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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Update on Yvonne Hickman's Banishment

UPDATE on Yvonne Hickman's story: Her mentally ill husband has been evicted from his home, having been deprived of his wife's help managing finances. Bank of America foreclosed on their property, and there is one less black family living in what was a mostly Caucasian neighborhood. Yvonne Hickman was banished from Glynn County, Georgia in 2009 after her husband, a PTSD veteran, falsely reported that she repeatedly ran him over with her car. He had no injuries whatsoever because the crime never happened. According to Ms. Hickman, she has been absolved of criminal conduct, after having been jailed and banned from Glynn County and forced to pay Sentinel supervision fees every month for more than two years (which has not been returned). The Veterans Administration refused to recognize the divorce which officials apparently arranged for Nathaniel Hickman. Yvonne Hickman continues to seek justice in court. I told her she was wasting her time and resources, but she still believes in justice in America. More information and a video are available at the article link below.
Exposed: Georgia Bar Promises Attorney Immunity:
The article carries an example of how grievances against lawyers are handled by the Georgia Bar. Note that Dean Veenstra, the Bar investigator, claims this is not an official grievance because it has not been determined whether rules of professional conduct have been violated. That is a question to be determined during the investigation. However ...

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