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Thursday, October 2, 2014

AIMI vs. USA to Decriminalize Mental Illness

We demand the USA to stop arresting, torturing, and killing its mentally ill citizens immediately and provide adequate treatment and subsistence assistance as inpatients or outpatients, as appropriate. ~Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

Join the plaintiffs' conference for "AIMI vs. USA" on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month at 9:00am PDT. Use our FreeConferenceCall.com dial-in no. (605)562-0020, Meeting I.D. Code 992-212-650. If that fails, the backup number is (805)360-1075. You can also connect at Blogtalkradio (347)857-3293. AIMI will present cases in International Court in 2015, seeking restitution for our neglected, mistreated, tortured or killed mentally ill persons or substance abusers as well as their victims. Join the plaintiffs and allow our International Human Rights Lawyer to review your case for possible inclusion. 

Have you or a close relative or next friend experienced:
a) long-term homelessness
b) medical neglect
c) psychiatric neglect or rejection for drug/alcohol treatment
d) brutality
e) lunacy arrests
f) denial of a fair, speedy trial with an adequate defense attorney appointed (Sixth Amendment rights)
g) imprisonment
h) long-term solitary confinement
i) torture as a jail or prison inmate
j) wrongful death, including police violence and State executions

The ten circumstances listed above are common outcomes for poor or middle class Americans with mental disabilities and substance dependencies. Mentally challenged and drug/alcohol addicted people are often victims of crimes against humanity, which are perpetuated or ignored by the government. Their human rights must therefore be protected by the United Nations. Discriminating against people for reason of their health status and disabilities violates the U.S. Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Learn more about AIMI vs. USA at "Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill" blog at http://aimi-humanrights.blogspot.com

America has established a pattern of abuse involving persons with brain issues that resulted in approximately 1.25 million such persons living as prisoners, often in subhuman conditions. In addition, over 50 percent of America's police violence victims are mentally ill, and there is usually no accountability for catastrophic injuries or deaths of such citizens at the hands of government agents or in government custody. Over 60 percent of prisoners in torturous, long-term solitary confinement are mentally ill, which further erodes their mental health. Although the nation spends billions annually on mental health, few funds are used to provide psychiatric and drug/alcohol treatment or subsistence assistance for persons with serious mental illness - citizens who are at high risk of incarceration.

Many of America's government officials and corporate decision makers are prison investors who earn dividends by continuing adverse and discriminatory conditions. Circumstances have exacerbated to the point that everyone who is homeless or who has any mental disability is at great risk for imprisonment or other harm, whether or not the individuals prove to be a danger to self and others. Indeed, entrapment is sometimes used to capture persons with mental illness for the prison industrial complex, as happened to Autistic children in Riverside, California. See a YouTube video embedded below http://youtu.be/0t1oVWOlnk8

Although whites are at risk for brutality, wrongful deaths, and unwarranted incarceration, non-whites comprise most of the victims of America's war on mentally dysfunctional people. What has happened nationwide to persons of all races with serious mental illnesses was condemned when two Pennsylvania judges used the same tactics in a "kids for cash" scheme that was revealed in 2009. The racketeering judges first shut off funds for the publicly owned juvenile facilities then channeled thousands of children into privately-owned juvenile correctional facilities with or without cause. 

Similarly, Medicaid insurance for psychiatric inpatients was withdrawn in the 1960s and 70s, and budgets for community treatment and subsistence assistance were cut. Additionally, laws were passed that made involuntary commitment nearly impossible without a smoking gun or bloody knife. Therefore, mental illness was criminalized. People who would ordinarily have become psychiatric inpatients or outpatients became inmates instead, often after avoidable crimes, and the nation's prison rate increased by millions. Private prisons and jails arose to answer the nation's overcrowded public correctional facilities, and a multi-billion dollar per year industry was born that essentially resulted from Rico Act racketeering (diverting funds for public health facilities and subsistence assistance programs in order to criminalize mentally ill people and drug/alcohol addicts and financially benefit prison investors).

Most families we work with at Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill also have Legal Abuse Syndrome. The system must pay for terrorizing families, arresting and killing their most vulnerable members, and often denying them due process of law.

LEGAL ABUSE SYNDROME (LAS) is a form of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is a psychic injury, not a mental illness. It is a personal injury that develops in individuals assaulted by ethical violations, legal abuses, betrayals, and fraud. Abuse of power and authority and a profound lack of accountability in our courts have become rampant, compounding an already stressful experience.

This stress can and does lead to physical illness. AMA statistics show that around 85% of all physical illness is directly attributable to stress. Legal Abuse Syndrome is a public health menace in this country. It leads to massive medical intervention costs, burdens insurance companies, and adds to Medicare and Social Security costs. Most painfully, it crushes the brilliance and creativity of its sufferers. Legal Abuse Syndrome is detrimental to all of society, and nobody is immune. Learn more about LAS at this site:  

AIMI will allege Legal Abuse Syndrome for every family in the "AIMI vs. USA" action in International Court in addition to circumstances outlined above that apply to their individual cases. If any of the circumstances describe your experiences, or if you have experienced other discrimination, we urge you to attend our next "AIMI vs. USA" plaintiffs conference meeting. Meetings are held on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month at 9:00am PDT. AIMI will seek restitution for all plaintiffs according to their damages and request the United Nations to mandate necessary changes to decriminalize mental disabilities and drug/alcohol addictions in America's poor and middle class people.

Your assistance sharing this invitation would be appreciated. Hear our first two conferences at the rss link below. 
Unfortunately, we experienced interference and may have to request assistance from the United Nations regarding censorship. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this human rights effort to decriminalize mental illness in the United States of America.

JAIL IS THE LAST THING THAT MENTAL PATIENTS NEED, AND TOO OFTEN, IT IS THE VERY LAST THING THEY EXPERIENCE. Please join our effort to decriminalize mental illness. No one deserves punishment for having a disability.

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