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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Unconditional Forgiveness Not Required

Christians have no obligation to forgive unconditionally, and neither does God. Unconditional forgiveness is a false doctrine and may actually be a sin born of cowardice. God said, "Resist evil." James 4:7. Please read Luke 17:3, where Jesus says, "If your brother sins against you AND REPENTS, forgive him." Question 1: Who is your brother? Question 2: What is repentance?

Christians are being taught that we must forgive everyone for any wrong, but unconditional forgiveness is NOT a biblical requirement. Join us at the MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting on Blogtalkradio every Sunday night at 9pmPST, where we separate myths from the Word of God. Hear Part 1 of "Unconditional Forgiveness Not Required" archived at Blogtalkradio at the following url, if "they" let you.
Part 2 was recorded on Sunday, July 19. 


The bible says, "God hated Esau." (Malachi 1:3; Romans 9:13)

Christian martyrs in heaven have not forgiven their murderers. They cry out for vengeance, and God does not chastise them for holding grudges against people who killed them. Instead, He promises to avenge them, and He will. (Revelation 6:9-11)

If God gave automatic forgiveness, there would be no hell. It is very liberating for some Christians to learn that neither God nor they must feel any obligation to forgive unrepentant people who have rejected God or harmed them. Christians must be freed from the pressure to forgive unrepentant people who were responsible for their exploitation.

Glenn Ford is a man who refused to forgive the prosecutor who wrongly had him sentenced to death row, where he lived for 31 years. By the time of his exoneration, he had less than a year to live due to cancer. 

Glenn Ford said to Prosecutor Marty Stroud, "I can't forgive you." See the article, "Exonerated Man to Prosecutor: “I Can’t Forgive You” (at the url above). You might wonder how Ford could refuse Stroud's apology, since Stroud might also be a believer. Stroud had argued for the death penalty for Ford. In my opinion, no executioners can be brethren, because they don't do the will of our Father (Psalm 102:19-20). Executioners who do not repent will all go to hell as murderers (Galatians 5:21).

Beginning July 25, our topic will be "Fight for what God gave you." God gave the children of Hebrew slaves the Promised Land, but it was occupied. They had to fight to actually obtain it. Please call each Sunday to join discussions at the MaryLovesJustice Prayer Meeting at Blogtalkradio. We examine what the bible really says about subjects relevant to our lives in these Last Days.

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