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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Aiyana Jones Murder Anniversary

Aiyana Jones 
May 16, 2013

Statement from the Justice for Aiyana Jones Committee (JAJC) on the 3-year anniversary of the death of Aiyana Jones:

In a sea of calamity, mayhem and murder, today we focus on the untimely death of Aiyana Jones who, on May 16, 2010, was killed by Detroit Police Officer Joe Weekley. He was under the administration of then Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans and Detroit Mayor Dave Bing. While being filmed by A & E’s Next 48 Hours, Weekley negligently committed manslaughter, as charged by the state, as Aiyana slept with her grandmother on a couch.

Born to Dominka and Charles Jones, Aiyana should have never died so soon or this way. The Detroit Police Department with its vast array of resources that extend all the up to the Pentagon failed to protect her as they supposedly were in pursuit of a criminal suspect; this suspect, it was said, could have been apprehended earlier that day if it were not for the fact that the then celebrity drunk, reality show wannabe, Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans, wanted a Hollywood ending to this pursuit complete with a flash grenade, video cameras, lights, and the element of surprise as his troops (presumably 30 of them) stormed Aiyana’s poverty-stricken neighborhood and home in the middle of the night and killed her.

JAJC Chairman, Roland Lawrence aka Fige Bornu says, “Sadly, there are far too many tragedies that snatch the vulnerable hearts, souls and spirits of our young people today. In fact, no matter the demographic, we all are under siege in this society which seems to glorify violence, and ignore the innocence of our essence.”

In this regard, the Justice for Aiyana Jones Committee hereby demand that children from ages 5-17 years old be given extensive and accurate courses and information on how this world has gotten to where it is today including the abject brutal invasion and colonization of Africa, and the periods after that. JAJC acknowledges that such a historical digest will give descendants of Africa the chance to embrace their identity, thus, change their outlook on themselves, the world, and their future in a vastly productive and wholesome way. In addition, JAJC demand that all levels of government, and the business and corporate entities worldwide provide reparations in the form of massive financial resources, access to free healthcare, real-time education, and a litany of opportunities so that African-Americans can initiate, create, and actualize an existence that they feel is worthy of their soul’s purpose and fulfillment.

Lawrence says, “Aiyana’s untimely death by the hands of the state will forever be memorialized as a brute, unrelenting, and bastardly expression of the continued disregard of respect, dignity and longevity for America and the world’s most precious amongst us: Our Black Youth.”

Roland Lawrence aka Fige Bornu

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