Censorship to Hide Crimes Against Humanity in USA


Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Tell-All by MaryLovesJustice Nov. 10

YOU ARE INVITED to a special episode of "MaryLovesJustice" on NNIA1 at Blogtalkradio tonight, November 10, 2013, at 9:30pm Pacific. Join us by computer at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/nnia1 and call at (818)572-2947. Today, Rev. Edward Pinkney was prevented from seeing my telephone number on his call board for his weekly Sunday broadcast on Blogtalkradio. Indeed, my phone call may have been redirected. If NSA keeps me off the radio, we will have an EVENT tomorrow to celebrate the 11th.

Edward Snowden revealed that every telephone call, email, and other Internet activity is under surveillance in the United States and much of the world by the National Security Agency (NSA). What most people do not know is that NDAA provides that NSA can conduct a cyberwar against our communication. The warfare against my communication pre-dates NDAA by a number of years. That is because I expose and oppose crimes against humanity in the United States of America, including the kidnapping and murder of my mentally, physically disabled brother, Larry Neal, and ongoing fraud by The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm to prevent justice for black and brown citizens across the nation. Free speech and freedom of press are fictitious in the USA for people who oppose the "status quo": mass incarceration, execution, criminalizing mental illness, police brutality, wrongful convictions, racism and class consciousness in the justice system.

Below are my November tweets to date, where despite much interference, I send messages to the world as @koffietime http://twitter.com/koffietime


  1. Special "MaryLovesJustice" today NNIA1 11pm EST Call-in (818)572.2947
  2. Special "MaryLovesJustice" broadcast NNIA1 tonight 11pm EST discussing recent ATTACKS
  3. THEY prevented fr seeing me on line at his show today. Special MaryLovesJustice show at 11pmEST
  4. Special "MaryLovesJustice" show on NNIA1 11/10 EST re ATTACKS against Neals re JC
  5. Boycott 4 Justice.Chose product or places to boycott.Then businesses will tell gov what to do.They listen to corporations.
  6. Hope U find your delightful dog.I know what it's like to search for missing loved one Good lk
  7. I've never seen an episode of "Preachers of L.A."
  8. When trying 2 open , I'm redirected to YouTube film abt dogs . NSA humor? DOGJUSTICE
  9. So what have y'all got planned for the 11th this month?
  10. MaryLovesJustice guest on YMP Magazine Radio 9pm EST Nov 16 call 215.383.3998
  11. "They" rendered 1st 6 photos invisible 4 cellphone view "MaryLovesJustice Story in 30 Photos" JC
  12. Good idea. Sad abt a mentally ill young sex slave imprisoned 4 yrs w/o trial in PA Shhh-I'm not supposed to tell
  13. White mentally ill ppl killed by police photos removed from DogJustice blog. They don't think U care abt non-whites J
  14. Media censors news abt racism & crimes against humanity, colluded w/ Shelby Co Jail 2 allow murder cover-up, and its OUT now
  15. Gov corruption re Wrongful Death of LarryNeal is 10 yrs old, but no statute of lim. on murder, so they're nervous. JC
  16. (Johnnie) Cochran Firm frauds were sent to defraud Neal fam while TN statute of lim passed. withheld suit while lying 2 its clients
  17. Mandatory reports (USA v. Shelby Co. Jail) re Larry Neal's murder withheld. Reports & release hearing were FRAUDULENT. Collusion against USA
  18. CLARITY to stop censorship: Shelby Co Jail secretly arrested/killed Larry Neal. USDOJ allowed jail to withhold reports mandatory under Agmt.
  19. WRONG for Caucasian woman to lie on Terrell Scott and for PA to hold him 4yrs w/ trial denied. Mentally ill ppl are used for PRISON PROFITS.

  20. Kash Delano Register : Serves 34 years in prison while innocent finally free ! |

  21. New Trial Sought for SC Boy, 14, Executed in 1944 - ABC News (via )
  22. I do pray for those who threaten me for advocating for the incarcerated mentally ill, who are considered "useless eaters."
  23. Interview Terrell Scott's fam re Teen Blk Mentally Ill 's Wrongful Arrest: 4 yrs jail NO TRIAL J
  24. A man saying he was U.S. Marshal looking for a murderer came to my home Friday. "They" grow nervous abt my book. Be careful.
  25. I don't want to star in a crime dramatization like those we had lately - at least not w/o people knowing it's really my advocacy
  26. A man claiming to be a U.S. Marshal looking for a murderer came to my house yesterday

  27. We know that God can't lie, that the Name cannot fail.We can rest quietly in Him, in the face of any obstacle & then be used of Him EWKenyon
  28. A man claiming to be a U.S. Marshal looking for a murderer came to my house yesterday.
  29. Interview Terrell Scott's fam re Teen Mentally Ill 's Wrongful Arrest: 4 yrs jail NO TRIAL J

  30. For the First Time Ever, a Prosecutor Will Go to Jail for Wrongfully Convicting an Innocent Man via
  31. To & all: Some upbeat African music for your Wed. Enjoy! Hope you have a lovely "hump day." Blessings
  32. When I go through my blogs & see thefts of data, it's upsetting. Stole dog icon from ea blog at Left a "minus"
  33. Upsetting cop not indicted in unarmed, wheelchair-bound, schizophrenic double-amputee's shooting death J
  34. I'm so HURT.Stalkers removed DogJustice fr every blog.Their bosses object to advocacy for mentally ill ppl J
  35. "They" removed the icon from the bottom of every blog at They hate HR advocacy
  36. "Y'all kidnapped & murdered LarryNeal? A disabled man? We'll let U get away w/ that for "x". No problem" J
  37. Don't lay a FINGER on Jeff Wood, a mentally ill boy U arrested on Law of Parties KNOWING Jeff didn't kill anybody JC
  38. There'd be millions more protesters if they realized the censorship done by these spy agencies J

  39. 'It makes you paranoid': US protesters turn against $1.5bn mega spy complex
  40. Did Rev Samuel Kyles say about MLK shooting, "I moved away so he could have a clear shot"? WHAT did that cost?
  41. Censor Mary Neal so we can beat, Taser, starve, restrain, and shoot all the mentally ill Americans we want in peace J
  42. Psychopathic terrorists! Sadistic monsters! Removed Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill off NNIA's schedule J

  43. Tim Cannon may be the first human to implant a chip capable of transmitting biometrical data to an android device. |
  44. Don't pay that Negress 4 lynching her bro. Send stalkers, police terrorists, burglars, helicopters! Send !
  45. Elite white supremacist STILL think they own blacks.Censor us 2 prevent discourse re enslavement & genocide J
  46. I guess "they" didn't approve of our Open MIC on NNIA1 last wk & PREVENTED broadcast this Fri Blks grin & bear it
  47. U want happy slaves - not free men in a free nation My tapping shoes wore out, boss J

  48. U.S. Taxpayers Pay $574 Per Year to be Spied on by Their Own Government via

  49. IS THE REASON WHY: - In pain, I smile - In confusion, I understand. - In betrayal, I trust. - In fear, I push forward.

  50. Russian Warships Deployed To Mediterranean - YouTube -Do you believe the war will escalate beyond Syria?

  51. This is what the result of hundreds of years of economic inequality looks like
  52. Can we have a peaceful rally against CORRUPTION Sat. or does the system want another Streisand Effect? JC

  53. Weekly Update: IRS Scandal Widens | Judicial Watch
  54. "They" want to censor me while RACIST legal orgs keep giving TheCochranFirm accolades to TRICK BLACK PEOPLE and deny justice. No!

  55. Two Iranian warships to dock in Sudan - Trend.Az
  56. WHEN DO BLACK PEOPLE GET TO TALK, BOSS? We want to discuss murders, organ thefts and denial of justice. Where is the recinsion of ?
  57. OpenMicNight "Real Talk" guests discussed murders of blk males in USA & UK sch … Our next show NNIA was sabotaged

  58. Pin! Venezuela government seizes U.S.-owned oil rigs!!!
  59. Will y'all call your damn cyber stalkers? They prevented the 9pm NNIA Open Mic Night becuz they didn't like our RealTalk show
  60. You bet problems are buried deep. Not accusing, just exposing. Unity of justice-minded people is imperative. Thx for response
  61. I didn't know abt U until recently, but God knows all abt U and loves U anyway. He offers U forgiveness and salvation, charges paid. Accept.

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