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Monday, June 17, 2013

Katrina Victim Needs Help in 2013

KATHERINE CONNER, currently residing in East Feliciana Parish, State of Louisiana, has applied for clemency for her conviction of Felony Theft. If you have any comments or wish to communicate with the Board of Pardons on her behalf, please call (225)342-5421. She is a Katrina victim who had a disagreement with an unlicensed contractor over her home repairs. When the contractor charged her $3,500 more than the contract, Katherine wrote a check and then cancelled it when she discovered the amount was more than the amount due, because the contractor refused to void the check accept payment in the correct amount. 

One thing led to another, and Katherine was accused of "theft of services." This gave rise to Katherine's one and only problem with the law in 52 years. She was ordered to pay $385.00 per month in probation and restitution fees out of her income of less than $600.00 per month, or face three years of hard labor. Katherine is presently being considered for pardon. Your phone call and prayers may make a difference. Many Katrina victims were unfairly victimized by unscrupulous contractors, and some contractors were prosecuted. It didn't work out that way in Katherine's case. For her, the storm never ended. Thanks in advance for your input. Blessings.

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