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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mary Neal Tweets to Resist Oppression - June 2011

(Two paragraphs) Below are a VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROkthmx1Dlc  and 40 of Mary Neal's tweets pledging to RESIST OPPRESSION until the end and beyond.  I refuse to be anyone's slave.  There were always people like me, and there will forever be.  You cannot own me.  You cannot punish me sufficiently for me to accept that my mother is less than a pitt bull bitch whose pups' deaths you investigated and prosecuted. You do not have enough stalkers to make me say, "Yassa, Massa."  God Almighty is my Master, and Him only will I serve.  Amen.  Below is a video I hope you will view.  I meant to entitle it "COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD 4," but had to rush because of cyberdogs interfering with the upload.  See three other Cochran Firm Fraud videos on YouTube.

Please share the video to help my family and me. We feel that the more people who know about our persecution and censorship to hide Larry Neal's murder and The Cochran Firm fraud, the safer we may be. Also, we would like to save other people from enduring what we do now: computer censorship, stalking in person and online, denial of police services, threats by Atlanta police to taser and arrest me for telling you about Larry's murder and about our terrorism, constant computer and phone attacks that prevent me from communicating with attorneys, publishers, friends, family, and the hundreds of people who call our number (678) 531-0262, whose calls go directly to voicemail and the messages are erased without our being allowed to hear them. Please pray for us and help if you can.  When you see the video and learn more about my censorship, I hope you will protest Senate Bill 968, called the Internet Censorship Bill.  The only mass communication people have when they are victims of government abuse is the Internet, because mainstream media is sold-out.

I look at this video and realize that I have become bitter about being under false arrest for years because I asked for records and justice regarding Larry's murder and cover-up and sued what is likely a CoIntelPro law firm.  I love laughter, parks, children, but it is stressful to be censored and gangstalked.  I like advocating to decriminalize mental illness and be more humane to all prisoners as the Bible instructs in Hebrews 13:3, Psalm 102:19-20, and Matthew 25:40, but censorship is fierce.  The United States of America taught me to solute the flag in school every morning and learn Civics so I would know my "rights." No one told us that "inalienable" rights did not apply to my family because we are not wealthy or white.

My uncle dodged bullets in France for America during World War II, and my brother waded in swamps of Viet Nam with snakes swimming nearby. I will have freedom of speech that we were promised.  America will render due process of law regarding the secret arrest and murder of Larry Neal, my mentally and physically disabled brother who no one had any right to kill because he was handicapped.  (Please see our website at this link - http://wrongfuldeathoflarryneal.com/  and my FreeSpeakBlog http://freespeakblog.blogspot.com/

It is too late to help Larry now.  But I will continue to speak for the voiceless, including 1.25 million other mental patients who are imprisoned in America rather than treated in their communities or in hospitals, depending on their offenses and the severity of their health issues.  If fascists deny me Internet access, I will walk with my signs until I am too old, then I will wheel in a wheelchair. Fascists will never silence me, even if they kill me.  I have written over 1,000 articles, 10,000 emails, made hundreds of videos capturing your cyberterrorists' antics as I worked online, and we have two books ready to publish. 

The hundreds of thousands of people who already know about our mistreatment cannot be made to forget my articles, videos, and our protest signs about crimes against humanity.  I implore officials to be righteous.  Stop executing people for murders. Stop enforcing human rights abroad that we lack in the USA. Officials deny the Neal family any records or justice regarding Larry's 2003 secret arrest and murder in Memphis Shelby County Jail, and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm enjoys protection after defrauding my family to prevent our wrongful death lawsuit against the murderous jail from going forward.  Please stop now and do the right thing.  You have already been exposed.  My recent tweets are below.

» koffietime Mary Neal - http://twitter.com/koffietime

I PROTEST constant takeovers of my PC, denial of due process of law re Larry's murder & Cochran Firm fraud, & reject yo punishment 4 telling

@cxs My mother & I can't keep replacing/repairing PCs, but I WILL NOT ACCEPT THE #GOVERNMENT MURDERING LARRY NEAL UNDER SECRET ARREST.

@Google I am 56, my mom is 88. We live in terror of stalkers. She dreamed helicopters bombed us & has nightmares abt how they killed Larry.

@cxs The Obama administration got 90% of blk vote but I cannot get answers abt a 2003 lynching & am stalked & censored 4 asking. #government

@Twitter I have photos of my regular stalkers. If one comes to this wifi locale, I will call the police & HOPE they come http://t.co/mXE9gFk

@Google I was looking for jobs on my PC this a.m., and stalkers used the opportunity to stop my D:/ drive from working. They are demonic.

If you send stalkers to this wifi locale or if you stop my Internet connection, I will spend the rest of today at churches w/ my sign.

@rww @Google persecuted 4 opposing S.968-censorship bill; DavidProtess fired 4 freeing wrongly convicted; I'm gangstalked 4 prisoner rights.

@Google They want to treat all Americans like they do Mary Neal - censor us so they can secretly arrest and kill our loved ones in quiet!

@Google please don't cave in to fascists! Fight for Internet freedom, even if they accuse U of antitrust violations. Be a free speech hero!

@Twitter @Google Even as I write about Internet censorship bill, my PC is under attack. Made police reports yesterday re http://t.co/mXE9gFk

Opposing S. 968 (the Internet censorship bill) leads to federal antitrust investigation for @Google http://t.co/kfApJUS

Opposing S. 968 (the Internet censorship bill) leads to federal antitrust investigation for Google http://t.co/kfApJUS

@Google @APAPsychiatric "Mass Incarceration and Murders of America's Mental Patients" http://t.co/sqiVsgW

@Google America democratic? What would happen if Mayor Reed's brother was secretly arrested and murdered? Would Atl police make him shut up?

@TheLawNews @EvilEsq Johnnie Cochran's CoIntelPro Murder Theory http://t.co/7njArY3 - This is probably why they censor me 2 keep blk clients

21 Jun

@TheLawNews If seniors don't like Hezekiah Sistrunk's work on their hip implant case, warn them not to sue - DANGEROUS http://t.co/mXE9gFk

21 Jun
@vlu77 @DeathPenaltyBks Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, to introduce bill to abolish death penalty in CA http://t.co/aaQ0RPd

21 Jun
@vlu77 What makes whoever Roy Blankenship supposedly killed important enough 2 execute him, while gov won't answer HOW POLICE KILLED LARRY?

21 Jun
@vlu77 Georgia, where federal Judge Batten ruled justice 4 my black family is "immaterial," an execution is planned 4 Roy Blankenship Thur.

21 Jun
@JusticeDept Cyberdogs hired 2 contain news re handicapped blk man secretly arrested 3 wks 4 Nazi experiments; returned DEAD w/o explanation

21 Jun
@JusticeDept Cyberstalkers turn off any features on our cellph they want: web, calls, text messages, fearing EXPOSURE 4 Larry Neal's murder.

21 Jun
@JusticeDept When CoIntelPro turns off our cellph, relatives don't know if my mom & I are being attacked like Kathryn Johnston. They worry.

21 Jun
@JusticeDept Mon nite CoIntelPro turned off my cellph. I was talking 2 a relative who was prohibited fr calling back.She rushed 2 our home!

21 Jun
@Twitter While Americans are 2 believe Africa was attacked to save Africans fr cruelty, officials want to hide Larry's murder more than ever

17 Jun
@Twitter The thing is, although the USDOJ, Shelby Co. Jail & The Cochran Firm united 2 hide Larry Neal's murder, they fear public disclosure

17 Jun
@Twitter Whenever I attempt to use a link U shortened 4 me, cyberdogs won't open the page. They probably have made alternate views.

17 Jun
@Twitter, pls don't shorten my links. Read why at INTERNET CENSORSHIP AMERICAN STYLE by Mary Neal. Shortened links make cyberdogs' wk easy.

17 Jun
@humanrightslaw I don't trust link-shortening services due to redirected links in my past. Visit FreeSpeakBlog.blogspot.com, please. Thx.

17 Jun
vlu77 Genpop.org
by koffietime

RT @cardozoLaw - Innocence Blog: Innocence Project Client Wins Access to DNA Testing http://bit.ly/kgXgSe  #law #dna #prison

17 Jun
Hello, new followers and those who CoIntelPro deleted already (I'll publish a list so U can take action, 2). Thanks for joining @koffietime.

17 Jun
@humanrightslaw Cointelpro Makes House Calls http://t.co/mXE9gFk

17 Jun
@NAACP @Google @ACLU @Amnesty @RepJohnLewis @RepHankJohnson Decided to start "stalking" reps and agencies who don't help http://t.co/mXE9gFk

17 Jun
@USLawNews Judge Wendy Shoob censured by the court (not for saying there's no Cochran Firm in GA - something else) http://t.co/xQLRPwy

17 Jun
@Google @CNNImpact Mary Neal pickets CNN re media blackout about Larry Neal's secret lynching and COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD http://t.co/mXE9gFk

16 Jun
@Care2 With all the traffic I drive to Care2, WOULD YOU PLEASE address the DoS at my Sharebook? http://t.co/Ca6T21d

15 Jun
@Google @Big_Gov @cxs CoIntelPro Makes House Calls http://t.co/mXE9gFk  #government #gangstalking #prison #war #justice #EricHolder #racism

14 Jun
If it were not for @Google and @Twitter, what would we do? Elitists who own mainstream media censor news like crazy! http://t.co/6J0SgRy

14 Jun
@Google Blogger Help Request http://t.co/YfR7bEr  Cointelpro prohibits ppl fr following my blogs http://t.co/kVrZPqp  and http://t.co/XyxyWa2

14 Jun

@BlackTh0ught "Diligent men will rule; lazy men will be enslaved." Prov.12:24. Wake up! Get up! Stand up! Resisting oppression is Godly.

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