing NDAA Section 1027. As I posted at Twitter yesterday, there are strangers in our House. Play the song at YouTube - "There's a Stranger in My House." The lyrics fit the current State of the Union, I BELIEVE.