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Friday, May 15, 2015

Fabricating Evidence, by Britton Mosley, Sr., a Mississippi DOC Whistleblower

Britton Mosley, Sr. worked as a corrections officer in the Mississippi Department of Corrections and tried to do his job by the book. He quickly learned that the rules were not observed by most CO's or their superiors. Mosley came to be hated by many of his coworkers and officials because he refused to look the other way while inmates were being brutalized, especially mentally ill prisoners who Mosley recognized as being Americans with disabilities and deserving of more patience than they received.

As a result of Mosley's credibility, he nearly became a Mississippi prisoner himself when corrupt officials tried to set him up on false drug charges. Luckily, Mosley had friends among the inmates he had always tried to inspire and protect, and one of them warned Mosley about what had been planted in his locker . . . This is a true story with irrefutable evidence included in the book, which you are invited to order from Amazon.com.

Coming of age in Mississippi in the sixties, Mosley was accustomed to terrorism because of the color of his skin. But he never imagined that terrorists would include law enforcement and political figures he worked with as a corrections officer.

Hear Mosley speak to Mary Neal about his book and what it was like being a whistleblower in a corrupt prison system on NNIA1 channel at BlogTalkRadio on Saturday, May 16. Listen by phone or computer at the url below, where the tape will also be archived for later listening at your convenience. 


More information about the book and the author is at Amazon.com:
"Fabricating Evidence: Drug Set-up/Cover-up of a Correctional Whistleblower" http://goo.gl/PGeAIy

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Britton Mosley, former corrections officer in the Mississippi DOC

Read about and hear the inside scoop from one who lived through the corruption under
former Commissioner Epps and others

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